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Voices From The Angie Zapata Family Vigil

Cross posted with full permision from Pams 'House Blend'

by: Autumn Sandeen
Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 09:15:00 AM EDT

I went to the Angie Zapata Family Vigil on Monday Night, and asked people why they chose to attend the event. Below is the video where about a half a dozen folk answer the question.
The video begins with me worrying aloud about whether very many trans people and their allies were going to attend -- I worried for nothing, as at least fifty trans people, allies, and members of Angie Zapata's trial family (sorry, typo) attended. Then, in sort of a "second" intro to the video (shot in my hotel room) I introduce the concept of the video, explaing that I asked people at the vigil "What motivated you personally to attend this vigil?" The video is about seven-and-a-half minutes long.

Autumn Sandeen :: Voices From The Angie Zapata Family Vigil

Justicia racial para Zapata : Racial Justice For Zapata

Inglés para el traductor de Google español miniaplicación a la derecha

Violence is extreme against our gender and racially diverse community.

The disproportionate number of under reported, incorrectly or unreported crimes against transgender people of color is sickening. This sad fact is being brought to the forefront of national attention by Angie Zapata's violent death. This horrific event has unified the transgender community and allies in awareness and action.

I am a white Anglo Saxon transgender woman who until I transitioned was among the largest ethnic majority in America. I have a innate view of people that does not note ethenticity automatically. I was born with this blindness and can not attribute this blessing to an endeavour of my own. But as a result, until Monica Roberts and Ethan St. Pierre brought this to my attention I was blissfully oblivious to this incredible disparity. AS HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS WE MUST FOCUS our activism on the most vulnerable.

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Media Resoures for Angie Zapata Murder Tial

Media Resources for the Angie Zapata Murder Trial

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GLAAD Online Resource Kit

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Link to 'Light a Candle for Angie' Facebook campaign'

If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at


Jen Caltrider
Executive Producer
ProgressNow Colorado Education

'planetransgender' Covers Angie Zapata Murder Trial

Angie Zapata, companion and gentle soul met her violent death alone and without hope at the hands of confessed killer and gang member Allen Andrade on July 16, 2008.

Planetransgender has been given permission to re-post word for word the news as written and published by Autumn Sandeen, who will be in Colorado to cover the trial.

Autumn Sandeen transgender activist, is a distinguished and respected writer, contributing author at Pams House Blend, the only LGBT blog to be credentialed for the 2008 DNC, Transgender News and Transadvocate. Autumn honors us to be a friend and member of the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies(DTAA)..

Beyond the emotional envelopment of this tragedy lie's deeper truths. Miss Angie's murder trial which begins Tuesday, April 14th, will mark the first time ever, an anti-transgender murder will be prosecuted as a hate crime in the United States.

We are murdered at an estimated rate of 1 in 12 obstinately because of our gender expression.

Law enforcement presently does not have the tools to identify and report hate crimes committed against transgender people and lawyers and judges do not have the laws that will allow prosecution for hate crimes without risking a conviction.

Tell your Legislators to support HR1913 Hate Crime Prevention Act" which was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives last week. HR1913 is expected to be introduced in the Senate within the next couple of weeks, this trial is a timely reminder of the need for federal hate crimes legislation.

By kelli Busey
April 8, 2009

on the web

PageOneQ; Angie Zapata's killer confessed to first-degree murder as a hate crime

Angie Zapata's accused killer to be tried for for 1st degree murder

Angie Zapata's Life and Death : changed how we are treated

Angie Zapata Trial : Andrade's Murder Confession Thrown Out

Trial dates have been set for the murder of Angie Zapata.

Senator Renfroe : Respect Justice During Angie Zapata's Murder Trial


Angie Zapata Trial : Andrade's Murder Confession Thrown Out

March 12, 2009 by k.a. Busey

Weld District court Judge Marcelo Kopcow has ruled that defendant statements made after 39 minutes of questioning while be dissallowed after Andrade told Greeley detective Greg Tharp ‘I’m done. Yeah, I’m not talking right now’ [that] "... is a clear statement of the defendant’s request to remain silent and cut off further questioning.."

Also disallowed is evidence possibly increasing the severity of sentencing due to Andrade's alleged gang membership in which sexual activities outside of the heteronormative is punishable by beatdown, expulsion and even death making killing of Zapata seem as imperative to Andrade.

What is not known is the content of the confession prior to the 39 minute point.

According to the comprehensive article by the Greeley Tribune the evidence that will be allowed at the trial scheduled to begin on April 14;

"Statements to police admitting to stealing Zapata’s car.
Recorded phone calls Andrade made from jail to his girlfriend.
Evidence from a friend saying Zapata looked convincingly like a woman.
Evidence and photos from Andrade’s cell phone (though some pictures are out). The cell phone notes 670 separate communications between Andrade and Zapata between July 1-16, 2008."

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Angie Zapata's Life and Death : changed how we are treated

When Angie Zapata was murdered the popular and common practice of mainstream media was to frantically capitalize unmercifully in hopes of obtaining optimum monetary gain by sensationalizing the horrific murders of the gender diverse. The following articles by other media outlets religiously parroted transphobic catch phrases in unabashed bids to grab a piece of the media pie.

This immoral and reprehensible practice perpetuated violence and contributed to a misconception that transgender people were unprotected and uncared for.

But the implications of allowing this practice to proceed unabated reaches even further into our social fabric. All of womankind suffers in a like manner and perhaps far worse as crimes against the cisgendered are often not even reported, much less front page news.

All that came to a halt as an out cry of protests from transgender advocates and allies screamed "Not with Angie."

We can all help, straight and GLBT, to make the lives of our mothers, sisters and daughters, brothers and lovers of value. We can allow this to be a bright new shining day where we can wake and say, today I will care for someone a little more.

By kelli Busey
January 01, 2009


Angie Zapata's accused killer to be tried for for 1st degree murder

"Colorado judge unsympathetic to 'transgender panic' argument" According to the PageOneQ report.

This is great news. An American transgender woman will be protected by law. We transgender have a special place of rage for the outrageous "Trans Panic" defense.

Ok I got to beatch about something ya know. In the following paragraphs is this often printed account of the circumstances leading to the horrific death of Angie Zapata;

"The two had met in person through a social networking website on July 15 and engaged once in oral sex. The next day, Andrade, upon looking at photographs in the apartment and becoming suspicious, confronted Zapata and soon beat her unconscious with a fire extinguisher and left her to die after grabbing her crotch and discovering her male genitalia."

WHO AND WHERE ARE YOU ACREDIATING THIS ACOUNT TO QONE? Could it be this killer has had ANAL sex with Angie? Are you taking this often published account as verbatim and publishing what everyone else has? That kind of reporting leads to misconceptions that lead to our deaths. Maybe they did not even have SEX at all. Maybe he killed her just out of hatred?


PageOneQ; Angie Zapata's killer confessed to first-degree murder as a hate crime

Please click title for link to original post and emotional video with Angie's famly.
Thanks to PageOneQ for this well writen article and keeping us up on this tragady.