Kelli Busey on Rick Perry AFA Prayer Meeting >>> The Blitz 7:00 PM Central


Source forward blitz: On August 6th, Governor Rick Perry will be holding a prayer event called The Response. Now...we don't care that a bunch of fundamentalists are getting together to pray for the country - that's the freedom that makes us unique. What we DO care about is the fact that he has teamed up with the American Family Association and a bunch of bigoted hateful people who are anti-gay and anti-every other religion.

In response to The Response, a protest will be staged - bet on it. Our guest on Monday will be Kelli Anne Busey, a journalist for Planetransgender and one of the organizers of this protest.

From Kelli's blog:

Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, atheists, liberals, and LGBT people, the AFA says YOU are NOT invited to pray with Texas Governor Rick Perry!

This is a clip from an AFA email explicitly disinviting all non Christians from the religious and political process.

"This is an explicitly Christian event because we are going to be praying to the one true God through His son, Jesus Christ. It would be idolatry of the worst sort for Christians to gather and invite false gods like Allah and Buddha and their false prophets to be with us at that time. Because we have religious liberty in this country, they are free to have events and pray to Buddha and Allah on their own. But this is time of prayer to the One True God, through His son Jesus Christ, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life."

You can bet that Dennis, Nicole, and Kelli will have a lot to say about Governor Rick, those attending, and those excluded.

Listen on line at blogtalkradio.com/forwardblitz

The number to call is 424-675-8317 - join in the conversation, show your support, or just tell us how outraged you really are.

Some say we are radicals, leftists, communists, socialists, and anti-American because we believe in social justice, taking care of those less-fortunate, universal or single-payer health-care and the protection of human rights. But, as the radical right imposes its agenda upon the people of this country, we know that what we stand for is not only right - but the only thing that will stop the demise of the United States of America.


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