Dee Dee Pearson Memorial Today December 29 at 6pm

As we all know now a Kansas City Transgender woman Dee Dee Pearson was murdered on Christmas eve.

The killer reportedly confessed to murdering Dee Dee "after" paying her for sex and discovering she has a penis. I will not take his word that he paid her for sex. I will call out media sensationalizing this tragedy as a 'prostitute murder'. I will call out media for not using her preferred name and misgendering Dee Dee.

I would wager that after having sex with a transgender woman this 'man' killed her to preserve his 'macho' image. I will also contest his defense which undoubtedly will revolve around the vile and discredited 'Trans Panic' plea.

According to The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project (KCAVP) there will be a public memorial for Dee Dee Pearson today Thursday December 29th hosted by Alvin Brooks at her apartment on East 43rd St. at 6pm.

In July, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released its report Hate Violence Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and HIV-Affected Communities in the United States in 2010.

In 2010, NCAVP documented 27 anti-LGBTQ murders nationwide, the second highest yearly total ever recorded by the Coalition. Transgender women made up 44% of the reported hate murders in 2010, while representing only 11% of total survivors and victims.

RIP Dee Dee you are loved and will be missed.


Disney Resorts "It Gets Better" Video For Transgender People? NO ABC WORK IT!

"The Walt Disney Corporation has put out a video for the It Gets Better project.
George Kalogridis, president of the Disneyland Resort and a member of Out & Equal’s Board of Directors, opens the video with "This message is for ANYONE who has been bullied, harassed or teased for being different, it gets better"

Mr. Kalogridis a company owned by Disney is intentionally provoking, bullying and harassing transgender people and I am asking you to make it "get better!"

ABC has targeted transgender people specifically provoking outrage with its dehumanizing bathroom meme as they promote the Sitcom "Work It". But this has only served to create a backlash from worlds population.

People living in Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Nova Scotia have signed objecting to Work It, AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST PAGE of the Transgender petition ABC do Not Air the Sitcom "Work It" which currently has 4,389 signatures.

If you read more of the comments you will also see that those who are signing are mainly non transgender (Cisgender) people. This comes as no surprise to me since we are but 1% of the worlds population, being the most impoverished and decimated minority.

But our support is coming as a surprise to the president of ABC who had not counted on that when he green lighted the campaign and essentially said he didn't care what people thought of it or what harm it caused as long as it amused him.

He was wrong. And a notice. Those companies who choose to advertise on this show if it airs, will also become the target of the worlds indignation.

This is a major fail by ABC a Walt Disney Company. Mr. George Kalogridis, make this "get better".

Now I understand you are but a cog in the massive Disney Corporation but since the The Walt Disney Company's logo highlighted the "It gets better" project and Walt Disney owns ABC I feel it would be incumbent on you to advocate for human dignity and add your voice to worlds condemnation of "Work It".

The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
(818) 560-1000

Just a after thought, why is there no mention of ABC's transtoxic "Work It" by Out and Equal?


ABC Don't Tell me Your "Work It" Picture Isn't about Me. Its Killing Me.

Things are so desperate, I am wondering am I strong enough to keep my new job after only three months .My mind and soul hurt. I break down often when I get home. So much damage has been done.

Italic paragraphs from the New York Times For Transgender Detainees, a Jail Policy Offers Some Security “They are more likely to interact with police because they are more likely to be victims of violent crime, because they are more likely to be on the street due to homelessness and/or being unwelcome at home, because their circumstances often force them to work in the underground economy, and even because many face harassment and arrest simply because they are out in public while being transgender.”

Flip to my life in bold: Today as I exited a stall in the women's room the ten ladies waiting suddenly ceased their light hearted banter. As I washed my hands I could literally feel the hate boring into my back. Dead silence.

Seven percent of respondents reported being arrested or detained in jail due only to their gender identity.(myself being one of that 7% who responded we had been arrested simply for being transgender on the Task Force's survey.

The bathroom was so crowded because the shipping department meeting just ended. The one that the vice president of my company assured me the subject of sexual harassment (they do not have gender protections) would be raised. It was not, again.

Today the cumulative effect of the 3 months of harassment, ostracization, physical assaults and just evil vitriol gossip made me wonder, why am I working? My kitty stripy baby and my first apartment in 20 years?

If I went back to the streets what then? Nothing certain but one thing. I would rid myself of this hateful place and people once and for all. I would also lose all of my self respect and dignity. Why even breath then?

And it all started with a rumor on my very first day of employment. It spread like wildfire that I was using the men's room. That sort of hateful rumor is given visual conformation by this image published by ABC "Work It". So ABC don't tell me your picture isn't about me. Its killing me.


ABC Suburgatory Charity Case Episode Subjugates and Humiliates Transgender People

Watch the full episode of Charity Case
SUBURGATORY “Charity Case” Episode 6 airs Wednesday, November 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: Irritated by all the cafeteria waste at school, Tessa motivates the student body to get involved with giving back. Unfortunately their charity of choice involves helping residents of Florida improve their complexions. When Tessa introduces a homeless transsexual to the student body as part of a lesson, they decide that Tessa is really the person in need. Meanwhile George receives a large dental bill from Noah, which puts a strain on their relationship, on “Suburgatory,” WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The main character introduses the charity case "This is Gladys a man who lives on my street" introducing a transsexual woman. "One of her class mates asks "A Man?" Gladys says "Let me take it from here, I tuck it in."
This is the systemic misrepresentation of transgender people ABC is showing the world. After watching this clip please join with the thousands who have signed the petition asking ABC not to show another one of its transexpolitive shows "Work It"


HRC Starts ABC "Work It" Petition leaving Trans Activists in the Lurch

The Human Rights campaign true to form once again ignores grassroots advocacy and commits to an action without even as much as contacting the people it portends to advocate for.

We saw that recently with DADT. HRC didn't repeal DADT the people who chained themselves to the White House fence did. HRC was acquiescenting to political pressure and would have remained silent if not for Get Equal and friends.

Just like they did when Barney Frank divided ENDA into two separate bills one sexual orientation the other gender expression. HRC would have remained silently complaisant if not for us protesting on their doorsteps.

HRC has unilaterally begun a separate petition to ABC after Joe Solmonese' request to moderate Work IT were ignored. Maybe that was fortunate because the very idea that Solmonese could be in a position to create social conscripts regarding the treatment of transgender people in television sends a shiver down my back.

A well intentioned cisgender friend alerted me to the HRC petition. She posted on my facebook wall
"Thanx Kelli Anne Busey for getting the ball rolling on petitioning ABC about this disgusting show. Now HRC has a petition as well please sign let people know that mocking women is not funny."
We didn't just "get the ball rolling" so gay.com could bulldoze our efforts at self empowerment for the sake of self promotion!
We are the ones who are directly suffering from the images ABC is promoting. We are the activists who have a successful petition without so much as a peep from gay.com's media mafia.

As divisive as HRC's efforts are I am not discouraging anyone from signing HRC's petition but I ask you if you do so, sign the petition from the transgender community also.

HRC's petition probably will no more stop ABC from showing Work it than our's will but its about a whole lot more than that. Regardless of the outcome its about transgender empowerment. Its about us taking responsibility for our community. Its about our gay and lesbian allie's support. Its about a world of cisgender people who object to the dehumanizing effects of Work it's images.

It's not about this battle specifically. Its about transgender people joining the world to do the right thing.


ABC Work It Ups the Hate with Men Peeing in Dresses

ABC president Paul Lee baited the transgender community into action and when he saw that the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies petition
ABC do Not Air Work It had gained some mainstream media attention Lee put into gear a nefarious plan with two objectives. Lee wanted to hurt transgender people as badly as he could, the payoff being massive publicity for Work It.

But Lee had to patiently wait while the toxicity of the "Work It" trailer and his foul comments percolated into the transgender community. Then he took to social media with a faux look alike twitter account that said what he would have been held accountable for had the verified account said it.

Paul Lee then twisted the knife with this tweet.

Then when when the condemnation of his show escalated to a new leval the coup de grace. That picture.

Hate pure and simple personified in this vile little 'man' Paul Lee.

And amazingly this hate mirrors my life experiences. Not three months ago I finally secured a full time job, the first since going full time 5 years ago. It was perfect, only a mile from the Walmart where I am loved and accepted and still work at part time. I thought I could slip seamlessly into production at my new job.

The second day a co worker unintentionally let it slip there was a rumor started the day before I was using the men's room. My head began to spin and my sight clouded over in shock. I bypassed all of my supervisors and went to Human Relations. It seems that 'rumor' had already made it to her except one thing. She took it more as a truth than a rumor and demanded that I refute this claim made by so many of the employees.

She said she was afraid that she falsely assumed I was female when she hired me. To make a long story short she called a meeting with people that were known to have spread the rumor and told them that this sort of thing was unacceptable and if any of them were heard to be spreading that rumor again they might get written up.

Officially that was the end of the rumor however I was ostracised and made a outcast. Whole tables would get up if I sat down. And that was just the beginning of the hate after hateful acts culminating in the last one when I was unlawfully physically detained by a fellow worker.

After I complained to my supervisor I was never contacted again about it. Then I demanded to see a vice president and got the same victim blaming even a pitiful attempt to establish I was instigating false incidents. I blew that up. They didn't know who they were dealing with. I'm blond but I'm not a fucking idiot.

All of this began with a rumor vsiually validated by this picture.

Stay tuned for the action alert "Fire ABC Paul Lee".