Massachusetts Toothless Transgender Law Goes Into Force Sunday

Fail. Caved. Gave up. All these terms come to mind when considering the Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights law that does not protect transgender peoples right to be in public places. Why would I condemn a law many see as a step forward? Because on the ground, unemployed or in the workplace, this law means squat.

Perception is 99% of social Conscript. The haters won. Sure they aren't celebrating openly, we are still alive after all.

Point to consider. Im September of last year I was hired to work in a warehouse in a small Texas town. Its a huge state of the art electronics distributor, a place you might assume to have enlightened people employed.

The second day I was there I learned of a rumor that I was seen using the men's room. The next thing I knew I was being questioned by HR as to whether hiring me had been a good idea. It's been a uphill battle since then with myself continually having to be on the defensive, essentially fighting for my life.

Employment revolves around public accommodations. Without a job having housing or credit protections doesn't mean mean jack shit.

No high falutin lawyer came to my defense even if they could have. But there are Lawyers who defend the Transgender Equal Rights In Massachusetts: Likely Broader Than You Think.

I am not a lawyer but the reality for Massachusetts transgender people in Public Accommodations is this. The public now knows for some reason unlike any minority before you, you were judged unworthy, unequal and untrusted enough not to be thought of as fully human. Not to be granted the same dignity.

I'd rather die than live a life so judged.

Advanced Screening Of "Hit & Miss" Chloë Sevigny's Dick Is Out

I now I have bashed this concept from the beginning only having seen the trailer, but now that I seen the first episode...I am fascinated in a dark sort of way. It doesn't just challenge social concepts it runs them over like a tank with guns blazing.

They didn't waste any time getting to the real money shot at 2:50 mark following the gratuitous killing seen (yawn) and a peek at her tits and ass (yawn). The real money maker is Chloë Sevigny getting ready for the shower as she turns to the camera with her dick hanging out.

My only question is this, what now? More murder? More gratuitous dick and tit scenes?

Just when you thought your sense of morality couldn't be more challenged..transsexuality more perverted...there's more..

The scene when Chloë Sevigny finds her "hormone" pills stolen she reacts in rage punching a hole threw a door. Just for the record cisgender people, speaking strictly for transgender woman, this is a awful presentation. Often many of us are can't afford our hormones but it would be completely out of character for us to react with violence.

Secondly, when we resume HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) there is a deep sense of becoming whole again but unlike how Hit & Miss portrays us we are NOT DRUG ADDICTS as that scene suggests.

Sevigny said wearing the fake penis made her cry every day..."Then looking in the mirror... it was weird. I was lonely and I felt really unattractive. I was confused about my desirability - was I desirable? - in having put that on, and having men see me with that on."

Sevigny hoped her part would raise awareness of what it means to be transgender, and she succeeded in part anyways. She became personally aware of what trans people feel when we see our reflection pre op. but I think the only one who would make this connection would be transgender people. To Joe and Josephine Cisgender it just justifies their unabashed staring at my crotch, regardless how uncomfortable I am about that.

Chloë you're money shot is your fake penis. Our existence depends on taking the focus off our crotch in into our hearts and souls. In that regard you have done us a major disservice

Great cinematography mixed with a real perversion of transsexuality and a appealing bulldozing of social conscripts. As much as I have booed this I have to say, its a ground breaker.