ESPN Radio 980 Suspends Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin

ESPN 980 (Washington, D.C.) radio hosts Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin suspended for their transphobic tirades berating transgender basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig.

The radio station belatedly took action following the outrage expressed by you and I.

The following message was posted on the ESPN 980 Facebook wall:

Many including myself felt the appropriate response would have been to fire these two after there second rant thinly discussed as an apology.

However the independently owned and operated sports radio station felt a suspension was fitting.  Awful Announcing brought up the point firing could and probably would have, in all fairness, inhibited future discussions about transgender people (transgender people's rights?).

This begs the question, what if that bigoted rant were focused at a black person? People of color are defined as a minority just as Gabrielle Ludwig is, would the station have felt a suspension an appropriate remedy then?

So what do you think?


Lady Gaga Born This Way Санкт-Петербург Россия

Lady Gaga говоря бросил переводчик сказал, что она "хочет уважения прав геев". Lady Gaga хочет сказать, что она ожидает уважения от других - она не здесь, чтобы оскорбить религию никому или веры, она здесь, чтобы объединить нас ".

Lady Gaga said at the concert that she "wanted to respect the rights of gays." Lady Gaga wants to say that she expects respect from others - she is not here to offend anyone religion or faith, she is here to join us. "

"Artists in Russia have begun warning of a new "iron curtain" falling over the country, as ever more western stars become targets of the country's crackdown on culture. Last week, prosecutors in St Petersburg opened an investigation into the Hermitage museum after complaints that an exhibit by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman showed signs of extremism. Responding to the investigation, the Chapman brothers said in a statement: "Note to selves: remember, forget Russia."

"The campaign against western artists has grown since the jailing of the punk band Pussy Riot, a case that highlighted the crackdown on freedom of expression in Vladimir Putin's Russia."
Source: Guardian


Tegan Smith Handcuffed Dragged Off Plane at Dallas Love Field "for being trans"

Transgender woman Tegan Marie Smith handcuffed, removed from a plane at Dallas Love Field because the "police" wanted to know "why she was transgender."

Rebecca Heineman posted about this on facebook:

Around 6PM Dallas time on Monday, December 10th, 2012, my good friend Tegan Marie Smith was at Love Field in Dallas TX on board her flight to Atlanta GA when the police boarded the aircraft, handcuffed and arrested her. They held her for a few hours telling her she had no rights and demanded why she was "Transgender". In the process she lost her phone and several other personal items and missed he...r flight. She is currently in a hotel in Dallas awaiting the next flight home..

This is a total outrage!! She didn't deserve this treatment. She only was in Dallas to see her family and was on her way home.

This is the text from Tegan's facebook page.

"Arrested in Dallas, detained for two hours in handcuffs, released. Most of my stuff, including phones, missing. I still had one credit card and my drivers license, so I got a nearby hotel and will try to fly home to Atlanta tomorrow. I had to give life story about being transsexual to officers. My earlier flight was cancelled, and I had a few drinks at the bar, no more than the others I was with. I was boarded, then removed, placed in handcuffs, not read any rights, was told I didn't have any. They demanded to know why I was transgender. I was finally released, my wrists are bruised, the handcuffs hurt like hell but I sure as hell wasn't going to let them see me cry. I feel pretty bad right now, I was singled out of six people from the bar near the gate, I am certain because of my height and size. I don"t have any phone numbers but one. my phone is gone, and she is not answering. A wonderful weekend in Dallas gone bad for no reason. I was told to stay away from the airport tonight, to fly out tomorrow. Likely I will have to buy another ticket, and I have no idea where my carry on bag, hormones, etc are.

No one is going to see me cry. Yey though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I am the toughest Bitch in the valley."

Apparently Tegan is safe and on her way home. This was posted by a friend of hers...

(Tegan)"...messaged me to say that she had a stand-by boarding pass to get home on a 1245 flight, no charge. She said that the groundcrew at the check-in apologized and told her that her arrest was a manager's decision and that they never would have pulled her off of the flight themselves, but said that they couldn't do anything about it though.

All of her possessions were returned ...to her intact!
She has taken her prescriptions and photographed the marks on her wrists from the handcuffs that the police put very tightly on her yesterday. She said that NBC wants to talk with her. I don't know if they got to yet though. Let's all please say a prayer that she gets home safe and sound! A subsequent text message from her indicated that she was boarding at 12:32, so apparently she's in the air now!
There will be a lot in the mainstream news about this I'm sure.


ESPN Radio: Fire Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin

This sort of hate speech has no place on the court, in the stands and especially not on the Radio. This kind of attack was exactly what Gabrielle was so anxious about  although I don't think she could have imagined it would have originated from mainstream media.

What made this attack doublly dispicable is they did it in response to the incrediable article published by

"ESPN Radio's Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin went on a deeply transphobic rant about trans college basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig, calling her "it" and saying transgender people have no place in sports. Source: Out Sports.

Chuck Sapienza

Vice President/Programming
Red Zebra Broadcasting

ESPN980 and SportsTalk 570


The Illinois Family Institute employs Nazi Tactics at The Aurora AD Hoc Committee Meeting

Will the mob organized by the Illinois Family Institute strong arm the East Aurora Ad Hoc committee from doing what the school board originally accomplished when they unanimously approved transgender inclusive policies?

Its possible according to the Beacon News as the Ad Hoc committee chairwoman has indefinitely postponed the next meeting for fear that some of the committee members are at risk of being harmed.

Why would Chairwoman Anita Lewis feel there was danger and who's behaviour at that meeting would have led her to think that?

Intimidation Tactics:

Transgender committee member Joanie Rae Wimmer wrote in her letter posted below that she felt intimidated by one the IFI recruits who was for some unknown reason allowed to stand closely behind her for the entire meeting, gesturing and pointing at her while making obnoxious comments disparaging her gender.

That person has been identified as Brian Anderson a founder a local recruiting company which quite incredibly claims it does so in the best interest of there clients by hiring the best heterosexual cisgender person for the position.

The other transgender committee member Crystal Ann Gray posted this on her facebook page about the struggle just to get past the IFI protesters:

"Shari and I are here for the meeting in Aurora and we were met at the door by IFI supporters with protest signs. We almost did not get through the door. We are safe for now and Aurora PD is on the way to make sure everyone is safe and that it is uneventful."

The following open letter is by committee member Joanie Rae Wimmer:

An open letter to the Ad Hoc Committee of East Aurora School District 131

Dear Fellow Ad Hoc Committee Members,

One of the nice things about being in business for myself is that I enjoy the freedom to speak my mind without fear of having my employment terminated or other negative repercussions. I was invited to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee and have every intention of continuing to do so. ...But I cannot go through an experience like last Thursday night's meeting without saying what I need to say about it. I didn't speak up at the meeting only because I understand and respect Robert's Rules of Order and the process by which governmental and quasi-governmental bodies operate.

Never have I seen so many people gathered in one place so determined to display their own ignorance, bigotry, and mean-spiritedness. I should not have been surprised because the protest was organized by the Illinois Family Institute, which has been certified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Beacon News had a photograph of David Norck of the Illinois Family Institute assisting the protestors. It would be like having the Ku Klux Klan come to a meeting of a committee whose work was to craft a policy for racial integration. We had speakers tell us that transgender people have "twisted minds" and are "gender confused". My favorite part of the evening was when a speaker, who for some reason was allowed to stand behind my chair for the entire meeting in an intimidating posture, pointed his pen at me, and told the assembled throng that I was there to "push my lifestyle" on the children of East Aurora. This same person had never met me before that evening; doesn't know anything about my "lifestyle"; doesn't know if I spend my free time with my children, in the library, out clubbing, or at church; and knows nothing about me other than the fact that I am transgender. Because he knows nothing about me other than the fact that I am transgender and feels justified in attacking my "lifestlye", he is nothing but a hate-filled ignorant bigot. It is no different from making assumptions about a person's "lifestyle" because they are black or Hispanic.

We heard a lot of talk about putting girls in the boys' bathroom and boys in the girls' bathroom. But the only people at the meeting who want to put girls in the boys' bathroom are the people who want to force transsexual girls into the boys' bathroom where their identity, comfort, and safety will be compromised.

I was disappointed not to have had an opportunity to speak out at the meeting, and to have to listen to ninety minutes of transphobic diatribes.

We cannot let a certified hate group prevent the Ad Hoc Committee from having its dialogue, proposing policy, and taking a vote. We don't have mob rule; we have a democracy. And while the First Amendment certainly protects every one, including bigots (the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the American Nazi Party to march in Skokie), reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions may be imposed on the right of public comment so that government bodies and quasi-government bodies can do the work that they are charged to do. It is my suggestion that we, as a Committee, or the School Board, itself, adopt reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on public comment so that the Committee can do its work.

This letter will be an open letter which I post on my blog.

Joanie Rae Wimmer
Attorney at Law

Laurie Higgins of The Illinois Family Institute responded to Wimmers letter hatefully, not missing a opportunity by posting this vile screed attacking the transgender committee members on the IFI website.

In all reality we don't have to look any further to know who the Ad Hoc committee is afraid of. This hateful rhetoric by the IFI endangers not just the committee members but all gender gifted people.

It's time the Christians who participated on behalf of the IFI to consider this. Transgender people were spoken of THREE times in the bible. Once by God, once by Jesus and once when a angel helped a conservative preacher understand, we are all loved. Your actions are in direct disobedience to the teaching of our lord.

Video: Kiev LGBT Protesters Gassed And Harassed

Source NewsWorldNews: "Hundreds of Ukrainian lesbian and gay activists have joined a rally in the centre of Kiev, defying a court order. Protesters denounced a proposed new law that would ban any positive depiction of homosexuals including gay pride marches."

"Clashes broke-out after anti-gay activists tried to disrupt the rally by letting off gas in the crowd. Several people were arrested."

According to Gay Star News there were arrests and beatings at Ukraine gay human rights protest   including Olena Shevchenko, the head of Ukraine’s main LGBT organization "Insight" who was arrested.