Half of East Side Catholic school walks out after gay VP firing for getting married #KeepMrZ2013

Via The Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition (PSEC) "Hundreds of students at a Seattle Catholic school held a “sit in” to protest their vice principal being forced to resign because he married a man, according to reports.
More than 400 students reportedly filled the lunch atrium of Eastside Catholic School, in the Seattle suburb of Sammish, to challenge school officials after Mark Zmuda fell out of favour with the church for getting married to his partner Dana Jergens last July".

Social media spread furor over Eastside Catholic firing~ Seattle Times

Change.org petition has over 22,000 signatures "United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Change the Roman Catholic Church's stance on gay marriage."

We, the student body at Eastside Catholic School, have experienced an egregious injustice which was inflicted by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. Our beloved vice principal, Mr. Zmuda, was terminated by the Archdiocese as a result of his marriage to another man. The student body is outraged that an incredible administrator, coach, and human being was fired solely because of his love and marriage for another human being. We are uniting in order to change the Catholic Church’s opposition of gay marriage. It is time to revisit the policy and act as Jesus would have, loving and supporting every person regardless of their marital status. United, we want this policy changed so that the Catholic Church can achieve its mission of acting with unconditional love in every situation.

Eastside Catholic High School Vice Principal Mark Zmuda was forced to resign because he married his partner. His students had a message to the Archbishop, courtesy of Macklemore.

Pardon ME Putin, What's the crime? Управления

Russian president Vladimir Putin  recently pardoned hundreds of 'crimes' but all are asking, what crime?

Кляп враг внутри и враг без

Putin 'pardoned' Pussy Riot after two members served all but a couple of months of a two year sentence in prison.

This is the original undubbed video of the Cathedral Punk Prayer. This is what four feminists were unmercifully persecuted for? This was a prayer.

Green Peace Arctic 30 appreciate being released from prison after being illegally arrested in international water ask "what crime"?

So, someone is acting criminal but whom? Vladimir Putin it's you and NO we do not offer you faux amnesty. Putin hopes to obfuscate his tyrannical rule before the 2014 Olympics by freeing hundreds of Innocent people.

Putin, you may be largely successful in eliminating independent media in Russia but you will not do this in the free world. One Russian from Moscow has published on planetransgender "From the citizens of Russia - to EU citizens: Speak out against Putin's illegitimate regime".

Meanwhile as Putin directs the continued criminalization of LGBT people in Russia he is also using it as a tool in foreign countries in a plot to make them become reliant on his 'generosity'. Putin's god son just did exactly that in Ukraine by associating LGBT people with the west he vilianize us and rallies popular support.

Recently Ukraine 'choose' to align with Russia after unreal demands for a EU bankroll was denied. These actions were documented here.

KIEV, Ukraine — In recent weeks, billboards with images of same-sex stick figure couples holding hands began to appear on the streets of the Ukrainian capital. The text warned: “Association with the EU means same-sex marriage.”
The group behind the posters is Ukrainian Choice, an organization funded by Viktor Medvedchuk, a wealthy businessman and former parliamentarian who is so close to the Russian president that local media routinely allude to the fact that Vladimir Putin is his child’s godfather. Medvedchuk created the organization with the sole purpose of lobbying against Ukraine strengthening its ties with the European Union — and is stirring up opposition to LGBT rights as part of the process.
Since passing the “homosexual propaganda” law this summer, Russian leaders have increasingly used opposition to gay rights — along with an ostentatious embrace of the Orthodox Church — to define the country in opposition to the West. Now its homophobic nationalism is moving west as part of Russia’s campaign to retain its influence in the former communist nations being courted by the European Union.
The big testing ground is Ukraine, which is currently in a tug of war between the two sides. The EU wants it to sign an association agreement deepening ties — and has been urging it to release a prominent political prisoner as proof it is ready to move toward the west. Russia wants it to join a Moscow-led customs union instead — and has been warning of dire consequences for Ukraine’s “traditions” if it decides to forego integration with Russia in favor of closer ties with the EU. At the end of November, EU and Ukrainian officials are due to meet in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to sign an association agreement, formalizing bilateral relations with the bloc.

The chilling history of Vladimir Putin and what we can expect from him:


PA Gov.Tom Corbett Backing HB 300 Transgender Public Accommodations Inclusive bill

Nestled on the edge of progressive New England Pennsylvania developed quite a reputation for transphoboia during the Sheena Monnin affair. Even more troubling, indicating a breakdown of morality the systemic cover up and subsequent conviction of Penn State's Jerry Sandusky.

As Attorney General Corbett convened a grand jury in 2009 to investigate longstanding allegations of child sexual abuse by former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.The grand jury uncovered evidence of criminal misconduct, and a 40-count indictment against Sandusky was issued in 2011, ultimately leading to Sandusky's criminal conviction in 2012. Corbett has been criticized for the three year time span between the grand jury investigation and Sandusky's indictment, and for his gubernatorial staff approving a $3 million grant to Sandusky's Second Mile charity for children, which, according to the grand jury findings, served as a repository for potential sex-abuse victims. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's report on the Penn State scandal did not fault Corbett's handling of the Sandusky case. (Wiki)

But now Gov.Tom  Corbett is saying enough is enough.

Pennsylvania is one the path to a turnaround now that Corbett has signed a child-abuse laws inspired by Jerry Sandusky, priest cases. And the Governor and is now backing HB 300, a state transgender inclusive amendment to the states human rights bill passed in October 1955 which has earned the distinction as having a record number of Republican and Democrat co sponsors.

The main opposition to HB 300 is incredibly a Catholic group from the 8th District.

The results of a Google search indicate there have been no incidents of inappropriate behaviour by transgender people in any of the 26 PA municipalities which have public accommodations provisions for transgender people I.E. the bathroom.

Inversely goggling "PA Priest scandal" returns a multitude of news stories indicating the Catholic Church is infested with men who sexually assault children undoubtedly some occurring in the boys bathroom.

A list of PA priests convicted in a court of law of pedophilia by bishop accountability.org shows there have been dozens incarcerated but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The unheralded stories of incredible grief and suicide by children must be staggering.

Catholics, clean your house of these criminals and stop discriminating against law abiding citizens.

Four days ago....


Transgender murderer Paris Green moved from woman's prison after sex with other inmates

Convicted pre-op transgender murderer Paris Green, 22, was moved from Scotland's only woman's prison because she was allegedly having sex with other inmates.

Green is serving a eighteen year sentence for murder.

Green was being housed at the womans prison while waiting for a publicly funded sexual reassignment surgery.

Ok so she's only 22, but still Paris, you aren't going to win the transadvocate of the year award like this.
That's just some sorry sh%t.
Green, you got you're life ahead of you. Please for our sake, be a little grateful for the advocacy that has allowed you to live with people of the same gender.

Read more here.

SPLC files Lawsuit after Principal tells student “I don’t want a dyke in this school."

Via SPLC: The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit in federal court today to stop pervasive anti-LGBT bullying and harassment committed by students – and even faculty members and administrators – within the schools of Mississippi’s Moss Point School District.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Destin Holmes, a district student who endured such severe harassment she was eventually driven out of school. She temporarily left the district in March 2012 to be homeschooled after the then-principal at Magnolia Junior High School called her a “pathetic fool” and told her, “I don’t want a dyke in this school.”
The SPLC demanded in March that the district take immediate action to end the bullying and harassment. The demand came after an investigation found that district students, faculty and administrators have targeted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation and nonconformity to gender stereotypes. A mutually agreeable resolution that would protect and preserve the rights of students like Destin was not reached.
“We are disappointed that the district fails to see the serious harm its deliberate inaction causes its students,” said Anjali Nair, SPLC staff attorney. “District officials who are entrusted with the safety and education of all students not only ignored, dismissed and even blamed victims for the abusive behavior of faculty and other students, they also participated in discriminatory acts.”
During her time at Magnolia Junior High School, students and district staff called Destin slurs such as “it,” “freak” and “he-she.” Destin heard such insults as many as 20 times a day. She also was denied access to the girls’ restroom by a teacher. Another teacher even refused to allow her to participate in a classroom activity where teams were divided by gender because Destin – according to the teacher – was an “in-between it.

Full story at the SPLC

DC Transgender woman suing city for Jailhouse Rape

Known only as Jane Doe, a DC transgender woman is suing the city after a night of hell. It began as a police lieutenant opened her "House alone" jail cell despite her objections, and let in a man who was already being investigated for a jailhouse rape, not once but three times.
The police report taken after Jane Doe returned from the hospital where it was verified she was 'traumatized' was only three sentences long. The city is defending itself by asserting the injury was the victims own fault because she was incarcerated.

News4's Jackie Bensen spoke with a transgender woman, who is suing the D.C. government, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a man who was deliberately placed in her cell. According to documents obtained by News4, the man was already under investigation for another jailhouse rape.