Maspeth High School senior told she can't take her transgender boyfriend to prom

Anais Celin and her transgender boyfriend  Nathaniel Baez.
Masbeth Queens High school student has told PIX 11 her school will not allow her to take her transgender boyfriend to prom.

The School Martin Luther High requires students to submit an evaluation from their pastor told her the reason for the denial was that her boyfriend's transition was 'unconventional'. The couple has lost hope that the school might change their minds and plan a separate celebration.

Video Trans woman takes a beat down for a hit of crack

What can I say? This is the sad reality for many trans woman. The ones who have lived through this and are here to talk about it are the ones, like myself, who kicked the addiction.

Too many times we dance around addiction in our posts and conversations about the obscenely high percentage of murders of trans woman of color in comparison to the overall murders of LGB people.

There's a reason. It's a difficult task to talk about something that we perceive as a weakness and worst yet, something that detractors and haters could use against us.

But here it is, addiction in all its glory. This person doesn't care about her mental health, or her chances of being murdered, and all for the sake of one more hit on a stem.

It's my hope that this video with its graphic triggering violence will make one trans woman think twice. I hope it will help one trans woman who is so depressed about rejection by family, joblessness and homelessness to realize you are of worth.

Getting high made everything good. It erased my discomfort with my true gender. That sense of euphoria lasts about as long as it takes to exhale.

And if you ignore this truth? One day, if you haven't already, you will be beaten, or maybe one day murdered. It happens all the time and it must stop. That's something only we can do by being honest about our addictions.


Tell YouTube to remove Remi Gaillard's "Free Sex" rape movie

A French video blogger, Remi Gaillard, has published a movie showing him having simulated sex with unsuspecting women in public places. The video, published on March 28th already has over 5 million views.
In it shows Gaillard gloating as each woman eventually discovers his activity. It is crude, abusive and promotes the idea that rape is permissible.

Youtube has placed an 'age restriction" on the video to keep prepubescent youths from emulating his feigned raping of unsuspecting woman in public places. I hope one of the husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and fathers do a simulated response in person with this pig.

Holly Knight shared this petition via her twitter Prism Direction. I hope after watching this gross, disgusting youtube movie you will first go to the Youtube site and report it and then sign the petition.


Top model Geena Rocero comes out as transgender

The world makes you something that you're not, but you know inside what you are, and that question burns in your heart: How will you become that? I may be somewhat unique in this, but I am not alone,not alone at all. So when I became a fashion model, I felt that I'd finally achieved the dream that I'd always wanted since I was a young child. My outside self finally matched my inner truth, my inner self.For complicated reasons which I'll get to later, when I look at this picture, at that time I felt like, Geena, you've done it, you've made it, you have arrived. But this past October, I realized that I'm only just beginning. All of us are put in boxes by our family, by our religion, by our society, our moment in history,even our own bodies. Some people have the courage to break free, not to accept the limitations imposed by the color of their skin or by the beliefs of those that surround them. Those people are always the threat to the status quo, to what is considered acceptable.
In my case, for the last nine years, some of my neighbors, some of my friends, colleagues, even my agent, did not know about my history. I think, in mystery, this is called the reveal. Here is mine>>.full transcript

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Meet Drag Artist Conchita Wurst Austria's Eurovision Entry

UPDATE She WON!! Check her song out here

Ms Conchita Wurst, the female half of the individual also known as Tom Neuwirth is causing quite a stir in Austria.
Some love that a drag artist is representing their country in this years Eurovision contest, but some are so upset they have begun a Facebook page in opposition. For the most part, the only thing the Facebook page has succeeded in doing is to give bigots and small-minded people a place to vent on.

Meanwhile Ms. Conchita Wurst appeared on the RTE "Saturday Nigh Show" to spread her message of inclusion and love..

Conchita hopes to follow in heels the last and only Austrian to win, Udo J├╝rgens in 1966

From her website:


"Two hearts beating in my chest" 

They are a team that only works in a duo. And, although they never get to face each other - and miss regularly in the mirror at moments.
Respect the owner Tom Neuwirth and the fictional character Conchita Wurst and appreciate each other wholeheartedly. They are two independent personalities with their own resumes that set a striking symbol of tolerance and against discrimination together.


  • Born on 11.06.1988 in Gmunden
  • grew up in the Obersteiermak
  • 2007 Candidate of the ORF casting show "Star Mania"
  • 2011 Final Fashion School Graz
  • Since then, he lives somewhere in Vienna


  • born in the Colombian highlands
  • grew up in Germany
  • 2011 candidate of the ORF casting show 'The big opportunity'
  • 2012 Candidate of Austrian preliminaries for the "Euro Visions Song Contest 2013 '
  • 2014 Austria Fixstarterin the "Euro Visions Song Contest 2014"
Conchita owes its birth to the fact that Tom had time of his life struggling with discrimination. So he created a woman with a beard. As a striking statement. As a catalyst for discussion of terms such as "different" or "normal". As a valve with which he wants to carry his message unmistakable and unmistakably in the world. 
Appearance, gender and origin are in fact completely SAUSAGE, when it comes to the dignity and freedom of the individual. "Solely man counts," says Tom / Conchita, "everyone should be allowed to live his life as he sees fit, as long as nobody gets hurt."


Former Cop Nelson Stewart, gets probation for rape of locked-up transgender man

They called it bribery and let the 24 year veteran of the force go with probation. I call it rape when an officer of the law makes a prisoner perform sexual acts, regardless of the reason.

Source Chicago Tribune
The victim was a 30-year-old man arrested June 6 2012 in the 4500 block of West Monroe after he flagged down an undercover cop and offered to perform sex for $20, officials said. The man was taken to the Harrison District and placed in the lockup.

Stewart told the inmate that if he did him a “favor” he could be released later that day, Assistant State’s Attorney Lynn McCarthy said. Stewart told the victim he controlled the paperwork at the district, according to a police report.

Stewart performed oral sex on the man and the man performed oral sex on him, prosecutors said.

The Tribune also reported that Stewart is an active member of the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church and father of two. The Trib also said the church-going man was investigated for breaking a prisoner's jaw and rib cage in 2006, flipped journalists off with both fingers when he exited the court house.