Assailant killed by police who refused to stop beating a transgender woman

Police shot and killed a man who murdered a 24-year-old hispanic transgender woman in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania on Thursday. The transgender woman was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Youngstown where she died state police confirmed.

Neither the transgender victims or officers name have been released at this time according to News 4.

 According to police they responded to a call at a home on South New Castle Street where they found the suspect beating a woman with a blunt instrument. Police said when officers told the suspect to stop the attack, the suspect refused. Officers then opened fire, killing the suspect.

Police said the victim, a transgender woman, died from her injuries at the hospital. This incident caused the New Wilmington Area School District to temporarily lockdown at the request of police.

Neighbors called this incident an “unfortunate situation.” Update: State Police know that the victim is transgender but Stae police have only given us her dead name.


Ted Cruz Vacations in Cancun as Texans Freeze and Pandemic Rages

Cruz to Mexico

Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew to Cancun Mexico as we suffered in freezing weather without electricity for a spur of the moment 'family vacation'.

In the tweets below you can see Ted Cruz board a flight for Mexico, with his wife and daughter for company.

Sources say that Ted Cruz had booked a return flight for Saturday but changed his itinerary for a flight back yesterday, Wednesday,  2/17/2021.

Ted Cruz went on vacation as the GOP created statewide power outages left millions without heat in 5 degree temperatures as  Covid-19 ravaged our citizenry. On top of that, many in the state, like me still don't have drinking water.

In desperation I accepted an invitation to stay with a friend in Dallas despite being warned she may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19. It was a difficult long trip but I was thankful.

However when we got there the conditions were terrible so I sat on the floor near their door crying and searching for for someone, anyone who would save my kitty and I from freezing.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz.....

I finally found our haven last night at a UU church...so I didn't get back in time to help with this..

This while the inoculated Ted Cruz enjoyed his privileged life in comfort with his inoculated family while his duty was here, with the people he swore to serve. I am enraged beyond words and so are many of his other constituents. 

Heidi Cruz behind Ted Cruz and his daughter with the cop near in Houston on the way for a four day vacation while I freeze in my unheated apartment. A stringer in Cancun got these shots of Ted Cruz taking an early flight back to Houston. Notice please how deserted the terminal is. ALSO, WHY THE TEXAS COVID MASK TED?  According to the grid operators the wind power generation units operated better than expected producing peak enegery despite not being winterized as manufacturers recommended. The reason Texas suffered when others states didn't is a result of greed and one party rule.

Texas has detached it self from the national power grid making this failure an inevitability.

meanwhile Ted Cruz gets a police escort..