President Biden: Florida Trans People are dying! Act now to stop this travesty

Florida Transgender DMV Die in
Dozens of activists held die-ins at Florida DMV's

A Trans Floridian with a driver's license correctly identifying their legal gender is now committing fraud and soon a felony. Biden can stop this by enforcing The Real ID Act which is currently set to go into effect in 2025.

Up until Feburary 2024 trans Floridians were free to amend gender on legal documents, including state IDs and driver's licenses. But that has changed, illegally, under the fascist Desantis regime.

In a written statement to WMFE News, FLHSMV Director of Communications Molly Best said the agency requires satisfactory proof of identity, including biological sex, to obtain a driver's license.

“In Florida, you do not get to play identity politics with your driver license,” Best said. “No changes have been made to the process of establishing gender on a newly issued Florida credential, governed by s. 322.08, F.S.”

And according to the Jan. 26 memo from FLHSMV Deputy Executive Director Robert Kynoch: “misrepresenting one’s gender, understood as sex, on a driver license constitutes fraud,” and can lead to criminal and civil penalties.

When asked what the change means for Floridians who have already changed the gender marker on their driver’s license, per the previous guidance, Best did not respond to WMFE directly, only saying the previous guidance is not supported by statutory authority.

Right now, Florida lawmakers are considering a House proposal (HB 1639) that would enshrine the recent agency memo in state law: by requiring licenses to reflect a person’s sex, based on “the person’s sex chromosomes, naturally occurring sex hormones, and internal and external genitalia present at birth.”

Florida Dem Congresspeople To Biden: Block Trans License Ban With Real ID Act

If the Biden administration remains silent this will spread like a cancer to other states. You will not only fail them but the nation as a whole. Now we understand that the orange thug isn't an option but you got our votes in 2020 by a statement that you understood that transgender rights are the civil rights issue of our generation. It's time for you to put up or get the hell out of the way.


Father: bullying targeting his daughter by Utah state school board might have led to her suicide

Natalie Cline, a member of the Utah State Board of Education. Image Salt Lake Tribune

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Natalie Cline, a member of the Utah State Board of Education since 2020, posted a photo of the high school basketball player on Tuesday and falsely implied the student is transgender, writing: “Girls’ basketball…” reports CNN.

The intense bullying of the cisgender student could have resulted in her taking her own life if not for her caring and supportive family her father said in a statement.

“What if our daughter didn’t have that strong character and have our support, and community support to where she internalized this? Worst case scenario, she could’ve ended her own life,” Al van der Beek said in a statement to KSL TV.

Gov. Spencer Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson condemned Cline for her social media posts in a joint statement Wednesday. They urged the state’s board of education to hold her accountable. They also praised the Granite School District “for taking swift action to protect this student’s safety and well-being.”

Following the joint statement, the Utah State Board of Education said in a news release Thursday it can vote on actions to reprimand or censure a member, but it does not have the power or authority to unseat them. The board’s leadership is “very concerned” about Cline’s post and “the harm it has caused to students and families in Utah. We are deeply saddened by the events that may have taken place and will be taking prompt action regarding this matter as determined by the full Board.”

The hypocrisy expressed in the school board statement is mind-blowing. Do they only care about cisgender students? What about the UTAH population that isn't cisgender? Is it ok to bully trans and non-binary students causing their death? Because, obviously, that is what the school board implied.

Tragically, more than half of transgender youth do not have supportive families.

The just released results of 92,329 Transgender and non-Binary people surveyed in 2022 indicated that among 16- and 17-year-old respondents who said that some or all of their immediate family knew that they were transgender, 27% said their family members were “supportive” of them being transgender, and 17% said they were “very supportive.” 

Fifteen percent (15%) said their immediate family was “unsupportive” of them being transgender, 14% had “very unsupportive” immediate families, and 28% reported that they were “neither supportive nor unsupportive,” in other words, they didn't know.

Related: AP: Kansas attorney general sends directive to schools to out trans kids despite having no legal requirement.


Iowa Judiciary committee halts latest attempt to strip civil Rights from transgender people

Screenshot One Iowa Action

The latest attempt by the state of Iowa to strip rights from transgender people failed Wednesday when the three-member House Judiciary subcommittee said they would not advance the bill.

If HF 2082 had passed the legislature Republican Governor Kim Reynolds indicated she would have signed it.

A tragedy of epic proportions averted at least temporarily.

If passed this would have marked the first time in American history that civil rights had been removed from a protected class of people. The bill would have regulated gender other than that assigned at birth as a disability under Iowa law.

Executive Director Cortney Reyes of One Iowa Action, an organization that aims to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ Iowans, released a statement on Thursday following the announcement of the subcommittee hearing.

"Once again, we find ourselves grappling with the disgraceful attempts by Iowa Republicans to strip fundamental rights away from a group of Iowans. The privilege of navigating daily life without the weight of discrimination might be taken for granted by those who’ve never faced it, but make no mistake. These protections are not just essential but non-negotiable. If this bill passes, transgender people will be able to be discriminated against in every way imaginable. Landlords will be able to deny them the ability to rent an apartment legally, banks will be able to legally deny them a car loan, and hotels will be able to turn them away, all for no other reason than because they are transgender. That is cruel, and it is wrong. We call on Iowa legislators, Iowa business leaders, and every Iowan with a moral compass to stand up against this harmful proposal. We are all created equal, and no group of Iowans should be relegated to second-class status. Every Iowan must stand against this blatant assault on equality."

The Iowa Civil Rights Act remeins intact still prohibiting discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, disability and gender identity reports USA Today. Lawmakers added the protections for gender identity in 2007 when Democrats held the Iowa Legislature and governor's office.