Russian Governments Assassination and Beatings Not Stopping Elena Kostyuchenko

Another Novaya Gazeta reporter attacked by Russian authorities. Elena Kostyuchenko was beaten and hospitalized at the 2011 Gay Pride.

According to TV reporter Olga Bakushinskii's personal Journal, a eye witness saw the police and 'counter demonstrators' act comradely after arriving on the same bus.

Just don't bother searching for news of the Pride on the Russian TV. It's mission states it does not report on controversial topics. Just as the Kremlin demands.

In 2009 I wrote a commemorative about continuing assassination of the reporters of the last remaining Russian free press newspaper, the Novaya Gazeta. In 2009 it was a fluke I even saw the Russian article. There were very few news reports from Russia.

Times have changed and we remain unafraid. But reporters still remain the target of the Russian governments hate. The difference now is we do not have to wait to mourn to celebrate a life of someone who dares to be faithful to humanity.

Meet Elena Kostyuchenko,peace activist and reporter . Elena who recently announced her love for Anna Annenkov writes in her Journal why she wanted to attend the Pride Parade. For this she suffered a concussion.

I hope Putin reads this. I would be honored if planetransgender would companion Novaya Gazeta as the most hated by the Kremlin. Hey Putin, got balls? Come take a shot at me. But leave your thugs at home. Just you and I Putin, behind the shed.



Russian Revolution Begins with LGBT Русская революция начинается с ЛГБТ

Русские диктаторов и тиранов продолжать угнетать их лесбиянок, геев, бисексуалов, транссексуалов и Queer соотечественников, но больше не могут ли они сделать это безнаказанно.

Russian dictatorial tyrants continue to oppress their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender and Queer countrymen but no longer can they do it with impunity because now the world watches.

You are about be a witness to the brutality of the Russian government. The men attacked by the police are LT Dan Choi, Nikolai Alexeyev and others The ruse offered by the city for cancelling the 2011 Moscow Gay Pride Parade's permit was concerns for public order. Unbelievably the Russian government claims to be protecting the Pride participants. You decide.

I urge you to add your name to the Americablog open letter to Hilary Clinton.


Royal Wedding, Censorship and Hate Crimes By the UK Police

A group of LGBT folks from Britain called the Queer Resistance - UK together with a number of other organizations planned to commemorate the Royal wedding with a ghoulish picnic in Soho.

This celebratory picnic was intended to contrast the money spent on the wedding and the inequity of the proposed spending cuts targeting the poor being considered by Parliament. At first glance this article could be a lighthearted humorous look back at the Royal wedding as narrated by someone named Chris who also shamelessly promoted his book.

However there is truly a nefarious dark side to this whole affair. Things quickly went bad. Many of the left wing publications that promoted the picnic were shut down one week prior and the organizers arrested without warrants.

The remaining queer picnickers oblivious of officialdom's anger over their audacious plan confronting classism were rounded up just before in a cafe. There smiles quickly turned to looks of worry as the seriousness of the arresting officers set in.

One cannot ignore the implications of these actions.Sure, mainstream media will have no problem ignoring a couple transgender woman groped by police in the name of bourgeois heteronormative marriage but in these times of increasing governmental Internet control and right wing's corporate stranglehold of the Internet the British response paints a worrisome portrait.

During the arrests two of the group who are transgender were intentionally misgendered and illegally searched by the police in a way that can be construed as a hate crime. This attack by the officers was done to send a clear message to a class of people that the British government would assault us in the very worst ways imaginable if we dare to participate with the larger community in confronting it.

Now lets bring this into context. I write a activism column for FROCK which is read in the UK and worldwide. This article in one form or another will appear in the July edition. It's just a matter of circumstances FROCK was not shut down also. If FROCK was published on a different schedule and if I had any inkling of the British governments heavy handed response I would have more than likely written an article about it then.

Do you know of a event in the future that will likely cause such oppressive response against queer folk? Email me at kellibusey@yahoo.com.

For additional links also posted on planetransgender and Transexual Menance.


Senator Jim Kyle files bill to Reverse HB600 the Tennessee Anti Equality Bill

From the Tennessean In Session Inside Tennessee Politics:"Kyle’s bill would repeal the Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act, or HB 600, which Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law this week. HB 600 effectively repealed a Metro ordinance passed in April that required city contractors to follow Metro policies that bar discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation."

Kyle’s bill, SB 2121, would put the issue back on the agenda in January. He said he brought the measure after being contacted by officials in Shelby County, which he represents, who were looking into proposing nondiscrimination ordinances like Metro’s.

Kyle also said he wants to keep the pot stirring through the long summer and fall until legislators come back to Nashville.

“It keeps the discussion going,” he said. “It seems like the business community was late to the party. To me, it merits a second look.”

Thank you Senator for listening to your constituents. Yes the Chamber was VERY late in announcing their opposition to HB 600 but now they have we welcome them to the party.


Demand "Psychology Today" apologize for Article Inferring Black Woman are Ugly

Our diversity, our treasure extends way beyond gender and our political will increases tenfold each time we stand-up for ourselves. Please sign the Change.org petition Demanding "Psychology Today" apologize for the article inferring our black sisters are anything other than perfect.

@@@UPDATE 5/30/2011: Success! Psychology Today Apologizes for 'Black Women Less Attractive' Post

From Change.org:

A week ago, the magazine Psychology Today published an article titled "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” on its website. Within hours, following widespread outrage and criticism, the post disappeared.

(It can be still be read here at Somethingawful.com)

Colleagues and peers of Satoshi Kanazawa, the article's author, have since analyzed his same data and unanimously (and unsurprisingly) found his conclusions in error.

Yet Psychology Today has remained silent. They have refused to apologize or even explain why they published the article.

Articles like Kanazawa's are more than offensive or spurious—they're deeply harmful because they promote racist and sexist stereotypes as science.

That’s why documentary filmmaker Aishah Simmons and academic Alisa Bierria are leading a petition on Change.org to call on Psychology Today to apologize and take transparent steps to prevent the publication of racist and sexist material in the future. Click here to sign Aishah and Alisa's petition.

Kanazawa's article never would have survived a thorough and responsible editorial process. In fact, the author himself doesn't stand up to review.

Kanazawa has a history of pushing discredited research and is particularly notorious for making meritless claims about race and gender. (He is also known as the mind behind the much-mocked book Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters.)

In an attempt to defend previous publications, Kanazawa wrote, “If what I say is wrong (because it is illogical or lacks credible scientific evidence), then it is my problem. If what I say offends you, it is your problem.”

Well, as Khadijah Britton of Scientific American put it, “Satoshi Kanazawa has a problem.” So does Psychology Today.

Prominent women’s rights advocates, including Gloria Steinem and Beverly Guy Sheftall, former President of the National Women's Studies Association, have already declared their support for the campaign.

Click here here to add your name to theirs:

Thanks for taking action,

Shelby and the Change.org team


Equality Maryland its NOT all about MONEY! Its about the people YOU FORSAKE for it!

It is understandable that this organizations present primary fear is shutting down because of a lack of money.

It is unforgivable the circumstances that lead to this condition and its resulting alienation from the people of Maryland. The people who trusted you explicitly.

Equality Maryland can only blame it self. Equality Maryland sold a pie in the sky agenda to the Gill Foundation and HRC for a promise of marriage equality and a version of a transgender equality bill they thought they could sneak past the transgender community and would be a easy sell to the right extremists and religious 'moderate' democrats.

Equality Maryland got what they wanted, huge cash grants from these entities.

Now Equality Maryland is in a screaming crash dive pieces and parts flying off as it heads towards a inevitable end.

Equality Maryland's writer on the Metro Weekly, spinmeister Yusef Najafin last two articles, Maryland Money Woes and "Equality Maryland Board Explains Vote to "Remove" Executive Director"
has taken Equality Maryland's dirty laundry and hung it out.

But true to Equality Maryland's history of deception and obfuscation the articles make no mention of the core reasons Equality Maryland finds itself without a membership.


Its not just about money. Its about trust. Stop censoring your facebook page. Its about communication. Newspaper articles need to fairly present the issues from ALL peoples perspectives, the poor transgender peoples as well. I'm not talking about the rich board members and gender queers that populate your faux "transgender" group. Its about designing legislation with the input of all your constituents. Its about pursuing the agreed on agenda with full transparency. Its about not placing your wish for fame above the health and welfare of transgender and gay people.

Equality Maryland has fatally failed the LGBT people of Maryland on all those counts and more.

You have lost all credibility. We have zero faith in you.

In the best interest of the LGBT people of Maryland Equality Maryland needs shut its doors.


Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam Signs Bill Destroying Trans/Gay Civil Rights Progress

Despite the best effort of grass roots activists like
John Aravosis Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has just signed into law a bill that will roll back and prohibit any additional local protections to transgender and gay people.

One one the main forces behind this effort was the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce. UNBELEIVABLY the Chamber issued this statement AFTER the bill had been signed!
“The Tennessee Chamber supports a standard regulatory environment at the state level as opposed to potentially conflicting local regulations covering employment practices. That principle was the only interest the Chamber had in this bill. Because HB600/SB632 has turned into a debate on diversity and inclusiveness—principles which we support—we are now officially opposing this legislation in its present form.”

Adopted unanimously May 23, 2011

AFTER the bill is signed these cowardly corporations issue this statement condemning this travesty of justice, That's like hanging a man with a soft rope because you are compassionate. We have been hung regardless.

ComCast Tweeted this intending to defend its support of HB 600. But this says much more than intended. Indeed their money did buy the silence and inaction of major gay organizations.

Garden State Equality also a dollar short and a day late sent this email to its members at 3:00pm on the 23rd after the bill had been signed.
Garden State Equality withdraws honors for AT&T, KPMG and Pfizer for anti-LGBT lobbying by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce,,,Cont.."
EQNJ's last miniute grandstanding self promotional removal of 'legend' honorees did send a challenge to other federation members to do the same but the bill has already passed so....now a long drawn out expensive court challenge. We must win this one.

Corporations Supporting HB600 Promote Transgender Raping Girl in Bathroom Meme

We trans people have seen this video surface again and again whenever the religious extremist right wing attacks us. With nothing to substantiate their lies they always resort to fear mongering.

With the leadership of the Tennessee chamber of Commerce chaired and populated by these corporations this version of this horrific movie has helped in getting HB 600 prohibiting local LGBT protective laws to the Governor for signing.

Incredibly these same companies have instituted inclusive LGBT employment policies and have high index ratings from HRC. They are claiming ignorance about the intent of HB 600.

Sign John Aravosis' open letter to Nissan, FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG.Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare's asking they ask the Governor not to sign HB 600.


Memphis Cops order Transgender Woman Kiare Newsom to expose herself on I-40

The ink hasn't even dried since the sentencing of Bridges McRae, the dirty Memphis cop who beat handcuffed transgender woman Duana Johnson than another Memphis cop has violated a transgender women's rights.

According to Kiare Newsom she was verbally harassed after police learned she is transgender "I've never been called so many names like "Punk, Sissy, expletive deleted" The police then ordered her to lift up her blouse and push aside her bra exposing her breasts to interstate traffic.



HRC Maryland Coup d'état to depose The Maryland Transgender Alliance

HRC is officially running the show in Maryland, or so it thinks. The gay mouthpiece Washington Blade headline announced ".In shakeup, HRC poised to lead Md. marriage effort. "

The reality is HRC bought off Equality Maryland (for whatever that's worth, took over from from the fumbling Sheets and installed its own leadership.

Not surprising is the Blade article didn't mention the political group formed in April The Maryland Transgender Alliance. Not surprising is that HRC Maryland has not stopped censoring its Facebook page not allowing any dissident comments.

Not surprising ether is the announcement that HRC Equality Maryland had manufactured a transgender group. Pretty smart since that was the factor missing from last years debacle. They needed strong enough leadership, HRC, funding, HRC and a group of 'gender queers' and rich transgender quislings to form a group to 'lead' shove the gay agenda down the transgender communities throat.

Whats surprising is the audacity of HRC but no more denying they are financing and calling the shots. I feel vindicated.

HRC, you are all that is evil.

Transgender Marylanders, please meet the new smarter, leaner enemy.

HRC dd not deny they gave Equality Maryland "a large sum on money' only that the money did not directly affect whom Equality Maryland selected for its leader. HRC offered the fact Equality Maryland has a INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR as proof the money went elsewhere.

How stupid and do they think we are?

I see there is a month passed between HRC installing it's choice of interim dictator and Beyer as its chief trans quisling.

I see that the liars and low life's that has stomped on the heads of transgender Marylanders has entrenched itself. God have mercy on us.


Yes NG Blog: It can be a Ignorant Arrogant Misogynistic Gay and Lesbian world

A couple of days ago Nelson over at NG Blog inserted himself into a twitter conversation I was having. I was communicating with Queer Rising founder Natasha Dillon trying to educate her about the wrongness of their planed event using transgender expression to humiliate Senator Diaz during the NYC Aids Walk.

Well they did it anyways.

Nelson then strenuously interjected his opposition to my advocacy at a very critical junction. Its cool twitter is a free for all but......

Nelson, I was not alone objecting to this. Most of the gay, lesbian and transgender community felt it was wrong with one trans member Ashley Love, quiting Queer Rising.

It is exploitative and marginalizing of a larger minority to use a small component of its community as a tool in a debasing manner to embarrass someone.
I feel it's indicative of the gay communities elephant in the room, misogynistic behaviour towards womankind. Seriously, how many protests by cisgender men of cisgender woman entail holding up a misgendered portrait of their opponent???

Nelson writes on NG Blog trans people should feel privileged to be used like that cardboard cutout.

Nelson, drag is part of the transgender expression, or is according to gay people whenever I try and distance myself from gay men mocking womankind.

Nelson, please take a moment and educate yourself. When I first became upset with Israel Luna's infamous TO#WK and found myself wanting for a publication explaining gay and lesbian misogynist transphobia behaviour I stumbled across the publication GLBTQ Social Sciences and this paragraph:

Yes Nelson it is a mad, mad, mad, mad, world if you let your innate misogyny run wild because it knows no boundaries. Neither does racial hate. Neither does angst towards someone different from ourselves. Its naturally occurring but when confronted from the inside it can be defeated. Then its not so mad.

I'm on Twitter here:)


"Queer Rising" Stop Drag n round Transgender Expression on the Aids Walk

Kat over at Enda Blog is righteously "fucking mad" that New York gay's are continuing to place Marriage equality over GENDA.

I couldn't agree more with Kat on that count but what makes me really "fucking mad" is a that queer rising, a New York Gay advocacy organization is using Rupaul's misappropriated brand trying to embarrass their opponents with MY transgender expression.

Queer Rising offended that Senator Diaz is holding a anti gay marriage rally the same day will be on the Aids Walk route taking pictures of the Senator in drag with participants for a dollar.

Ok, this is not right you're thinking, but maybe Queer Rising has a history of transgender activism and being populated by trans people this transgression might not seem as offensive. Viewing the video of past actions I see no obviously trans peeps so we'll dig a little deeper, there still might be some trans in the woodpile.

Well, Queer Rising's Facebook page and web page listing past actions doesn't have anything in support of the most vulnerable of our community, inner city transgender people. Neither does Queer Rising cofounder Natasha Dillon Twitter account nor does Queer Rising..
But Queer Rising's Tweeter stream overflows with tweets by gay people celebrating Queers Rising dehumanizing of transgender people for GAY MARRIAGE!

Queer Rising WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? TAKE THE "T" OUT OF YOUR NAME! you have done nothing to earn it

So, I painted myself into a corner you think defending RuPaul of all people!

Number 1. RuPaul is a transphobic cisgender gay pig who's monetarily capitalizing on the transgender expression which tragically simultaneously assimilates our expression. (we got him, like it or not)

Number 2. That said, drag does fall under the transgender umbrella as much as I don't like it and you're using it to denigrate our existence is an attack on our physical welfare

I got a better idea! Why don't we place your senatorial opponents on top of your gay fist and humiliate him with the idea HE MIGHT BE GAY? *GASP* Just leave transgender expression and identity alone. I'll tell you why.

You are gay and lesbian misogynist and did not want to denigrate the gay experience. Because transgender people are easily accessible less respected minority EVERYONE can laugh at, one that gay people feel they have some claim to. YOU USED US!

We are not less than you, damn it.

Contact queerrising@gmail.com and/or call Co Founder Natasha Dillon at 917-520-8554.

Update of sorts. Its still a day before the walk but I have had two phone conversations with Natasha Dillion. She told me during those talks the reason Queer Rising has no history of transgender advocacy is because no transgender people have attended their meetings.

According to Natasha" We vote on advocacy ideas from our members but since we have had no transgender members there have been no trans events" I really suspected as much. When she was questioned about who suggested using drag to humiliate the Senator Ms. Dillion told me "We have a couple drag queen members, some who have been arrested with us and they suggested the idea". Ms. Dillion did say that their drag members did not live full time.

In this mornings twitter conversation Ms Dillion responded positively to my list of blogs I asked her to read with this mention:

Again I ask that DRAG, a part of our culture NOT be used to humiliate and degrade our adversaries. Actions like that send a message to the transgender communities foes that not only are we less than they but less than gay.


LGBT Protesting McDonald Corporate irresponsibility worldwide

After Chrissy Polis's attackers beat her into convulsions accompanied by McDonald employees transgender slurs McDonald's corporation responded to my tweets protesting the employee responses
McDonald's response in the first few days has remained basically the same despite ignoring over 150,000 petition signers calling on them to incorporate diversity training.

Time to protest!

There are some who are organizing worldwide sit ins Against Violence, and Intolerance Under The Golden Arches

I think this is a great idea and I will be at the one in Dallas Texas. But you don't even have to be that well organized to protest the McDonald's long history of oppression.

Next time you are hungry instead of ordering a McHate quarter pounder, Just sit under the Arches for a couple of minutes with a sign. Get the word out. Then go somewhere else to eat. The world will no longer stand for McDonald's silence and whitewashing of the Chrissy Polis attack!

Just in case you haven't seen this appalling video taped by a McDonald's employee:


Interlopers the play in LA: Transgender unique misfits journey to authentic selves

The keywords in the Interlopers tweet captured my imagination. Setting aside the inevitable transphobic world for a moment lets revel in our experience.

From Bootleg Theater: "The Interlopers by Gary Lennon, is a Romeo and Juliet story set in the transgender world of Los Angeles. Through the theme of identity, the play explores a group of unique misfits who call themselves family, and who are brave enough to challenge the obstacle course called life. Examining these singular and special people, the play follows them on their journeys to being their whole and authentic selves."

Website and tickets bootlegtheater.org

What Not to Learn from Osama bin Laden’s Death

What Not to Learn from Osama bin Laden’s Death. Torture does not provide answer but then nether does denying trans people exist.

This piece written by NRCAT and edited for my approval will not be published with the help of NRCAT in any newspaper oped sections because my signature identifying myself as transgender 'was to controversial'. They did say they had LGB(T) in the office same as me! SAME AS ME? No gay and lesbians are not the same as me. We didn't even talk about my being a organizer activist let alone my radical views.

Because that piece can not be published as a op ed after being appearing else where I will do my own street rant about torture.

By Kelli radical transgender activist Busey

What we learned from Osama Bin Laden's murder. WE learned that torture doesn't do squat for us other than make people our enemies who otherwise might be unambiguous toward us.

We learned the US Military is competent enough to murder a poor man in a threadbare blanket watching while watching a 9" black and white telly.

We learned that the religious and political right has no moral problems capitalizing on murder by a democratic administration seem a victory for the capitalistic pig bourgeois US government.

We learned that left wing seemingly well meaning anti torture groups have a problem with anyone being transgender.

We learned not to put our faith in anyone but ourselves. Oh yeah, we re-learned war sucks.


TransTexas Anti Transgender Marriage Bill UP FOR VOTE!

In a blink of a eye SB 723 has been moved to a vote. This is the bill that would strip transgender Texans hard earned marriage equality from us. It has been taken off the back burner and is to be voted on anytime now!

URGENT TAKE ACTION. Contact your senator by clicking this link.


Invitation to yet Another Gay misogynist meaT Locker Drag Show!

I get a lot of negative feedback when I talk about my dislike of Drag. But sometimes I just got to say...

It degrades, objectifies and stigmatizes the most vulnerable of the LGBT community, usually trans woman but cisgender gay illusionists with little or no choices in life also suffer.

WESLEY RAYMOND HULL had taken it upon himself to invite me to yet another Drag show.

I would like to believe he's just T Totally ignorant of who I am but given my history of confronting Rupaul's Gay.com media mafia, and gay misogynists everywhere but that's a little hard to believe.

Just for the record. Do not invite me to these meat locker shows and I won't fuck with you.


Facebook is Deleting Groups: Goodbye TransAction ConVergence

My Baby is going to be killed by Facebook.

(militant angry kelli wearing a Internet helmet)

This is possibly one of the saddest things I have ever posted about.

TransAction ConVergence, a group that I grew from a small Facebook event is now slated to be deleted by Facebook.

Facebook posted this message offering most groups a option to "Up Grade" to the new group format, keeping their membership by simply clicking the "Up Grade" button.

Finding no button I looked for answers in the help section. Facebook says simply to click the button. There I joined with millions of other angry group administrators who were also denied a 'Up Grade' Button.

Investigation initially provided no responses searching on Facebook for groups opposed to this change. Facebook made it very hard to locate them. So I searched online and found PC World's article Facebook Redesign Revolt Grows to 1.7Mwhich linked me to the facebook groups MILLIONS AGAINST FACEBOOK's PRIVACY POLICIES AND LAYOUT REDESIGN and MILLIONS AGAINST FACEBOOK's PRIVACY POLICIES AND LAYOUT REDESIGN.

The only reason most of us can see for killing us is we grew too large. We became a threat to Facebook. That and we are transgender radicals daring to be different. Stephanie kay Stevens and I grew TransAction ConVergence to a 5,000+ powerhouse from a simple event that dared to ask Facebook to add gender Identity/Transgender to the options on one's profile.

Facebook ignored the 20,000 gender variant people who joined that event. It looks like they are hell bent on ignoring millions more now.

Did you ever have a dream? We did and it's TransAction ConVergence. Trans Activists, Journalists and bloggers FREELY exchanging ideas and advocating. The American Dream.

I don't know when this will happen, all I know is my baby is scheduled to be killed by Facebook.


GLAAD To Honor Kim Cattrall SIN Star for Racial Profiling Transgender Defaming Elitist Classism

GLAAD is going to honor Sex in the City star Kim Cattrall at the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco on May 14.
GLAAD's announcement makes no mention of the "Half Man Half Woman tranny hooker" "Chicks with Dicks" Sex in the city episode. Cattrall's racial stereotyping of transgender woman working to survive was bad enough but when she threw the bucket of water down on them knocking one persons wig off stripping that woman of her humanity, that was too much. Add physical assault to the list.

But does GLAAD give a flip as long as she has a lesbian GF and supports SSM?

Plotsummary: Samantha has another cocky problem: gross transsexual whores in front of her window.

I am calling on GLAAD Media director Rich Ferraro to treat transgender people with respect and not give this award to Cattrall.

In a exchange recently with Rich Ferraro sparked by a recent Washington Blade post defaming transgender people he responded emailing me:

"We do a lot of work with mainstream media regarding transgender issues –because it’s an area where so many have a lot to learn. One of the key goals of our team is to also push out positive stories about LGBT people – and I hope that more will continue to run. Perhaps this can happen in LGBT media as well – it seems like whenever we do an action speaking out against transgender discrimination/offensive media images, we (GLAAD) get hit very hard by the gay and lesbian people on our list. There needs to be more work done to reach those people with images that move them to support the trans community."

"I do have some relationships with LGBT media/reporters so I do hope that you can continue to send items like this to me or if articles run that misrepresent the trans community. I’m happy to put you in touch to relay concerns. I recommend that happensbefore public blog posts go up on your site though."
I emailed back pointing out to him that when you kick the hornets nest of transphobia you are going to get stung regardless if the hornets are straight of gay! To be honest I didn't really know how to react to that last line. It almost seemed threatening but I emailed him back agreeing maybe we should work together.

Rich, just a observation. You just kicked the transgender hornets nest. Do not award Cattrall for her transphobic hatred.

Email Rich Ferraro ar Ferraro@glaad.org

Live in San Fran? Get protesting! Info on the Facebook event

Fort Worth Texas Post Rainbow Lounge Raid Implemented 19 of 20 LGBT Recomendations!

I am so proud to be a citizen of Fort Worth Texas.
Our mayor and city council ROCK!
The support of north Texas gay brothers and sisters ROCK!

The one item not incorporated yet by the city, insurance for sexual reassignment surgery for it's transgender employees is still being considered and may be implemented by 2012.

The only truly troubling issue as pointed out by the Fort Worth Telegram is the disparity in the ratings granted by police and firefighters and the other civil employees as to the need and relevance of the training being offered. Clearly the police will benefit the most from this training.

We need to urge the city council to approve heath care for its transgender employees. 19 out of 20 is good but lets bat 100!

Click the picture of the Mayor or here to view movie.

Maryland Transgender Advocacy (MTA) "We're Driving NOW!

Reclaiming the Transgender Agenda!


The caption under the home page banner of the newly formed Maryland Transgender Alliance says it all.

This column is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinions or agenda of the members of the MTA.

FUCK YOU Equality Maryland. FUCK YOU GILL foundation, FUCK YOU HRC, FUCK YOU Freedom to Marry, FUCK YOU the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and finally especially FUCK YOU Mara quisling at the NCTE.

Those gay organizations conspired in 2011 using HB 235 sans Public accommodations protections as the bulldozer blade to bury the poor of the transgender community. THATS MOST ALL OF US FOLKS! They censored, banned, shut out and using the might of the before named groups, misrepresented the disenfranchised Maryland transgender community using a few privileged wealthy transgender people to validate their facade of inclusivity.

We beat them at their game, defeating HB 235 but just barely. We were unprepared for the ferocity and unrepentant immorality of these organizations.

Transgender people of Maryland are not going to allow you to use there lives to further the gay agenda ANYMORE!

OK. No more profanity or anger, returning to my natural Zen state.....

From the MTA homepage....

"Our primary objective is to promote legislation that will provide transgender Marylanders with legal protections in the areas of public accommodations, employment and housing. Concurrent with those objectives we also support legislation that will provide stronger remedies for enforcement than are now available."

"While no legislation could by itself do away with the fears and prejudices of our society we must begin with that first step toward creating a more just society. Our political goals are directed at first improving the lives of the most marginalized among us. Many in our community live in poverty and among them are those who work in the sex trade to survive. Still others live marginal lives with the support of family and friends while they either fail to find employment or work at poorly paid or part time jobs. These are the people we work first to liberate."
I have faith in our free state transgender brothers and sisters. They are forming a viable political force comprised of transgender people that will work in good faith for our lives. I have faith in them. God bless you all.


Catherine Hyde's Daughter Still Living without Public Accommodations Protections

I published a open letter to Catherine Hyde during our fight against Equality Maryland's supported HB 235 . I wish she would have read that letter before making this video. I gather from this video she has not because nether she or her daughter made mention of the importance of public accommodations protections for trans people.

Catherine Hyde was duped by Equality Maryland into testifying for HB 235 encouraging legislators to pass the flawed legislation framed as a 'non discrimination' bill tragically stripped of public accommodations provisions.

I hope she and her daughter will listen to the energized transgender voice emerging from the inner city of Baltimore. These are voices of transgender people who because of there circumstances, un- and underemployed use public transportation even sometimes public restrooms because nothing else is available.

Catherine these people are the ones who have gone where your high school daughter has yet to venture X10. Listen to their voices.

Obama to transgender peeps OK, OK we'll meet but in "Secret!"

BIG NEWS!! The Obama administration held its first ever meeting with representatives from the transgender community.

OK I don't think so. Everything about the meeting was a secret except that it was scheduled as announced by the gay.com rag Washington Blade.

So...WHATS THE SECRET? Is the secret the people your representatives met with were not actually transgender? Yuck, dirty street peeps? Its not a secret to the transgender community that this was a gathering of gay illuminati who are currently subverting the transgender agenda on state levels. Is the secret they are also now engaging the federal government?

After all none of us in trans community need the secrecy of a meeting that's required with Arab oil tycoons.

Is the secret that the Obama administration would rather not meet with real transgender people who face the discrimination and that this meeting was with a group of slightly more acceptable privileged white gay people?

Is the secret that these gay organizations will employ shills simultaneously to announce a NEW PLAN for transgender peoples equality. A new plan that by the way fits into gay peoples agenda while simultaneously assimilating the transgender identity?

Not a secret.

So Obama, if you want to earn the respect and votes of the transgender community meet with us in public, face to face in a town hall. So, what do you say? *crickets*

So, whats the secret?