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Obama "Needs Me" to Give Him more $. I need him to Make That Possible

North Texas activists and friends Daniel Cates, C.d. Kirven and Rafael McDonnal protesting at the Exxon shareholders meeting today.~ Dallas Voice

C.d. emailed me via GetEqual explaining why they were protesting with a preface to a petition "This morning, I was out on the streets in Dallas, protesting ExxonMobil's continued efforts to legally discriminate against LGBT employees."

"Every year since 2010, we've held demonstrations at ExxonMobil's annual shareholder meetings -- calling on the company to pass shareholder resolutions to add LGBT workplace protections to their policies. Each year, those resolutions have been voted down by wide majorities".

In fact, back in 2010, ExxonMobil wrote GetEQUAL a letter, specifically noting:

"Where we operate in countries in which the national laws require specific language regarding nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity be included in policies, we have amended our policies as appropriate."

It's clear that ExxonMobil will not ban LGBT workplace discrimination until the United States government tells them to. And, given that the federal government -- via taxpayer dollars from you and me -- has spent almost $8 billion dollars on federal contracts with ExxonMobil since 2000, the government could easily fix this problem.

No sooner than I signed my friend C.d. Kirven's petition calling for President Obama to sign a Executive Order barring LGBT workplace discrimination by federal contractors than I opened a email from the DCCC telling me I had set myself up for a "Express Donation" to Obama. The email had links for donation levels starting at $10.00 progressing to $100.00 and ending with Obama begging for 3 bucks. You're going to shame me for three dollars Obama? Try living on nothing for years. I did after I transitioned into the "Kelli TransAdvocate Busey" your email was addressed to.

I never have set up a political 'express donation account' with anyone much less gave my credit card number out knowing it would be passed around between multiple organizations for fund raising.

Yes, I have seen those adverts that appear on the side bars of news articles with sublimely anti Obama messaging appearing for all the world like legitimate news and understand that by all appearances they are factual to the uninitiated but...

If you pull this shit on me again Obama, yes your name appears on that email, you will never, ever get another penny from me or my vote for that matter. I am serious. You need to be the fierce advocate you said you are. And sign the fucking Executive Order, would you please. Stop jacking us around.

Thank you very much.
Kelli TransActivist Busey


Transitioning At the Inauguration

Will Obama's inauguration be the queerest ever now that he has chosen a transgender and gay affirming Latino priest for the Benediction?

Nope. Not unless President Barack Hussein Obama II uses the occasion to come out as gender gifted.

There was a gay president.

Although James Buchanan never came out he was in a long term relationship with another man.

Then there's GW Bush who reached out to the same LGBT affirming priest for his inauguration but I don't thing W will ever come out.

Personally I think Michelle Obama would rule if she stood in support alongside the 45th president during her announcement she is transitioning starting at the inauguration.


Obama to transgender peeps OK, OK we'll meet but in "Secret!"

BIG NEWS!! The Obama administration held its first ever meeting with representatives from the transgender community.

OK I don't think so. Everything about the meeting was a secret except that it was scheduled as announced by the rag Washington Blade.

So...WHATS THE SECRET? Is the secret the people your representatives met with were not actually transgender? Yuck, dirty street peeps? Its not a secret to the transgender community that this was a gathering of gay illuminati who are currently subverting the transgender agenda on state levels. Is the secret they are also now engaging the federal government?

After all none of us in trans community need the secrecy of a meeting that's required with Arab oil tycoons.

Is the secret that the Obama administration would rather not meet with real transgender people who face the discrimination and that this meeting was with a group of slightly more acceptable privileged white gay people?

Is the secret that these gay organizations will employ shills simultaneously to announce a NEW PLAN for transgender peoples equality. A new plan that by the way fits into gay peoples agenda while simultaneously assimilating the transgender identity?

Not a secret.

So Obama, if you want to earn the respect and votes of the transgender community meet with us in public, face to face in a town hall. So, what do you say? *crickets*

So, whats the secret?


Obama : Torture is NOT Tolerated by America

Call to Action

Who: President Obama, the former Justice Department officials Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury. Bybee is currently a judge on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Yoo is a professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

What : Charges of conspiracy to commit felonies, including torture be considered against among others Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury and the goverment and contracted officials of the United Stared who participated in planning for and or committed criminal acts of torture.

When : NOW! Call on your legislative representatives to demand full transparency, accountability and justice.

Were : From your keyboard. Tell him now to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate Bush administration officials who authorized torture.

Why : He[Obama] said anew that CIA operatives who did the interrogating should not be charged with crimes because they thought they were following the law. Obama, so did HITLERS henchmen.

Obama would rather forget than pursue justiceUNLESS we force him to.

Americans are coming to realize that we were mislead by Obama's presidential promises and that we must act to keep all politicians honest.

Citizens, hold Obama accountable to his campaign commitment to end torture and prosecute those criminals who perpetrated and carried out act's that freedom loving democratic countries worldwide and formally the United States had decried as illegal torture.

Unresolved debate in DOJ memos: Does torture work? AP
How Waterboarding Got Out of Control
Obama defends secret memo release to CIA employees AP
Scientists Claim CIA Misused Work on Sleep Deprivation
Waterboarding: A Mental as Well as Physical Trauma, Expert Say

By Kelli Anne Busey, April 22, 2009 planetransgender


Reversing the religious right's tide of indignities

The tyranny of religion is the ignorance it fosters

"The tyranny of religion is the ignorance it fosters"

The sad truth as we have come to view the "religious right" as a valid source of theology our concept of faith has been skewed to beleive that the perverse view of gods will as the right espouses is in fact what god intended.

The political right wing has used religion as a tool as it wages a war on humanity with no real concern for human dignity and safety. How we can use Obama's election as a opportunity? Found on Alternet 9 Ways to Halt the Right Wing Culture Wars and Bring Sanity to Sexual Policy

By Kelli Busey
Dec. 3, 2008