Thank You AFA for Providing the Email Platform to Contact DWTS

The AFA hiding behind the facade of a mothers organization has undertaken a email campaign targeting the sponsors of Dancing With The Stars. The proxy organization "One Million Moms.com is asking sponsors of the DWTS to withdraw there support now that Chaz Bono is sashaying on their show.

I emailed the sponsors using their form. (Click forms for a readable version)

I think its a wonderful idea made even better since I was able to insert a title and edit the note! So now instead of a letter attacking us it thanks and encourages the sponsors to do more for DWTS!

Just seconds later I received this email from Kohl's thanking me for contacting them and asking that they continue to support transgender people in entertainment.

I like this so much I will put a link on the AFA Facebook page thanking them personally!


London's Calling (AGAIN?): Transphobic Julie Bindel on Shortlist For a Diversity Award!

In 2008 I wrote the article London Calling : Transphobic Julie Bindel Nominated Writer of the year by Stonewall UK about this rad-fem transphobic woman who unbelievably was up for a journalistic award by London's gay advocacy group "Stonewall".

She did not receive that award due to the transgender and queer outrage. Stonewall decided at the last moment to avoid the negativity and condemnation that undoubtedly would have followed.

Now just a few years latter Julie Bindel is up for another award this one unbelievably is for diversity! !!OF ALL THINGS!!

Once again queers and trans people will be forced to take to the streets but this time Bindel has made another enemy, Muslim people.

You can get the details at

Picketing the European “Diversity” Awards
at Andy's Miscellany.

If you are on Facebook you can join the "Picket the European Diversity Awards" for all the latest updates.


Slain DC Transgender Woman Lashai McLean's Memorial Teddy Bear Burned By Haters

The hatred goes on as this memorial just placed for Lashai McLean was burned and left in the street as she was as silent testimony to peoples capacity for cruelty.


Texas Police Chaplain Speaks out Against Capital Punishment in Our Broken System

In light of the scheduled execution of a innocent man in Georgia Troy Davis I am cross posting a facebook note posted by the Rt. Rev. Robert D. Hall

"Just about every single exoneree who has walked off death row has done so in spite of the system, not because of it." -Rev. Robert D. Hall

"The time to halt executions in Texas is now. The flaws of the Texas death penalty system have become too obvious to ignore any longer. Six times in the past seven years the public has learned about persons wrongly convicted and sentenced to death row. Bogus forensic science accounted for some of those accounts. In the most tragic cases, Innocent men were executed before their names could be cleared. Until society is able to guarantee that the system will not put another innocent person to death, an irreversible form of punishment cannot be used. Texas must put a moratorium on capital punishment."

In another state a man waits his murder which is what what will be committed if Troy Davis is not allowed a fair trial. Everyone who had placed Davis at the crime scene have recanted their testimony. There is no physical evidence he committed that murder. It is time to stop this country's prosecutors who's only desire is a conviction, not the truth.

Read Father Hall's note in its entirety A Flawed System Calls for a Moratorium on Texas Capital Punishment"


Video: Fox News Megyn Kelly Tears Apart Transphobic Dr.Keith (Chaz is a Man) Ablow

I can't remember the last time I stood up on my chair and applauded Fox News but you Ms.Kelly ROCKED this haters world with truth and love. Thank you!!

H/T to towleroad.com

Original Keith Ablow (hard) Op-ed


STP2012 Designates October 22nd International Day of Action

Stop Transgender Pathologization (STP)

The International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization will take place this year on Saturday, October 22nd 2011. We invite all activist groups around the world to participate in this call for action and go out into the streets for trans depathologization.

To participate, please contact: contact@stp2012.info

Apart from this international day of action, STP 2012 will continue working, in collaboration with other activist networks, in international forums in favor of trans declassification, and through participating in groups and work commissions. We will also continue to participate in regional and international meetings, symposiums and conferences, with the objective of spreading the word about STP 2012 and creating spaces for debate regarding trans depathologization.

International Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign - STP 2012, July 2011
Contact: contact@stp2012.info

Communique_July2011 PDF


Jenifer Rene Pool Speaks about HRC, ENDA & Public Accommodations Provisions.

Originally, I supported Houston City Council candidate transgender woman Jenifer Rene Pool unquestionably.

She was recommended by a Gay political activist, a dear friend and ally who I trust implicitly whom now lives in Houston. I spent weeks talking to nearly all the political organizations and activists in Houston each and every one gave Jenifer Pool sterling recommendations. I was So impressed with her I wrote a factual news worthy article exposing a conspiracy to deny Pool an endorsement by the Victory Fund and attempts to divide the LGBT vote by Lesbian Council Member Sue Lovell.

I talked to everyone except Transgender and Transsexual people. It quickly became apparent to me I had made a major mistake. Because Jenifer had come so highly recommended by the Gay and Lesbian community I had not consulted a single Trans person. Nada. Zip. Not one.

So I posted The 64 Dollar Transgender Political Question, Will Jenifer Pool Remain Faithful to us? with a similar note on Facebook asking for feedback.

And feedback I got.

I was one of the transgender community who protested HRC after being betrayed in 2007 over ENDA so I am more than empathic with the anti Gay.com sentiments expressed on that note by sister and brother advocates. But I am also more than willing to take undue credit for HRC relenting and adding us to their mission statement. Also coming to light in that note is the angst within the Transgender community regarding the history of transgender identified candidates allowing HRC to co-opt the transgender message and taking credit for work we did to for that candidate.

So there is a hesitancy to endorse a transgender candidates. Because in the past they have more often than not hitched their wagons to HRC's money horse after our initial support eventually pitting the transgender community's health, saftey and political future against HRC's powerful agenda. Such was the case just this year in Maryland. We prevailed in that instance despite HRC's Trans token tom's best efforts.

But we transgender people who protested were not the only ones to bring about change during the ENDA upheaval. Not only was my group The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies added as a supporter of United ENDA so also was the Houston GLBT Caucus and hundreds of other TLBGQIA groups.

But the 64 Dollar Question still remained unanswered so I took a cue from sister blogger Monica Roberts who commented "verify, then trust..."

So I called Jenifer again and asked her to talk about this crucial topic. I explained my personal involvement protesting the HRC post 2015 and asked with baited breath if Jenifer understood the anger of the comments on my Facebook note.

Jenifer Pool replied "No I do not" and my heart stopped. I thought oh good god, not again but Jenifer explained "Of course I attended the 2008 Houston Gala, I was on the HRC diversity steering committee at the time doing my best for an inclusive ENDA. In that capacity I facilitated writing a letter to the national leadership but our influence on the national organization was of course limited." Pool goes on to explain "And at the time I was also president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and because of my insistence we joined United ENDA.

Now it was time for the 64 Dollar money question.

I asked Jenifer if she would support a transgender "equality" bill without public provisions accommodations. We as a community need to know if she would support one such as HR235 in which HRC assisted Equality Maryland unsuccessfully tried to force on us earlier this year. Jenifer Pool replied "No I would not. A transgender protection bill without public accommodations provisions is not an equality bill at all."

There you have it. The answer to the 64 Dollar Questions.

Never before to my knowledge has there been a transgender politician so forthcoming and accessible. When I called Rene Pool last afternoon once again she was a delight to speak. Her answers are offered without hesitation and clearly she was speaking from her heart.

Never before has a transgender political candidate held views so in line with our community’s best interests. Never before has a transgender candidate had such an opportunity to gain the highest elected position ever held by one of us.

And as it turns out, I am still unquestionably supportive Jenifer Rene Pool. So much so that she can add the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies to her growing list of endorsers. I am that sure of this.

But this is all just an opportunity. We can make this our reality if you give Jenifer Rene Pool half a chance. Will you give her a chance?

Jenifer Rene Pool for City Council at Large Position 2

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Endorses Jenifer Rene Pool


The 64 Dollar Transgender Political Question, Will Jenifer Pool Remain Faithful to us?

Recently I posted a Facebook note in which I intended to engage political activists, organizations, allies and enemy's alike in a conversation about the non endorsement of Jenifer Rene Pool by the Victory Fund.

What I got wasn't what I wanted.

I had talked to every political action group in Houston who gave Pool thumbs up in spades except one, Transgender and transsexual people. A classic case of me not seeing the trees for the woods.

In retrospect I see my error. I was so focused on her political viability I ignored the most important question. Will this transgender candidate do as many before her have and become a mouthpiece for gay.com or will she break the mold and keep her transgender ties not allowing herself to become a pawn in HRCs assimilist agenda?

Seems in my angst I even unfriended a young transsexual advocate because she kept asking questioning my support of Pool who is a HRC proponent on that same Facebook note. Again I was wrong and I owe Ashley Love an apology for that.

We need to come to terms with our past with HRC and find a way to move forward.

The truth is I protested at the Houston Black Tie and at New Orleans. I also managed that year to get a groups of transgender protesters inside both the Austin and Dallas Black Tie's to represent and protest. I was angered by HRC's acquiescences to Congressman Barney Frank's splitting ENDA HR2015 effectively blocking trans people from workplace equality. I was angry and upset that there were transgender people in attendance. I was upset that there were half a dozen mounted riot cops and a dozen other foot and bike cops hounding our every move.

And I am aware Jenifer Rene Pool was partying it up at that same Black Tie.

So I asked a longtime Trans friend who wishes to remain anonymous, do you think Jenifer Pool will forsake her transgender community as so many others have done before her?

"Unfortunately, HRC's sock puppets are the only ones of us who get any support. And if any of them ever gets elected, I fear the HRC spin on it (as I do with Jenifer): OUR trans candidate won with all OUR support, etc. They'll do anything to drive unknowing trans people & families into their camp via whatever trickery it takes. They so badly want to revise history and whitewash over their history."
So, I don't have a answer to that 64 dollar question and am as hesitant as the next trans activist who endured HR2015 to endorse her.

What I do know is this. Jenifer Rene Pool is a amazingly qualified council candidate and possibly in line for Mayoral run at some point with this win. I know she is being unfairly discriminated against by the Victory Fund and her chances diminished thanks to the labor of an extremely vindictive lesbian Houston council member, Sue Lovell.

And I do know that as we increase our political bankroll (interactions, and media respectability) transgender politicians will be less likely to forget about the value of our political capitol but as one of the smallest and most marginalized minorities we have one tough row to hoe.

Will HRC try to spin Jenifer Rene Gale into a gay.com success? Undoubtedly. The real 64 dollar question then is this. Are we going forsake political involvement and commitment for fear of becoming humiliated by HRC again or are we going to increase our visibility, activism and outreach and take an active role in shaping our destiny and denying HRC that easy revisionist assimilist grab?

So what do you think?


Transgender Child In Coma From Alleged Bat Attack Police need your help

There is a transgender woman in the hospital we just don't know what happened" Detective Mark Jamieson told during our phone conversation.

He continued "The alleged attack happened may have taken place on this quite residential road as reported. We are looking into it and if we do find evidence it happened we will investigate if it was in fact a bias crime."

Our community, myself included, has been outraged after reading the original Seattle Times account of an attack on a transgender child with learning disabilities in Seattle. We are on the verge of adopting a lynch mob mentality the crime against this transgender child is that heinous.

However Detective Jamieson appeals for a calm rational approach instead.

Detective Jamieson continued "However the alleged crime was reported three days after the fact. The news reports that followed included information we were not give and the parents of the child have not been in communication with us since. There is a article just published in the Seattle Times which presents a more fair and balanced account Police unsure if attack on transgender woman a bias crime."

I mentioned to the Detective that the transgender umbrella includes those with autism and that being said, these children face incredible barriers to living authentically which only serves to fuel our community protective feelings.
Detective Jamieson is aware and empathetic but reiterated the best thing we can do is act responsibly, not jump to conclusions and care with your heart about this child regardless if she is trans or not.

Police report PDF

If you have any information concerning this please contact:

Detective Mark Jamieson
Public Affairs

Seattle Police Department
PO Box 34986, 610 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 684-5521 office
(206) 375-6471 cell