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Jenifer Rene Pool Speaks about HRC, ENDA & Public Accommodations Provisions.

Originally, I supported Houston City Council candidate transgender woman Jenifer Rene Pool unquestionably.

She was recommended by a Gay political activist, a dear friend and ally who I trust implicitly whom now lives in Houston. I spent weeks talking to nearly all the political organizations and activists in Houston each and every one gave Jenifer Pool sterling recommendations. I was So impressed with her I wrote a factual news worthy article exposing a conspiracy to deny Pool an endorsement by the Victory Fund and attempts to divide the LGBT vote by Lesbian Council Member Sue Lovell.

I talked to everyone except Transgender and Transsexual people. It quickly became apparent to me I had made a major mistake. Because Jenifer had come so highly recommended by the Gay and Lesbian community I had not consulted a single Trans person. Nada. Zip. Not one.

So I posted The 64 Dollar Transgender Political Question, Will Jenifer Pool Remain Faithful to us? with a similar note on Facebook asking for feedback.

And feedback I got.

I was one of the transgender community who protested HRC after being betrayed in 2007 over ENDA so I am more than empathic with the anti sentiments expressed on that note by sister and brother advocates. But I am also more than willing to take undue credit for HRC relenting and adding us to their mission statement. Also coming to light in that note is the angst within the Transgender community regarding the history of transgender identified candidates allowing HRC to co-opt the transgender message and taking credit for work we did to for that candidate.

So there is a hesitancy to endorse a transgender candidates. Because in the past they have more often than not hitched their wagons to HRC's money horse after our initial support eventually pitting the transgender community's health, saftey and political future against HRC's powerful agenda. Such was the case just this year in Maryland. We prevailed in that instance despite HRC's Trans token tom's best efforts.

But we transgender people who protested were not the only ones to bring about change during the ENDA upheaval. Not only was my group The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies added as a supporter of United ENDA so also was the Houston GLBT Caucus and hundreds of other TLBGQIA groups.

But the 64 Dollar Question still remained unanswered so I took a cue from sister blogger Monica Roberts who commented "verify, then trust..."

So I called Jenifer again and asked her to talk about this crucial topic. I explained my personal involvement protesting the HRC post 2015 and asked with baited breath if Jenifer understood the anger of the comments on my Facebook note.

Jenifer Pool replied "No I do not" and my heart stopped. I thought oh good god, not again but Jenifer explained "Of course I attended the 2008 Houston Gala, I was on the HRC diversity steering committee at the time doing my best for an inclusive ENDA. In that capacity I facilitated writing a letter to the national leadership but our influence on the national organization was of course limited." Pool goes on to explain "And at the time I was also president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and because of my insistence we joined United ENDA.

Now it was time for the 64 Dollar money question.

I asked Jenifer if she would support a transgender "equality" bill without public provisions accommodations. We as a community need to know if she would support one such as HR235 in which HRC assisted Equality Maryland unsuccessfully tried to force on us earlier this year. Jenifer Pool replied "No I would not. A transgender protection bill without public accommodations provisions is not an equality bill at all."

There you have it. The answer to the 64 Dollar Questions.

Never before to my knowledge has there been a transgender politician so forthcoming and accessible. When I called Rene Pool last afternoon once again she was a delight to speak. Her answers are offered without hesitation and clearly she was speaking from her heart.

Never before has a transgender political candidate held views so in line with our community’s best interests. Never before has a transgender candidate had such an opportunity to gain the highest elected position ever held by one of us.

And as it turns out, I am still unquestionably supportive Jenifer Rene Pool. So much so that she can add the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies to her growing list of endorsers. I am that sure of this.

But this is all just an opportunity. We can make this our reality if you give Jenifer Rene Pool half a chance. Will you give her a chance?

Jenifer Rene Pool for City Council at Large Position 2

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Endorses Jenifer Rene Pool


The 64 Dollar Transgender Political Question, Will Jenifer Pool Remain Faithful to us?

Recently I posted a Facebook note in which I intended to engage political activists, organizations, allies and enemy's alike in a conversation about the non endorsement of Jenifer Rene Pool by the Victory Fund.

What I got wasn't what I wanted.

I had talked to every political action group in Houston who gave Pool thumbs up in spades except one, Transgender and transsexual people. A classic case of me not seeing the trees for the woods.

In retrospect I see my error. I was so focused on her political viability I ignored the most important question. Will this transgender candidate do as many before her have and become a mouthpiece for or will she break the mold and keep her transgender ties not allowing herself to become a pawn in HRCs assimilist agenda?

Seems in my angst I even unfriended a young transsexual advocate because she kept asking questioning my support of Pool who is a HRC proponent on that same Facebook note. Again I was wrong and I owe Ashley Love an apology for that.

We need to come to terms with our past with HRC and find a way to move forward.

The truth is I protested at the Houston Black Tie and at New Orleans. I also managed that year to get a groups of transgender protesters inside both the Austin and Dallas Black Tie's to represent and protest. I was angered by HRC's acquiescences to Congressman Barney Frank's splitting ENDA HR2015 effectively blocking trans people from workplace equality. I was angry and upset that there were transgender people in attendance. I was upset that there were half a dozen mounted riot cops and a dozen other foot and bike cops hounding our every move.

And I am aware Jenifer Rene Pool was partying it up at that same Black Tie.

So I asked a longtime Trans friend who wishes to remain anonymous, do you think Jenifer Pool will forsake her transgender community as so many others have done before her?

"Unfortunately, HRC's sock puppets are the only ones of us who get any support. And if any of them ever gets elected, I fear the HRC spin on it (as I do with Jenifer): OUR trans candidate won with all OUR support, etc. They'll do anything to drive unknowing trans people & families into their camp via whatever trickery it takes. They so badly want to revise history and whitewash over their history."
So, I don't have a answer to that 64 dollar question and am as hesitant as the next trans activist who endured HR2015 to endorse her.

What I do know is this. Jenifer Rene Pool is a amazingly qualified council candidate and possibly in line for Mayoral run at some point with this win. I know she is being unfairly discriminated against by the Victory Fund and her chances diminished thanks to the labor of an extremely vindictive lesbian Houston council member, Sue Lovell.

And I do know that as we increase our political bankroll (interactions, and media respectability) transgender politicians will be less likely to forget about the value of our political capitol but as one of the smallest and most marginalized minorities we have one tough row to hoe.

Will HRC try to spin Jenifer Rene Gale into a success? Undoubtedly. The real 64 dollar question then is this. Are we going forsake political involvement and commitment for fear of becoming humiliated by HRC again or are we going to increase our visibility, activism and outreach and take an active role in shaping our destiny and denying HRC that easy revisionist assimilist grab?

So what do you think?


Victory Fund Torpedo’s Transgender Jenifer Rene Pool Thanks to Lesbian Sue Lovell

"Transgender people and our allies should see this as a slap in the face." -Ray Hill Houston Political Icon

The Endorsement of the Victory Fund is seen by most LGBT people as crucial in a political campaign and its absence would be indicative of a fatally flawed campaign, strategy or politician.

The who, where, why, and what does Sue Lovell have to do with it.

Jenifer Rene Pool, a transgender woman, is running for Houston’s Texas's City Council at Large Position 2 and if she should win it will be a historic achievement. Jenifer Pool would then hold the highest elected position ever achieved by a transgender American. She has the backing of every LGBT organization dedicated to helping campaigns of LGBT Americans except one, The Victory Fund.

What are the Victory Fund qualifications?

To be considered for endorsement, candidates must:

"be openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender;
demonstrate community support and a realistic plan to win;
demonstrate support of federal, state or local efforts to advance LGBT civil rights via the legislative or regulatory process*; and
demonstrate support of federal, state or local efforts to safeguard privacy and reproductive freedom.*

Jenifer Rene Pool endorsements for City Council at Large Position 2 include:

The Houston Area Stonewall Democrats and the group Democracy for Houston.

Also endorsing is the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats who's president Robert Shipman offered this about their endorsement. "We screened four candidates and Jenifer Rene Pool was among the top two. We chose Pool because of her long history of helping and volunteering for the GLBT community, political viability and integrity."

In another phone conversation Houston GLBT Political Caucus president Noel A. Freeman explained that their endorsement of Jenifer Pool was decided through a rigorous interview process including and a comprehensive 48 point questionnaire. Freeman said "As a nonpartisan organization we vet the candidates thoroughly regardless of political affiliation or how they identify within the GLBT community. Jenifer simply is the best person for the job."

Jenifer Rene Pools professional qualifications:

Pool was appointed by Houston's previous Mayor Bill White as a City Commissioner of The Building & Standards Commission. During her service on that commission it became apparent to Pool there were changes needed in order for it to function properly and following her recommendation current Mayor Annise Parker formed the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards to study and recommend amendments to the city ordinances reorganizing the Building & Standard Commission. Pool was appointed by Mayor Annise Parker to that Blue Ribbon Task Force and after reorganization was reappointed by Parker to serve on the Building & Standard Commission and the Police Advisory Commission.

Jenifer Rene Pools Political and Volunteer work for the LGBT community:

Jenifer Pool is a former three (3) term president of the GLBT Political Caucus, where her communication and organizational abilities brought the Caucus to the forefront of community involvement. She is a current board member of the Houston Transgender Unity Committee and recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Jenifer Pool is a steering member and past Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee of the Human Rights Campaign-Houston and a regular DJ on the Queer Voices on Houston's Pacifica Radio.

The Pool Campaign is among the top two for funds raised.

In a phone conversation Jenifer she offered this about her campaign "our campaign slogan is "Integrity and Dependability" and we are proud to stand by that". I asked Jenifer if she was prochoice the only remaining possible reason the Victory Fund would not endorse her and Pool explained "I have been on record for some time being in favor of a woman's right to choose." Jenifer Pools Campaign Manager Clay Sands added "Hands down Jenifer is clearly the most qualified candidate. She has paid her dues on behalf of our community and her actions speak for themselves."

Clearly Jenifer Rene Pool has met the requirements set by the Victory Fund through years of LGBT community volunteer work, professional and political selfless commitment to our community. So what exactly or whom is working against her endorsement by the Victory Fund?

Sadly it turns out it's one of our “own”.

The orchestrating ringleader of the effort against Jenifer Pool's endorsement by the Victory Funds and her defeat is Lesbian Sue Lovell (right) who presently holds the council position Jenifer Pool is campaigning for. Lovell who will not be able to campaign for the council seat again because of term limitations.

It has been said that Sue Lovell is a dirty vindictive politician and is doing these dirty tricks out of spite. Seems her angst dates back to when Jenifer's camp endorsed Obama and Lovell's Hillary Clinton.

"The Victory Fund endorses qualified, committed openly LGBT candidates who can WIN at the ballot box. (Epithesis by the Victory Fund)

Originally I began looking into this when an anonymous source told me Sue Lovell had been heard saying "Jenifer Rene Pool is unelectable". which would be the undeniable proof of Lovell’s alleged anti Transgender campaign. I didn't find anyone willing to be quoted saying they heard Councilwoman Lovell say that, but what I found was far worst. I found a conspiracy against Pool powered by Lesbian transphobic misogynistic Lovell enabled by gay sexist elitism tailored to do one thing, defeat Jenifer Rene Pool.

My conclusions are founded on conversations with Houston's gay and lesbian political leaders and not because I am transgender or because I do want Jenifer to win this historic battle. Those whom I spoke to about this race are people of integrity whose sole focus's is helping campaigns of the most qualified Houstonians regardless of whether the person is Lesbians, Gay, bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer.

To get an inside look into this I had the honor of talking with longtime full time
political activist founder and former president of the Houston GLBT caucus Ray Hill (right) who said although he had never heard Lovell say Pool was unelectable "I am sure she said something to that effect to Shawn Werner Director of Campaign Services for the Victory Fund."

In fact Lovell in her zeal to torpedo Pool committed political suicide by endorsing Bolivar Fraga a gay man after the Caucus endorsed Pool. Hill explained why her endorsement of Fraga was so controversial “The strength of the GLBT Caucus is that its members vote for their endorsed politicians which was key in Lovell winning the Council seat three times".

Is Lovell is so opposed to Pool she would work against her own community using her influence garnered by her long association with the Victory Fund? Many think the answer to that question is yes.

Ray Hill elaborated "Sue Lovell is going so far out of her way to support the non-endorsed candidate, a recently out politically unknown gay man who has no history of GLBT volunteer work, transgender people and our allies should see this as a slap in the face".

There is a popular misconception that the Victory Fund does not endorse a LGBT candidate if there are two or more in a race. That is not true.

Endorsement Criteria: Does Victory endorse in races where more than one openly LGBT candidate is running?

"Victory recognizes that sometimes more than one openly LGBT person will seek election to the same office at the same time. In those races, Victory’s political staff will complete a thorough review of the landscape and may endorse a single candidate, make no endorsement or endorse multiple candidates."

Sue Lovell is splitting up the LGBT community's limited political will using a very attractive articulate gay man's sex appeal to force a bonny brook runoff in November if Pool or Fraga even gets that far! That’s a dirty deed.

I appeal to all of our LGBT community to reject Lovell and examine your hearts. Would you trade your libido for your integrity?

Sue Lovell has not responded to my requests for an interview. Lovell’s Chief of Staff Ken Olive last week told me the reason Council woman Lovell could not respond to my request for an interview was because it was against city ordinances to talk about political issues during working hours.

But that’s not true. Lovell spends her publicly paid time and equipment for political purposes and it’s not the first time Lovell has fought against a LGBT candidate or singled out a person of color for no other reason than spite.

According to a just published post the Houston Press reports the City of Houston's Inspector General is looking allegations that Sue Lovell has used City computers to promote the man she has recruited to oppose Jenifer Pool, Bolivar Fraga’s political campaign. If convicted Lovell could be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. The city's code of ordinances prohibits city officials from using "the official's position or the city's facilities, equipment or supplies for the private gain or advantage of the official or others....".

Back around the bush.

The Victory Fund returned my call leaving a voice mail explaining they "do not
comment on campaign endorsement decisions."

I can go along with that as long as they reconsider and endorse Jenifer Pool. She has every right to expect there backing and if they fail to do so explain why they are not. And so does every citizen in our community.

TAKE ACTION!! The more of us that ask these questions and demand accountability the stronger we become. They cannot ignore ALL us. Do not assume some else is making the call. Just do it!

You can contact the Victory Fund and demand they live up to their own words.
"Endorse qualified, committed openly LGBT candidates who can WIN at the ballot box.

That’s Jenifer Rene Pool.

Call the Victory Fund 202.842.8679

Victory Fund Contact Form

Comment on the Victory Fund on Facebook and write a note tagging them. Bring the conversation to them.

Copy and Tweet this!

@VictoryFund Torpedo’s Transgender @JeniferRenePool Historic Council Candidacy Thanks to Crony Lesbian Sue Lovell

and get the Victory Fund on Twitter attention!

Work for Jenifer! She deserves our support!

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