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There were two things that stood out about "Crossing Over" when I first  began supporting it's production in 2011. First, the driving force behind "Crossing Over", Isabel Castro is cisgender and two, she cares so much about the most marginalized of our trans community who live within our borders, those without citizenship .

I know, we have our own struggles as citizens, but could you imagine how overwhelming the odds would seem id suddenly you found yourself in a strange country?

I know times are tough for all of us, but I'm going to reach deep again because as we strengthen our weakest link we make the ties that make us who we are so much stronger.

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Massachusetts appeals Judges Ruling Allowing Transgender Murderer's SRS

The planetransgender straw poll showed the majority of trans people thought inmate Michelle Kosilek should be given SRS on the tax payers dime but the 'state' AKA the Governor disagrees and has ordered the ruling challenged. What would you do? Just for a second, think, if you were incarcerated and faced with what this individual is, wouldn't you fight for your life as well?

 Interestingly Governor Patrick didn't mention the 8th Amendment  in his first statement since stating his opinion the inmate should not ne given the surgery but instead seeking to diffuse criticism from the health care professionals and Transgender advocates by stating a concern for Kosilek's safety post surgery. That reason really holds little weight. Governor Patrick stands a better chance at deflecting criticism by emphasizing his concern for Kosilek's sister inmates safety should Kosilek get Sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).

 From Governor Patrick  “It’s not a reflection of a point of view about gender-identity disorder,” Patrick said, in his first comments on the appeal. “Apparently, that is a real disorder. And, indeed, Kosilek has been getting treatment for that disorder. The question is whether it should go all the way to surgery, and what the implications are for the safety of Kosilek and other inmates, in that event.”

That point is mote because Kosilek already lives in solitary for her safety.

I mean, aren't we all fighting for our lives anyways? How many reading this could say you have never done something you were glad you weren't caught doing? OK, so hopefully it wasn't murder, but wouldn't you fight in jail as hard as you do out here?

Chris Tina Bruce:: On a Road Not Just Less Traveled

I have known Chris Tina for a while and am glad to see she is maturing so well.

Time Is Running Out For The Memphis City Council

......to do the right thing.

Time is running out to apply themselves as the law demands and protect all citizens, not just the ones who it is politically expedient to protect.

A message from the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Kelli Busey...

Time is running out for transgender people to be included in this amendment...

Please sign the petition
Memphis Protect Transgender People

Thailand's Got Talent - Bell Nuntita นันทิตา Audition (English Subtitle / Eng Sub

(Don't forget to click the cc button for english)

such a wonderful performance on Thailand's Got Talent. gorgeous. beautiful soul and lovely voice.

Song 1: Yark Roo Tae Mai Yark Tarm อยากรู้แต่ไม่อยากถาม
Artist: Calories Blah Blah

Song 2: "Unlovable"
Artist: Mild
Performer: Bell Nuntita นันทิตา on Thailand's Got Talent

Video with English Subtitles / Captions
ดูแล้วจะงง เธอน่ารัก ควรดู


Secretly Serving: The Proud, the 15,000, The Transgender

Not mentioned in this clip is the motivation many MTF's have pre transition for joining the military. There is a need to hyper masculinize there lives and many feel that by joining the military they can rid themselves of there female selves.

The truth is that can not be made to happen by joining any organization so eventually they will have to do as I did have, and face up to there transsexualism. Currently, being in the military only makes that harder since the difference between LBG and T has become better understood.

Converse for me, when I served before the word transgender was spoken by anyone I was seen as simply gay and accepted for that. Weird, huh


Namoli Brennet....an Addiction With No Intervention Needed

I have an addiction but need no intervention..
I'm so excited Transgender singer song writer Namoli Brennet  has just emailed to say she had made the final selections for her new CD and in fact, cases of them just arrived at her house days before anticipated. But what makes this so special is I helped to fund the final production along with many others, by donating to her through Kick Starter.

It is so fulfilling, gratifying and satisfying to be at the very ground floor of another persons dreams, and to help them make it a reality it can only be described as an addiction, one that has no need of intervention.

One of my very favorite of her songs recorded in 2008 ...we belong

More recently...

Frock, The TG Lifestyle Sept Edition Is Out! Get Frocked!

Check out my Grass Roots Column it's a Pussy Riot!

As our observant editor Katie has noted somehow 'quarterly' has snuck back onto the front cover. That's incorrect. We have been bi-monthly for some time now.
Also, Katie has announced that:
"Today I'm looking for girls who have some nice photos and who might like to be featured in Frock, either as a Frock Chick or in The Frockford Files. Do let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Katie x

You can send  your high quality photos to Katie at katie.glover@frockmagazine.com


Call For Papers and Presentations Transecting Society Conf. @UNH

"Transecting Society  is a two-day symposium dedicated to exploring controversial topics related to trans* lives in contemporary U.S. society" April 5-6, 2013 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H.

Sound like a bunch of old fogies huddled around a pot bellied stove in the sticks?

Check some of the topics then you tell me:

Trans* and Feminism (maybe touching on 'Radfem'), Trans* in Lesbian/Gay/Queer Communities, including LBG transphobia, Trans* Terminologies reclaiming the word 'tranny' (from who?), Trans* Media and Media Defamation 'ticked off tranny's with knives' and such', Trans* Blogosphere and New Media Blog wars, vblogging, And much much more!! 

So it's hot, hosted at a university elevating our conversation and culture but who else is promoting this open critical dialogue? Feminist law professors of course.

So come one, come all (even radfems ) submit your paper and present for a critical look into transecting Society.

On Twitter @transsociety
On Facebook Transecting Society Conference
Homepage Transecting Society.com/


NYC Police Looking For W. 3rd St. McDonalds Transgender Slasher

NYC have you seen this 'man' pictured to the left?

He was captured on McDonald's video at arguably the most dangerous McDonald's In NYC at W. 3rd St. before assaulting a transwoman after declaring he was going to "fuck her up" for using the bathroom.

This 'man' after being administered a righteous knock down by the woman got up off the ground and began slashing her with a razor.

Police are requesting anyone with information about the latest attack can call 1-800-577-TIPS

Tips can also be submitted at NYPDCimeStoppers or by text at 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

Sounds like exellant advice to me!

Read more: NYC DNA


Memphis Silence of the T

In 2008 our Transgender sister Duanna Johnson, while handcuffed was beaten unmercifully by Memphis police and all people heard was, silence.
The police desperately needed that silence. They knew they were incredibly wrong.

Five years later the city ordinance amendment, spurred by her beating inexplicably at the last moment was introduced without transgender protections.

And for all the world knew, transgender people were never included in the amendment. For all the world knew, transgender people don't exist in Memphis.

For all the world knew had the video of Duanna's beating not emerged inexplicably from police files, no one would have ever heard of Duanna, or her beating.

For all the world knew.

But why would the Transgender Equality Project (TEP), the driving force behind this amendment not mention this to the media immediately following the vote? Why would the City impassioned pro equality council members make no mention of this? Why would there be no mention of this at all in mainstream media?

The TEP has personally assured me and publicly stated they are 100% in favor of trans protections but the reality is they all knew they were wrong, the silence of the T desperately needed for this victory advancing the gay agenda.

I confirmed this by contacting a writer of the most respected and oft quoted media sources covering this issue. No one wrote or spoke of this because they being progressive individuals did not want to jeopardize the chances of the amendment passing with sexual orientation by braking the silence.

Trans people were thrown under the bus and I am not so naive to believe there was no deal maker.

Like the Memphis police years before, the Memphis city council and the Tennessee Equality Project they all need the silence of the T in Memphis.

Our family in Memphis is silent, beaten and murdered.

But we will not be silent in Texas. The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies call on the Memphis City Council to reinstate gender identity and expression into the amendment before the 30 days elapses allocated to determine if the amendment is legal.

For Duanna, for all our sisters and brothers in Memphis who are denied jobs, ultimately forcing our family onto the streets to prostitute ourselves.

But unlike Duanna who was shot dead according to news reports while "working her customary strip", just days before filing a federal lawsuit, there will be no silence of the T in Memphis as long as the Dallas Transgender Advocates have a say.

There will be no silence of the T anywhere.

Please sign the petition Memphis Protect Trans People

Cross posted from The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies


Memphis City Council Approves Non Discrimination Amendment Sans Trans

In a surprise move the amendment that was approved last night by the Memphis city council only protects against sexual orientation omitting gender expression and identity.

According to Jonathan Cole, Vice President of the Tennessee Equality Project it was understood the proposed amendment would include transgender protections but last night when "it came downstairs" it was stripped of trans protections.

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Cole in a telephone interview said he was surprised as everyone else at the omission but that the "Tennessee Equality Project would fight for trans protections" to be added during the 30 days allotted for the council to discover if the amendment is contrary to the discrimination ordinance already in place.

Memphis has the distinct reputation as one of the transgender murder capitols of the world.

The proposed amendment face severe opposition from the religious right spearheaded by Bellevue Baptist Church Pastor Steve Gaines who according to the The Commercial Appeal said
"sexual orientation should not be considered a civil rights issue."

"Civil rights status should be reserved for areas that have already
been mentioned, such as race and gender," Gaines said. "No one can
choose their gender. No one can choose the color of their skin. The
fact is everybody has a choice with sexual activity. This is about the
furtherance of an aggressive political agenda."
We have just 30 days in which to get transgender protections reinserted.
Please sign the petition Memphis Protect Trans people

Least we forget the catalyst to this.....

Two weeks before a lawsuit was to be filed Duanna was murdered with a shot to her face at close range.


Loren Cameron at a University: What Scares Fox News and Enrages NeoCons

Yesterday fear mongering right wing pandering Fox News published a story with a rather innocuously worded headline but with a dark warning of a transsexual being paid to promote sexually explicate pictures to young minds at the The University of Minnesota-Duluth.

So who is this menace and what is his deal? To learn more we could
watch the National Geographic special about sexual identity: The Art of Loren Cameron and visit Loren Cameron's Website something neither Fox News or the right wing Campus Reform did.

There is a reason for that. Right wing religious bigoted people are scared to death of the truth.

Yes Cameron you do more than scare them you enrage them.

Worthy of mention is that for some reason Fox deemed it necessary to bring up a totally unrelated racial event the university had hosted earlier.

Shame on you Faux News.


Oct 1st Worldwide Pussy Riot Solidarity Day Кассация по PussyRiot

Thousands of Russians march under Pussy Riot balloons during the September 15th protest.

October 1st more than 30 citys worldwide will host demonstrations in support of Pussy Riots appeal at Russia cassation high court.

What was the result of the absurd 2 year Pussy Riot sentence? Some experts say it is a sure sign Putin wants to return Russia to a Soviet state. This has not gone unnoticed by Russians who rightfully are upset after a brief taste of democratic reforms.

It has not gone unnoticed by myself after struggling years to establish contact then friendships with transgender people within Russia. Now we are facing the prospect of losing contact with our friend there.

We need Russia as a ally. We need Russia without Vladimir Putin. The world need more heroic feminists like Pussy Riot.

In Moscow? Join the demonstration at the Moscow City Court at 11:00am.


Texas ISD principal Terminates Cosmetology Class To Rid School Of "Flamboyant Gays"

Then principal Thomas Amons takes retribution against Instructor Cequada Clark pictured right, and fires her from all of her other teaching positions. Being a Texan this makes me ill.

Source: The Advocate reports a cosmetology program for adults at a Texas technical school is canceled, according to The Examiner of southeast Texas, because it's illegal to bar an applicant for his sexual orientation.

Instructor Cequada Clark of the Taylor Career Center told the newspaper that the school's principal, Thomas Amons, had said he'd rather shut down the program than have "flamboyantly gay guys" included.

The Examiner reports that Kwmane Gray, 22, arrived at class and when the principal realized it, he consulted with lawyers about how to keep him out. The lawyers for the Beaumont Independent School District reportedly advised that it's illegal to ban an individual student just for being gay, so instead the principal shuttered the entire program, which had been running since 2009.

Clark, who told the newspaper she had been subsequently fired from her job, said the program had been used most often by single mothers who were trying to start a career.
A short video of today's protest shared on facebook by Vic Demented.

You can hear the few dozen protesters demanding principal Thomas Amons produce proof that he cancelled the program for lack of participation and you can see Fox News was there but as some on the facebook protest page have noted Fox is refusing to publish about the story having posted this on their Facebook page.

Instructor Cequada Clark responded on that same thread to Fox's contention she was not employed by the BISD:
"I have a BISD email I have a BISD w-2 form and a 1099 my name is in the book at the career center and the high school enrollment tutorial forms as a teacher. Am I on candid camera? I work as a paraprofessional -a high school tutorial- and I also was the teacher of the Adult cosmetology program. I have a copies of my time sheets."
In two days over 800 people who have signed the petition demanding proof as well. Will you?

Instructor Cequada Clark told the Examiner
“I don’t understand this. I really don’t,” Clark said. “(Amons) told me he would rather shut down the program altogether than to have ‘riff-raff’ like that in the program. The next day, he shut down the program.”

Clark, who has headed the adult cosmetology program since 2009 at BISD, said, “Earlier this year, I learned he had a problem with gay guys while we were at the hair show in April.” Clark said at the hair show, Amons told her that he never wanted to see “flamboyantly gay guys” in the BISD program like the men enrolled at other programs competing in the event.
This may not be quickly resolved so in the meantime I hope all my LGBT family patronizes Cequada Clark's wonderful establishment.

Mara Keisling, Anderson Cooper's Spot On, You're Just Wrong!

Mara Keisling of the NCTE broke bad on Anderson Coopers interview with Mandi a trans person who claimed her transsexualism resulted from the side affects of Propecia.

Cooper: "Look I have friends who are transgender(ed) and they all tell me these feelings don't come out of a bottle." to which Mandi replies 'ah yeah".

Cooper delves deeper trying to ascertain when his guest first realized her transsexualism and Mandi replied she knew first when she questioned her sexuality as a youth to which Cooper pointed out "gender and sexuality are two different things.

Mara offered a private 'appology' to Mandi McKee who posted it to Facebook calling for Keisling to make a public appology.

Mandi, I am so sorry that you interpret NCTE's recent activity around Anderson Live as being an attack on you personally. We were very careful not to even use your name or to say anything about you. Our complaint was with Anderson and his producers doing a show that they knew was just using trans people as a sensational ratings chaser. After watching the show, I am convinced all the more that they were willing to use you and transgender people to stir up emotions and ignorance about trans people.

Every trans person has a different story and NCTE is very serious about respecting that and even empowering many different stories. And you are welcome to conduct your search for meaning anyway you want. You are welcome to identify as trans or not. But it is not okay for a public personality like Anderson Cooper with a respected public forum like Anderson Live to risk spreading misinformation that could actually hurt trans people.

And I know how hard it is to decide whether or not to transition. I have felt the crushing and deflating depression and anxiety. You can't even know how much I personally wish you the best as you are going through that. It can be really hard, I know.

But our number one job at NCTE is to end the societal ignorance that really is the underlying cause of that depression and anxiety and marginalization. Framing the show the way they did and using you the way they did, was not good for ending that ignorance and we rightly spoke out.

Be well,
Ah, yeah the premise of the interview was slightly absurd but....

I think we can all agree hypersensitivity to discussions of gender diversity inhibit media from further exploration which ultimately sets us back into obscurity.

Mara Keisling, Anderson Cooper was spot on debunking that misconception, you are guilty of being a sensationalist media hound.


Transgender Director Lana Wachowski's "Cloud Atlas" Premier Gets Standing Ovation

Video: Cloud Atlas opening at the Toronto Film Festival receiving rave reviews, but whats it all about? Check out the trailer and then the Directors (3) yes three Directors cut....

Why would the fabulously successful director of the Matrix open at the Toronto Film Festival?

Our lives are not our own we are tied to others in the past and future. Every crime and every kindness gives birth to our future.....


Family Outraged Over Transgender Murderer Michelle Kosilek's Court Ordered SRS. Are you?

How about you? Yes, No? Take the poll on the top right sidebar>>>

Update* Mass Gov may repeal Judge Wolf's ruling. Details at the bottom of the post.

Surprisingly there are many within the trans community who are in agreement with the victims family. Not so surprising though in light of how rule conscious our community is, its the essence of our validity. They feel that Michelle Kosilek should not receive a state funded sexual reassignment surgery. Many feel that since they have absolutely no chance at becoming whole at state expense, why should a murderer, any murderer be granted SRS.

Then there are some within our community who would argue that denying Michelle Kosilek SRS would essentially confirm what corporations contend, that this surgery is elective and cosmetic. The people in this corner believe that would be counter productive to fight against Michelle Kosilek surgery as it is central to our argument that SRS is a medical necessity as we fight to get that option added to medical plans. Humanists further argue its even even more important she be granted this state funded surgery since it would allow Michelle Kosilek to be correctly housed while incarcerated.

How do you feel?

*Update via Washington Post:
"BOSTON — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says his administration is reviewing a judge’s ruling ordering state prison officials to pay for sex reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate."

"Patrick said Monday no decision has been made on whether to appeal last week’s decision by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf, who ruled the surgery was medically necessary to treat Michelle Kosilek’s “serious medical need."

"Patrick notes the ruling went against the state, which opposed the surgery. But the Democrat also calls the judge “thoughtful and scholarly” and says the state wants to fully evaluate the opinion before deciding what to do."
I'm unclear what Gov. Deval Patrick meant when he said the ruling 'went against the state". Perhaps 'the state' he is referring to is the vocal component of his constituency opposed to the Judges ruling?

In which case our own Zoe posting as aebrain made a very good case in her comment on the WP article writing that "The Governor has a problem."

Correct me if I'm wrong but essentially, Zoe pointed out the Governor's problem is one of political survival VS Constitutional law.

Denmark Do Not Send Trans Woman Fernanda Milan To Her Death

Protest Danish acquiescence to the murder of this woman, Fernanda Milan.

***UpDate! Uncommon Scents is reporting an 11th hour appeal has stayed her deportation, for now.

At 22 Fernanda has made some powerful enemies. Adversaries in her country who have beaten her in the past, and now that she revealed to world the fate that awaits her in Guatemala they will stop at nothing to silence her, if she is forced to return.

What has made these people act so violently towards Fernanda? She is transgender and an activist.

Liberal Conspiracy contributor Natacha Kennedy writes : "It has been estimated that the average life expectancy of a transgender person in Guatemala is 25, and there are, quite simply, no trans people there at all over 35. Trans people are excluded from society and have no access to education or employment, most being forced into sex work to survive, where they become easy targets for extra-judicial killings."

"The problem for Fernanda is that Denmark, the UK and Ireland opted out of an EU agreement to include persecution on the grounds of gender identity as a criterion for asylum.

Despite the best efforts to date by ILGA-Europe
Denmark will not allow her asylum leaving one option. Protest.

Save Fernanda Milan Demonstration outside the Royal Danish Embassy,55 Sloane Street,London SW1X 9SR.Monday 10 September 5.30 – 8.00pm .The Facebook demo page


PUSSY RIOT Releases New Video BURNING PHOTOS Of Putin.

The Fight Is Bigger Than This Tyrant. Reuters and MTV report that PUSSY RIOT has released this new video thanking the world for supporting them and calling out the illegitimate leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin.
PUSSY ZDJĘĆ BURN RIOT Putina, Pussy RIOT BURN fotografií Putina, PUSSY RIOT PHOTOS BURN de Poutine, PUSSY RIOT BURN FOTOS von Putin 2012.07.09

Mosca - Nel video diffuso online si vedono tre PUSSY RIOT con il passamontagna colorato che esprimono sostegno nei confronti delle loro tre compagne condannate a due anni di carcere in carcere e ringraziano le star internazionali che le hanno sostenute, tra cui Bjork, Madonna e i Red Hot Chili Peppers

Moscow - In the video posted online there are three PUSSY RIOT with colored balaclava expressing support for their three companions sentenced to two years in prison in prison and thanked the international stars who have incurred, including Bjork, Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Масква - У відэа размешчаны ў Інтэрнэце ёсць тры PUSSY RIOT з каляровымі падшлемнікі выказваючы падтрымку іх трыма спадарожнікамі прысуджаны да двух гадоў пазбаўлення волі ў турме, і падзякаваў міжнародных зорак, якія ўзялі на сябе, у тым ліку Б'ёрк, Мадона і Red Hot Chili Peppers

Moskva - I videoen lagt online der er tre PUSSY RIOT med farvet elefanthue udtrykke støtte til deres tre kammerater dømt til to års fængsel i fængslet og takkede de internationale stjerner, der har afholdt, herunder Bjork, Madonna og Red Hot Chili Peppers

Moskou - In de video online geplaatst zijn er drie PUSSY RIOT met gekleurde bivakmuts hun steun voor hun drie metgezellen veroordeeld tot twee jaar in de gevangenis in de gevangenis en bedankte de internationale sterren die zijn ontstaan, daaronder begrepen Bjork, Madonna en de Red Hot Chili Peppers

Moskva - I videon upp på nätet finns det tre PUSSY RIOT med färgad balaclava uttrycker stöd för sina tre kamrater dömts till två års fängelse i fängelset och tackade de internationella stjärnor som har uppkommit, inklusive Björk, Madonna och Red Hot Chili Peppers

Москва - В видео размещены в Интернете есть три PUSSY RIOT с цветными подшлемник выражая поддержку их тремя спутниками приговорен к двум годам лишения свободы в тюрьме, и поблагодарил международных звезд, которые взяли на себя, в том числе Бьорк, Мадонна и Red Hot Chili Peppers

Moscú - En el video publicado en línea hay tres RIOT COÑO con el apoyo pasamontañas de color para expresar sus tres compañeros condenados a dos años de prisión en la cárcel y agradeció a las estrellas internacionales que han incurrido, incluyendo Bjork, Madonna y los Red Hot Chili Peppers

and to all the activists in the world who are joining the fight for Russia, thank you.


CNN Fire Political Commentator Erick Erickson

Erickson's tweet about the woman speakers at the DNC "First night of the Vagina Monologues in Charlotte going as expected" wasn't commentary, it was a betrayal of his true belief.

When we listen to the Vagina Monologues we hear tales of bravery, shared humanity and victory over oppression. When we listened to Michell Obama at the DNC we were in tears in appreciation. When Erickson hears our First Lady, or any DNC female speakers for that matter, he hears whining.

His tweet was a betrayal of objective reporting, the kind we demand from our mainstream news sources. The editor in 'chief' of the RedState has no place on CNN objectifying, marginalizing and dehumanizing womankind. Let him express himself on his "RedState" as I do on my blog to people of like mind.

Its simple CNN.

Listen to the tens of thousands of Americans who are demanding you

Fire Eric Erickson

Read more at Think Progress and please consider signing the petition CNN: Fire Erick Erickson


Michelle Obama's full DNC speech

For all people regardless of who you love or how you look, for woman to have the say about our bodies. Four more years.


Femen: "Une armée française sera formée à Paris" In Paris A New Feminist Army

When Pussy Riot was imprisoned after a mock 'trial' for protesting the Orthodox Church's integration and perversion of the Russian state people worldwide of all genders and political affiliations became upset and the resulting protests took many forms.

One such protest took place in Kiev, Ukraine where members of the feminist group FEMEN cut down crosses. Similar action occurred across Russia where more crosses were cut down, persumably in protest of Pussy Riots mock trial and unfair imprisonment.

The woman in the video who cut the cross down in Kiev escaped her country to Paris after the police attempted to arrest her. The Russian goverment has saturated the Internet with versions of their official media outlet, RT , so it's critical this version be told as well. This is her story.

Femen: "Une armée française sera formée à Paris" from FEMEN Video on Vimeo.


Video: Wayne Besen Takes Down XGay & Anti Trans AFA Front Man

At the 7:06 mark Besen confronts Brown about his use of defamation while demonizing transsexual people. Brown, obviously aware that this would come up backpedaled trying to legitimize his pejorative use of 'tranny' citing Glsen's extremely occasional use the word in respective, and in my opinion misguided attempts to connect with youth.

There's a world of difference between Glsen's research and Browns horrible "poem".

Source: Advocate-
"Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, an organization set on debunking the "ex-gay" myth, took on antigay Dr. Michael Brown, who runs a campaign claiming "God Has A Better Way" than homosexuality. On Friday's edition of The David Pakman Show, a public-access news and political talk show, Besen and Brown accused each other of inciting violence and vitriol against their opponents."

"What [Brown] does is he incites people to violence in my view," said Besen on the program. "Just look at his rhetoric... I think it's this combination of militaristic language and the demonizing of a minority that sparked my view of Dr. Brown."

"I also believe that he comes across here as very nice and kind, but again, it's a fraud," Besen continued, as Brown smiled on the split-screen Skype video conference."


As a follower of Christ and former truck driver who spent many nights in between eastern Texas and Louisiana I will testify to this. The AFA radio network all but owned the airwaves late night in those rural areas and the hateful anti LGBT rhetoric they espouse would have convinced any uniformed individual LGBT people are the devils spawn.

Do not be taken in by Brown's smugness, he like all of the signers of the letter to Fox asking that Besen be censored will only be satisfied if they can silence us, imprison our gender expression, or worse, eradicate us as they are trying to do in Russia and Uganda.

Leslie Feinberg re-charged for June 4th solidarity action for CeCe McDonald

The Hennepin County prosecutor has re-charged me with Gross Misdemeanor,
which carries a maximum of 1-year prison & $1,000 fine,
for my June 4 demonstration.of solidarity with CeCe McDonald.

I've been ordered to appear:

Sept. 13 at 8:30 am
Hennepin County District Court
PSF 141, "Public Safety" Facility
401 South Fourth Street
Minneapolis, MN

I hope to see friends and other activists in court.

As defendant, I welcome parents and other caregivers bringing children of all ages, including infants and toddlers. I’ll bring crayons and drawing paper.

Please wear purple/buttons/t-shirts in solidarity with CeCe McDonald! I'll be wearing the free CeCe t-shirt designed by artist/activist Ricardo Levins Morales.

I've made a sign in support of CeCe to take with me to court. If you make and post your own sign in support of CeCe McDonald and/or have already posted one online, send me a copy of the photo/credit/location via social media and I’ll do my best to include your solidarity in the multi-media dedication to CeCe.

Please check that morning for the assigned courtroom.

My thanks to lawyer Bruce Nestor and the
National Lawyers' Guild for helping me
defend myself in the court of the 1%.

These words below are the only statement I can make at this time--the best I can do. I also include my June 4 statement below.

August 30, 2012 statement:

I will not be silent!

As a revolutionary activist, journalist/author, and proud member of the National Writers’ Union/UAW Local 1981—I will not be silent!





Source: Leslie Feinberg Facebook Note

Free Cece on Tumblr

Free Cece on Twitter

Apathy leads to cancer. Which side are you on?