Trans woman Yasmien Love charged with premeditated murder on the University of Miami Campus

A 35-year-old woman is facing felony charges after allegedly trying to shoot an employee inside the University of Miami School of Communication building Friday morning.

The incident happened around 11:45 a.m. on the final day of Summer A testing. According to Coral Gables police, Yasmien Love entered the building’s equipment room intending to kill a victim identified only as Landess. According to the university website, a man named Tod Landess works as a production equipment supervisor in the School of Communication.

Love has been charged with one count of premeditated murder, one count of aggravated battery and one count of discharging a firearm on school property. Police originally said no one was injured during the altercation, but according to the Coral Gables Police report, Love bit Landess and hit him with an unidentified object.

Love told police she arrived at the university with a gun and waited until Landess got to work. Then, they struggled over the gun and a round was discharged. She told investigators she wanted to kill herself in front of Landess because of their recent breakup.

Love identifies as female, but Coral Gables police identified her as a male on the affidavit. Police spokeswoman Kelly Denham said Saturday that Love’s driver’s license lists her gender as male, which is what the police based their report on..

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Seattle Trans March kicks off Pride with 2000

SEATTLE - Gay pride is a mainstream cause in Seattle, symbolized by a glittering Sunday parade that in recent years has moved from the LGBT heartland of Capitol Hill to Fourth Avenue downtown.

TransPride, the cause of the transgender community, is newer, edgier and angrier, the product of continued discrimination abroad in society and mistreatment even at home in the LGBT community.

But a TransPride rally, on a cool Friday night, drew to Cal Anderson Park a crowd of nearly 2,000 people.

"It is amazing to see you all. What a ***damned gorgeous crowd. I could not imagine this growing up, which is not too long ago. You were lucky if you knew even one other trans person," said keynote speaker Elena Rose, a writer and religious scholar.

Kai Green, a writer-poet-filmaker from California, described twin prejudices that make for the edginess: "I think homophobia is still with us, and trans-phobia still exists in the gay community. These are two things that we have to tackle simultaneously."

Transgendered people have long been stigmatized, but Green argued that they cannot be stereotyped. "We come in all different shades of color, from all class backgrounds, from all parts of the country. There is no single 'trans background,'" he added. "It's part of the reason why the trans movement intersects all sorts of movements about social justice." More at KOMO News

Homeless Transsexual New Bohemian Pays it Forward Hoping To Build An LA Empowerment Center

There is a New Bohemian, a transsexual sister on the streets, and she wants to pay it forward. Alexis is raising awareness of the plight of the city's homeless trans population and hopes to empower our dispossessed community in the Los Angeles area.

She is petitioning Guyton Colantuono, Director of Interim Housing at People Assisting The Homeless (Path) asking that this non-profit help builds a Transsexual Empowerment Shelter based in LA.

Alexis is seeking 200 signatures for her Petition. When that goal is reached, she will take it to Mr. Colantuono and is confident he will help.

The need is real. We read about our slain sisters almost daily and really, 200 signatures isn't asking a lot. So I asked Alexis to tell us about herself and what she hopes to accomplish.

In her own words.....

I have always wanted there to be more attention brought to helpful resources that improve people's lives.

In Nov of 2013, I had some very tough personal things going on in my life that was deeply affecting my outlook. I had had some friends come in my life that were instrumental in helping me avoid isolation, I had been homeless for a couple of years following a heartbreaking divorce...
It wasn't easy to get through those months because when I entered homelessness I had to distance myself from a previous support network of friends, I didn't want to have my friends see me as a failure because I lost my family, home and job. I was the provider that people counted on and I was feeling defeated, humiliated and exhausted.

At the same time I had been helping many people on the streets with empowering themselves and I was feeling abandoned by my community because I felt so isolated.

I was communicating the same shelter/center ideas with many organizations in the non profit world, but nothing was really being done it seemed.

I had some new acquaintances enter my life that became my friends and they were in the trans community. When I was feeling like nobody cared, they showed me that in fact some people do care, and aided me with some much needed support.
I had to put things into perspective, I was no longer feeling alone, I had finally found other good hearted people in the community that helped me hold things together emotionally and my heart started healing.
Knowing that I would pay it forward I began to revisit the ideas I had for the community that were geared towards improving another's life.

I knew I had a good design for a empowerment program/shelter and wanted to see it go from an idea to a reality.

So I pursued it while I still had a momentum.

I don't enjoy popularity and don't want to be considered a leader of trans people. I believe in equality where everyone can lead themselves and we have no hierarchy. I am a very private person and I don't like a lot of attention, so it's difficult for me be an advocate and have my privacy surrendered.
I realized I had to do something though so I followed my heart. It has taken me here...

So, to answer your question...

I have had people in the community help me stay strong enough to follow through with tackling the challenges and working together to improve our shared community. And it just became apparent that I had some pretty revolutionary ideas on how to do that. I felt it to be a worthy challenge to follow through with.

I have lived in two shelters and dealt with much abuse and want to see a world where trans people can enter a shelter and get treated with respect. I have lived on the streets for almost 3 years, aside from a brief exodus.

This shelter/center is about community and discovering a support network while improving the quality of life for yourself and those around you.
It is a dream I have always had.

Please sign her Petition and we can all pay it forward.

Armed and dangerous Quamar Edwards wanted for the murder of Ohio transgender woman

Considered armed and dangerous Quamar Edwards is
 wanted for the murder ofTransgender woman Tiffany Edwards. 
Police said Quamar Edwards, who is of no relation to the victim, is wanted for the murder of transgender woman Tiffany Edwards. Quamar Edwards is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds and was last known to live in the 1000 block of Winfield Avenue in West Price Hill.

Tiffany Edwards, 28, was found Thursday morning dead of an apparent gun shot wounds according to Outlook Columbus.

Edwards’ death is the fourth murder of a transgender woman in Ohio in the past 18 months, and the third murder of a young transgender woman of color:
• Cemia “CeCe” Dove, 20, was killed in January 2013 and her body was found three months later in a pond outside Cleveland. Andrey Bridges, 36, was convicted in November and sentenced to life in prison.
• Betty Skinner, 52, was found dead in her Cleveland apartment in December by a home health worker.
• Nicole Kidd Stergis, 22, was found dead in a car in Cleveland, also in December. She had been beaten to death. Delshawn Carroll, 19, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder earlier this month.

Anyone with information regarding this homicide should contact CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040.


"Boy" Short Danish film about a FTM Teen

BOY er STAMMEN's hovedproduktion 2014. Produceret hos Station Next.
Emilie er født som en pige, men indeni føler hun sig som en dreng.

Laura Hancock
Christina Selden... See More
Plot Outline
Emilie er født som en pige, men indeni føler hun sig som en dreng.
Emilie is born as a girl, but inside she feels herself as a boy.
Via Cross Dreamers Tumblr


Trans Latino teen Jane Doe's transfer out of solitary is only a partial victory

Jane Doe, the 16 year old transgender teen , who committed no crime, has been freed from solitary yesterday. This happened because her family, that's us, didn't allow her wrongful imprisonment in solitary to stand.

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), her legal guardians since age 5, were literally forced to take action thanks to unrelenting advocacy, legal representation by Aaron Romano, social media and outstanding articles from mainstream newspapers like the Hartford Current, and the New Haven Register.

Janes transfer to the Middletown Albert J. Solnit Psychiatric Center is only slightly better.

According to the Boston Globe DCF Commissioner Joette Katz said

‘‘Given the progress Jane Doe has made, we are convinced that this interim step of placing her today in our program for girls in Middletown is a more appropriate place for her than the adult York Correctional Institution,’’ Katz said in a statement. ‘‘This certainly has been a difficult ordeal for Jane Doe, and I am hopeful that she will continue to heal from the very traumatic experiences she has suffered.’’

Jane's lawyer Aaron Romano is horrified that Commissioner Katz would consider Solitary confinment which is defined as torture, therapeutic!

‘It shocks the conscience that the commissioner makes a claim that jail serves a therapeutic purpose for a child,’’ he said.

Saying Journalist Andy Thibault blew the lid off DCF Commissioner Joette Katz lies regarding the departments treatment of Jane Doe would be a understatement. Thibault nuked DCF with COOL JUSTICE: DCF boss / ex-judge Katz has robitis bad, and that ain’t good.

Thibault then followed up like a bull dog unrelenting hounding Commisioner Katz's every injustice on his blog Cool Justice.


Candle Light Vigil For Yazmin Shancez Draws Hundreds

31-year-old transgender woman Yazmin Shancez's body was found shot and shot and burned beyond recognition behind truck rental business in Fort Myers Florida Thursday.

"While the police aren't calling this a hate crime her family says it took plenty of hate for something like to this to happen" ~ Fox 4 News

200 people came to remember a life ended too soon and way to violently for moral people to comprehend. Picture gallery

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fort Myers Police Department at 239-321-7700, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS or text message C-R-I-M-E-S (274637) Keyword FMPD.


CT. DCF says they will move Trans teen Jane Doe from solitary next week

Jane Doe the Latino transgender child literally thrown away by the Connecticut department of Child and Family services (DCF) may be finally moved from solitary.

Jane has never committed a crime or been convicted of anything that would require her to be imprisoned in solitary. DCF entrusted with her care since age 5 have repeatedly raped and beat her, and when she acted out disregarded her transgender status trying to jail her with men.

When that failed, caught in a lie, they imprisoned her in solitary in a woman's high security facility. Solitary for being trans!

The only crime is how DCF has treated her.

NPR reports : A 16-year-old transgender girl who was placed at York women's prison in April will be moved next week.
The Connecticut Department of Children and Families issued a statement on Friday afternoon that said Jane Doe will be transferred early next week to the Pueblo Unit in Middletown while DCF awaits final approval of a proposed placement in Massachusetts.
Pueblo is a locked unit for girls with serious issues who are in DCF custody. It opened in March and is where advocates say Jane Doe should have been placed. DCF Commissioner Joette Katz had long opposed moving Jane Doe to the facility saying it was inappropriate to serve her needs.
In Friday's statement, DCF said the decision reflects the progress she has made over recent months.
Earlier this year, the agency had gone to court asking a judge to approve the teen's transfer saying she was too dangerous for any DCF facility. The 16-year-old has experienced extensive physical and sexual abuse.

Transgender preacher at the National Catherderal today

Today an event that has sent right wing nuta into a tizzy will transpire at the spired  monument to embedded Demagoguery so revered by haters, the National Cathedral.

Transgender Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge will be preaching the Episcopal gospel.

Click here to watch the live webcast at 11:15 am Eastern time

Disclaimer. I am a "cradle" Episcopalian baptised and as a youth served as an acolyte, but in my life experiences I've learned that organized religions ultimately end up doing two things. Starting wars and praying for those who died in those wars fighting for them (the working peep) and those opposing them (sic) 'non belivers'. So anyways, have a ball wing nutz, its your house.


Groundhog day for GENDA as the NY Senate FAILS again

The NY Senate has refused to vote on GENDA in what has become an annual denial of transgender rights as dependable as Bill Murry's Groundhog day. The Senate's failure didn't even cause a ripple, googling GENDA only brought one current article. The New York State Assembly has passed GENDA seven times, so like Bill Murry NY is really close on this one, for the seventh time.

More often than not, equality is advanced at the city and county level first. Local politicians are more in tune with business successes as they integrate their companies with superlative LGBT employees. They are thus influenced to change their city's ordinances to include protections for transgender people in hopes of attracting our diverse community.

Such is the case in Nassau NY. Sunday June 22nd The Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition (LITAC) will be hosting a march a rally. There will be a number of local legislators on hand.

You can find about it on their Facebook event page.

Lets make this the last Genda Groundhog day.

Transgender escort wanted for murder of trans woman Amelia Lopez Zaguilan

Alejandra Aguilera-Ortega. pictured, is on the run after injecting silicone into the buttocks of transgender woman Amelia Lopez Zaguilan on April 30, 2013.

Last December, a warrant was issued for Aguilara-Ortega's arrest on charges of murder and practicing medicine without a medical certificate.


Transgender woman immolated in Fort Meyers

The homicide victim found burned behind a vehicle rental facility at 2807 Fowler Street on Thursday has been identified by a stepmother as a transgender woman.

Shannon Adams says Yazmin Shancez, 27, is the victim of a hate crime. No arrests have been made in what authorities call a homicide.

"I don't know but it's not fair. It shouldn't have happened to him. He's different but you know everybody's deserves to live their life the way that they want," said Adams, "He's a young kid, he had his whole life ahead of him. It was just starting."

Source Trigger warning misgendering, victim blaming.

NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fort Myers Police Department at 239-321-7700, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS or text message C-R-I-M-E-S (274637) Keyword FMPD.


The two adversarial copter pilots who covered OJ's chase? They both transitioned.

Dana Vahle and Zoey Tur, who as Dirk Vahle and Bob Tur, were the first two TV chopper pilots to follow OJ on June 17, 1994. They were arch enemies; now they're friends.

What would the chances of two competing macho appearing men meeting again after years being separated and becoming friends? Pretty slim right?

What are the odds that both are transgender and friends now? Apparently better!

Listen to the NPR interview with Zoey Tur and Dana Vahle by Clicking here (opens in a new window) and read the great article by clicking here.


Trans Pride LA Evacuated after 2nd bomb threat

TransPride LA posted this to facebook Sunday.

We at Trans Pride L.A. regret the situation that abruptly ended yesterday's event, shortly before it was scheduled to conclude.

The Los Angeles Police Department notified us that an anonymous person called in a bomb threat, identifying the Renberg Theatre as the target. It was our second bomb threat of the day, the first of which just referenced Trans Pride. After the first threat, police and security immediately conducted a sweep of The Village and found no reason for concern. The second threat came later in the evening, at a time when close to 200 people were in the theatre enjoying the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival’s short film program. Out of an abundance of caution and with input from the LAPD, we made the decision to evacuate the theatre. Fortunately, a subsequent security sweep determined there was no explosive device."

Our apologies to the filmmakers and everyone else inconvenienced by someone’s hateful and disruptive actions. We truly regret that this put a damper on an otherwise glorious day of joy and celebration. It saddens us greatly that the day had to end on a negative note.

Our sincere thanks to all who participated in Trans Pride L.A. 2014 and again we apologize for any inconvenience.

With love and PRIDE,
The Trans Pride L.A. Organizing Team


So what is that scares people so much about this event? Music and art? Must be that we have passed the Tipping Point. No amount of explosive devises imaginary or real or hate shrouded in religion can stop us now.

Here's a taste of TransPride LA 2014.....


Nassau NY: Advocates and legislators to rally for Transgender protections

Nassau NY: Trans people in most of the state can still be refused service in restaurants, denied public accommodations,even forced off a bus simply because they are transgender. NY transgender people are routinely targeted with violence, perpetrators often walking free, and there remains very little legal recourse.

The Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition (LITAC) knows this all too well. This year LITAC held a protest after a member was denied entrance at local establishment simply because she is trans. She wasn't just barred by the staff of the Irish Pub, she was thrown through the door breaking the doors lock.

Just because she's transgender.

LITAC will be hosting a Trans March and Rally to advocate for GENDA's passage June 22. It's critical that law makers be aware of the urgency of this legislation.

From the Event facebook page:

The Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition will be hold a march and rally on June 22 1:pm. It will end at the Nassau County Legislature Building.

We now have 3 confirmed guest speakers for the Rally:

Assembly Member Chuck Lavine

Nassau Legislator Judy Jacobs

Nassau Legislator Laura Curran



Latino Trans-teen held in solitary without charges might be moved from adult prison by June 20th

This is Jane.
Jane asked her supporters to share this representation of her so you can see her as the person that those of us who know her best do: a teenager who wants to smile with friends, shop for prom dresses with Janet Mock, and have a family to love her. Source: reinagossett.com

HARTFORD AP: A federal judge has canceled a hearing on whether to order Connecticut officials to stop detaining a transgender teenager in an adult prison where she had been held for two months without criminal charges.

Judge Robert Chatigny was to hear arguments Monday in Hartford. He canceled the proceeding and set a status conference for Wednesday. The reason wasn’t disclosed.

The 16-year-old girl’s lawyer was seeking an injunction against what he called her unconstitutional detention in solitary confinement at the state women’s prison in Niantic.

A state judge ordered the girl transferred into prison officials’ custody in April after child welfare officials said she was too violent to handle.

State officials announced June 5 that the teen had been accepted for admission to a private treatment center in Massachusetts.

You can download this PDF flier at Dropbox.


Transgender and immigration activist Zoraida “Ale” Reyes suspicious death uniting comunities in a common cause

Found dead behind a Dairy Queen, the police refused to release any details Thursday only saying that she might have been moved after she died leading them to be suspicious about the cause of her death.

On Friday evening, Macrina Reyes addressed a crowd of 120 people in Santa Ana, referring to them as her daughter’s family.

They had gathered to honor Zoraida “Ale” Reyes, a 28-year-old transgender woman whose body was found in a parking lot behind an Anaheim restaurant Thursday morning.

Some held signs that said, “Trans lives matter” or “Love and respect our transgender community.”

“I didn’t know the family my daughter had, but I thank you,” Macrina Reyes said in Spanish. “I know she’s here uniting us.” Source LA Times

If you can please help raise funds for her funeral.

We are deeply saddened by the news that one of our Trans-Sisters Zoraida Reyes was a victim of violence. Her body was found in a lot in Anaheim and there are not many details as investigations are still undergoing. We are reaching out to all of you for help to be able to provide some aid to her Family during these tought times. Those of you who knew Zoraida know that she was a loving girl, one that was always calm, a bit shy and wore a smile in her face when surrounded by loved ones. She was always sweet and willing to help in any way that she could. Zoraida always gave back to her community by advocating for Trans-Rights as well as the rights of the rest of the LGBTQ community. Please share this page and know that any amount big or small is very well accepted and appreciated.

May she be in a better place, We love you and miss you greatly amiga.

Estamos muy entristecidos por la noticia de que una de nuestras hermanas Trans, Zoraida Reyes, fue victima de violencia. Su cuerpo fue hallado en el estacionamiento de Anaheim y los detalles de su muerte aun estan bajo investigacion. Estamos pidiendo ayuda para apoyar a su familia durante estos dificiles momentos. Aquellos que conocieron a Zoraida saben que ella era una muchacha tierna, tranquila y un poco timida. Siempre tenia una sonrisa en su rostro cuando estaba rodeada de sus seres queridos. Ella siempre fue muy dulce y dispuesta a ayudar en todo lo que pudiera. Zoraida siempre contribuyo a abogar por los derechos de las personas Transgenero y la demas comunidad LGBTQ. Por favor comparta esta pagina y sepa que cualquier monto grande o pequeno sera apreciado.

Esperamos que estes en un lugar mejor. Te queremos y te extranamos mucho, amiga.

Krystal asks If she kissed a transformer before she transitioned does that make her a homeysexual?

"Its time we told our own jokes, don't you think?" asks Marlo Bernier.

After being deluged ad nauseam with cisgender people playing problematic stereotypically oppressed trans roles the past few years the question is rhetorical. So what better way to express the true trans narrative than with comedy by a veteran of the genre?

2007 when I was faced with a choice; transition or die.  I chose to live and in so doing I knew it would be impossible to continue to keep secrets and so I pulled on my Big Girl Panties and put it all on the line, publicly, as I transitioned from male-to-female/Mark-to-Marlo.

Yes, I have lost a few friends and family along the way.  The calls to audition ceased.  I sacrificed much, but in return I gained much more,  so much more.   And amazingly once I'd stopped hiding from myself, relationships with an overwhelming majority of my family, friends and colleagues only flourished and strengthened and that has certainly never before been more evident than in seeing the quality of artisans who have graciously and enthusiastically attached themselves to Myrna.

I do very much desire for you to understand that though Myrna will tackle some pretty serious issues that it is in no way going to be a funeral dirge,  nor some sordid peek into the transsexual world,  but rather a celebration of life.

Two transsexuals and a Rabi go into a bar.......

As if to add an explanation point to the question producer Marlo Bernier asked regarding telling our own stories, a episode of 'catfish' appears in the 'recomended' videos after her promo.

My friend Darlie offered her personal insight....

"The role of Jan in Myrna was actually my partners, Beverly, who died Nov 1 2012 of stage 4 lung cancer. She loved Marlo and wanted so badly to work with her again but unfortunately she died before the the production solidified. Both of us had worked on Marlo’s play "At Least I will Own a Dress". When the opportunity came up to do it it felt like a chance to do something for her memory."

"Marlo is a terrific actress and a crazy creative person who had been a rock for me before and after Bevs death. Her abilities have no limits. She writes , directs, acts and knows the biz to its core. Myrna is a story she personally knows to it’s soul. It’s an ongoing thing with her own life experience and incorporates a far deeper understanding of the issues than most could write. People will have criticism of the “and then I decided to change my life and become a woman” but that was an intentional comedic mislead. It’s really time to twist up the knowledge of people who don’t fit the mold. I’m looking forward to some fun."

They've nearly raised her funds but its not to late to add your name to this ground breaking effort on the Myrna Fan backed page

Shes also on Twitter,,,,,


Southern Baptists Issue a religious fatwa to murder transgender people

Unlike previous years the 2014 baptist convention pictures are blurred so faces in the forefront are not recognisable.

Hate is a fatal disease.

The Southern Baptists from here on to be referenced as 'the disease' issued a religious edict calling on the largest Protestant denomination in America to murder transgender people.

The southern diseased baptists are afraid, lashing out at the most venerable target available hoping to destroy transgender progress, now that we have passed a tipping point.

This is a cult of hate. A Christian church knows that transgender people are welcomed expressly three times in the Bible.

Yes transgender people have passed the tipping point and we have done it by being normal, considerate affable people. We do it by increasing our visibility and integrating openly into the workplace, getting health care and decent housing.

Breaking: The Transgender Violence Tracking Project has designated the SBC a hate group in response to their decree.

The southern Baptist disease will do anything in their power to deny us life, so its war. The only difference is I am not going to shroud my hate of you with faux love. If war is what you want you bastards want, its war you got.

The disease isn't only focused on transgender people. They hate Islam too.

Its not known if the Muslim scholar studying at the Fort Worth Texas seminary was expelled, but the idiot in charge there apologized profusely for admitting him there. Way to go, you just disenfranchised the worlds 2nd largest religion. Like they need another reason to hate American Christians.

At the center of this hate is a piece of crap called Denny Burk. He co authored the resolution and gloated over it's passing without discussion on his website.

When you cut away all the bullshit the meat of Burks resolution is this:

"RESOLVED, That we oppose efforts to alter one’s bodily identity (e.g., cross-sex hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery) to refashion it to conform with one’s perceived gender identity; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we continue to oppose steadfastly all efforts by any governing official or body to validate transgender identity as morally praiseworthy (Isaiah 5:20); and be it further

RESOLVED, That we oppose all cultural efforts to validate claims to transgender identity"

This Fatah challenges my faith in a way that no other could. I believe that the disease is not a christian organization. It is a cult, a sect that is a threat to our very existence. The fully understand by following this edict the will substantly increase injustice at every turn. They fully understand this will result in more transgender people becoming unemployed, homeless and murdered.

We must take this to them. We must not allow these diseased people to kill us.


Caught on video: Guy brags about attacking transgender woman Rye Silverman on the way to WEHO Pride

Comedian Rye Silverman wrote on Tumblr about being attacked on her way to the Los Angeles Pride in West Hollywood aka WeHo Pride. Later the prep was filmed bragging about the attack to Mo Fathelbab of "The Experiment" who was interviewing pride attendees and serendipitously recorded him confessing to the hate crime.

Ms. Silverman described the attack:

"I was just getting on the train to go down to Dyke Day as part of Pride weekend. As I was coming down the steps into the station I overheard a guy on the escalator yell “why the fuck are you wearing a skirt?!” I ignored it and just kept walking to buy my ticket.:

"As I’m standing there waiting in line this piece of shit puts his arm on my shoulder and says “Hey women wear skirts.” Because he’d put his hands on me I reacted out of instinct and grabbed him in case he was planning on doing any thing else. He must have only intended to walk away because instead what happened was I ripped his tank top (because of course this fuckwad was wearing a wife-beater) and then he started swinging at me."

Click Here to watch Opens in new window

From here on it’s kind of a blue but it basically turned into a fight. My glasses got flung across the room and we both hit each other a few times before both backed away from each other. He kept putting his fist out like he was planning to hit me again and he started yelling that I started it, that I came after him and that for someone who wears skirts I was “acting like a man,”which he said over and over again. I told him to get the fuck away from me and then some other guy coming off the escalator heard me and stepped in and told him to get away from me too and then a Metro employee showed up so I’m sure someone had gone to get him.

I almost went home but I decided I couldn’t let him ruin my day or my pride weekend. I got my train pass and leaned against a wall to compose myself for a few moments. And then get ready to go down for the train and he’s right there at the bottom of the escalator. I took a wide path around him and got in a car on the other side of the train.

This all just happened less than an hour ago. I typed most of this in the notepad on my phone on the train trying to process it. Mostly I’m still shaken up that it happened at all, that it happened in broad daylight with a group of people around. But at the same time, I’m feeling super proud of myself for having stood my ground. I am not a victim. Not this time. Not ever.

We all love Rye Silverman here at The Experiment. She is not only one of our favorite standup comedians toiling away in the Los Angeles comedy scene, she is also one of our favorite people. (Check out the ‘Why Aren’t You Following?’ profile we did of her in April.) So it pained us to hear that some piece of shit (who is pictured above) attacked her at an L.A. Metro station on Saturday simply because she’s a transgender woman.

She later posted:

The thing that keeps flashing back to me about earlier today is how my attacker kept trying to say “you started it” when he was backing away from me.

The thing is that I can actually understand why in his simple mentality that he truly believes that’s true. Because basically he saw me as less than him, he saw me as someone who he had a right to put his hands on and he never ever expected that I would do anything in response to defend myself. In his mind I actually broke some sort of social contract where he thinks I’m just supposed to take it. That’s why he kept saying I was “acting like a man” for defending myself.

I really want to hear the version of the story he tells where he’s the hero and I’m the villain. I’m morbidly obsessed with that kind of mental process. But I hope that he’ll think twice before putting his hands on anyone else again.

And then a surprise hit the Internet in the form of a Funny or Die video — which featured the attacker… at fuckin’ L.A. PRIDE!

Holy crap!!! This video, 1:40 in, that’s the guy, this is the guy who attacked me. Notice he just says he asked me why I was wearing a skirt, no mention of him grabbing me and getting in my face. Anyone know this piece of shit?


The ENDA Schism: HRC is once again on the outside looking in

A protester begins shadowing this years HRC DC Pride contingent
Photo Oblogdeeoblogda.me
I admit it. I really didn't care that much about this years ENDA religious exemptions. I mean, its obvious the bill would never be introduced into the House with its Republican strangle hold. But its become increasing difficult to ignore,  There is something seriously wrong, and its not just this doomed legislation.

The splitting of the T from the GLB was the impetus that flung planetransgender into the blogosphere with our first crude posts in 2007.

Now once again HRC is being seen as a outsider with ulterior motives regarding the current ENDA Legislation. This time ENDA seems to be overstepping TittleVII religious exemptions making the bill worthless.

So how hard is it to fix?

It could be as it was in 2007 that HRC is a led by a testosterone driven egocentric man who would rather drive his organization over a cliff for a gay win than admit to an error?

And I will admit, I do not fully understand exactly what makes this version of ENDA's religious exemptions so erroneous. What began with GetEqual's protestations, easily dismissed as reactionary by gay.com, is blossoming into a yet another full scale HRC showdown.

So is HRC listening this time?

When the people who were carrying the signs at this years DC Pride (right) went to the front of the HRC contingent they were pushed away. After all these years there's still no place in HRC for dissent.

This years ENDA no matter how doomed will have an effect on next years legislation. So its important to note when ENDA was introduced four trusted human rights organizations, American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Transgender Law Center expressed their concern over the religious exemptions it contained in a Joint Statement.

That concern has evolved into outright condemnation as HRC continues to push this problematic bill.

Thomas Library of Congress S.815 Religious Exemptions
COMPARE THAT WITH TITLE VII religious exemptions

OK so what about HRC and why are we focusing on them?

Towleroad is reporting that while HRC is raking in millions promoting this bill they have requested an audience with the Pope to protest the firing of LGBT people from Catholic Schools, a practice that this bill would enshrine into law.

HRC is caught with its politically expedient duplicitous beeratches down. Again.

Mark Snyder, spokesperson for the Transgender Law Center, reaffirmed the concerns expressed over the religious exemption in that letter on Thursday via an email to the Washington Blade.

“We reaffirm the joint statement we issued last spring that outlined our very grave concerns with the religious exemption in ENDA that is significantly broader than the exemptions in other federal civil rights laws like Title VII,” Snyder said. “Our laws should not treat discrimination against LGBT people as a more acceptable form of discrimination.”

But Snyder went further on Thursday by unequivocally saying his organization won’t support ENDA as long as the current religious exemption remains in the legislation.

In addition Equality Illinois broke from HRC issuing a statement condemning the religious exemptions. Now that's news.

So what are these religious exemptions and how would they affect you individually? Well for starters do you work for a corporation?

Pumper says her cause was 'noble' and she's 'remorseful' for death caused by silicone injections

Padge Gordon, the transgender woman charged with murder after injecting a fatal does of silicon to enhance the physique of dancer Claudia Seye Aderotimi, says she's 'remorsefull' in a letter to the DA but contends her actions were 'noble'.

The letter  to Philly AG Seth Williams published in part by Philly.com aka the Daily News reads:
"The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office would like to promote [the] thought that it was greed, recklessness and malice that fueled my conduct," she wrote.

"However, I swear that my aim was noble in nature. I simply really just loved the feeling of . . . helping others feel more beautiful, wonderful and magical about themselves - just as someone once helped me."
Aderotimi's friend testified Gordon sealed the puncture wounds caused by the needles with super glue and left Aderotimi in the motel room to die after after she complained she couldn't breath.

Gordon turned down a plea bargain by Williams which would have landed her behind bars for 15 to 30 years. The maximum she can receive for third degree is 40 years. Gordon is seeking a conviction of involuntary manslaughter for which she could be out in as little as 2 1/2 years in her letter to the DA saying:

This woman eventualy died a horrific death.

Gordon was arrested at yet another 'pumper party' Click HERE to watch video

Gordon's letter continues...
"Please let us amicably put this case to rest without any more negative press and media attention on our city . . . which a trial like this would bring," she wrote.

Gorden was charged with murder while in custody for aggravated assault after she gravely injured a woman with industrial grade silicone injections earlier in 2012.

At the time of Windslowe's 2012 arrest, Williams had called her arrogant and greedy.

"Her conduct cost one young woman her life and placed countless others in danger," he said. "The defendant put her own greed above the public's health and safety, and instead of being remorseful she bragged about prospective clients."

Windslowe's murder trial is scheduled for Feb. 17, 2015