Asking WREG News 3 for Clearification about Memphis Transgender Victim's Gender

The WREG broadcaster in her opening statement identifies the victim of the Saturday attack as a male who transitioned to female. This has resulted in a uproar by our community because the video later identifies the victim with male pronouns.

Is this a case of simple ignorance that could be remedied by a correction being published? But if the victim was female, it could be a sign of something much worst. Many in our community including myself were quick to think the worst, since Memphis and Tennessee in general has earned such a bad reputation regarding transgender people.

So I put in a call to WREG. The first person I spoke to would not offer a statement so I left a voicemail and this email with Channel 3 News asking director Bruce Moore for clarification.
I called WREG this morning about the story about the transgender person who was attacked Saturday. The broadcaster originally identified the victim as female and then for the rest of the story identified the victim as male.
This has caused quite a uproar in our community. Was it a simple mistake or was it intentional misgendering a sign of systemic transphobia so prevalent throughout Tennessee?
I spoke with Richard who would not offer a statement and was directed to Bruce Moore's voicemail.

I will be at work most of today and unable to answer phone calls but if WREG would email a clarification I would appreciate that every much.

Thank you,

Kelli Busey

WREG story Teen Charged With Beating Transgender Person


Paddy Power? Powerless To Transmit Transphobia Says Irish Authority

Its been a while since the British authorities banned the vile Paddy Power "Ladies Day" advert in which racing fans and inadvertently the world's population was invited to split from the pack the Stallions or transgender people, and Mares or cisgender females.

the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland has ruled "The advertisement should not be broadcast again."

The Transgender Network of Ireland press release:

"This is great news for the transgender communities in Ireland, the UK and America," said TENI Director Broden Giambrone. "Trans voices and their allies were heard: transphobia is not funny, and it's not acceptable. On behalf of TENI, we'd like to thank all those who supported and campaigned with us to have this ad removed."

As the founder of the The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies I will add that we applaud this decision. The advert invited not only horse racing fans but the world's people to focus on the physical differences between cisgender people and transsexuals. This would have led to increased ostracization , discrimination and violence directed at transgender people.

The reasons Paddy Power used to argue its campaign should be allowed to continue only serve to illustrate its intentions, to propagate transphobia.
This will set the bar higher for commercial enterprises wishing to stereotype and commercialize transgender peoples in a demoralizing way, worldwide.


Not in My Wildest Dreams: Tittle VII Covers Transgender, Gays Left Behind?


I stood outside of countless Human Rights Campaigns extravagant Black Tie Dinners with our community and allies, as outcasts. Luxury cars with occupants eyes averted or looking with disapproval, would enter the valet parking the passengers jumping out moving quickly so not to acknowledge our existence.

We stood outside with our signs asking for one thing. We needed the HRC to confront Congressman Barney Frank and ask him to resubmit the ENDA bill as it was before he tore transgender people off and made and two separate bills.

We were desperate. Transgender people have always felt to be the underdogs in the LGBT movement and HRC's aqquencence and complicity with Barney Frank just added the explanation point to our pain.

The tables have turned!

Now that transgender people have been covered under Tittle VII of the civil rights act, where does that leave gay people?

Out in the cold, apparently, unless gays object to discrimination on the basis of, you guessed it, gender expression says Ari Ezra Waldman at Towleroad.

There was a lot of angst over the failure of ENDA and according to Waldman, some gays were angry that transgender people were not thrown completely off the bus because these gays felt they had so much of a better chance getting it passed, without us.

Now two question remain for the transgender agenda. One do we need Enda. Two should we 'go back' for gay people now?

This must read from the Metro weekly quotes  Masen Davis, head of the Transgender Law Center (TLC) as saying that "the EEOC's decision doesn't reduce the need for ENDA — particularly as the decision has no impact on sexual-orientation discrimination — but Minter acknowledges, at least as to gender identity, that this decision could shift the ground somewhat."

Yeah, the ground shifted, like a earthquake it shifted. So should we go back for the gays?

I also remember United Enda which although was inconsequential at the time was the glue which bound every LGBT organization including my Dallas Advocates and Allies together. You would find us there except for Mara Quisling hatred of me she has continued to remove my organization from the rolls.

I think we should take the high ground and never forget our allies. We should continue to fight for ENDA.

I think we should continue fighting for ENDA while recognizing that it's HRC left standing outside.


Could The Next Miss Singapore Be Born a Man? No, But Maybe Transgender

The Jakarta Post headline.....

"Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man" makes me cringe...Reading further..
"It is an event designed to celebrate the country's most beautiful women."

"But next year's Miss Universe Singapore could be won by somebody born
a man, after organizers revealed that they are considering accepting
contestants who have had a sex change."

As far as we have gotten they still just don't get it or perhaps it was a intentional gaff to draw attention attention. Transgender and transsexual people are born in the gender expression you see us now. Often I have people ask me "when did I know"? I always answer that with "when did you know?"

But as testimony to our progress the article is very forward looking but it also makes me laugh. We now have a advantage according to many Cis woman because we don't have to battle celleote and have "undergone the knife". Is Sexual reassignment Surgery an advantage or is it the boob jobs and other cosmetic surgery? I can't imagine having SRS being an advantage and without a doubt most contestants have gone "under the knife" for cosmetic surgery too. Nope, no advantage there.

Perhaps our advantage is the negative context mainstream media portrays us in. Like a hooker being murdered?

Reading further in the POST:
Student Marla Bendini, 26, said transgender contestants could lead to a more positive representation of the community in society.

“A few weeks ago I was approached by a television crew to play a transsexual sex worker who had fallen to her death out of a hotel room,” she said.

“There's a fascination with transgendered people but we tend to be portrayed in a negative light.”
Agreed Maria. And the truth is its a uphill battle for transgender beauty contestants. Transgender people have no advantages other than the inner truth and beauty from being born, naturally female.

Read the full article "Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man" at the The Jakarta Post

Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man? No Maybe Transgender

The Jarkata Post headline.....

"Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man" makes me cringe and do strikethroughs. continuing on the article...

"It is an event designed to celebrate the country's most beautiful women."

"But next year's Miss Universe Singapore could be won by somebody born
a man, after organizers revealed that they are considering accepting
contestants who have had a sex change."
As far as we have gotten they still just don't get it or perhaps it was a intentional gaff to draw attention attention.

Transgender and transsexual people are born in the gender expression you see us now. As any cis person will confirm any operations they may have had did not define their gender. Often I have people ask me "when did I know"? I always answer that with "when did you know?"

But as testimony to our progress the article is very forward looking but it also makes me laugh. We now have a advantage according to many Cis woman because we don't have to battle celleote and have "undergone the knife". Is Sexual reassignment Surgery a advantage or boob jobs and other cosmetic surgery? I can't imagine having SRS a advantage and without a doubt many beauty contestants have gone "under the knife" for cosmetic surgery too. No advantage there.

Perhaps our advantage is the negative context mainstream media portrays us in. Like a hooker being murdered?

Reading further in the POST
Student Marla Bendini, 26, said transgender contestants could lead to a more positive representation of the community in society.

“A few weeks ago I was approached by a television crew to play a transsexual sex worker who had fallen to her death out of a hotel room,” she said.

“There's a fascination with transgendered people but we tend to be portrayed in a negative light.”

Agreed. And the truth is its a uphill battle for transgender beauty contestants and we have no advantages other than the inner truth and beauty from being born naturally female.


EEOC: Transsexuals Covered Under Tittle VII, of The Civil Rights Act 1964

In what at first glance may seem too good to be true the The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that transgender people are protected by vitue of our sex from workplace discrimination under Title VII The Grandmother of Equal Rights Laws!

Title VII

Title VII prohibits not only intentional discrimination, but also practices that have the effect of discriminating against individuals because of their race, color, national origin, religion, or sex.

Source: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination Questions And Answers.

Sex Discrimination

Title VII's broad prohibitions against sex discrimination specifically cover:

Sexual Harassment - This includes practices ranging from direct requests for sexual favors to workplace conditions that create a hostile environment for persons of either gender, including same sex harassment. (The "hostile environment" standard also applies to harassment on the bases of race, color, national origin, religion, age, and disability.)

The Transgender Law Center blog statement:
San Francisco, CA) - In a landmark ruling, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that Title VII, the federal sex discrimination law, protects employees who are discriminated against because they are transgender. In its unprecedented decision, the EEOC concluded that “intentional discrimination against a transgender individual because that person is transgender is, by definition, discrimination ‘based on … sex’ and such discrimination … violates Title VII.” The EEOC is the federal agency that interprets and enforces federal employment discrimination law, and today’s decision marks the first time it has offered clear guidance on this issue.

EEOC Ruling

CeCe McDonald's Pre Trial Hearing Postponed

Pretrial Hearing Rescheduled

Today CeCe McDonald had a pretrial hearing scheduled. Thirty plus supporters and family members came to pack the courtroom yet again to show the community love of CeCe. After two hours of in chambers discussion CeCe's pretrial hearing was rescheduled for Friday, April 27th at 9am.
We again ask for community members to come out to show support of CeCe by packing the courtroom. Please wear your Free CeCe shirts & buttons to show solidarity!

When: Friday, April 27th at 9am

Where: Hennipen County Government Building


CeCe McDonald Support Committee

On the web at Support Cece McDonald

Don Imus Violent "Tranny Chaser" Outs Himself Twice

I would be surprised if he isn't paying a transgender working girl hush money today.

Don Imus is a closeted trans chaser and the most dangerous kind. A rich white man, who feels he has the most to lose who feels above the law. Isulated from humanity Imus will use violence to massage his ego and mask his fetish. Imus has unintentionally outed himself twice, a common behaviour associated with latent trans chaser's sexuality.

I am nether sensationalizing the perjoritive "tranny" or promoting it's use. I am framimg the word in the demonsterous context that most befits Imus's behaviour. Source Wiki

Many members of the transgender community (particularly in the MTF population) use "tranny chaser" in a pejorative sense, because they consider it a fetish-like attraction to the penis of a pre-operative or non-operative trans woman MTF or to the vagina of a pre- or non-operative trans man.
In this way the phrase 'tranny chaser' can be understood for what it means.

Then on the 23rd of April On Top Magazine transscibed this segment from the Imus show:
While discussing real estate mogul Donald Trump's decision
to allow Jenna Talackova, a transgender woman, to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant, Imus told Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus about the incident. “You know one of the things I wouldn't talk about for years was while I was in the Marine Corps – I went into the Marine Corps when I was 17 – and I was in LA, my dad owned some apartment buildings in Los Angeles, and I picked up a babe in a bar … that girl had a penis,” he said on Imus in the Morning, which is simulcast on Fox Business Network. “And I was making out with her,” Imus said as both women reacted with disgust. “Here's what I really feel bad about is I punched him. I mean, I punched him, I shut it down,” he said.

I had a comment on my facebook page prior to posting this and the person said it was understandable that a young man should react with violence upon 'discovering' a person was transgender. Tell that to the hundreds of mothers every year who lost a child to 'trans panic'.


On My Honor As a Bisexual Transsexual Life Boy Scout

Boy Scout Oath:

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

As a youth I honored my promises most of the time, I am human after all. But like Jennifer Tyrrell, the Ohio Mom who was booted from Scouts for being a lesbian the Scouts obviously don't think so.

Which law or promise am I not adhering to? My guess is the Scouts think I'm not straight after all I keep myself physically strong and stay mentally awake, there's just too many pitfalls not to, but morally straight?

That was the one that used to cause me so much internalized dysfunction antagonizing over often I would become less than aware of my circumstances. And with all the internal struggle over my morality I would oven forgo exercising both my body and consciousness letting my morals degenerate untill eventually I ended up in a drug induced downward spiral for a century until....

I started regaining my senses and recovering my life, doing good deeds without reward, making a effort to become closer to my creator, exercising my mind and regaining my moral fiber until one day I had a epiphany!

IT's OK to Be a bisexual transgender woman! Its Ok to welcome your femininity! In fact, there is everything right about making the transition. It is the process that has made me morally straight.

But sadly the fellow scouts who I encounter are shocked to hear a woman recounting those happy days fishing, canoeing, and yes sharing tents with other boy scouts.

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, Bisexual Transsexual Life Scout.

This Pussy Writer Riots Against Putin's Russian Orthodox Inquisition

Эта киска Writer Бунты против Русской православной инквизиции Путина

I know from my site meter the vast majority of American trans woman could give a fuck less what happens outside our borders. The interest shown to articles published on planetransgender about Russia would would prohibit a commercial enterprises from publishing, but I'm not a paid writer.

I am a fucking Pussy (w)Rioter! Я чертовски Pussy (ш)мятежник!

For this, praying for the church and country, similar to what we have done time and again with Soulforce here, the three Pussy Riot members are facing a 7 year sentence.

The head of the Russian branch of Amnesty International Sergei Nikitin announced on Tuesday, April 3, that has recognized the three arrested women, Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samucevich, as prisoners of conscience and demands their immediate release.

Suzi Parker's article on the Washington Post What American women could learn from Pussy Riot, a Russian punk rock girl band is a very good read.

This could be our reality in the United States should religions war on woman be won. Make no mistake.

The Ameican trans community needs to start thinking outside the box. We can influence world opinion, the same as we are doing here in the states because when you step out of the forest, its obvious the very foundations of transmisogyny here are crumbling.

Please sign the Free Pussy Riot.org petition Alexander Konovalov, Minister for Justice, Russia to release the imprisoned band members.


Thanks to the Prism Direction

The Sad State of Ashley Love's Advocacy

I remember a time not long ago when Ashley Love, Glaad and I joined forces in advocacy that resulted with activists on the ground in NYC, Fort Worth Texas and Seattle Washington that exposed Israel Luna's movie "Ticked off "T" with Knives" for what it was.

The profiteering and of transgender and transsexual murders by a gay man.

You did an amazing job Ashley. Our work contributed to a universal understanding regarding trans defamation. "Tranny" or the "T" word, used cavalierly or for profiteering, is socially unacceptable, the same as the "F" bomb or the "N" word.

Near the end of that effort Ashley and I had forged a very close relationship but that's when she started to change. About that time she attacked me on my facebook page with such obnoxious vitriol about her new transsexual identity issue I didn't just unfriend her, I banned her.

The first time Ashly was truly sorry. The second time I banned her for the same behaviour she was less apologetic but made a strong case for rebuilding our friendship. I decided at that time having Ashley for a friend despite our differences was the right thing to do, so I allowed her back into my heart.

I felt she had tremendous potential as a young trans advocate and I had seen her in action. Charismatic, beautiful, slightly narcissistic in a movie star way.

Ashly threw all that good will away after she again tagged me on another one of her facebook notes regarding the differences between transgender and transsexual peoples. Up to that time I had stayed away from her invitations having read the conversations, but this time I made the mistake of joining in it.

I was repeatedly attacked like a collie by a pack of ravenous rabid wolfs, and Ashley who is very much into controlling her personal spaces, did nothing despite my pleas. Her acquiescence was silent approval.

All because I identify as transgender and because of a simple personal preference not transsexual.

I mourn our community's lose at your departure Ashley. You were a rising star but now with the lose of credibility and most importantly the trust of most people who knew you Ashley, there is little good you can do for our community until you stop acting like we are all your enemy.

People who identify in the most conventional sense as transgender have more in common with the most radical WBT or transsexual identifying person than differences.
how to make a gif
Its all about the potential of dichotomy. It can build understanding or it can tear apart friendship and communities.

But Ashley I won't sit silently any longer on the sidelines as you make outrageous contentions, muddying the understanding of who we are by the cis world. That is why I am posting this. I am reaching out to you Ashley, not as the transgender Borg you believe me to represent (despite some obvious similarities lol), but as a friend.

You are is a woman born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity (which transpired into a medical condition).

I am totally cool with that!

I am a transgender woman who believes every gender gifted person under our umbrella has a home here, who wants it. Including you.


Paige Clay Your Murder will not get "Swept Under The Rug"

Paige was found slain in a cold back Chicago ally last week. Local advocates and friends disllusined with perceived police ineptitude and uncaring attitudes have begun a campaign to make sure her murder doesn't go unsolved.

The Chicago Taskforce will be rallying for JUSTICE FOR PAIGE and have issued this statement:
No one with genetic ties have claimed Paiges body from the morgue as of this posting. If I died today the same would happen with me. I didn't know Paige personally but am I am her family, the only real family ether of us have.

More at the Chicago Phoenix

AP Report: It Made Me Feel Like I was of Worth: Transgender Workplace Discrimination

"It makes me feel like I am of worth, like I have a chance to get a job." These are the words of one black transgender woman describing how it felt to be at the LTBG job fair. But that chance for Mocha remains slim as nearly half of us, according to the the AP report, experience "some sort of workplace discrimination." I'm pretty sure that number is much higher, especially for trans people of color.

Most of us have experienced long periods of under and unemployment. When we do find jobs that actually supply a pay check we are targeted by co workers with schemes to hurt our reputations and feelings and supervisors who overlook us when training becomes available.

For the record, the narrator incorrectly described gender as an 'orientation' conflating transgender peoples gender expression and identity with sexual orientation.


Alternating Gender Incongruent Transsexuals, All-ee All-ee In Come Free!

Gender fluid peeps, the waters fine!

For too long the right wing has repeatedly tried tearing off pieces of our trans umbrella mangling the truth and maligning those gender fluid peeps (GFP) who identify as male, female, asexual or a variety of other expressions, depending on when you ask them.

The ease which some move between gender expressions is oil for the 'not in my shower' and a wayward transphobic splinter faction of feminism, radfem's fear mongering machines.

Time after time while we advanced inclusive legislation they never missed a opportunity to fail miserably trying to validate outrageous lies about transgender people. "Radfems" only insinuate, not having justifiable cause but the Not in My Shower crew makes movies and mounts campaigns presenting us as threatening to innocent children in restrooms.

And I will admit, that while I stand proudly under our umbrella, I never pointed explicitly to GFP's while advocating for our inclusion in public accommodation provisions bills. But nether has other advocates from our community, to my knowledge. I should have more faith in these individuals for even if they are different from me in the way that didn't stop me from loving one as I had never loved before. I still love you Deborah, after all these years.

My trepidation in being inclusive has no more basis in fact than does the "not in my showers assertions".

The intellectual community is leading our way out of the shadows. This Scientific American article asks whether You Can Be a Man in the Morning and a Woman at Night using the on going study by the Center for Brain and Cognition, University of California paper "Alternating gender incongruity: A new neuropsychiatric syndrome providing insight into the dynamic plasticity of brain-sex" for empirical proof.

Transgender gender fluidity is a naturally occurring phenomenon the same as my static gender incongruence.

All-ee All-ee In Come Free everyone!

Transgender CHIX Band




A Mothers Essay "It's a Boy" Is A Finalist in Notes and Words Competition.

A few weeks ago you might have been one of the thousands who voted for Leslie Lagerstrom's Essay "Its a Boy" in the preliminary round. Well, thanks to you her essay about Sam her transgender son is in the top five of the Notes and Words contest, and the competition just got stiffer!

Facing us is an amazing line up of gifted writers all deserving the top spot with articles highlighting their families unique challenges and rewards.

All are vying to increase visibility of otherwise unknown challenges unique families face, ultimately advocating and educating and increasing understanding. But when the going gets tough the transgender get going, and we have proved it by getting as far as we have but it ain't over yet!

Listen to its a boy by clicking here then cast your vote by "liking" Its a boy on facebook. The contest only lasts until Friday, April 27 so please don't delay.

A vote for "It's a Boy" is a vote for our community!

A little about the event, a place our community will stand tall in....

Notes & Words is the annual signature event of Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. Featuring New York Times best-selling authors and KFOG recording artists, Notes & Words promises an intimate and inspiring evening of spoken word and original music.


Get ready for a dynamic evening of celebrated writers and musicians together on stage

Notes & Words 2012 is the third annual event in a series benefiting Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. It will take place April 28th at Oakland’s beautifully refurbished Fox Theater. The evening features an eclectic line up of recording artists and renowned authors for a dynamic mix of music and spok...en word. Performers include CAKE, Pulitzer-Prize winning author Michael Chabon, New York Times bestselling authors Anne Lamott and Kelly Corrigan, as well as John Hodgman from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and HBO's Bored to Death. Notes & Words promises to be an event unlike any other, with the opportunity to take part in a moving and inspiring evening with some of the country's finest artists.

McDonalds Attack Again: Employee Assaults Transgender Woman

Last year Chrissy Polis was beaten nearly to death while an employee laughed and filmed it. McDonald's corporation ignored a 150,000 people who signed a petition requesting that Corporate instigate a company wide transgender education awareness program for their employees.

Just recently another transgender person suffered at a McDonald's restaurant. Ranae Cole Vogelsong wasn't physically attacked, but was repeatedly humiliated, intentionally by one of the owners employees, in front of other patrons while in line. Words hurt, they can even kill. The pain Ranae suffer at this McDonald's was inflicted maliciously, the employee assaulting her in such a way as to leave a permanent scar on her soul, which is the same intention as the people who attacked Chrissy.

Ranae Cole Vogelsong writes about the incident at the McDonald's located inside the Love's Gas Station Marion IN on February 29

"Myself being a transgender person living 24/7 as myself, I was inline at the register to place my order as the young lady behind the counter looked up and with out holding anything back busted out laughing at my face with another costumer standing next to me. Totally embarrassed as she tried to control herself I placed my order. She is still letting out little smirks. I filled my iced tea cup came back to the counter and got my food went to leave and as I rounded the corner of the archway she again started to laugh loudly."

"I felt degraded, embarrassed, disrespected and very humiliated. Went out to my semi truck and cried from the utter dis-respect and the making me feel so belittled in front of other fellow drivers and the public.
Despite numerous attempts the owner has not offered Ranae the one thing that would help her to recover, an apology. That's, all a simple "I'm sorry you were made to feel bad."

Ranae was again disrespected as the owner told her not to "Make a mountain out of a molehill".

This incident is the result of corporate McDonald's refusal to take social responsibility and leaves us with only one avenue to respond. We need to address each and every one of these incidents individually with force, making it clear to the owners, if their employees should disrespect or assault our community there will be consequences. Other McDonald's owners will take note of our outrage and seek to avoid such incidents.

***Update*** The owner of the McDonald's store, Rick Reichenbach returned my call. Mr. Reichenbach offered a much different accounting of the events proceeding the incident, but did not deny it happened. However, unfortunately Mr. Reichenbach declined to go on record or to offer a statement. That is too bad because if what Mr. Reichenbach offered was in fact the truth it would put this incident in a different light and I would be obligated as a blogger of integrity to relay it accurately to you.

But it begs the question, why did Mr. Reichendach call me, a blogger, columnist and activist to discuss this if his intention was not to go on record?

Check out Boycott Non-Transgender friendly McDonald's in Marion, Ind

And please contact the office and owner of the McDonald's, Rick & Rhonda Reichenbach dba:

M-R Partnership
618 North Meridian Street
Portland, IN 47371
(260) 726-6518

McDonald's Corporation:

7 days a week
7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST


Hennepin County Attorney: Do Not Prosecute Cece McDonald For Being a Black Trans Woman

Cece's hearing is scheduled for April 24th. We will "STAND OUR GROUND" with Cece!

From the Petition: "Last summer, CeCe McDonald, a young African American transgender woman, was violently attacked in the heart of South Minneapolis. As she and several friends, also African American and queer or allied, were walking to the grocery store, a group of white adults standing outside of a bar started shouting racist and transphobic insults at them, calling the youth "faggots," "niggers," and "chicks with dicks". Tragically, the violence did not stop there- one of the white adults slashed CeCe across the face with a broken bottle, cutting all the way through her cheek, and another of the attackers was fatally stabbed. Amazingly, in the aftermath of this racist and transphobic attack, the only person facing charges is CeCe McDonald- the victim. Michael Freeman, the Hennepin County Attorney, has charged CeCe with two counts of second degree murder. Because of these charges, she has been unable to recover from the attack and prevented from continuing her studies at the Minneapolis Community Technical College. Considering that County Attorney Michael Freeman has dropped charges in similar situations this year and that he has advocated strongly for programs to keep kids in school, arguing "We all know that when kids miss school they don't learn," why is Michael Freeman ruthlessly going after this young student? We refuse to allow racism and transphobia, on Minneapolis streets or in Minneapolis courts. We support CeCe. We are waiting for County Attorney Michael Freeman to honor his commitment, in his words "to serve all of our citizens with understanding, dignity, and respect" by dropping the charges against CeCe McDonald."

Source: Support Cece Wordpress While Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald is being prosecuted for murder after being violently attacked for her race and gender, Freeman’s office recently declined to prosecute the killer of Darrell Evanovich, a black man who was shot dead by a white man after an alleged robbery. While no person should be thrown to the mercy of the soulless, so-called “justice” system, the fact that CeCe is on trial after being assaulted, while a white man who killed someone after chasing them down is touted as a “good Samaritan,” highlights the racist and transphobic nature of the prosecution of CeCe. Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Marlene Senechal have the power to drop the charges against CeCe. So far, though, he has implicitly sided with CeCe’s white supremacist attackers by failing to acknowledge the racist, transphobic assault that she survived as a mitigating factor in the unintentional death of Dean Schmitz.

When: ALL DAY Where: From home, work, wherever you find yourself!

What: Call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at citizeninfo@co.hennepin.mn.us

Call Marlene Senechal at 612-348-5561, fax at 612-348-3061, and email at citizeninfo@co.hennepin.mn.us
(and please send us an email us at mpls4cece(a)gmail.com to let us know you called/emailed/faxed in!)

Remember to remain polite but assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

•Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.•Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.•County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at least three times already this year. Remind him that he has the power to drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.•Tell Freeman and Senechal not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.Tell Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Assistant Attorney Marlene Senechal to take a stand against hate, racism, and transphobia. Tell Freeman and Senechal to DROP THE CHARGES against Chrishaun McDonald!

Please send us an email us at mpls4cece(a)gmail.com to let us know you called/emailed/faxed in!

Visit Support Cece Wordpress to find out more on how you can stand your ground with Cece!


42% of LA Latino Transgender Woman Have Been Propositioned For Sex...By Police!

A study by the Williams Institute just released its findings after interviewing 220 Latino transgender woman in LA and astonishingly reported that "....police officers accounted for the majority of negative reactions reported, representing 56 percent of all verbal harassment cases, and 16 and 15 percent of all reported physical and sexual assaults respectively. When asked whether they had ever been solicited for sex by a police officer or other law enforcement personnel, 42 percent responded in the affirmative." 42% PERCENT!

For the Full Report click Here

Amazingly, a transformation of police behaviour is taking place!

Los Angles Police Chief Charlie Beck responded to this horrific news by announcing that police will no longer conduct pat downs of reproductive organs to determine natal sex before locking up people identifying as transgender or transsexual. He also said by early May a 20 bed facility would be opened for transgender detainees, so they can me housed safely.

I know from experience in Texas the police force often requires special attention in order for them to become more aware of our needs, so who in the huge city of Los Angles should we thank?

Turns out a number of folks. Huge Kudos's go out to Trans Hero Karina Samala and Transgender Law Center's Executive Director Masen Davis.

But these changes have a more profound affect than where trans people will be housed, its about respect. Its about what our hard work as a worldwide community has achieved. As this excerpt from the LA Times announcing the changes so readily points out:

"Davis said the move began in 2007 and involved numerous, long meetings, a survey of transgender people regarding their contacts with Los Angeles police and finally a report last year of recommended policy changes."

"He said the changes reflected not just the LAPD's willingness to listen, but also an increasing political maturity and activism among transgender people."

"(LA Police Chief) Beck agreed. "We've made some real progress," he said, "some of the strongest progress in American law enforcement on the transgender issue."

"Asked how he would deal with officers who violate the policy, as well as any lingering culture of disrespect toward transgender people within the department, Beck replied that he was in charge of discipline and that "rules in the L.A. Police Department are meant to be followed."

And with all due respect Chief Beck, with all of our due diligence these orders will be adhered to.

Morris House

Morris House RHD.org

Morrs house to open

First ever One of a Kind holistic inpatient care of trans identifiy people transitional needs Holistic

Informed consent verses traditional DSM-4 gate keeper model.

Susan Collins a transgender woman will be helping at the Morris house. This opening is special for an number of reasons. First. it is the only inpatient faclity of its kind in the USA to spesifiacly focus on transgender people. The Morris house looks at the whole person taking into account all of the variables and needs associated with transition, substance addiction being biggest reason for transgender death and falutures so the Morris house is born.

Susan when I saw this on your timeline a couple of months ago I became more interested in the Morris house becuse of your personal investment in it.

I would like to learn about you, Susan. Tell us about what brought you to this juction in your life.

The Morris house will be offering services in the following areas. Is substance addiction a requiremnt inorder to be in patient? How will it be determined when a in patient homeless trans person should be discharged? Will Morris house assist that person find housing?

•Addiction Recovery
•Behavioral Health
•Employment & Training

I also understand that Morris house will be assisting in transitional needs for transsexuals. It is a contentious topic within the trans community whether we should be content being pathologized in the DSM or to seek a informed consent route for decideing on whether tnasitioning is in the best intrest of the individual.

How will Morris house approach this and what avanue will your providers use?

As a activist and blogger I have seen time and again the revolving door of homelessness and addiction desicrate our people and as one of those who were flung out. I commend you and Morris House for your work and wish every city hadd a facility like this.


Transgender Angola Rock Star

From TransGriot Titica-Trans Angolan Music Rising Star and she rocks. Yes, she's paid her dues. She's been beaten and stoned.

Hold onto your hats ladies and gents cauze she comes right at you and ROCKS.

Transgender Law Center Matt Wood's Trickle Down Equality

Wait your turn gay transgender people, and be thankful for whatever crumbs same sex marriage advocates brush off the equal rights table.

Essentially that's what I got from the Op Ed written by Transgender Law Center staff lawyer Matt Wood in the Advocate Op-ed: The Importance of Marriage Equality to Trans Community.

And I'm not the only transgender person to be outraged by this article, Matt Wood and the Law Center staff needs to read the comments by the transgender community found on the Advocate and Transgender Law Center's Facebook page.

They should take note of the bloggers like Katrina Rose who replied to the Op Ed on Transadvocate with (and may I add the "great communicator", Ronald Reagan too )The Shills…The Shills…The Shills!!!!!!

Its really wrong that a representative of the transgender law center is making a case that we should be thankful for trickle down equality. But what's even more offensive is the assimilative aspect of the article. Yes Matt, most states do not recognize a marriage where one partner's gender is the same as the others natal gender, but that's the crux of the transgender equality battle!

It is inexcusable for a leader in the transgender rights movement to use that fact as a reason for transgender people to stand down.

Why has transgender law center become an apologist for the gay agenda? Money? Although Matt should be commended for his work he has never walked in our shoes, because he can't. He's a privileged white man. I'm not finding fault with him because of that, just saying.

Now, I fight for gay peoples rights because they are our allies. Allies, but they are not transgender. Their agenda is different, so we must as transgender people work for our own good and if the results of our focused efforts benefits gay people, all the better.

I will guarantee you put a mirror on that statement and that's how gay advocacy groups look at it.

Its our TERN. Transgender Equality Right Now.

Nothing more, nothing less.


C-279 8 Minutes For MP to Justify His Hated of Transgender People

At the eight miniute mark Allison's gesturing becomes more emphatic suggesting that after all was said and done, protecting transgender people under the law would only enable men in dresses to prey on girls in bathrooms. He didn't have empirical proof only validating that statement by recalling the last time transgender Canadians tried to gain protection the same sort of fear mongering defeated it.

But times are changing. Maybe he'd enjoy the Canada Miss Universe Pageant but he wouldn't bring his family because there's a trans contestant and becuse of that there will be lot of men in dresses in the bathrooms attacking children. What a asshat.

Pig of the week, Archaic, transphobic, lying, fear mongering ultra right pandering MP Dean Allison.


Federal Judge Rules In Defense of MN Transgender Marriage

"It really blindsided us," Christina Radtke said. "We've been called liars. I've been called a man and not a woman. It's just crazy."

Christine contacted me on Facebook and asked that I share this victory because it's "such good news for our community". Her heartwarming request reflects her selflessness and love for our community.

Christine's case resulted in the Judge admonishing a health plan administrator for the United Parcel Service making it clear, in Minnesota transgender marriage is not a same sex marriage. Christina, is a post op transgender woman who has amended her legal documents to reflect her correct gender and because of that, according to the judge, she is a woman. Period.

And the marriage between her and her cisgender male husband? Again the judge admonished the administrator, saying it is a marriage between man and woman. Period.

When the United Parcel Service plan administrator counter sued alleging Radtke was not a real woman and fraudulently claimed benefits, the judge had enough and summarily ruled in favor of Christina and her husband.

Its rare we can claim a victory. Thanks to husband and wife, Christine and Calvin Radtke, we have this one to celebrate.

You can read the rest of the story at the Star Tribune.


Equality Maryland's Obscene malfeasance : Seats Under The Table

The article by Owen Smith Field Organizer for Gender Equality Issues at Equality Maryland titled Seats at the table seems conciliatory recognizing the organizations agenda of exclusion of transgender voices but it remains to be seen if any true changes have taken place, becuse too many of us can not communicate with Equality Maryland.

I along with many vocal opponents who dealt the death knell to HB235 which EQMD last year tried to ramrod down our throats remain blocked from commenting on the EQMD Facebook page. And according to Dana Beyer GRMD board member, that will not change.

But as it turns out I was able to comment on this Equality Maryland fundraiser. A Drag show of all things. So I posted this comment which ellisited a response from one of equality Marylands members...While I do appreciate him saying "please" I won't remove it because you don't "like" that I oppose the sexualization and objectification of gender.

I always like to learn a little about whom I am dealing with and found this on his wall...

And found I do not appreciate his sexist crude misogynistic sense of humor.

Reading further into the Baltimore Outhouse article...

.....even more nefarious is this attempted assimilation by the Task Force of the remaining outspoken opponents of a future state transgender bill without public accommodations, and all under the guise of "education". Its only been a year since the task force joined with HRC and the Gill Fund's attempted obliteration of our opposition to Equality Marylands tyrannical behaviour by helping to obfuscate the truth.

The Baltimore Outloud article would be a step in the right direction if they were to be truly stepping in tune with transgender inclusion. Until then its just another invitation to sit under the bus.

Pitt University Demands Medical History before Trans can Use the Correct Restroom

Pittsburgh University just announced a "clarification" of how it intends to deal with transgender peoples use of restroom in thr future. Before the announcement the university said it's unwritten policy considered transgender restroom access on a 'case by case basis".

The new policy contrary to city ordinance and the universities own non discrimination policy singles out a minority, reveals their medical history and in process puts them at risk of discrimination and even violence.

I made this video in Arlington Texas and am not a Pitt student. Early in my transition I tried to attend dental school but the discrimination I encountered was so fierce I dropped out and like Pitt, it all revolved around bathroom use. By placing myself in the Pitt students position I spoke as a transgender person facing this catastrophe.

Even though the Pitt non discrimination policy include transgender people the university has enacted a rule that not only discriminates, it intimidates and jeopardizes the lives of our minority.

Take Action!! Tell Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg who wrong this policy is by calling the Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs Robert Hill at 412-624-4147.


Parent of Transgender Child Needs Our "Likes" To Win

The parent of a transgender child, Leslie Lagerstrom contacted me via her twitter account TransParenthood asking for help to win a essay contest sponsored by a non profit called "Words and Notes" .

The prize? She would be able to tell her story of parenting a transgender child to thousands of caring people and in the process help to raise millions of dollars for the Oakland Children's Hospital. Her essay "It's a Boy" would help educate people who would otherwise be clueless about the unique challenges our tiny minority's families face.

Without giving too much away I'd like to share the first paragraph of her essay. If you like that please click the link at the bottom of the paragraph, read her essay in full and "LIKE" it to win!

It’s A Boy
by Leslie Lagerstrom

“I’m not right,” my eight year-old child with the old soul explains, as to why our weathered mailbox sits empty. Another classmate’s birthday party on the horizon, we wait anxiously for the invitation that never comes. Simple yet profound, the words slice through my flesh, piercing a hole in my heart, the pain more than I can bear. Pain I have come to know all too well, raising a transgender child. Please LIKE "It's a Boy" on Facebook to help our whole community WIN!

Regardless it's a win win! Just by voting and sharing her note you are raising awareness of the challenges faced by all children, such as the one on the right and help raise money for this great hospital.



Becoming Me: Eight Families Share Growing Up With a Transgender Child

"Eight families with transgender and gender non-conforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 share their stories. With the healthy development of their children at stake, parents must confront binary perceptions of gender, widespread transphobia and controversial parenting decisions."

Are you a parent or transgender youth or ally? Perhaps this all is new to you and your just curious? You can communicate with some of the parents and professionals in this movie!

Source Gsfla: "Join us for an hour-long online discussion in the gsfla comments section on April 3, 2012 at 5:30pm Eastern/ 4:30pm Central / 2:30pm PSD. In The Life Media Staff Producer Kathryn Morrison will be online and available to respond to questions and comments. She will be joined by PFLAG National's Transgender Network Coordinator Catherine Hyde, Gender Spectrum Director of Education and Training Joel Baum, and author of the book, "Gender Born, Gender Made," Developmental and Clinical Psychologist Diane Ehrensaft. The discussion is an ideal place for parents, families, friends and advocates of transgender and gender non-conforming children to share their experiences and ask questions.
Read more here: In The Life Media video | An episode about trans and gender-nonconforming children