C-279 8 Minutes For MP to Justify His Hated of Transgender People

At the eight miniute mark Allison's gesturing becomes more emphatic suggesting that after all was said and done, protecting transgender people under the law would only enable men in dresses to prey on girls in bathrooms. He didn't have empirical proof only validating that statement by recalling the last time transgender Canadians tried to gain protection the same sort of fear mongering defeated it.

But times are changing. Maybe he'd enjoy the Canada Miss Universe Pageant but he wouldn't bring his family because there's a trans contestant and becuse of that there will be lot of men in dresses in the bathrooms attacking children. What a asshat.

Pig of the week, Archaic, transphobic, lying, fear mongering ultra right pandering MP Dean Allison.

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MadPriest said...

I have never heard of case of a transexual person attacking a woman in a bathroom but I have come across many cases of women attacking transexual people. I would think that transexual people are the ones who will be at most risk. Anyway, if a rapist decides to attack a woman, a "women" sign on a door isn't going to stop him.