Becoming Me: Eight Families Share Growing Up With a Transgender Child

"Eight families with transgender and gender non-conforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 share their stories. With the healthy development of their children at stake, parents must confront binary perceptions of gender, widespread transphobia and controversial parenting decisions."

Are you a parent or transgender youth or ally? Perhaps this all is new to you and your just curious? You can communicate with some of the parents and professionals in this movie!

Source Gsfla: "Join us for an hour-long online discussion in the gsfla comments section on April 3, 2012 at 5:30pm Eastern/ 4:30pm Central / 2:30pm PSD. In The Life Media Staff Producer Kathryn Morrison will be online and available to respond to questions and comments. She will be joined by PFLAG National's Transgender Network Coordinator Catherine Hyde, Gender Spectrum Director of Education and Training Joel Baum, and author of the book, "Gender Born, Gender Made," Developmental and Clinical Psychologist Diane Ehrensaft. The discussion is an ideal place for parents, families, friends and advocates of transgender and gender non-conforming children to share their experiences and ask questions.
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