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Morrs house to open

First ever One of a Kind holistic inpatient care of trans identifiy people transitional needs Holistic

Informed consent verses traditional DSM-4 gate keeper model.

Susan Collins a transgender woman will be helping at the Morris house. This opening is special for an number of reasons. First. it is the only inpatient faclity of its kind in the USA to spesifiacly focus on transgender people. The Morris house looks at the whole person taking into account all of the variables and needs associated with transition, substance addiction being biggest reason for transgender death and falutures so the Morris house is born.

Susan when I saw this on your timeline a couple of months ago I became more interested in the Morris house becuse of your personal investment in it.

I would like to learn about you, Susan. Tell us about what brought you to this juction in your life.

The Morris house will be offering services in the following areas. Is substance addiction a requiremnt inorder to be in patient? How will it be determined when a in patient homeless trans person should be discharged? Will Morris house assist that person find housing?

•Addiction Recovery
•Behavioral Health
•Employment & Training

I also understand that Morris house will be assisting in transitional needs for transsexuals. It is a contentious topic within the trans community whether we should be content being pathologized in the DSM or to seek a informed consent route for decideing on whether tnasitioning is in the best intrest of the individual.

How will Morris house approach this and what avanue will your providers use?

As a activist and blogger I have seen time and again the revolving door of homelessness and addiction desicrate our people and as one of those who were flung out. I commend you and Morris House for your work and wish every city hadd a facility like this.

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