"Crossing Over" Undocumented Transgender Immigrants No options but Sex Trade

Within our community it is common knowledge the most vulnerable of transgender people are woman of color and none more so than those who find themselves resorting to survival sex.

Every year the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) ranks are filled with pictures and names of our sisters of color (POC) and other ethnic trans refugees. As much as 70% of those being POC and reading the short history's alongside the names it quickly becomes apparent the vast majority were murdered while engaging in survival sex having been forced into slavery.

And now we can make a difference. Isabel Castro a cisgender student of film making at Tisch School of the Arts has a Kick Starter project to shed light on their plight. By helping to fund this documentary film exposing the horrific trials and tribulations of these three Mexican transgender immigrants, we can make a difference.

She has raised half of the $4,000 needed by December 30th to fund her Kick Starter project. I am asking our transgender community to take action on what we know is the most venerable of our community, undocumented minority transgender woman refugees.

I gave five bucks, will you?
(it feels real good)
Kick Starter


Is Oscar de La Hoya a "Tranny"? No, She's Transgender

I'm not much for celebrity shakedowns so this one flew under the radar.

I became aware of this after reading a story by Nacomprende in Guanabee about Oscar De La Hoya: "I Did Coke, Cheated, And Yes, Dressed Up As Tranny".

The story was the atypical machismo response to what is seen as the ultimate betrayal by a Latino icon. A Boxer admitting he has a feminine side. But try as I might I could not find where Oscar said he dresses like a 'tranny'. That was just random hurtfull defamation thrown in the ring by Nacomprende

So I became curious about gay peoples take on this. Would they see it as some vague affirmation of homosexuality or as it really is, a story of gender variance. Towleroad did a good job talking about Oscar wearing feminine clothing not sensationalizing, but by no fault of their own (not being trans) they missed the real story.

Oscar de La Hoya is deep in denial and when the video was filmed riding to the top of the purge roller coaster.
It's a slow arduous climb Oscar, but when you've reached the top there's only one way to go and its a screaming thrilling seemingly empowering flight to the bottom.

But since you are locked into the rails of denial you will feel empty, untrue and filthy from the drugs at the bottom and to your eyes, at that moment, being the fighter you are the only way out is to climb back to the top.

And your friends and family might believe that you are doing right but in your hearts of hearts lies that fear you are only putting on a charade.

That monster Oscar, is your denial of your gender gift. You can only jab at it for so long but eventually, if you continue considering yourself as your enemy you will end up abusing drugs again. A crackhead. Worst yet, maybe like I was, a heroin addict.

And that monster will win again but the next time your addiction will be that much more powerful and you will suffer horribly. You may not have the money for a Beverly Hills rehab as your life fades before you. You would be better off where I went for rehab. It was called a dropkick rehab because when you got down you just got the fuck out. No pretty sun rises. Room mates drugged up for the first three days to beat jones'ing heroin addictions. Woman getting raped in the rehab by those same people. Not pretty but fucking eye opening and that my friend maybe what you need.

You have true grit Oscar and I know you'll find the courage to dismount the denial roller coaster. You need to be at our place where you feel safe, sober and transgender. Welcome Oscar. Whenever.


American Samoa wins First Ever FIFA game with a GOAL by the First EVER Transgender Footballer

This will thrill you with pride!

Via 101greatgoals "American Samoa’s 2-1 win over Tonga on Wednesday in Oceania World Cup qualifying was not only historic for being the first time they had ever won a competitive game in FIFA competition."

"Incredibly, and this could open up a whole can of worms for Sepp Blatter, American Samoa fielded a transgender footballer called Johnny “Jayieh” Saelua."


Postponed: St Petersburg Legislative Vote on Law To Silence Millions of LGBT people

>>>Update! Gay Russia reports the USA goverment has condemed the proposed legislation. I am so proud!<<<

View the proposed law in English's Here

Gay Russia has a more pragmatic take on the postponement. The article states the second reading was put off until Nov 30th because the legislature couldn't come to a consensus on the fines. Some MP's feel its appropriate to fine 'legal persons' one million rubles or approx US $32,000 penalty for gathering in public places with the intention of "propaganda" advocating for LGBT rights.

Evidently some felt a million Rubles was excessive. After all, that fine would be as obscene as the proposed law is since the medium income in Russia is $7680 effectively making again invisible to the world LGBT Russians since the majority (74%) live in the Moscow St. and Petersburg vicinity. This law would further put at risk millions since Russia proper already has the second highest suicide rate and the countries within its sphere of influence owning 9 of the 10 top spots! This tragic statistic incredulously will be made worst if the draconian legislation is made into law.

Maybe its a combination of factors as Polina believes. Worldwide condemnation. Perhaps a world leader or two have already stepped up to the plate and condemned this proposed atrocious attack on humanity? Maybe disagreeing on the amount the Legislators would find justification in letting the bill die while simultaneously avoiding Putin's wrath?

One thing for certain. This gives us time to martial our forces and respond globally in a unified voice!

Please join the hundreds of thousands who have already signed the petition

Please sign and SHARE the ALL.OUT petition calling on world leaders to take action! Russia: a bill to silence millions


2011 a Tragic TDOR as New Delhi Fire Kills 14 Hospitalizes 40

Today was a tragic day for our family. 40 transgender people died today as they participated at the 2011 New Delhi transgender day of remembrance.

Shortly after the fire occured CNN reported that New Delhi's health minister, A.K. Walia, said an electrical short circuit was believed to have caused the blaze,

One India reported it began in the kitchen. By all accounts our sisters and brothers died a horrifically screaming for help. Our community lost some of our family today. Truly a tragic TDOR and a very sad day. Universally we mourn and offer our condolences.

West Hollywood TDOR Murderer At Large Have You Seen Him?

(Cut and pasted for accuracy sake from L.A. NOW)


This post has been corrected. See the note at the bottom for details.

Authorities continue to search for a man they believe responsible for shooting to death a transgender woman in Hollywood and shooting at another in West Hollywood on Thursday night.
He is described as black, medium-complected, 5-feet-9, 150 pounds with matted hair, light facial hair, skin tags around his eyes and wearing a knit cap. He is possibly a transient and may have been on a bicycle.

Los Angeles police believe he shot and killed Nathan Henry Vickers, 32, on Lexington Avenue, near Gower Street, an area long known for street prostitution. Vickers, known by the street name “Cassidy,” was standing in the street when he was shot shortly before 10 p.m.

About a half-hour later, another transgender woman was shot at during an attempted robbery at Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood. No one was hurt in that incident.

Investigators believe the same man was responsible for both shootings.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact Hollywood homicide detectives at (213) 972-2910, (213) 972-2901 or (213) 972-2912. After hours, call (213) 485-4628.

[For the record, Nov. 19, 10:48 a.m.: An earlier version of this post described the Hollywood slaying victim and West Hollywood individual who was shot at as transgender men. Police on Friday said they were transgender women.]

-- Sam Quinones


Photo: Drawing of suspect in Hollywood shooting. Credit: Los Angeles Police Department


Video: Transgender Tennessee Woman Goes Topless To Protest DMV

A Tennessee transgender woman who went topless in protest of the DMV's refusal to change her gender marker to female has spent 23 days in jail. Andrea Jones, who's driver license identifies her as male was arrested for indecent exposure which according to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-511. Public indecency is

Noted activist blogger Zoe Ellen Brain commented on the wate.com story:
"The Law *can* and does have it both ways. So far, she's spent 23 days in jail for an offence that has a sentence of 2 days. She will probably be found guilty, and put on a sex offender's register as a male, for exposing herself as a female. Logic has nothing to do with it, the idea is to express society's disapproval of those born with medical conditions that make others feel uncomfortable. The persecution is quite deliberate, a matter of policy. // Just look at some of the comments here. // Being in jail, and likely to be so for a while, of course she's lost her job. Regardless of the verdict, she's unlikely to ever get another one. If put on a sex offender's list, forget it - for she's no longer just a Freak, but a sex criminal, a danger to society and a threat to children etc.// This is how Intersex and Trans people are treated in TN, this is not an "isolated case"."
Indeed Zoe, Tennessee citizenry, police and politicians have a history of transphobic and homophobic behaviour, but recently there have been some inspiring local incidents when these same people have stood up for whats right. So the fight for equality goes on and Andrea Jones is asking for help and asks you to email her at berdache1979@ya

Massachusetts Catches Equality Maryland Virus

Transgender activist author Jordan Gwendolyn thinks "its time for a little bit of South Philly straight talk, and this South Philly girl with Jersey provenance is ready to go Jersey on the sellouts".

Cross posted with from amplifyyourvoice.org

"Just when I thought the defeat of HB235 in Maryland sent a message that gender identity should be put on equal footing with race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Massachusetts, AT THE LAST MINUTE, decides to put a non-discrimination bill up for a vote."

"From The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition:"

Over the next 24 hours, it is critical that lawmakers hear from bill supporters!

MassEquality will be phonebanking in support of the bill all day today. And we need volunteers! During phone banks, we talk to constituents and transfer supporters of the bill directly to their lawmakers’ voicemail boxes so they can leave messages in support of the bill. Call Justin at 617.878.2344 to sign up or send him an email!

In the days ahead, you may hear confusing things about this bill. To be clear, this bill provides vital protections in employment, education, housing, credit, and hate crimes which transgender residents of the Commonwealth desperately need. The bill is not perfect as it does not include public accommodations protections, but it is a solid civil rights bill that represents an historic step forward in supporting full civil rights protections for the transgender community.
Gwendolyn continues: "I oppose this bill 1000%. All I want is for every type of discrimination to be illegal, based on gender identity, and for the protections to be coequal, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. I think its time for a little bit of South Philly straight talk, and this South Philly girl with Jersey provenance is ready to go Jersey on the sellouts:" Read why shes so pissed at amplifyyourvoice.org.

Then ask yourself as Monica Roberts has on TransGriot why are "Unjust Trans Rights Bill Advancing In Massachusetts?" Even Queerty is wondering just Why Doesn’t MA’s Trans Rights Bill Protect Trans People From Public Discrimination?

My take on it? A transgender civil rights bill without public accommodations protections doesn't even give us a pot to piss in. Its only worth is the sensationalistic promotional value garnered from its promoter and chief gay.com shill Gunner Scott with whom I have a long history with after I exposed his receiving $25,000 from HRC smack dab in the middle of the HR2015 ENDA crisis.

Like I said then, You don't get money for nothing.

Oh yeah and transphobes and haters because they know a stand alone bill without gay.com's backing for public accommodations doesn't stand a chance of a ice cube in hell.

And of course gay.com who will be thrilled to get the potty problem off their backs now to be considered strictly a 'transgender issue'.

Working Together with Police to Protect and PROMOTE our Transgender Community

Many times crimes against transgender people go unreported. Many times out of ignorance, transgender people are misrepresented and misgendered in police reports only to be amplified by media. With the TDOR at our doorstep this is an amazing video to watch. Please clic-the-pic or link.



DC Trans Day of Action to Demand Police Protection, Accountability and Respect

November 17 Transgender Day of Action
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 14, 2011


Miguel Tuason, glaatuasmig@gmail.com, 571-218-7505

Alison Gardner, alison@venusplusx.org, 202-290-7077


November 17 Transgender Day of Action

Delivers Demands to District Officials

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On November 17 at 1:00 PM, a broad coalition of organizations and concerned DC residents will be hand-delivering written goals, demands, and deadlines aimed at stemming the escalation of violent crimes against Transgender people in the nation’s capital. Starting with Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Cathy Lanier and U.S. District Attorney for Washington, DC (DA USAO) Ron Machen, who oversees the city’s federally-administered justice system, the activists will continue with Mayor Vincent Gray, and all 13 City DC Councilmembers.

WHAT: Transgender Day of Action
WHEN: Tuesday, November 17, 2011, starting at 1 PM
WHERE: MPD Headquarters (300 Indiana Avenue NW) to the US Attorney’s Office (555 4th Street NW)
and City Hall (1350 Pennsylvania Avenue) in Washington, DC
WHY: The Trans community and its allies throughout the city come together to demand change.
HOW: Activists deliver a set of written demands with date certain expectations and consequences.
WITH: Transgender Day of Remembrance at MCC on Sunday @ 5 PM (474 Ridge Street NW)

The grim media reports trumpet the District’s rise in violent crime against Trans people, including two murders this summer, LaShai McClean, 23, on July 20, and Gaurav Gopalan, 35, on September 10, while experts contend that crimes against Trans people are generally underreported or misreported by the police. And, MPD’s clearance rate for assaults and murders involving trans victims is just a quarter of the average rate, 20% versus 80% of crimes solved, respectively, according to Police Chief Lanier.

Late August brought together a dozen community organizations in a coalition called DC TLGB Police Watch, all determined to bring immediate, systemic, and sustainable change to the District. TLGB, rather than LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans people), is part of the group’s name to signal its primary focus on Trans issues. These activists intend to continue bringing public pressure on elected and appointed officials to seriously address this crisis that, sadly, includes anti-Trans violence and unconstitutional profiling by MPD officers.

DC TLGB Watch includes the local organizers of the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, this year scheduled for Sunday, November 20, at the Metropolitan Community Church. Each year the Trans community and its allies solemnly gather to honor murder victims and their families. The Transgender of Action was conceived to honor these victims, as well, by bringing advocacy to the streets and sidewalks.

The still-expanding coalition consists of local and national organizations including DC Trans Coalition (DCTC), Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS), Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance (GLAA), GetEQUAL DC, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, International Socialist Organization (ISO), Cedar Lane UU Church LGBT Task Force, VenusPlusX, Rainbow Response, Transgender Health Empowerment, and Gender Rights Maryland.

We invite you to download the the group’s goals and demands and color Poster, listen to the TransFM interview with Alison Gardner and Ruby Corado regarding the day of action, and find more info at Facebook/Transgender Day of Action or TLGBpolicewatch.tumblr.com.



Call For Transgender Unity After St. Petersburg Russia Anti LGBT Law Proposed!

Google doc English translation

The police simply stand by as St Petersburg pride celebrants were beaten this year but thats not enough for Putin. This purposed amendment to a St Petersburg law would further criminalize public gatherings of LGBT people equate us with pedophiles effectively banning all transgender, lesbian and gay gatherings be it for social functions like a picnic or activism events.

LGBT Asylum News reports Putins national party is enacting regional laws one city at a time shutting and dead locking the closet door.

The world is responding by petitioning the Russian government not to enact this draconian law. This English translation can be found on Moscow resident Anno Komarov's facebook page:

Anno Komarov in brown jacket being led by police from the rally

"Against the adoption of the St. Petersburg law restricting freedom of association, peaceful assembly and freedom of expression
Public law regulation, laws and legislation
St. Petersburg
... Author:
Semenov, AA
Maintained by:
Organizations do not
№ 5832
Gathering signatures.
Документы (1)
Voted (525/19)
Comments (22)
История (2)
Against the adoption of the St. Petersburg law restricting freedom of association, peaceful assembly and freedom of expression
in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Governor Poltavchenko GS COPIES Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, VP Lukin, Commissioner on Human Rights in St. Petersburg, AS Kozyrev Ombudsman for Children in St. Petersburg, SJ Agapitovoy November 11 faction "United Russia" made in the Legislative Assembly amended the Law "On Administrative Offences in St. Petersburg." "United Russia" proposed to introduce administrative liability and impose a fine for public action aimed at the so-called "propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgender," and to promote pedophilia among minors. We, the undersigned, urge you to pay attention to the use of improper language in the law and definitive substitution of concepts. We consider it inadmissible to compare the public mention of homosexuality, bisexuality and trangendernosti propaganda of sexual crimes against minors (pedophilia). We consider it inadmissible to the adoption of this law to homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender as a normative act, which violates the basic rough shape human rights (as well as groups and organizations) to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of international human rights instruments. We believe that the law contributes directly to the feuding and an increase in xenophobic attitudes in society . We ask you not to allow adoption of the Act without proper public hearings, taking into account the full range of scientific views of the Russian and the international community, as well as peer review. We urge the authorities to respect the Constitution, in which the protection of human rights is the highest value. We ask the authorities to pay attention to the significant risk of the consequences that inevitably follow in the event of adoption of this law, namely fomenting xenophobia against homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people, fomenting discord in society and the increase in aggressive mood among the population."

Please sign the petition at Проблема 5832: Против принятия в Санкт-Петербурге закона, ограничивающего свободу объединений, мирны


APA Petitions DSM Task Force to Stop pathologization for Wealth and Power

The American Psychiatric Association Implodes Petitions the DSM task force to Stop Patholigizing for Fame and Fortune!

Exert from the Open Letter "To the DSM-5 Task Force and the American Psychiatric Association:

"As you are aware, the DSM is a central component of the research, education, and practice of most licensed psychologists in the United States. Psychologists are not only consumers and utilizers of the manual, but we are also producers of seminal research on DSM-defined disorder categories and their empirical correlates. Practicing psychologists in both private and public service utilize the DSM to conceptualize, communicate, and support their clinical work."

In other words, psychologists research, write the DSM and earn their living by it.

The letter continues For these reasons, we believe that the development and revision of DSM diagnoses should include the contribution of psychologists, not only as select individuals on a committee, but as a professional community.

This is esentialy what the 9,5000 transgender people and allies said who signed the petition "Objection to DSM-V Committee Members on Gender Identity Disorders" after it was learned Dr. Kenneth Zucker a repratitive therapy proponent was named as Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Chair.

The world wide organization STP2012 believes strongly that the pathologization of transgender people has degraded our lives. Most believe that we have made great strides in the past five years gaining our voice and social equality. Most transgender people be live they transitioned in spite of the DSM which has rendered itself inconsequential only enabling a gate keeper mentality of the few therapists who treated us and providing our opponents cornerstone proof that we are unworthy of equality since after all, we are according to the DSM mentally ill.

The DSM enables the Pathologization of transgender people for fame and wealth and this must stop. Over 2500 transgender people who have signed the petition Remove transgender from the DSM believe this.

For this reason we will be outside the Texas November Texas Psychiatric Convention asking those in attendance to add their names to the their comrades Open Letter to the DSM-5 and call on the DSM task force to heed the European Parliament call on World Health Organizations to stop considering transgender people as mentally ill.

Transgender High School Teens Harassed One Suspended for using the Restroom

FORT COLLINS - Two Fort Collins High School students say they don't feel welcome on campus because they say they're not allowed to use the restrooms they want. Both identify themselves as transgender.

Sixteen-year-old Dionne Malikowski was born male, but she now identifies as transgender. Her friend Kurt Peters, also 16, was born female and says he is transgender as well."
Source 9News.com 9 News.com

"This is who we are we're just like everyone else, normal teenagers."

School officials said there wasn't any official policy regarding transgender students using public faculties. So let me help you out on that. Source: transgenderlaw.org/ndlaws/ColoradoFAQ


Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Board Transphobia Cover up

As reported earlier by the Dallas Voice it was hoped that the largest institution of higher education in Texas, the Dallas County Community college District with about 80-thousand students and 9-thousand employees would add gender expression and identity without debate to its non discrimination policy, but it appears this will not be the case.

It has been common practice in the past that if the administration proposes something and backs it, the board almost always approves it. However this time it was different. The board in a closed door meeting decided not to add transgender protections.

In an effort to explain the boards refusal to consider adding gender identity and expression to their nondiscrimination policy their attorney sent this letter to our lead advocate Rafael McDonnell, Communications and Advocacy Manager, Resource Center Dallas:

McDonnell sent me this in response to the DCCCD letter:
"The DCCCD's decision (claiming that they are covered by the City of Dallas" nondiscrimination policy) is based on two flawed tenets:"

Number one being the City of Dallas’ nondiscrimination ordinance explicitly does not cover governmental institutions, which is interpreted to be any body that in part or whole gets money from taxes.DCCCD gets money from property taxes, so it is exempt (from the Dallas nondiscrimination policy). They would have to amend their policy to specifically include gender identity and gender expression."

"And number two, since DCCCD has several campuses outside of the city of Dallas, there is a question if those campuses would have any sort of coverage based on where they are located. The way the city of Dallas ordinance has been interpreted in the past is that the employees must physically work in the city limits, not just for an organization that is headquartered in the city limits."
Phone calls to the School Chancellor Dr. Wright Lassiter have not been returned as of this time however Ann Hatch media contact for the DCCCD returned my call. After I explained my concerns she contacted the attorneys who had sent McDonnell this letter. She later left a voice mail explaining the lawyers will send McDonnell another letter and apologize for the first letter.

However Hatch said the board of regents decision remains unchanged. The board feels that should a transgender person feel they are being discriminated against they should file a claim under sexual orientation because sexual orientation and gender identity are the same.

The premise that by association with lesbians and gays transgender people are protected in nondiscrimination polices is false. Just two months in ago September a Houston Community College teacher called transgender people “freaks” and “weirdos” and since the Houston School does not have implicit protections for transgender people that 'teacher' may get a talking to, if anything at all.

This is unacceptable, that Houston teacher should have been suspended immediately and would have been had Houston had transgender protections in place.

What would bethe outcome if a teacher at one of the DCCCD colleges were to say black people were 'lazy and smelled bad'?

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies recognize the need to implicitly protect gender expression and identity and call on the DCCCD to implement those protections now.

This evening, the Resource Center Dallas asked DCCCCD Chancellor Wright Lassiter to schedule a Dec. 6 board vote to add transgender nondiscrimination protections for students and employees. Please call his office at 214-378-1601 or email wlassiter@dcccd.edu. and make a similar request.

Dallas County Community College District Facebook page

On Twitter @dcccd


Holland MI Right Wing Fighting for LGBT Equality

As anyone who has traveled to Holland Michigan will confirm its one conservative town. And to the casual observer of the human rights movement the fact that many of the residents are now fighting for LGBT rights seems a oxymoron.

The conservative minister pictured to the right? That's Bill Freeman. He's not espousing anti LGBT rhetoric. He's leading the fight for our rights!

However our conservative advocate allies in Holland are not unique, but they are Americans of the finest caliber. They are the embodiment of true American family values. They join the ground swell of unanticipated advocates who have stepped out of the crowd and declared, we are all equal.

NPR All Things Considered


Transgender and Health Activists to Demonstrate at the Texas Psychiatric Convention

In conjunction with the Global International Campaign to Stop Transgender Pathologization 2012 a group of health and transgender activists will be gathering at the Texas Psychiatric Convention November 12th. We will be drawing attention to transgender demands that we not be pathologized in the revised DSM-5 scheduled to be published in 2013, irregardless of the proposed softening of dichotomy.

Since the majority of participating Psychiatrists are APA members and the conventions curlicium does not include a discussion pertaining to the social responsibilities as physicians to transgender people it is felt a protest would be appropriate.

American Psychiatrists take their cues for treatment of transgender people from the DSM which also strongly influences the World Health Organization ICD which sets the Standards of Care (SOC) for the rest of the globe.

We will be bring attention progress made in Europe. In a statement September 29, 2011 the European Parliament announced it passed a resolution demanding that the World Health Organization stop treating transgender people as mentally ill.

From the Parliaments InterGroup on LGBT Rights : "In a resolution adopted yesterday, the European Parliament has called on the World Health Organization to stop considering transgender people as mentally ill. Gender dysphoria is currently classified as a ‘mental and behavioural disorder’ in the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases. (ICD F-64 Gender identity disorders)"

The text adopted yesterday “calls on the Commission and the World Health Organization to withdraw gender identity disorders from the list of mental and behavioural disorders, and ensure a non-pathologising reclassification in the negotiations on the 11th version of the International Classification of Diseases. (to be release shortly after the revised DSM) ”

Finally, we are directly speaking to all politicians. Our demands are clear:

We demand the removal of transexuality from the mental disorders’ manuals (DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10). To bring the treatments on intersex babies to an end.

We demand our right to change our name and sex in the official documents without having to go through any medical or psychological monitoring. We also think that the State should have no jurisdiction over our names, bodies and our identities.

We take here the words from the feminist movement in their fight for the right to abortion, and the right to your own body: we demand our right to freely decide whether if we want or not to modify our bodies. Our rights to be able to carry on with our decision, with no bureaucratic, political or economical impediments, nor any other type of medical coercion. We want the sanitary systems to take positions regarding the Gender Identity Disorder, for them to recognise the transphobia that this classification implies, and for them to rethink their healthcare programs regarding transexuality, making the psychiatric monitoring an unnecessary step, and the psychotherapeutic monitoring a voluntary option.

We demand also that the surgeries on intersex newborns stop.

We denounce the extreme vulnerability and the difficulties, when accessing the labor market, of the trans community. We demand granted access to the labor market and that specific politics are engaged to end marginalization and discrimination of our community. We also demand health and security conditions for sex workers and the end of the police’s besieging to these persons, as well as sexual traffic.

Vulnerability situations are stressed in cases of immigrant trans persons, who reach our country fleeing from extreme violence situations. We demand the immediate concession of political asylum in these cases, and at the same time we claim that the rights of migrant people are brought to the same level. We denounce the effects of the actual politics on foreign nationals over the most vulnerable social sectors.

While we shout that we are no victims but active beings and with the capacity of deciding over our own identities, we want to remember too all the aggressions, murders, and suicides of trans people due to transphobia. We signal the system guilty of this violence. Silence is complicity.

We finish showing the extreme rigidity with which the male/female binomial is imposed as the solely and exclusive option. Binomial that is built and therefore can be questioned. Our solely existence proves its falseness and points to a plural and diverse reality. Diversity that we dignify today.

When medicine and State define us as disordered, they are proving that our identities, our lifes, deeply disturb their system. That’s why we say that the illness is not in us but within gender binarism.

We make public that the International Network for Trans Depathologization is born to consolidate a worldwide coordination of our first goal: the removal of transexuality from the DSM-IV-TR in 2013. A first step for diversity, a first knock to transphobia.

For the diversity of our bodies and identities!

Transphobia makes us ill!