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Video: Transgender Tennessee Woman Goes Topless To Protest DMV

A Tennessee transgender woman who went topless in protest of the DMV's refusal to change her gender marker to female has spent 23 days in jail. Andrea Jones, who's driver license identifies her as male was arrested for indecent exposure which according to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-511. Public indecency is

Noted activist blogger Zoe Ellen Brain commented on the story:
"The Law *can* and does have it both ways. So far, she's spent 23 days in jail for an offence that has a sentence of 2 days. She will probably be found guilty, and put on a sex offender's register as a male, for exposing herself as a female. Logic has nothing to do with it, the idea is to express society's disapproval of those born with medical conditions that make others feel uncomfortable. The persecution is quite deliberate, a matter of policy. // Just look at some of the comments here. // Being in jail, and likely to be so for a while, of course she's lost her job. Regardless of the verdict, she's unlikely to ever get another one. If put on a sex offender's list, forget it - for she's no longer just a Freak, but a sex criminal, a danger to society and a threat to children etc.// This is how Intersex and Trans people are treated in TN, this is not an "isolated case"."
Indeed Zoe, Tennessee citizenry, police and politicians have a history of transphobic and homophobic behaviour, but recently there have been some inspiring local incidents when these same people have stood up for whats right. So the fight for equality goes on and Andrea Jones is asking for help and asks you to email her at berdache1979@ya