Demand Freedom for Pussy Riot NOW!

Pussy Riot has been on the cutting edge demanding freedom and change in Russia and has paid dearly for it in the past. Recently some of the band members were beaten and stripped of clothing and abandoned in the forest north of Moscow after a protest in Red Square. That happened before they were known outside the countries borders. Not now, Putin, we know who they are. And we know who you are too. (no more fucking crocodile tears, please)

Read more at freepussyriot.org and find out about the petition on Tabula Magazine.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Wisconsin "Inmate Sex Change Prevention Act"

Wisconson prisons will no longer be allowed to refuse transsexual inmates transitional care on the grounds they consider it "bizarre taxpayer-funded sex change procedures" and "prison extreme makeovers".

From the ACLU blog:
"The law prevented prison doctors from ever prescribing transition-related medical treatment, including hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery, to transgender prisoners. In May 2010, a federal district court struck the law down as unconstitutional and in August 2011, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. The third and final act of this legal drama was the U.S. Supreme Court's denial of certiorari on Monday."

"At trial, Wisconsin made the disturbing argument that this law was really for the good of the transgender prisoners, since denying them hormone therapy prevented or reduced the feminizing affects of that medication thereby reducing the risk of their assault by the male prisoners with whom they were housed."

Read the whole article on the ACLU blog Victory at the End of a Six-Year Transgender Rights Struggle


Shrek The Musical Teaching Children To Its OK to Say "Tranny"?!

Is the stage adaptation of Shrek teaching children to say words that kill? According to Robert Cushman, theatre critic for the National that's exactly whats happening. Cushman reviewed it's Toronto opening saying;
"I did, though, warm to the eviction complaint of the Three Little Pigs that “zey blew our condos down.” On the other hand having the Big Bad Wolf lament that “they tore my cotton granny dress / and called me a hot ’n’ tranny mess” suggests that this supposed kids’ show may not be quite sure of its audience, and also that it doesn’t always know what a rhyme is."
And who would think that saying the 'T' word in its most dehumanizing sense is amusing, quaint and endearing? Cushman noted earlier in his review the scenario created by the little pigs/ big bad wolf was a amusing theatrical adaptation of right wing homophobia.

But in all likelihood it's a potentially deadly example of gay transphobia.

Read Cushman's review in full and if you think wrong to teach children to say words that kill send a email to the theatrical producers of Shrek, NETworks Presentations, Inc. and post a note on their Facebook wall.

Happy Birthday Livvy James !

Livvy James, who at 10 began transition despite cruel media attention has turned eleven years old today. You can wish her a happy birthday on her facebook page and I know she'd love it if you would sign her petition asking the media not to kill anymore with transgender defamation such as "Tranny". (I don't know why the petition link isn't working but I'll find out, sorry) but she and her mother have made some great videos to watch.

You can read about Livvy for free in Frock! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LIVVY!


DC Transgender Crime: The Epidemic Permission To Murder

Why has there been so many crimes against transgender people in the capitol of our country? I would like to think it would be among the safest and most enlightened cities, but the opposite is true.

To be transgender in DC is to live in utter fear everyday. That fact is partially our fault. Like it or not, we must first take responsibility for our lives and actions before any substantial reduction in violence will happen.

What that means.

Fight transgender 'equality' bills that exclude public accommodations. Killers view that as permission to murder.

Join with your community to confront hate from within your cities police force.

No illegal drugs.

Watch how late you stay out and especially if you travel on mass transport be careful, please.

Don't pick up guys in bars and bring them home.

Stop prostituting yourself (if you are).

I fully understand how hard it is to reenter the workforce after legal transition. It can take years to reestablish credibility. You might need the support of friends, food banks, community and church before being allowed even to work part time, as was my case. and if all else fails you have a friend in Dallas, know that. email me at kellibusey@yahoo.com and I will do everything I can to help.

latest assault was never considered a hate crime

Yet some DC universities interfere with educating the public.

Boys Don't Cry

I haven't seen this yet. Have you?

Boys Don't Cry (film) From Wikipedia


ChaCha Quiz Dares you to To Decide (Fake) Transgender or (Cisgender) Real Woman

The ChaCha quiz challenges you to prove your (manly) or (womanly) misogynistic transphobic cissexuism elitism by being able to distinguish between real Woman and transgender fakers.

Click the start button you can take the test, if you are man enough or (woman) enough to take the challenge.

You will be asked to decide if these delightful woman, like the one on the left, is a (fake) Transgender or a (real) cisgender woman.

I failed miserably at being a misogynistic sexually immature adolescent obsessed with genitalia, as you can see.
ChaCha claims to have authoritative content by describing its web rankings and popularity with a large segment of society. Transgender people know all too well we are a under represented minority, and that ChaCha appeals to the majority of cisgender people with this misogynistic transphobic tripe comes as no suprise to us..
Furthermore, ChaCha fails show any empirical proof or even provide links to sites validating their contention they have authoritative content.

I suppose ChaCha purpose in displaying the picture to the right below the quiz results sums it up. If you have a cock you must be a (man) and a pussy, a (woman).

In other words ChaCha is full of itself (shit).

Read a insightful take on this on Penny's blog and please sign her petition to remove this transphobic misgendering quiz from their site.


Agnes Torres Mexican Transgender Activist Burnt Alive: Should I Fear?

Just 20 hours of driving time separates me from the location Agnes Torres, a leader of Mexican Transgender people, was brutally murdered

I work and sleep every day in very close proximity to people who have just crossed the border into the united states from Mexico. Some legally, some undocumented seeking asylum and some undoubtedly brutal murderers.

As a transgender activist I am a fairly public person. Although I am nowhere the activist Agnes was, I don't think that fact would dissuade people intent on terrorizing transgender people from attacking me.

Should I acquiescent to tyranny?

Regardless of how I react to her murder and the recent deluge of horrifying violence being committed against us there is a rally and vigil for Agnes in Chicago.

Rest in peace Agnes Torres.


HRC Cash Cow Goldman Sachs Director Quits "Toxic and Destructive" Company

For HRC its all about the money. The board of directors wouldn't give a rats ass about the human condition or transgender people unless doing so made them money. Millions of dollars in fact.

Joe Annino and Jeffrey Marx, unofficial leaders of Queering OWS, tell me their reasons for organizing a protest outside of the Human Rights Campaign's swanky 2012 dinner gala.

So why would HRC an organization who's name suggests it defends human rights get into bed with the very man who made 76 million dollars on the destruction of our retirements and shattering of our economy in 2007?

I for one lost my 401k that year. I will work until my dieing day thanks in part to this greedy bastard.

HRC is a morally corrupt entity which will do anything for money including helping this company present itself as good will ambassadors.

Want the details? More at Think Progress and Matt Tabbi on the Rolling Stone.

I hope that HRC takes note that Goldman Sachs lost 2.15 billion dollars the day after being exposed on the New York Times by its former director.

2.15 BILLION Dollars HRC! That's how Goldman Sachs investors reacted, how about you're prey, the people you have hoodwinked? Think they read the NYT too? I know some of them read this blog and have told me how surprised and disappointed they are in you.


Dear 15 Year Old Me - Letters of Hope for LGBT Teens

Dear 15 year old me,

I know there was no way for you to escape the beatings administered to make you manly. Dear 15 year old me, but step away from your self for a second and realize that wasn't love. Step away and know that contrary to what you were told, impossible as it may seem, believe in your feminine self with your heart on your sleeve, believe. Just believe.

Kelli Anne Busey, transgender woman, age 53

A friend is Introducing a novel concept to give hope to our LGBT youth and I would love to share it with you.....

Welcome to Dear 15 Year Old Me - Letters of Hope for LGBT Teens

Being a teenager is tough, to say the least, but for many LGBT teens, it is the most painful time in their lives. Often, these kids are just beginning to understand and accept their sexual orientation or gender identity for themselves, and they’re doing so in a world filled with dangerous bullying and venomous homophobia and transphobia. How can they uncover their true selves when doing so could mean hateful emotional attacks, or even the possibility of physical harm?

We want to offer these young people hope by sharing with them stories about how, not only does it get better…not only will they survive, but it can be better NOW, and they can thrive.

Will it be easy for them? No, there will be struggles, to be sure. But by sharing your story of survival, perhaps you can inspire a young person to hold on when they want to give up. It could be the letter that YOU write that will help them find a way to cope with the loneliness, the alienation and the heartache of defining themselves in a world that says they aren’t worth definition. Your story of survival could save a life.

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender adult, please consider adding your letter to our project. In time, we hope to have enough letters to publish a book that could become a valuable resource for LGBT youth around the world.

Write your letter and and send it to your 15 year old me. And find your 15 year old me on Facebook.



Not Guilty Says Kenneth Furr Drunk DC Cop who Shot at Transsexuals

The police officer who was arrested for standing on the hood of a car firing shots at the transgender people inside, has entered a plea of not guilty.

As absurd as this may seem since so many witness have come forward the comments found on that article make sense of this:

"He was drinking, trying to pick up a hooker, he was armed and started shooting. Yep. Not guilty."

... "He's counting on one or more of the following: an inept D.A.'s office messing up their case, his fellow officers "misplacing" evidence, or witness tampering (aka: "bribes"). "

No wonder the DC Trans Coalition accused the DC Police Chief for "Abdicating" Responsibilities.


Khloe Kardashian: We Don't Talk Like That In Texas, "Homo" and "Tranny" Don't Fly

Khloe Kardashian, a newcomer to Dallas said in this video she never felt such a sincere welcome as she did when she arrived here from LA attributing the hugs to southern hospitality.
Well, I think I can speak for most Texans and say we are glad you feel at home here Khloe. Welcome, but......

.....the next thing we know you're calling people homo's and using the "T" word while hosting on Mix 102.9 Radio. Then you went on to proclaim herself the 'queen bee' of our community to validate your're use of LGBT defamation. Listen to the audio of the show below......

Well Khloe, here some genuine southern advice. Here gay, transgender and allied people talk respectfully about each other. We don't defame transgender people with 'tranny', and we do not call people 'homo's as you did on your radio show. If you truly want to be a 'queen bee' you first must work in the hive, learn how people act and gain our respect.


Ryder Morrison: Not You're Generic Pop Star!

I had the pleasure of interviewing upcoming pop singer song writer Ryder Morrison for the March issue Frock Magazine and I'd like to share some of that.

Ryder Morrison (formerly known as Ryder Monroe) is more than just an up and coming recording star, she is a transgender woman doing a unique form of advocacy with her talents.

She is also a transgender person who realized that her potential far exceeded the conditions imposed on her by society. She used that knowledge and faith in herself to begin transitioning into who we know today, an exciting vibrant gifted woman. The next big thing!

Kelli: Ryder, thank you for interviewing with Frock. When we connected on
Twitter I visited your Sound Cloud site. You have a extraordinarily
beautifully voice, with a rich masculine texture but there's a layered
quality that makes it special. You are transgender so your femininity
shines through.

Many of us including myself, are reluctant to use the telephone. Its
embarrassing to have to constantly remind people to call us by
feminine pronouns so the thought of making music would seem

Please tell us about your experiences in the music industry marketing
your voice having recently signed with a label.

Ryder: "Mach 1 Music, headed by super-producer Eddie Galan is a publishing company that recently signed me as a songwriter. I'm still actively looking for a contract as a recording artist, and building fan base through youtube, performing, and LGBT* outreach."

"Marketing my voice with a label as a singer has been difficult. When people
first hear my music they are intrigued and impressed at the artist but when they find out that the rich, rock-infused tenor is coming from a beautiful woman, they are almost always confused as the sound is coming from a man, so they think. It never fails. I always get the question,

"But this is a guy singing!?" and the point where I'm forced to come out as
trans* arrives much quicker than I'd typically prefer."

"I've rarely had anyone come outright with their bigotry upon learning of my
transgender status. I get a lot of "I don't want to judge," and "I still love your
music and think you are so talented!" but at the end of the day, once producers and managers learn of my trans* status I can never get a retweet, an email response, or a call back."

"My regular speaking voice, as people can hear in my youtube videos or in
every day conversation with me, is very feminine and actually nothing like my edgy, raspy, singingvoice. What people don't understand is how much muscle control it takes to train a once male-sounding voice to achieve a naturally feminine, passable range.
Almost every trans* singer will tell you it's impossible to train your singing voice in the same waywe can with our speaking voice and maintain the quality and control needed to be successful in the first place. I'd rather be able to sing naturally, and sing well than lose my skill level and authenticity in sounding "female". Unfortunately it's a catch 22for any transgender artist looking to breakthrough in the mainstream music industry."

Kelli: For many Male to Female transsexuals our voices have seemed an almost
insurmountable obstacle to achieving the older concept of 'passing', a
fact not missed as we were humiliated recently by Neil Patrick Harris.

Ryder: "I hate the way that people view our community as a whole, even within the LGBT* community, and amongst our supposed "allies". Public figures have been quick to humiliate and deride transgender people as sub-human, and less-than in their rants and more "light-hearted" jokes. A good example of this are noted celebrities Neil Patrick Harris and Kelly Osbourne."

"It upsets me that organizations that are meant to protect the integrity of our community are quick to give these celebrities a pass, and a pat on the back after receiving a quick apology that was more than likely career and politically motivated. Not to mention the so eloquently written articles and blogs these celebrities write in their support of the LGBT* community, which I'm more than convinced are headed up by their PR people. People forget how much words do have an impact. Transgender people are brutally murdered every day, and it's attitudes like the ones the celebrities have matched with the careless tossing around of words to mass media outlets that further fuels this hatred and disgust of transgender people. It's not fair, it's not right and I am so ready to have my soapbox to infect this industry with change."

"In the past, gender non-conforming artists like David Bowie, Billy Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, and even more recently Jefree Star, have been able to easily gain mainstream acceptance and popularity. It's totally baffling and frustrating that as a transwoman I'm looked at in a completely different way. I live my life authentically and everything I am is represented in my artistry and my advocacy. I aim to be America's first transgender pop star and I know this goal is achievable with the support of the LGBT* community here in the states and abroad."


Ryder, I for one will stand with you and do everything I can to see that your dreams are realized.

Interview continues on Frock

Ryder facebook and Ryder Morrison on Twitter


Open Letter to WBAP Arlington Texas: Drop Rush Limbaugh

Although in truthfulness, I am not a fan of talk radio, I have always been less a fan of Rush Limbaugh. And now he has crossed the line of human decency using his media platform of which your radio station is a part of to slander a young woman.

Limbaugh brags he has a network of 600 Radio Stations. to amplify his word.

As I am sure you are aware of, Limbaugh used your radio station to call Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" for testifying in front of congress in favor of publicly funded contraceptives.

Limbaugh stated on the air if she wanted to get publicly funded contraceptives he wanted something for his money, he wanted to watch her having sex. That's sick.

And he said that on your radio station.

Rush Limbaugh's words have have enraged people of all political and religious beliefs.

As of this posting Limbaugh has lost six sponsors, been rebuked by the Catholic University Ms. Fluke attends and even the president of the United States who has consoled Ms. Fluke in response to Limbaugh's attack.

As a resident of Arlington and a fellow Texan I as you to please discontinue broadcasting this mans hateful rhetoric.

Thank you,

Kelli Ann Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA)