Supreme Court Strikes Down Wisconsin "Inmate Sex Change Prevention Act"

Wisconson prisons will no longer be allowed to refuse transsexual inmates transitional care on the grounds they consider it "bizarre taxpayer-funded sex change procedures" and "prison extreme makeovers".

From the ACLU blog:
"The law prevented prison doctors from ever prescribing transition-related medical treatment, including hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery, to transgender prisoners. In May 2010, a federal district court struck the law down as unconstitutional and in August 2011, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. The third and final act of this legal drama was the U.S. Supreme Court's denial of certiorari on Monday."

"At trial, Wisconsin made the disturbing argument that this law was really for the good of the transgender prisoners, since denying them hormone therapy prevented or reduced the feminizing affects of that medication thereby reducing the risk of their assault by the male prisoners with whom they were housed."

Read the whole article on the ACLU blog Victory at the End of a Six-Year Transgender Rights Struggle

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