ChaCha Quiz Dares you to To Decide (Fake) Transgender or (Cisgender) Real Woman

The ChaCha quiz challenges you to prove your (manly) or (womanly) misogynistic transphobic cissexuism elitism by being able to distinguish between real Woman and transgender fakers.

Click the start button you can take the test, if you are man enough or (woman) enough to take the challenge.

You will be asked to decide if these delightful woman, like the one on the left, is a (fake) Transgender or a (real) cisgender woman.

I failed miserably at being a misogynistic sexually immature adolescent obsessed with genitalia, as you can see.
ChaCha claims to have authoritative content by describing its web rankings and popularity with a large segment of society. Transgender people know all too well we are a under represented minority, and that ChaCha appeals to the majority of cisgender people with this misogynistic transphobic tripe comes as no suprise to us..
Furthermore, ChaCha fails show any empirical proof or even provide links to sites validating their contention they have authoritative content.

I suppose ChaCha purpose in displaying the picture to the right below the quiz results sums it up. If you have a cock you must be a (man) and a pussy, a (woman).

In other words ChaCha is full of itself (shit).

Read a insightful take on this on Penny's blog and please sign her petition to remove this transphobic misgendering quiz from their site.

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