Khloe Kardashian: We Don't Talk Like That In Texas, "Homo" and "Tranny" Don't Fly

Khloe Kardashian, a newcomer to Dallas said in this video she never felt such a sincere welcome as she did when she arrived here from LA attributing the hugs to southern hospitality.
Well, I think I can speak for most Texans and say we are glad you feel at home here Khloe. Welcome, but......

.....the next thing we know you're calling people homo's and using the "T" word while hosting on Mix 102.9 Radio. Then you went on to proclaim herself the 'queen bee' of our community to validate your're use of LGBT defamation. Listen to the audio of the show below......

Well Khloe, here some genuine southern advice. Here gay, transgender and allied people talk respectfully about each other. We don't defame transgender people with 'tranny', and we do not call people 'homo's as you did on your radio show. If you truly want to be a 'queen bee' you first must work in the hive, learn how people act and gain our respect.

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