HRC Cash Cow Goldman Sachs Director Quits "Toxic and Destructive" Company

For HRC its all about the money. The board of directors wouldn't give a rats ass about the human condition or transgender people unless doing so made them money. Millions of dollars in fact.

Joe Annino and Jeffrey Marx, unofficial leaders of Queering OWS, tell me their reasons for organizing a protest outside of the Human Rights Campaign's swanky 2012 dinner gala.

So why would HRC an organization who's name suggests it defends human rights get into bed with the very man who made 76 million dollars on the destruction of our retirements and shattering of our economy in 2007?

I for one lost my 401k that year. I will work until my dieing day thanks in part to this greedy bastard.

HRC is a morally corrupt entity which will do anything for money including helping this company present itself as good will ambassadors.

Want the details? More at Think Progress and Matt Tabbi on the Rolling Stone.

I hope that HRC takes note that Goldman Sachs lost 2.15 billion dollars the day after being exposed on the New York Times by its former director.

2.15 BILLION Dollars HRC! That's how Goldman Sachs investors reacted, how about you're prey, the people you have hoodwinked? Think they read the NYT too? I know some of them read this blog and have told me how surprised and disappointed they are in you.

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