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HRC Cash Cow Goldman Sachs Director Quits "Toxic and Destructive" Company

For HRC its all about the money. The board of directors wouldn't give a rats ass about the human condition or transgender people unless doing so made them money. Millions of dollars in fact.

Joe Annino and Jeffrey Marx, unofficial leaders of Queering OWS, tell me their reasons for organizing a protest outside of the Human Rights Campaign's swanky 2012 dinner gala.

So why would HRC an organization who's name suggests it defends human rights get into bed with the very man who made 76 million dollars on the destruction of our retirements and shattering of our economy in 2007?

I for one lost my 401k that year. I will work until my dieing day thanks in part to this greedy bastard.

HRC is a morally corrupt entity which will do anything for money including helping this company present itself as good will ambassadors.

Want the details? More at Think Progress and Matt Tabbi on the Rolling Stone.

I hope that HRC takes note that Goldman Sachs lost 2.15 billion dollars the day after being exposed on the New York Times by its former director.

2.15 BILLION Dollars HRC! That's how Goldman Sachs investors reacted, how about you're prey, the people you have hoodwinked? Think they read the NYT too? I know some of them read this blog and have told me how surprised and disappointed they are in you.


EQMD mounts HRC assisted ATTACK on Transgender People ACT NOW!

Equality Maryland's director Morgan Meneses-Sheets is using all of EQMD's membership might to bulldoze the Maryland Transgender community 6 feet under placing this headstone to commemorate our murders.

HB235 without public accommodations protections is a killer. Equality Maryland knows this, has shut dissenting transgender and marriage advocates out and has mounted a massive HRC sponsored drive to plant that headstone on our graves!

Nationwide CALLOUT to trans people call these delegates whether you live in Maryland or not TODAY! Help us counter the massive burial power of GAY.COM!

The committee vote could come as early as today!

Committee Chair Peter A Hammen (D, Dist. 46, Southeast and South Baltimore)
(410) 841-3772, (301) 858-3772)

Committee Ranking Member ROBERT COSTA (R, Dist. 33B, Anne Arundel Co)
(410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551

Subcommittee Chair Dan Morhaim (D, Dist. 11, Baltimore County)
(410) 841-3054, (301) 858-3054

Subcommittee Ranking Member Nicholaus Kipke (R, Dist. 31, Anne Arundel Co)
(410) 841-3421, (301) 858-3421

Delegate John P Donoghue D, Dist. 2C, Washington County
410) 841-3125, (301) 858-3125

Delegate Shawn Z. Tarrant, D, Dist. 40, Baltimore City
(410) 841-3545, (301) 858-3545

Delegate Veronica Turner (D, Dist. 26, Prince George's County)
(410) 841-3212,(301) 858-3212,

Delegate ERIC M. BROMWELL (D, Dist. 8, Baltimore County)
(410) 841-3766, (301) 858-3766

Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (D, Dist. 41, Baltimore City)
(410) 841-3283, (301) 858-3283


HRC and Youthfirst Texas

An article posted in the Dallas voice by Wayne Arnold Jones titled "Where your Money Goes" may be read by clicking the title.

Mr Arnold's article first draws to attention what one benefactor of the Dallas Black tie, Youthfirst of Texas where I volunteer at, must do in order to be a recipient of the $38,000 dollars(US) it received in 2007 from the Dallas Black Tie.

He next draws attention to the salaries that Joe Solmonese and the seven highest paid HRC executives received last year.

YouthFirst must Generate (tabling) $14,500 dollars to receive $38,000 dollars.

Joe Solmonese compensation was $259,096 in 2007.

The seven highest-paid officers received $1,274,989 in 2007.

The 2007 Dallas Black Tie generated 1.27 million .

Is it just coincidence that the salries of these rich people = the gross of the Dallas Black Tie?

Is everyone ok with this?