ENDA S.1584 UPDATE 8/31/09 We 12 Need VOTES!

Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Inclusive ENDA
Email 18 Critical Senators

We're almost there, kids. We have 95% of the gas we need to get there in the House, but only 80% of what we need in the Senate. Face it, you're going to have to get out and push at some point.

To help you, here the scoop on what's happening in the Senate, followed by email links and telephone numbers after the jump. Print this out and paste it on your wall. Play "ENDA: The Home Edition" by ticking off the Senators as they come on board. You'll get a prize if you collect all 60!
Okay, gang, here's what's going on. We need 60 votes to win against a likely Republican filibuster. There are 48 Senators with confirmed yes votes on S.1584. The game is a treasure hunt to find another twelve votes so it can pass. Can you find all twelve?

Thirteen of the Senators with unconfirmed positions have track records that include co-sponsorship of legislation containing the language of sexual orientation and gender identity. (See the Senate spreadsheet for info on that track record. Their local district telephone numbers are set out below so that you may contact them. If you click on the name, you will get a link to their email page.

(If you prefer to call them in DC, the telephone number is 202-224-3121.)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) 907-271-3735
Sen. Blanche Lincoln
(D-AR) 870-910-6896
Sen. Michael F. Bennet
(D-CO) 719-328-1100
Sen. Thomas R. Carper
(D-DE) 302-674-3308
Sen. Ted Kaufman
(D-DE) 302-424-8090
Sen. Evan Bayh
(D-IN) 812-218-2317
Sen. Richard G. Lugar
(R-IN) 812-465-6313
Sen. Mary Landrieu
(D-LA) 504-589-2427
Sen. Kay Hagan
(D-NC) 336-333-5311
Sen. John Ensign
(R-NV) 702-388-6605
Sen. George Voinovich
(R-OH) 216-522-7095
Sen. Tim Johnson
(D-SD) 605-226-3440
Sen. Jay Rockefeller, IV
(D-WV) 304-253-9704

The following five Senators are also considered potentially supportive based on their track records.

Sen. Mark Pryor
(D-AR) 501-324-6336
Sen. Bill Nelson
(D-FL) 850-942-8415
Sen. Max Baucus
(D-MT) 406-756-1150
Sen. Kent Conrad
(D-ND) 701-852-0703
Sen. Robert C. Byrd
(D-WV) 304-264-4626

If at least twelve of these eighteen Senators come on board, as seems likely, then S.1584 will pass the Senate.
Email them, call them, get them on board for S.1584!
And, if haven't already, join our Inclusive ENDA campaign on Facebook. (Link: http://bit.ly/endanow)

Posted here on Bileric Poject Click Here To Email 18 Crucial Senators on ENDA

Epworth United Methodist Church To Rev. David Weekley: All Means All!

The United Methodist Church is perceived by many as a denomination that discriminates openly against LGBT people.

The Methodists, who have as recently as the 2008 conference reconfirmed its legal right as a religious institution to discriminate, have been challenged in that conscript by a small Oregon church in their affirming love for it's own pastor as he came out as the second openly transgender minister.

Much to Pastor Weekley's amazement his church of 27 years threw it's arms wide open in love and affirmation after learning of his transition. The Epworth Methodist Church's congregation is composed of people who live the incredibly difficult, but richly rewarding reconciling process in their daily lives. The memories of injustices of heart and soul are confronted daily as many faced hysterical persecution becuse of there ethnicity which resulted in 'resettlement' prior to World War Two. Because of that injustice, and what truly lays in the hearts of this congregation, they have long ago transcended bigotry!

What we might learn here could literally save our world.

Please read more about the 'Congregation embraces transgender minister as his secret is revealed' at the Beaverton Valley Times.

MLK’s 1964 address to the Methodist Student Movement

I was called to the 2008 Methodist Conference and attended with Soulforce.

Soulforce to Mark 10th Anniversary in 2008 with Direct Action at United Methodist General Conference

by Kelli Busey/planetransgender/August 31,2009


TABC Chief Moreno Fires Agents, Fort Worth Police offer appology. JUSTICE?

TABC fires and suspends and amends policy. Fort Worth police offer Apology. Justice unfinished.

By kelli Busey/planetransgender/August 28, 2009.

Heavy disciplinary action was announced today by the Chief of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). According to the August 28 TABC Press Release Chief of Field Operations Joel Moreno has fired agents Christopher Aller, Agent Trainee Jason Chapman and Sgt. Terry Parsons.

TABC officers not exempt.

Fort Worth District Lt. Gene Anderson has been notified that he will receive three days suspension without pay and six months probation and Captain Robert "Charlie" Cloud has received a written reprimand.

Fort Worth Police Officers Exempt from the law.

The Fort Worth Police officers instigated this illegal action while wearing uniforms misidentifying them as state police. According to the report, which is contrary to all other accounts, filed by Officer Gober they were sexually molested and assaulted while they initially enter the Rainbow Lounge.

This STINKS of cohersion, outright LIES and latent homosexuality exploding into extreme Violence.

The TABC officers while far from guiltless they were simply the victims of there own homophobia and allowed themselves to be buffoned by the Fort Worth Police into breaking the law. Now are they the (Fall Guys)?

No Fort Worth Police regulations were broken because there were none in place governing TABC joint actions according to Fort Worth Chief Halstead.

Police report available( here as .pdf)

At this time planetransgender is not aware of any disciplinary actions taken by The Fort Worth Police how ever Chief Jeff Halstead has issued an apology and promised to institute new regulations by September that should curtail unapproved, unsupervised and arbitrary use of armed force and brutality against LGBT people in the future.

For that I am grateful. But Chief Halstead's police officers were at a minimum as fully involved as the TABC agents. Concrete action by the FT. Worth police? They hired another cop purportedly as a liaison.

Break my head=hire more cops. Where is the justice?

On the web


TABC Press Release

TABC Chief Moreno Takes Action Following Rainbow Lounge Investigation

Transgender Resources in Dallas Texas

Resources for transgender, Queer, Intersexed, and Questioning people in Dallas Texas. We are a dynamic, powerful community so frequent updates will be required to maintain this page and input is invited.

Discrimination is against the law within the city of Dallas in the workplace, housing, the City emergency shelter 'The Bridge' and public areas based on gender expression.

Fair Housing Office - Human Rights Compliance 'definitions'
"Sexual Orientation – means an individual’s real or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender."

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies working with city managers crafted a transgender inclusive policy for emergency shelter at "The Bridge" which is managed by the
Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance The Bridge personal are required to honor your self described gender expression and treat you with dignity and the respect you deserve.

If you feel you have been discriminated against for your gender expression at "The Bridge" please email me kelli@yahoo.com and/or John Wright News Editor wright@dallasvoice.com

My home group Alcohol anonymous GLBTIQ(AA)sponsored by Lambda Legal

Gear, Gender Education Advocacy Resources sponsors the Transgender Helpline / 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, 6 – 8:30 p.m. 214-528-0144

Counselors for Transgender, Questioning and Gender Queer

Feleshia Porter Gender Identity, Gender Transition, Sexual Identity, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Individual & Group Therapy

Substance abuse

Pride Institute LGBT mental health and chemical dependency. [note. The local care facility was closed but many people are successfully referred to and treated at the remaining Pride facilities.]

Youth Groups

YouthFirst Texas Youth First Texas is the only non-profit organization in Dallas exclusively committed to providing social services, education opportunities, and recreational activities to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (GLBTQ) Youth through age 22.

GLESN Dallas The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

COLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/sCOLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We build community and work toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy.

Transgender Organizations - Metroplex
[compiled 2005 some links maybe outdated]

Religious institutions who are transgender and/or welcome TIQ people Transgender Churches In the DFW

Affordable Hormone (HRT) clinic

Transgender Health Night / 3rd Monday of each month, 6:00pm at Nelson-Tebedo Health Resource Center (click for map). Low-cost lab work and access to medical staff (referral may be required at a doctor's discretion).

Radio Sin Fronteras 'Sin Fronteras' (Without Borders): A bilingual radio program with Music (English, Spanish, World Beat), News, Commentary, lnterviews, Gossip y pues--todo de mas!

Dallas Fort Worth Tri-Ess Chapter - Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Heterosexual crossdresser organization. Includes meeting, membership, contact information and a calendar of events.

Dallas chapter: Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Glaad Dallas Glaad's name could easily be Gal+b+T+I+Q+Qad. But for sanity's sake Glaad works!

Dallas office Lambda Legal

Dallas Human Rights Campaign (HRC) web site

The Gay and Lesbian Task Force national conference Think Big and Live Large at Creating Change in Dallas Texas! Feb 3-7 2010

Transgender law.org

North Texas Gender Friends

Gender Power

The Premier Media Source For LGBT Texans The Dallas Voice

.Vanity Transformations Studio is in Houston but has a online services avalable also.


Singleton sentenced to 75 years

The second man to stand trial for the beating of Jimmy Lee Dean is sentenced to 75 years and according to John Wright of the Dallas Voice Bobby Singleton age 30 will not be eligible for parole for 37 1/2 years.

Stay tuned for the Dallas Voice's Friday edition for full coverage.

Iowa's 24 Hours to Counter NOM's $100,000 Advertisement Blitz

Freedom loving Iowans need our help. NOM or 'normalization of marriage' a New Jersey organization believed to be a front for the Church of the Latter Day Saints {LDS) has contributed over $90,000 dollars to saturate the airwaves of Iowa with advertisements for politicians who would strip Iowa of it's hard earned Marriage Equality.

With only days to go our organizers on the ground say the next 24 hours are crucial. We're being outgunned on the airwaves and we're scrambling to see that we have the funds needed to respond. Your support today could make all the difference between a win and a loss.

If Stephen Burgmeier wins this election, it will be spun as a victory for anti-gay marriage opponents in Iowa and across the country. We can't let this happen! Send a strong message to extremists who seek to buy elections in Iowa and across the country: Your anti-gay rhetoric has no place in the civil discussion!
PS - Our organizers on the ground report we're beating our goals for absentee ballots returned. That's a good sign, but NOM's ads have fired up the right-wing base. We expect them to turn out in droves next Tuesday. Contribute now to make sure our supporters know what's at stake!

Brittany Novotny considers a run against Rep. Sally Kern

Meet Councilor Brittany Novotny of Oklahoma City, a transgender woman and possible challenger for homophobic and transphobic Sally Kern's House seat. Brittany speaks of transition and being a transgender woman. Apologies for sound quality.

Audio of Kern's infamous transphobic tirade. Sally Kern is reviled for her hate of people who are unlike her. What you're about to hear is a portion of a jaw-dropping speech delivered by an Oklahoma State Representative at a gathering in her district. This is what they say when they think we're not listening. Learn more at victoryfund.org/listening

Queerty Meet Sally Kern's Opposition: A Transgender Oklahoma City Attorney

Gossip Boy Speech for Marriage Equality

Good as you Kern they are going after two year olds


Knox County Schools bows to ACLU Suit and allows equal access to LGBT Sites

The July 2008 shooting during a youth performance of a musical inside the Knoxville Unitarian Universal Church has been identified primarily as a politically motivated crime.

But since the gunman, Jim David Adkisson choose a youth musical at a UU church to kill it makes me pause to wonder if he was not motivated as much by a hate of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The ACLU has once again demonstrated its understanding of the root cause of bigotry and misunderstanding by filling a suit with the Knox school system seeking it to allow equal access to web sites that are LGBT.

The ACLU quietly dismissed without prejudice the suit after the Knox school system modified its policy.

The ACLU identified a root cause, brought an unglamorous civil lawsuit, and then in victory became masters of the moment with grace and selflessness.

Knowledge opens doors and peace breaks out. Huge Kudos to the ACLU!

Knoxville News.com ACLU suit dismissed after changes made at schools

Demand NOM release funders of anti-gay campaigns

This week the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) started flooding rural Iowa with nearly $90,000 worth of ads trying to scare Iowans into voting for an anti-gay legislative candidate.
It takes some nerve for a New Jersey-based group, with ties to the Mormon Church to fund a “Reclaim Iowa” project on behalf of wealthy out-of-state extremists. NOM doesn’t want you to know who is behind these efforts and they pledge to shield their donors from outside scrutiny by refusing to release this information.

Take Action: Demand that NOM disclose those funding these attacks!

This is not an isolated effort, but an organized, well-funded, full-throated assault on civil marriage equality across the country. The same extremists that bankrolled ballot initiativeefforts in Maine and California are now spending money to buy an election in Iowa. NOM has a history of funneling money from the Mormon Church into anti-gay measures, while refusing to disclose the source of their funds.
Voters deserve to know who is behind these anti-gay campaigns across the country!

NOM refers to their Iowa campaign as a “targeted intervention” into Iowa politics. With less than a week to go until election day, voters are being bombarded with negative ads funded by out-of-state extremists. We can’t let NOM win this election and use it as a blueprint to elect anti-gay candidates and overturn marriage in Iowa and across the country.
Don’t let them get away with it!
Sign One Iowa’s petition demanding a full disclosure of NOM’s anti-gay funding!


For Immediate Release: 8/25/09
Contact: Amy McMahon, CEO, STOP AIDS
Office: (513) 421-2437 Cell: (513) 505-3816
Email: amcmahon@stopaidscincy.org



STOP AIDS in Cincinnati, as well as other HIV service providers in Cincinnati and around the state, is still waiting for the release of federal funds by the Ohio Department of Health. Agencies have been given a variety of reasons for the delays in their second quarter payments, covering the period of July through September, but most recently the state’s payment system, OAKS, is being blamed by the Ohio Department of Health for the delays.

The funds are federal dollars distributed through the Ryan White Part B program, providing assistance in accessing medical care and life-saving medication for those living with HIV as well as emergency financial and housing assistance. The funds also pay for a portion of agency operational expenses, including staff to deliver services.

While STOP AIDS is waiting for over $170,000 to be released the agency’s staff and board have rallied around clients and each other offering to take additional pay cuts or to forego checks all together in order to ensure that emergency services continue to be available to clients and staff layoffs are prevented. Board members have increased donations to help keep the agency afloat until funds are received.

Amy McMahon, CEO of STOP AIDS, has worked with the staff of the Ohio Department of Health to resolve this issue for several weeks to no avail. Originally, the funds were delayed while the state’s budget was hashed out and finally agreed upon in July. However, delays have continued, and STOP AIDS has again been told today by ODH that payment should be made by the end of the week. Having heard this for four previous weeks STOP AIDS staff is skeptical.

“I understand that in an organization as complex as the State of Ohio issuing a $ 170,000 payment is somewhat more complicated than pulling out a checkbook and writing a check”, says McMahon. “But this is a process that ODH must go through with hundreds of agencies each quarter, so I don’t understand why it is a constant battle to issue payment in a timely manner. I can assure you if I told the State of Ohio that they’d just have to wait until I got around to submitting our grant application, our agency would no longer be receiving federal dollars for HIV services. If we are partners in this process, as ODH staff reminded me this week that we are, then I would expect to see a little more collaboration in getting services delivered to those in our community that both organizations are intended to serve”.

STOP AIDS is asking community members who are concerned with this issue to contact Governor Strickland and ask that the State of Ohio release federal HIV dollars immediately and work to prevent the constant delays in funding intended for local communities in the future.

By email: governor.ohio.gov
By phone: (614) 466-3555
By Fax: (614) 466-9354

Salt Lake City Council Stunned by UT Legislators: Human Rights Battle Brewing

By kelli Busey/planetransgender

Salt Lake City human rights struggle pits the privileged, empowered LDS right-wing against the multi denominational and non secular underprivileged, marginalized, economically downtrodden masses.

In the red corner Utah State Senator Chris 'I never seen these facts' Buttars. In the Blue corner Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph 'Human dignity' Becker.

The prize: The center of the religious and moral high ground dominated presently by the LDS right wing, for the accountability and treatment of LGBT people in Utah.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that "For more than a year, Salt Lake City leaders have cataloged cases of discrimination against gay and transgender residents who lost their jobs or their homes -- simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."

"But if the city passes an anti-discrimination ordinance to outlaw such prejudice, state lawmakers are signaling they may shred it when the Legislature convenes in five months."

"Depending on how they carve out a protected class," House Speaker Dave Clark says, "it creates a concern that is something we would want to look at."

"Sen. Chris Buttars, a vehement gay-rights critic, doubts discrimination against gay and transgender people is a significant problem." And Buttars reiterates his rational for opposing GLBT rights "I've never seen any facts. I see these wild accusations,"

According to KLS.com channel 5 "Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says he heard Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, may try to reverse any non-discrimination ordinance, which the state does have power to do."

"We hope they will be considerate of us as we certainly want to be considerate of other communities," Becker said. "We have discrimination, and it's documented, and it's not significant."

Audio courtesy of KCPW of interview with Mayor Becker Download this story.

Source: Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission

7.6 » Percentage of Salt Lake City residents who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
3.2 » Percentage of Utah's population that does.
539 » Number of employment-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
105 » Number of housing-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
3 » Number of calls the state received, on average, each month about employment discrimination based on sexual orientation when it voluntarily tracked such data.
58 » Percentage of unemployed in Salt Lake City's disabled population.
31 » Percentage of residents who speak a language other than English at home.

House Speaker Dave Clarke is elected by a "Protected Class" that is fighting to maintain its financial and religious dominance in order to control the press and to issue religious edict's that superimposes it's will over all people regardless if there is proven discrimination. That is the protected class Speaker Dave Clark owes his allegiance to.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City needs to know you STAND with him. He is putting his political career on the line for your life. His "HOT TOPIC" response the week of August 24-30: Salt Lake City Mayor Asks for LGBT Protection Feed Back


Christine Johnson Rocks For Utah Equality!

Source You Tube About event organizer:
"Candice Metzler's experience highlights the challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers, who, in Utah, are not protected against discrimination in the workplace by local, state or federal laws."

Christine Johnson is an American politician from Utah and a Democratic member of the Utah House of Representatives. She represents the 25th district which includes parts of Salt Lake and Summit counties. She was first elected to the legislature in 2006.

Christine Johnson is a out Lesbian who along with two other out LGBT politicians, Sen. Scott McCoy and Rep. Jackie Biskupski serve in the UTAH Legislature.

Idolos - Livia Mendonça - 19/08/09, incrivel essa voz, impressionante !!!! this incredible voice, awesome!!

Thank you Matt Kailey at Examiner.com for sharing this and more PURE JOY with us:D


Demand Dr. Phil show give positive coverage on LGBT issues.

Dr. Phil the profiteer has once again crossed the line of common decency. Dr. Phil is planning new shows that profit from discrediting , maligning and marginalizing bisexuals and gay people.

Once again. If we respond as before we can bring enough pressure on Dr. Phil to pull these show that intentionally miss inform and marginalize our LGBT community.".

Dr. Phil has been on a crusade to pathologize gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people with shows about "gender confused children"

and "experimental bisexuality" and by giving a platform to so called experts on "ex-gay therapy"from Focus on the Family. Since the APA refuted the basis of Focus on The Families argument based on reparative therapy this sort of show only serves to muddy the water.

Now he is going to host two shows, one called "Teen Experimenting With Bisexuality?" and "Struggling With Sexual Identity?" Given his past record, the shows titles and descriptions, a serious red flag is being raised.

Boycott Dr. Phil and let him know why by contacting him.

Dr. Phil show

5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902

Los Angeles, CA 90036

END CIA'S torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading wrongfull imprisonment of civilians.

The CIA Inspector General's report released today describes the horrific abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. The report goes beyond what has previously been released to describe CIA agents threatening prisoners with death and carrying out a mock execution. It also describes the use of waterboarding and other methods of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The report demonstrates conclusively the need for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate our nation's use of torture, as advocated by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. NRCAT has also called upon the Attorney General to undertake a comprehensive investigation for criminal culpability.

The White House announced the creation of a new elite interrogation unit, and the Justice Department's ethics office has formally recommended reopening a number of cases of prisoner abuse. These are important measures, but NRCAT believes a comprehensive investigation is needed.

The White House announced the creation of a new elite interrogation unit, and the Justice Department's ethics office has formally recommended reopening a number of cases of prisoner abuse. These are important measures, but NRCAT believes a comprehensive investigation is needed.

Our country will not end this sordid chapter of American history until we understand the full nature of U.S.-sponsored torture and put safeguards in place to make sure that U.S.-sponsored torture never happens again. It is our responsibility to assure that future generations of Americans grow up in a country that does not torture.

Please take action today: Please urge your elected officials to support a Commission of Inquiry AND urge the Attorney General to fully investigate the use of torture by the United States.

Click here to send a form email to the White House, both of your U.S. senators and your member of the House of Representatives, asking for a Commission of Inquiry in light of the horrific abuse detailed in the CIA Inspector General's report.

Click here to send a form email to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a comprehensive investigation for criminal culpability in light of the CIA Inspector General's report.

Click here for suggestions for promoting a Commission of Inquiry.The response of the religious community to the Inspector General's report could be very important. Please send emails to the President, your senators, your member of the House of Representatives and the Attorney General today. Thank you for everything you have done to end U.S.-sponsored torture.Thank you.


Rev. Richard Killmer

Executive Director

Salt Lake City Mayor Asks for LGBT Protection Feed Back

Click here ro respond to Mayor Mayor Ralph Becker request for feedback on the proposed city ordinance that includes protections for sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

Source Examiner.com

"On Top Magazine is reporting that Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker has been circulating a proposal for a new city ordinance that includes protections for sexual orientation and gender identity and expression."

"The public discussion draft, titled "Overview of Possible Salt Lake City Non-Discrimination Ordinance", is based on a July 2009 report by the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission that "provides further factual confirmation of the harms caused by discriminatory practices."

"If the ordinance is passed as written, it would represent a significant step forward in a city that has been dogged by contoversy over the past year, specifically due to the actions of the Mormon church, a large proponent of California's Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently detained a gay couple for kissing on their private property, leading to their arrest for trespassing. The charges against the couple were dropped, but the incident garnerned negative national attention to the church and the city."


DECELERIN Reduce Beard Growth 16% Delay regrowth 30%

Redheads and blond transgender MTF Take Heart! There may be a way for us to significantly lessen our tears, time and money spent in the electrolysis and Lazer [torture] chair!

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This article is not a commercial endorsement. Feedback is encouraged.

source: Life Extension


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The next step is a short transition or resting stage called catagen that lasts around two to three weeks. During this time, your hair stops growing. Also at this point, your hair follicle shrinks and part of it begins to die. Only about 4% of your hairs are in this intermediate stage at any given time.

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PDF lipotec.com

Request a free sample from Heidessen Deutschland GmbH


Integrity Fort Worth: Rejoices with the ELCA LGBT Inclusion!

Source Integrity Fort Worth: Lutheran Church Lifts Ban on Gay Clergy, Supports Same-Gender Relationships

On Friday, August 21, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA), the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States, passed a resolution to allow gay and lesbian persons in relationships to participate in ministries, including ordained ministries. The vote came 559 to 451.

Integrity's home offices in New York released the following statement:

Integrity rejoices at the news from Minneapolis that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) today adopted all four of the resolutions before their Assembly regarding the fuller inclusion of the LGBT baptized in the work and witness of the Lutheran Church.

“Today’s action in Minneapolis is not just good news for gay and lesbian Lutherans, it is good news to all who strive for peace and justice and are committed to respecting the dignity of every human being,” said the Reverend Susan Russell, president of Integrity USA.

“For decades the faithful have prayed for justice to roll down like waters for the LGBT baptized in the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches. The Summer of 2009 has become that watershed moment we have prayed for.”

“We are delighted that our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Christ are joining The Episcopal Church in moving forward in mission with a commitment to include all God’s beloved equally. We look forward to opportunities to continue in our call to common mission with our Lutheran colleagues as we join together in proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ Jesus available to all.”

“We believe that when taken together with the actions of our Episcopal Church last month in Anaheim, we are seeing a spiritual groundswell sending the message that there are communities of faith that actually practice the compassion they preach. Our deepest hope is that these actions will encourage those who had given up on the church to give it another chance. Our doors are certainly open to welcome them – and we look forward to the mission and ministry ahead of us as the Body of Christ in the world.”

Read more here.

Transgender belly dancer helps launch Arab gay initiative

Source: The Local

"Dressed in a flashy black belly-dancing outfit, Nancy is a hobby transgender dancer from Iraq, ready to take to the stage with full make-up and skinny high heels. She is preparing to entertain more than 200 other Arab gays, lesbians and transgender people in Stockholm, Sweden."

"The setting is the Stockholm headquarters of the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL). The occasion is the launch of Arab Initiative, the first Arab LGBT rights group in Europe."

As Arab members discuss the horrifying details of their escapes, often secreted away by smugglers to safe havens in the US and Europe, Nancy prepares to dance.

"Meanwhile, it was time for Nancy to mount the stage and wow the crowd with her belly dancing shakes to Arabic music. Swedes, Arabs, Africans and people of other ethnicities, men and women, straight and gay, gathered around the stage and clapped to the rhythm – a sight unseen in any Arab country."

Please read on at The Local



Evangelical Lutheran Church of America votes YES to GLBT Ministry and Marriage!


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America votes to invite people who are in same sex relationships into ministry!!!!!

After the presiding Bishop Hanson discovered that it was time for a prayer he discovered there was none ready. The congregation laughed together as Bishop Hanson asked if that gaff would not be included in the minutes. This is the soul of the ECLA as members who emotionally and passionately dissented to allowing GLBT ministry called for their congregations to maintain the body in Christ and to not vote to succeed from the ELCA.

Effectively concurring with item 2 the ELCA voted yes to allow Gay and Lesbian clergy. There was passed an amendment that does require to respect those whose policy is to prohibit the exclusion or inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the ELCA

The 2007 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, meeting in Chicago, directed the task force assigned to develop the social statement on human sexuality to "specifically address and make recommendations to the 2009 Churchwide Assembly on changes to any policies that preclude practicing homosexual persons from the rosters of this church." The church maintains official rosters for associates in ministry, deaconesses, diaconal ministers and ordained clergy.

The report and a four-step recommendation were released in February 2009. The report discusses concepts such as "bound conscience" and "structure flexibility." Assembly voting members will decide to accept or reject the recommendation, or amend any part of it. The ELCA Church Council recommended that each part of the recommendation requires a majority vote to adopt.

The assembly amended the order of consideration of ministry policies resolutions to 3, 1, 2, 4.
The four-step process asks these questions:

Step one asks the assembly whether, in principle, this church is committed to finding ways to allow congregations that choose to do so to recognize, support and hold publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships.

Step two asks the assembly whether, in principle, this church is committed to finding a way for people in such publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships to serve as professional leaders of this church.

Step three asks this church whether, in the future implementation of these commitments, it will make decisions so that all in this church bear the burdens of the other, and respect the bound consciences of all.

Step four proposes the specifics of how this church can move toward change in a way that respects the bound consciences of all.

"Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust," a proposed ELCA social statement

Historic Day Gay Marriage and Clergy Approved

Watch Live the Evangelical Lutheran Church Vote on Gay and Lesbian Clergy 8/21/09

From Episcopal Cafe:

Breaking Today the Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church is voting on a major piece of legislation that modifies their ministry policies. If passed in its entirety then the ELCA will allow people "in such publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships to serve as rostered leaders of this church."

The proposal may be found here. They are voting on each section one-at-a-time that is listed in bold type. There are four resolutions:

1. Step one asks the assembly whether, in principle, this church is committed to finding ways to allow congregations and synods that choose to do so to recognize, support and hold publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships. (Passed)
2. Step two asks the assembly whether, in principle, this church is committed to finding a way for people in such publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships to serve as professional leaders of this church. (To resume later today, 2 pm CST)
3. Step three asks this church whether, in the future implementation of these commitments, it will make decisions so that all in this church bear the burdens of the other, and respect the bound consciences of all. (Passed)
4. Step four proposes the specifics of how this church can move toward change in a way that respects the bound consciences of all. (To resume later, time unknown yet.)

You may follow the debate via live video stream here.
Read the rest here.

TransMentors and West Valley UU Present TRANSFORM ARIZONA

TransMentors International, Inc. and West Valley UU Present

TransForm Arizona

Uniting the T and the LBG
October 16, 17, 18 2009
A weekend filled with entertainment, educational workshops and the opportunity to connect and enhance the entire LGBT community and beyond!

Location: UUCP,

Bottled water provided Friday night & Saturday.
Registration is necessary for the workshops and meals on Saturday.

Registration Cost: $15 Includes Saturday Box Lunch, $20 Includes Saturday Box Lunch & Full Dinner
(Price increases on October 1st, so Register early to save!)
Limited number of Scholarships available. Email for details.

Note: Peterson Toscano's performances, as well as the Picnic, are FREE to everyone.

An event to bring awareness to the specific needs and special circumstances within the Trans community, and educate all those open to gaining new insights and knowledge of this special group within the LGBT.

The conference weekend kicks off Friday night with our keynote speaker, Luis Garcia, followed by a fun-filled Variety show performed by Peterson Toscano, including hilarious excepts from Queer 101-Now I know my gA,B,C's and Ho Mo No Mo Halfway House.

Saturday you'll have the opportunity to enjoy hearing and learning from well-known speakers on issues within the Trans community, as well as attend educational workshops to enlighten you on the day-to-day lives of Trans men, women and youth.

Speakers on Saturday include Donna Rose (Trans Activist) Dr. Rebecca Allison (DrBecky.com), Allyson Robinson (HRC), and Kim Pearson (TransYouth Family Allies).
Speaker for the Saturday Dinner will be Arizona's own Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.
Saturday night brings another great performance by Peterson, this time with his play " Transfigurations- Transgressing Gender in the Bible".
Sunday morning, wake up to a inclusive and welcome service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, followed by an All-Ages Trans & Allies community picnic, complete with an MC and Entertainment, games for the kids and adults, and the chance to interact with the many people within our diverse community.

Download our Event Flyer. (pdf)

Israeli Haredi extremists 'Gay Youth center volunteers " “should be forced to face a firing squad.”

[Israel society can be very secretive and at the time of publication I have not been able to obtain a copy of the original note nor have I found the web site the original note was reported to have appeared on.]

A purported anonymously written note by a member of a haredi Jewish Ultra Orthodox sect defaming LGBT people supposedly appeared on the mystery web site Tzofer.com.

The Tzofer author Yisrael Artzi was interviewed by Uri Blau a correspondent for the Haaretz newspaper. Yisrael Artzi said he did not know who wrote the original note that appeared on the Tzofer web site, but that he concurred with the notes content and intent.

Yisrael Artzi went on to say that homosexuals "are worse than beasts, at least a beast knows it's [homosexuality] wrong, or not natural" and that the managers of the J'lem youth center “should be forced to face a firing squad.”

In response to the murders the The Jerusalem Post reports that the J'lem gay center hired armed guard and asked retribution of 500,000 in damages from Tzofer.

This hateful note gives religious creedence to hate and is enabling to people who only need a nudge to commit violence and murder against LGBTIQ people.

By Kelli Busey/planetransgender/tags: "you talking to me?, The nut falls close to the tree"

On the web;
wikipedia.org Halacha
Dictonary.com haredi
Wiki Tzofer.com< wiki
Wiki Kelli Busey
Haaretz.com Haredi writer: Gays should be forced to face firing squad
The Jerusalem Post J'lem gay center hires armed guard
Advocate.com Advocate.com


Transgender Sanam Cricket Team Win First Game

Source Advocate.com
"A cricket team made up of hijras -- the common term for South Asia's "third sex" population, many of whom identify as female -- played its first official match in Pakistan, scoring 65 runs to beat a local men’s team, reports the BBC."

"Sanam XI ("sanam" means "beloved" in Urdu) beat the Olympians men’s cricket club in an exhibition game in Sukkur, in southern Pakistan."

In the AWESOME column it goes:D

Oestrogenix "Go Fly Slow"

Oestrogenix "Go Fly Slow"

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Approves Pro LGBT Statement ~ Vote on Hiring LGBT Clergy Friday!

By Kelli Busey/planetransgender

In a close vote the ELCA Assembly Adopts 'Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust'

The ELCA approved a Statement on human sexuality that is being celebrated Interdenominationally as a leap towards positive inclusion of all people in faith. The statement is intended to guide the Lutheran Church in America. An excerpt from the 34 page statement reads....."this church also will attend to the need for equal protection, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities under the law, and just treatment for those with varied sexual orientation and gender identity."

"Wednesday’s vote sets the stage for a bigger debate Friday, when delegates will discuss a proposal that would allow ELCA congregations to hire people in committed same-sex relationships as clergy."

On the web

Source: Lutherans in favor of LGBT equality gather at ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis

Source: Minnesota Independent.comNinety-five Lutherans come out during ELCA vote on gay pastors

Source: U.S. Catholic.org Gays and the ELCA

Lexie Cannes Exciting Transgender Positive Indie Film

Lexie Cannes" is a COMPLETED indie feature film that is part romance, part mystery, part social statement and nearly always a complex exploration of a transgendered woman's relationship to the world that surrounds her.
Filmed with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, and dialogue, "Lexie Cannes" promises to be a great artistic contribution to our TG community. Spread the word about this film! Thank you!

-Richard Propes, The Independent Critic Reviewer". . ."Lexie Cannes" is a uniquely written and photographed film that almost taunts the audience with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, dialogue (mostly spoken in American Sign Language) and grainy, mind-altering cinematography . . ."

-Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema Reviewer"Lexie Cannes looks amazing, Lexie is deaf, so the movie is told from the perspective of a deaf person, which is a very interesting point of view, there is sound in the movie, but when the characters speak, it's largely with sign language and is subtitled. The story is a good one . . ."

Lexie Cannes facebook



Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead Offers weak Apology to Victims of Police Brutality

By Kelli Anne Busey,

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed and Questioning community were offered an apology for the police brutality during the raid on the Rainbow Lounge. Many in the community wonder about the timing and value of Chief Halsteads apology and do not aggree with opinion being expressed in this video. We are also wondering why this apology has taken so long to be made.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.


We are also wondering why Mayor Moncrief asked the Texas Attorney General to conduct a independent investigation and why the Attorneys Generals office took so long to reply.
What Happens in Ft. Worth Isn’t Staying There.

Clearly a Mayor of a major city would know or be advised that the attorney general would refuse such a request.

I would like to know why it took the attorney Generals office so long to respond.

We would like to know if the FBI was asked to investigate as the Attorney General suggested and what the FBI's response is.

I would like to know why it took two weeks for Mayor Moncrief to hold a public forum were the Rainbow Lounge incident could be discussed and why Mayor Moncrief was surprised when the LGBT community would not wait until the wee hours to discuss police brutality.

Yes Mayor Moncrief you may have to throw QueerLiberaction members out of council meetings again if you beat us, falsely arrest us, trample on our civil rights ND THEN ATTEMPT TO IGNORE US.
Gay Activists Kicked out of Council Hearing on Rainbow Lounge Raid.

Mayor Moncrief must be held accountable for the actions of men and woman who are empowered by the city to up hold the law.
Fort Worth TABC Supervisor steps down in wake of Rainbow Lounge Raid

The police chiefs apology IS weak. The officers who decided to wear unauthorized uniforms and beat up American citizens must be fired and arrested for breaching criminal and civilian law.

Rainbow Lounge Raid Rally at Tarrant County Courthouse

Top Blog Sites 'Police Brutality'


Dwight R. DeLee receives max of 25 years for shooting death of Lateisha Green

TLDEF Statement on Sentencing in Lateisha Green Trial

"NEW YORK, NY - The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) today welcomed Judge William Walsh's sentencing of convicted killer Dwight R. DeLee to the maximum term of 25 years in prison in connection with the shooting death of Lateisha Green. Green, a 22-year-old African American transgender woman was shot and killed by DeLee on Nov. 14, 2008 in Syracuse, NY. On July 17, a 12-member jury found 20-year-old DeLee guilty of manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon. DeLee's conviction for committing a hate crime is the first involving the death of a transgender person in New York State. It is only the second such conviction in United States history. In addition to the sentence for manslaughter, DeLee was sentenced to a concurrent term of 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison on the weapon possession conviction."

"Today, a measure of justice has been delivered for Lateisha Green and her family with the imposition of the maximum sentence for this crime," said TLDEF Executive Director and attorney Michael Silverman. "While nothing can make up for the loss Lateisha's family has suffered, this sentence helps to bring some closure to Lateisha's family. The sentence sends a clear message that violence targeted at transgender people will be heavily penalized."

"Silverman has been working with the family since Lateisha's death in November. He was on the ground in Syracuse throughout the trial working closely with Lateisha's family. TLDEF collaborated with its sister organizations, including the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the Empire State Pride Agenda and the Rainbow Alliance of Central New York."

"Transgender Americans continue to face a serious risk of violence and discrimination. African American transgender women are at particularly high risk," added Silverman. "Neither New York State law nor federal law includes gender identity or expression as hate crime categories and that sends a dangerous message that it is acceptable to leave part of our community vulnerable to hateful acts of violence simply because of who they are. We call upon our state and federal lawmakers to ensure adoption of transgender-inclusive legislation that will protect everyone regardless of their gender identity and gender expression."

Following the sentencing, Lateisha Green's family released this statement:

"Today’s sentencing sends a clear message that violence motivated by anti-transgender bias is unacceptable and wrong. It affects everyone in a community and it has left many hurt and distraught. We can only hope that Teish’s story will prevent any more loss of life simply because someone is different."

"It has been a little over nine months since Teish was taken away from us. On November 14, 2008, Dwight DeLee aimed a rifle and shot Teish. All it took was one bullet to pierce her heart. That one bullet ended Teish’s life and all of the possibilities that could have been a part of her future."

"That one bullet took away our brave and beloved family member and friend. But it also pierced our hearts and left us all feeling fearful, sad and angry. All of our hopes and dreams that we had for Teish were taken away from us simply because Teish was transgender. One bullet shattered all of our lives."

"Every possibility for Teish slipped away when Dwight DeLee shot and killed her. But today’s sentencing by the judge has left us to believe that new possibilities have replaced old ones. A possibility to begin a conversation for reconciliation and understanding in Syracuse. A possibility to pass state and federal laws that would protect everyone from this kind of violence. A possibility to share Teish’s story so that nobody will ever have to know the feeling of losing a child because of that child's gender identity."

"We want to thank everyone who supported our family during this difficult process and helped us to share Teish’s story. No legal proceeding can provide full closure for us. But we know that closure will come into our hearts as we continue to share this story with the world. We can only hope that more conversations about Teish and her life will prevent another bullet from taking another life. Though Teish left us 9 months ago, she has given us all the possibility to work towards a better tomorrow.
Thank you."

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund


Transgender & Flying? Gender Matching ID Now Required for Domestic Flights

Gender and Date of Birth Now Required Information for domestic flights

Washington, DC, August 17, 2009-The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rolled out a new phase of their Secure Flight program over the weekend. Passengers will now be required to provide their birth date and gender when they book an airline ticket as part of a move to help distinguish passengers from those on the government's "watch list" (often called the "no-fly" list).

NCTE has issued a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Secure Flight program and its impact on transgender people. The resource includes information about how to navigate the new process, particularly if you have identification that does not match your gender presentation. NCTE firmly supports the right of transgender people to maintain our privacy and to travel freely.

NCTE has been engaged in ongoing work with TSA and administration officials about the Secure Flight program. There appears to be no chance of having the requirement of listing gender lifted; however, we will continue to work on how the policy is implemented in order to minimize the negative impacts. We are also monitoring the impact on transgender travelers. If you encounter difficulties when you travel, please contact us as 202-903-0112 and let us know. We may be able to provide you with assistance and the information can also help us as we work with TSA to help prevent future problems.

You can read more information in the New York Times about the Secure Flight Program.


About NCTE The National Center for Transgender Equality is a national social justice organization devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people through education and advocacy on national issues of importance to transgender people. By empowering transgender people and our allies to educate and influence policymakers and others, NCTE facilitates a strong and clear voice for transgender equality in our nation's capital and around the country. The National Center for Transgender Equality is a 501(c)3 organization.

LGBT & Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal or Presbyterian? Progressive Inclusive or exclusive dogma.

LGBT people are in a struggle that is part of the continuum. As long as one person is different from another there will be those in power who's fulfillment will come from excluding others.

Source New Jersey On-Line

* The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (4.7 million members), whose weeklong meeting in Minneapolis begins today will vote on whether non-celibate gay people can be ordained as Lutheran clergy, and on a statement saying same-gendered relationships have a place in the church.

* In July, the United Methodist News Service announced that the United Methodist Church (11 million members, 8 million of whom are Americans) is on track, based on early voting results, to reject an amendment that would let any professed Christian become a church member. Conservative opponents viewed the proposed change as implicit acceptance of homosexuality.

* Last month, the Episcopal Church USA (2.1 million members) rescinded a moratorium on electing gay bishops, a moratorium imposed under Anglican pressure three years after Robinson's election. It also said clergy can bless same-sex unions.

* In June, the Presbyterian Church USA (2.3 million members) announced the rejection of an amendment that would have let non-celibate gay people become clergy.

.John 6:58
The bread that comes down from heaven isn't like what your ancestors ate. They died, but whoever eats this bread will live forever.
John 6:57-59 (in Context) John 6 (Whole Chapter)

Thanks to walking with Intergrity for posting this.

walking with integrity.blogspot

Sentencing Tomorrow in Lateisha Green Trial

Source: Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund

On July 17, Dwight R. DeLee was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of 22-year-old Lateisha Green in Syracuse, New York. Tomorrow, DeLee will be sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison for his role in the killing. TLDEF staff members are currently en route to Syracuse. We'll once again be blogging and posting Twitter and Facebook updates about developments on the ground at the sentencing.

The image you see in this message is from Essence magazine's recent coverage of Lateisha's story. When we first began working with Lateisha's family after her death last year, they asked us to help ensure that her death would not be in vain, and that people would learn something from their tragic loss. We're very proud - and Lateisha's family is very proud - that Essence has chosen to feature Lateisha's story. Essence occupies a special place in the hearts of millions of Black women. Since it was launched in 1970, Essence has become a cultural institution in the African-American community. By speaking out about Lateisha's story, Lateisha's family is connecting with audiences that might otherwise never have heard about her life or death as a transgender woman. From the Associated Press to the Los Angeles Times, and now to Essence, Lateisha's story is touching the hearts and minds of millions of people who probably knew very little about the continuing violence that affects the daily lives of transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual people. We're grateful to Lateisha's family for speaking out, and we're grateful to our friends at GLAAD, whose expertise helped to keep this story alive for millions of people.

If you're not familiar with Lateisha's story, you can learn about it by reading the following articles and blog postings on our web site. They're chock full of information, photos and videos, and we think they're well worth your time:

The Lateisha Green Murder: Violence Against Transgender People Resource Kit (4 pages);
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Sunday Blog Post;
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Monday Blog Post;
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Tuesday Blog Post;
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Wednesday Blog Post;
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Thursday Blog Post;
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Final Trial Blog Post;
TLDEF Statement On Verdict In Lateisha Green Trial.

Show Your SupportPlease continue to send personal notes of encouragement to Lateisha’s family during this difficult time. You can email correspondence by clicking here. We can't guarantee the family will be able to reply to your emails, but we know that they'll read them and that they appreciate everyone's support. Please write!

Stay InformedFor final updates from the sentencing, stay tuned to all of the following sources:our website;TLDEF on Twitter;the “Justice for Teish” Facebook page; andGLAAD on Twitter.

As a final note, thank you for your support of the work we've been doing on this case. Your notes of encouragement motivate us to pursue our work for equal rights. We always welcome your input, and encourage you to continue to contact us. Thank you.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is committed to ending discrimination based upon gender identity and expression, and to achieving equality for transgender people through public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, community organizing and public policy efforts.