DECELERIN Reduce Beard Growth 16% Delay regrowth 30%

Redheads and blond transgender MTF Take Heart! There may be a way for us to significantly lessen our tears, time and money spent in the electrolysis and Lazer [torture] chair!

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source: Life Extension


■Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female legs up to 82%
■Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female groin up to 70%
■Reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female armpit up to 50%.
■Delayed the growth of stubborn beard hair in men by 30%
■Reduced beard hair density in men by 16%

Getting to the Root of Hair Growth

The first stage of your hair growth is known as anagen. This growing phase lasts an average of almost three years, but it can range anywhere from two years to six years depending on the individual. During this time, your hair is actively growing at a rate of approximately one centimeter a month (a centimeter is 0.39 inches, or almost one-half of an inch).8 Melanin pigment is also being produced in the hair bulb throughout this entire stage.

The next step is a short transition or resting stage called catagen that lasts around two to three weeks. During this time, your hair stops growing. Also at this point, your hair follicle shrinks and part of it begins to die. Only about 4% of your hairs are in this intermediate stage at any given time.

In the final or shedding stage (telogen), your hair follicle becomes active once more and starts the cycle of hair growth again. (Each single follicle will produce an average of 20 hairs in its lifetime.) This fresh growth pushes the dead hair up the follicle and expels it to make room for the new hair. It takes roughly three to four months for this particular stage of the process to occur. Only one in ten hair follicles on your head is in this shedding phase at any particular moment. It should be noted that the length of these cycles will vary with the sex of the individual, the person themselves, and the part of the body on which the hair is growing.

But one thing is absolutely certain: the key to slowing hair growth lies exclusively in the anagen phase, because only anagen hairs are vulnerable to physical damage or stimuli.

Topically applied compounds can now painlessly slow down hair growth—and even decrease hair density so it’s less noticeable. That means you don’t have to shave, wax, or tweeze as often. You can spend the time you save doing something you enjoy instead—all thanks to an exciting new topical formulation.

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