Iowa's 24 Hours to Counter NOM's $100,000 Advertisement Blitz

Freedom loving Iowans need our help. NOM or 'normalization of marriage' a New Jersey organization believed to be a front for the Church of the Latter Day Saints {LDS) has contributed over $90,000 dollars to saturate the airwaves of Iowa with advertisements for politicians who would strip Iowa of it's hard earned Marriage Equality.

With only days to go our organizers on the ground say the next 24 hours are crucial. We're being outgunned on the airwaves and we're scrambling to see that we have the funds needed to respond. Your support today could make all the difference between a win and a loss.

If Stephen Burgmeier wins this election, it will be spun as a victory for anti-gay marriage opponents in Iowa and across the country. We can't let this happen! Send a strong message to extremists who seek to buy elections in Iowa and across the country: Your anti-gay rhetoric has no place in the civil discussion!
PS - Our organizers on the ground report we're beating our goals for absentee ballots returned. That's a good sign, but NOM's ads have fired up the right-wing base. We expect them to turn out in droves next Tuesday. Contribute now to make sure our supporters know what's at stake!

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