Catherine Brennan's "Sorry about Your Dick" TweetPic Ignites Trans Firestorm

We Win! Update at bottom of the post!

This woman, Attorney Catherine M. Brennan Partner at Hudson Cook LLP ....

....who's protected twitter account is @bugbrennan sent the below Twitter picture to Marti Abernathey, a transgender woman who writes and tweets for the TransAdvocate.

So what's the big deal you ask? Just a imbecilic moronic juvenile insult, right? Not so, Cathy Brennan is a liaison to the American Bar Association's Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and contributed to the...

So while Brennan's not insulting transgender people with asinine twitter insults what other things has she done.

To name a couple Brennan co authored the now infamous letter to the UN intentionality timing it so the transgender community had no time to repute letter her before the commission ended. The crux of the letter was this paragraph...

when she makes it clear she does not believe a trans woman is female or should be allowed in public accommodations because to do so would place woman in danger of rape of fore mentioned transsexuals (men)!

But her most egregious conduct to date was to out a 17 year old trans youth to his school knowingly endangering his life.

So what's this vengeful immoral hater of transgender people doing on a LGBT legal commission? That's what I would like to know. I have resisted contacting Brennan's professional contacts for years but I think its time we did that and I'm not alone.

Update.....WE WIN!!!!

The Petition asking that Gonzaga University Remove Cathy Brennan as liaison To ABA's Commission on LGBT has been closed.

I contacted the office of Robin L. Rone Director, American Bar Association
Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity the morning of July 21st and was told Brennan has been removed from the position of liaison to thet commission.

This has been a short (thankfully) and highly successful action made possible by you! Thank you!

After signing your signature will be automatically emailed to the following people but please email and call also.

Linda Rusch,
Chair, ABA Business Law Section,
c/o Gonzaga Univ School of Law,
PO Box 3528, Spokane, WA 99220-3528;
Ask that Cathy Brennan be removed as a liaison to the ABA's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

American Bar Association
Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
321 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

E-mail address:
Telephone: 312-988-5000

Robin L. Rone
Director, American Bar Association
Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Phone: 312-988-5137
Fax: 312-988-5647

Free "Pussy Riot" Участники группы Интервью: Видео

Путин не боюсь искусство : Putin: Fear No Art!

On the eve of the mock trial of alleged members of the punk rocker feminist group "Pussy Riot", three free band members in hiding talk about to the Observer about what it means to be a woman living in today's oppressive patriarcal misogynistic Russia.

There has been protests worldwide but this one from the desert southwest USA where I live says it all for me.



Chaz Bono To Receive The Elizabeth Birch Award At The Dallas Black Tie

I could have titled this 'my how times have changed". Read a great article about this on the Dallas Voice but it really left a lot of history out. Dallas transgender history.

It was only a few years ago Elizabeth Birch represented all that was wrong with HRC vehemently opposing us and only a few years ago that we protested the Dallas Black Tie after transgender people were so unceremoniously dumped from ENDA HR3015.

Actually it was a protest, then it wasn't then was a protest and it all begun with our petition that Bishop Robinson NOT attend the Dallas Black Tie and if he did, that he would refuse the Elizabeth Birch award. I ended up it making a backroom deal of sorts with Bishop Robinson that if he agreed to our "transgender Conversation", the first time he ever spoke publicly with transsexuals, and if we did that at the black tie, we wouldn't protest. Well I did anyways.

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies membership was alerted and I started trying to get us a place to meet inside the black tie. No easy task. I was repeatedly ignored or just flat out told no time and again by the hotel staff until as luck would have one day I was recognized for who I truly am.

Handing my paperwork over one last time to the clerk expecting the same look of disapproval, being a highly visible anti HRC protester in the day, I was amazed by this young man who said "Oh I know who you are! You're one of the street people". (reads 99%er b4 that was a trademark)

Yes my gay young friend was right and giving me a look of adoration he said ya'got 300 bucks'? So we got our hall inside the Dallas Black Tie and our members flew from every corner of the country. Literally. It was that big of a deal.

Long story short,the Dallas Voice cancelled 3 minutes before the event, most of the seats were empty as gays ignored us, +Robinson refused to take the podium moving the only black ally at the meeting from his seat, refused to follow a moderator or answer questions to clarify his statement earlier in the year when he responded to our exclusion from ENDA with 'well better half a loaf than no bread at all'.

Another words it was essentially a bust and I was out that months rent. No one cared outside our trans community, including obviously +Robinson.

We were invited up to his presidential suit (paid for by HRC) afterwards. Not by Robinson of course, but by a documentary film maker desperate for some drama. The drama didn't come until we were on our way down the spiral staircase and Vanessa Foster ripped her shirt off revealing a beautiful "Transsexual Menace" T shirt:D

So filled with all that disappointment and energized by Nessie's T shirt we all went out of doors, grabbed our signs and continued with what we knew best. Being street people.

Times sure have changed. New HRC president. A transgender inclusive HRC mission statement brought about by our protests. I would love to see Chaz receive his award but one thing hasn't changed. I can't afford the ticket. Wonder if I could get the Dallas Transgender Advocates inside again? Hmmmmm....

Cartoonstock "Tranny Gift" Cartoons now KILL.

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Action Update to remove Cartoonstock's sick transphobic images, the good, the bad and the horiffic......

Good: Cartoonstock has replaced the worst of the 'tranny gift' cartoon with other cartoons after becoming aware of our members ASA complaint.

Bad: The slew of cartoons they replaced it with are even worst like the one to the left.

These are the replacement images currently being sold by Cartoonstock. Why they are bad by the numbers.

1) The site retains the name "Tranny" knowing those who google search "Tranny", the #1 SEO, are people who seek to ridicule and belittle us.

2) Image #6 "Not another tranny" gives visual to the perception that our lives are of no more value than "another" dead "tranny" being dragged to the door by someones dog! Are YOU serious Mr. Beardwell? REALLY? Serious? Not funny. Hateful. Sick. Must be removed.

3) image #7. "Can You Keep a Secret". This cartoon gives a image to those who already believe transgender people some incredibly repulsive creature. And believe me Mr. Beardwell, there are many who believe that with every fiber of their being.

Image#2 "News Flash". On the average historically, there are 3 transgender people murdered worldwide every week. Having reported on many of them through the years I will attest the vast majority of the murders happened during or immediately following intimacy.

The murderers always claim they were "fooled" by the trans person into believing they were natal woman and reacted spontaneously in rage killing the trans person.

The reality is the vast majority of those murders happened simply to assuage the killers ego or because the murderer was afraid what his peers would think if they found out he slept with a trans person.

The look on the person face standing in the hall is that of "Transpanic", the look of death being the last thing seen by our sisters and brothers so many times, over and over. You think thats funny, or socialy acceptable Mr. Beardwell?

Click this image for the interactive map showing 800+ transgender murders since 2008. The blinking dots indicate the blood has not yet dried. Countries like Russia don't show any becuse they are not reported.

The following comment was posted by Ed Beardwell from Cartoonstock on the planetransgender post: Press Release: In Support of UK Member ASA Complaint Against Cartoo...
To those who have expressed concern about CartoonStock's treatment of transgender issues:

Please note that we have now completed the promised review of our cartoons relating to these issues and have removed many cartoons from CartoonStock that could be considered controversial. For instance a cartoon that was included in a recent submission to the ASA and labelled as the "worst offender" had already been removed from our site prior to that submission.

We want to be sympathetic to your cause and to only leave cartoons on CartoonStock that make a valid point about equality, prejudice and gender topics generally.

We are striving to tread a careful line between preserving free speech and not offending members of your community. We do not feel that obliterating all references to transgender issues from our collection would help your cause or free speech either, but where they have been retained, we have tried to catalogue those cartoons in a sensitive manner.

Whilst we may disagree on a few interpretations of what is a reasonable viewpoint, as will always happen in an open society, we do feel that since these issues were raised, we have been receptive, clear on the action we intended to take and have done what we said we would do.

We are trying to do the right thing but wish to uphold the reputation of our company and its employees. Any implication in a public forum that I or CartoonStock have not been good to our word, acted in good faith or hold anti-transsexual views is untrue an we're disappointed when our acts of good faith are not being received as such.

Kind regards,

Ed Beardwell

July 27, 2012 12:49 PM


Press Release: In Support of UK Member ASA Complaint Against Cartoonstock "Tranny" Images

Press Release: In Support of UK Member ASA Complaint Against Cartoonstock "Tranny" Images

July 27, 2012
For immediate Release
Kelli Busey
Founder/ Co Administrator
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA)


The DTAA fully supports UK Member Janice Caroline McCauley in her complaint filed with the Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) against Cartoonstock. Janice Caroline McCauley, frustrated by empty promises and inaction by Cartoonstock is asking ASA to help expedite the removal of the highly problematic "Tranny Gift" images from the company website.

We support her efforts for the following reasons:

Cartoonstock, a highly visible Internet commercial enterprise promotes the use of "Tranny" on its website which is considered offensive and defamatory to transgender people. The cavalier use of this defamation dehumanizes us enabling the discrimination we find at every turn.

Although Cartoonstock has promised a 'review' of the cartoons the company's website still displays all of the images in question days afterwards.

For the sake of Clarity this press release will address the cartoons in question individually explaining what exactly is offensive about each image.It is the hope of the DTAA that after viewing these images you will lodge a complaint with the ASA as well. Residency in the UK is not required.

Transgender people are discriminated against in the workplace at a appalling rate. To a casual viewer the image suggests that the reverse also applies. What a employer doesn't wish to find out about employee, they are transgender or gender variant.

By association with the web page's name 'tranny' with transgender, the suggestion is transgender employees are simply men in dresses, or drag queens which feeds the lie that we are 'fakers' who's motivation is to invade female spaces putting unaware innocent cisgender people at risk.

This image is the most offensive of all, with the actions being undertaken by the person on on right being purely speculative. The most common assumption being that 'he' is standing up and urinating. The image also dehumanizes the transgender experience by targeting the most vulnerable of our community, those who for various reasons are forced into survival sex work. It also a validates the lie that the original (reads, the real reason) the vast majority of people transition is our sexual orientation.

The above cartoon propagates the misogynistic male concept that females are somehow less than males. It suggests that ridiculing anyone, including police officers, who are non gender conforming in the workplace is acceptable and expected.


The complaint procedure is painless, only taking moments and is the most important component of this advocacy.

Click Here to file your complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority. UK residency is not required.

You can also add your voice to Cartoonstock: Stop using cartoons to ridicule Transgender people. It is not acceptable.

Click Here to view the original PR at the DTAA


Petition CartoonStock To Remove Vile "Tranny" Cartoons

Recently I was alerted to a petition started by Janice McCauley on Twitter and quickly added my name knowing nothing more about it than what the overview letter said.

Googling "Tranny CartoonStock" brought up the image on the left and a slew of other egregious "cartoons gifts"...

Then I went to the updates to see what progress had been made, this was posted 7/24/12...

As much as I applaud Cartoon Stock for their quick response I think we should keep up the heat and McCauley agrees especially since days later the adverts remain on their website and subsequent communication with Cartoonstock indicates they are still deciding whether any of their "Tranny Gift" cartoons are in fact offensive.

I hope you will support McCauley's extraordinary advocacy by signing her petition
Cartoonstock: Stop using cartoons to ridicule Transgender people. It is not acceptable and join with us on the
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Action

Hopefully soon I can post thanking CartoonStock but until then heat, heat and more heat please.

Iranian Nuclear Speaker Systems Hacked Thunder Struck

Not transgender related but this rocks.....

Sources inside Iran report:

News of the attack comes from Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish computer security firm F-Secure, who says he recently received a series of emails from a scientist working at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI):

"I am writing you to inform you that our nuclear program has once again been compromised and attacked by a new worm with exploits which have shut down our automation network at Natanz and another facility Fordo near Qom."

The Iranian scientist goes on to say that they believe the attackers used Metasploit, a common hacking tool which provides a variety of ways to penetrate supposedly secure networks. "There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out," says the scientist. "I believe it was playing 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC."

"Black Madam" Sings New Tune: Come On Into My Prison

Dispelling fantasy with reality.

The woman inviting you into her kitchen in this video, Padge Windslowe, doesn't have a problem catering to ones vanity even if kills you, until now that is. Windslowe been charged with third degree murder of Claudia Aderotimi, who died after getting silicone injected into her butt.

Some of the other ingredients found in kitchens like Padge Windslowe's include paraffin, petroleum jelly, Fix-a-flat and super glue to close the needle holes. Come On, roll the dice. You may get a plump ass and big tits or you might just get you some death.

More at usnews.msnbc.msn.com


Report "Hot Tranny Mess" to Facebook

I have several daily google alerts that searches the web for different words, one of them being the defamation "Tranny". All the usual suspects showed up today, mechanics seeking help with transmissions, lowlife pornographic human trafficking sites, but this one with the facebook page caught my eye.

This is a screen grab of the google alert:

Following that link I found this on the "About" page:

Without knowing who the page owner is I gave the person the benifit of the doubt and posted a link to the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies article Transgender Girl 10 Years Old Asks 'Don't Let This Kill Anyone Else" about Livvy James, the young transgender lady who reached out to the world trying to stop people from using that defamatory word before someone else died from the effects. That message was deleted moments later without any conversation.

Why not call it "Hot Drag Queen Mess"? Because to misogynistic people men are by default respected and conversely womankind or any representation is not a physical threat, therefore not respected. In fact womamkind are a joke to many gay men and suprisingly other woman as well.

The individual who owns the page couldn't care less if children are dieing for his self gratification.

Angry? Disturbed? A parent of child a child who has tried or god forbid, killed themselves because of the onslaught of defamation in our heartless society?

Take action.

Copy this link http://www.glaad.org/reference/transgender/ and Paste it on the "Hot Tranny Mess" facebook's wall then click the round star icon on the top right and report them to facebook.


16 year Old Ashlyn Parram Transgender Student Humiliated and Ostracised By Headmaster

Giles Academy Headteacher Chris Walls and teaching staff willfully broke the law, endangering the life of his 16 year old transgender student.
After banning Ashlyn Parram from taking examinations while she was dressed in female attire she brought him printed copies of the revised Equality Act 2010 which requires Schools such as her's to protect transgender students from Discrimination.

Despite having a printed copy of these laws in his hand Headteacher Chris Walls and staff mocked Ashlyn's feminine walk, told her gender diversity didn't exist, forced Ashlyn Parram to sit apart from other students, take physical education with boys resulting in her losing relationships with teachers, friendships with other students, even being being spat on and hit.

According to the Sun:

"Miranda and Ashlyn’s stepdad Graham, 43, have now lodged an official complaint over the headmaster’s conduct claiming discrimination because of Ashlyn’s gender and a failure to give her the correct support.

A school spokesman said: “Giles Academy is an Ofsted Outstanding school in a caring environment with robust equalities policies. The governing body of the Academy rejects all the allegations.”

Giles Academy Headteacher Chris Walls and his teaching staff really need to read the law and obey it but in addition they should watch this video found on the Equality and Human Rights Commission's web page


The more I learn about 'plea' deals the more it becomes apparent, minorities strike plea deals admitting to a crime to reduce the penalty from outrageous to unreasonable, all others 'plea' to escape judgement and if the truth remains censored, If the victims are forced to remain silent injustice will be served. Judge McDonald, we refuse to be silenced. I refuse to be silent.

Savannah Dietrich, 17 Year Old Raped and Facing Jail Time For Talking About It.

***** Update 7/23/2012...Contempt charges against Savannah Dietrich have been dropped according to the AP. The rapist's lawyers deny public outrage influenced their decision however, they recognized that had they not dropped the charges the rapists would not have been able to hide behind their minor status as adults because their names would have become public domain.
The petition author Elizabeth Beier was interviewed by the AP in that article recognizing the Power of social media.

We are that power.


I only learned of Savannah Dietrich's story by chance, happening across a unattributed single post Tumblr page tittled She Who Loves The Rain.

Savannah's Facebook Profile and Twitter accounts are protected, save for the hashtag #TEAMDEVIN listed on her Twitter account and a link to her Facebook. Following associated #TEAMDEVIN tweets brought me to this heart wrenching You tube. Going strictly by the information from the Tumblr page which appears to have been reblogged from the Huffington Post I will repost in full here because by all accounts she wants her story to be told in full.

*After reading this there is a petition you can sign at the bottom of the post.

I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living hell’: Teen faces jail time after lashing out on Twitter and naming the boys who sexually assaulted her17-year-old Savannah Dietrich named and shamed the boys on the social messaging site, writing: ‘There you go, lock me up. I’m not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell.’

The Louisville, Kentucky teen told The Courier-Journal she was frustrated by what she feels is a lenient deal for her attackers.The Mail Online does not normally report the names of sexual assault victims, but Dietrich and her parents say they do not want to shield her identity and want her case to be public.

The boys’ attorneys have asked a judge to hold Dietrich in contempt for violating the confidentiality of a juvenile hearing and the judge’s order not to speak about it.Dietrich told the paper she was assaulted in August 2011 by two boys she knew when she passed out after drinking at a gathering. She learned months later that pictures of the assault were taken and shared with others.‘For months, I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t go out in public places,’ she told the newspaper, as her father and attorneys sat nearby. ‘You just sit there and wonder, who saw (the pictures), who knows?’

Dietrich’s attorneys want her contempt hearing open to the media, arguing she has a First Amendment right to speak about her case and to a public hearing. The boys’ attorneys, however, have asked to keep the hearing closed. The contempt charge carries a possible sentence of 180 days in jail and a $500 fine. The boys pleaded guilty on June 26 to first-degree sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism.

Dietrich says she was unaware of a plea agreement until just before it was announced in court. She could not say what the proposed punishment was because of the court order, but said she feels like it was a slap on the wrist. The teens are to be sentenced next month, and the judge could reject or modify the terms of the proposed agreement. When Judge Dee McDonald admonished everyone at the hearing not to speak about what happened in court or about the crime, Dietrich said she cried.‘They got off very easy … and they tell me to be quiet, just silencing me at the end,’ she said.

Afterwards Dietrich tweeted, ‘They said I can’t talk about it or I’ll be locked up. ….Protect rapist is more important than getting justice for the victim in Louisville.’

David Marburger, an Ohio media law specialist, said Dietrich should have tried to get the courts to vacate the gag order rather than simply violating it. But Gregg Leslie, interim executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said Dietrich should ‘not be legally barred from talking about what happened to her. That’s a wide-ranging restraint on speech.’ Leslie said this sort of issue is becoming more common.‘

In the past, people would complain to anyone who would listen, but they didn’t have a way to publish their comments where there would be a permanent record, like on Facebook and Twitter, for people to see worldwide,’ he said.Dietrich said she just needed to stand up for herself. ‘I’m at the point that if I have to go to jail for my rights, I will do it.’

Petition Judge Deana "Dee" McDonald, Louisville, KY: Drop charges against Savannah Dietrich

Make it Happen. Political Activism Training By Equality Texas

Attendees included two transgender people. Nikki Taylor, founder of the newly formed Fort Worth Transgender support group, bottom row second from the right, and of course myself sitting next to her in my T peep shirt grinning like a lunatic.

Most of my posts in recent years have been about gay.com or what a certain equality federation member misdeeds have been, but its time for me to come out of the transsexual menace closet.
I have been a member of and have participated in events with Equality Texas for years.

Equality federation members have a lot of latitude in how they approach equal rights issues and the methods they use to obtain that end. Sadly in the recent past some Equality Federation members have sacrificed public accommodations or at least tried to, on the alter of marriage equality or even worst, just for a feather in there caps.

Not so in Texas. In talking with Equality Texas Executive Director
Dennis Coleman at the class he reassured me the official position of Equality Texas remains unchanged regarding public accommodations.

In all reality this came as no suprise to me. Daniel Wiilams, the newly appointed field activist is one of the people I admire the most in the world and one our most impassioned allies.

So the class? It was fun, informative and energizing. Daniel travels nearly every weekend conducting these, focusing on getting to places which otherwise would have never had a LGBT political activism class, like colleyville, Texas.

I'm going to schedule a appointment with my districts Representative. It's time to make that change I want to see globally, happen locally.

What of your Equality Federation Member? What is their position on Public Accommodations?

Live in Texas and are interested in attending a political Activism Class?
Check out the where and when on the EQTX Event Calender

Contact Daniel Williams, EQTX Field Organizer for details at:



Transsexual Genocide: Busting Transgender Refugees For having Condoms

The Human Rights Watch reports that US police practices are fueling the HIV epidemic. The thin shield of Latex is all that protects the most vulnerable of our society, refugee transgender sex workers from a death sentence.

Cites hand out millions of condoms and then the cops bust the very people who need them the most, using them as evidence in court people are prostituting themselves. I'm not defending a illegal activity that so often claims the lives of our community, but I will say this.

If the goverment wants transgender people dead they are getting there wish and doing it in a legally and socially acceptable way. AIDS/HIV to a refugee with no option other than sex work is a death warrant.

T House on Line writes
"New York City has pushed aggressively since 1971 for condom use distributing over more than 100 million free condoms, thus turning the NYC condom into a legendary icon with its own slogan, “NYC Condom: Get some!”. As technology has advanced over decades, access to condoms are now at the tip of the finger as now there is even an iPhone application that helps guide users to locate the nearest condom distribution site. Sadly enough, in this same time frame the NYPD has destroyed or confiscated thousands of condoms found in the possession of suspected workers in the sex/escort industry, using condom possession as a weapon to justify arrest.
It seems a little overwhelming as San Fransisco, New York city and Pittsburgh are currently using condoms as evidence so we must act locally taking one brick out of this wall.

There is currently legislation pending in the NY Assembly that would institute policies discontinuing this genocidal practice.

This legislation has repeatedly failed time and again due to lawmakers who delight in knowing they are responsible for murdering our family so they mist be identified for this to stop. We can advocate globally as a community and make A1008 pass this year. Please sign the petition "Tell New York State Legislators: Condoms Aren't a Crime!"


Meet Trans Woman Choi Han bit 최한빛 Top Model Video

최한빛 is now known as the first Korean transgender model who made the cut for the final 32 in the Asia-Pacific Supermodel Contest 2009 Choi Han Bit. After having undergone a sex change in her freshman year of college, Choi has received legal regonition as a female.

"Small Town Security" New TV Series Camel toes, Trans Men, Controversial? Oh Yeah

AMC’s new unscripted series, Small Town Security, focuses on a small, family-owned private security company located in rural Georgia. Executive produced by Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver from Left/Right (This American Life, Boomtown, Mob Wives), Season 1 consists of eight, half-hour episodes.

Small Town Security airs Sundays at 11/10c.

The "Lieutenant" is played by a Dennis Croft, left, a trans man who has no interpretation discussing his past and sexual orientation. All very, very controversial in a rural Georgia Town.

The Advocate has a excellent interview with Croft you might want to check out...


Muxe of Oaxaca Zapotec cultures Cultivated Present day Equality for Transexuals

When TGirl Fan, a member of the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies who lives in Cd. Rio Bravo Mexico posted the article "Mexican Word of the day = MUXE". I beleive his intent was to educate us and the greater world there are cultures within present day Mexico's rigid gender expetations that not only are accepting, but are enouraging of transgender and transsexual people.

One commenter on the Youtube video observed: This is a pre-Hispanic custom, is not recent and are respectable and respectful. There is a very comprehensive documentary of a Mexican director and won several international awards for its approach and objectivity, it is a community that is part of our culture and roots, were the Spanish brought criticism and discrimination Queñes why offend? who are we to be so hard?

Esto es una costumbre prehispánica, no es recien y son personas respetables y respetuosas. Hay un documental completísimo de una directora mexicana y ganó varios premios internacionales por su enfoque y objetividad, pues es una comunidad que forma parte de nuestra cultura y raices, fueron los españoles quenes trajeron crítica y discriminación porqué ofender ?? quienes somos para ser tan duros ??

From the You Tube discription......According to myth, God entrusted San Vicente with a difficult task. On his back he carried a sack full of Muxes, and had to leave one in every town of the Zapotec kingdom.?

But when the Saint reached Juchitan he tripped, and all the Muxes he carried in his sack fell out. Since then, this town in the South-East of Mexico has experienced an unexpected - not only for Mexico but for the entire world -? sexual liberation. Homosexual men who wish to dress as women freely do so, and live a more or less similar life as their heterosexual fellow citizens. Not only do the Muxes not hide their difference on the streets of Juchitan, they actually project it in every way. Their fellow citizens simply go on their way, not impressed, provoked or angered by the sight of a man in women's clothes, hairdos and make-up. The Muxes claim they belong to the community of the "intrepid", of "those who do not fear death", and celebrate their desire and joy to be women every year in a festivity attended by the whole community.

In Juchitan, the dream of tolerance and the acceptance of difference has been a reality for years. Without announcements and declarations, without social movements having to fight long and bloody social and political struggles, without conflict and quarrel...

A documentary on the joy of life and love which prevailed effortlessly because San Vicente tripped...


Show Your Trans & Ally Pride T Shirt: Dallas Transgender Advocates AND Allies Action

There are some Trans peeps who don't understand Isis King intent by wearing a "Gay is OK" T Shirt. According to Isis she is simply showing her respect for our gay allies, so in response the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies are launching a Trans Pride Tee and Trans Ally Tee Shirt Campaign. This is something we have been meaning to do for some time and given the recent misconceptions being propagated by the small but vocal separatist group, its high time we did!
You can order this or other Trans T Shirts directly from the distributor or design and proudly wear and share. Show your Trans Pride!

Custom t-shirt printing at CustomInk.com
Custom t-shirt printing at CustomInk.com


By Free Pussy Riot Now - Свободу девушкам из Pussy Riot!

Religious fanatics are the same everywhere, just dressed differently. - Религиозные фанатики повсюду одинаковые, только одеваются по-разному.
They tell you how you shoud live. - Они учат вас жить.
Stone you for 'immodesty'. - Забрасывают камнями за 'нескромность'.
Jail you for 'blasphemy'. - Сажают в тюрьму за 'кощунство'.
Join our cause! - Присоединяйтесь к нашей акции!

by Nick Revell, Huffington Post 06/07/2012

Don't know whether you saw this - but God appeared and spoke to someone the other day. I'm surprised it didn't get wider coverage, but that's aggressive secularism in the modern world for you. Anyway, he spoke to a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. The famously reclusive deity, dubbed the JD Salinger of the Supreme Being Community, has seen no reason to issue any kind of comment or statement on any human activity, no matter how morally questionable or indeed challenging to the whole idea of His/Her/Its very existence, for the last several thousand years. (The last appearance was possibly when he whispered in Mohammed's ear and told him that people who didn't worship Him in the same way as Mohammed did, needed to be killed immediately.)

Well, after two or three millennia of completely refraining from any further spiteful shit-stirring in human affairs, God finally showed up again about 10 days ago. Some speculate it was a pre-emptive attempt to counter-spin imminent proof of the existence of the Higgs boson, which in turn disproves the existence of God in anything but metaphorical terms: An existential crisis of such severity that God decided to contact a Russian Orthodox Priest called Vsevolod Chaplin and express his opinion on the punk band Pussy Riot. That's right, no new commandments or dietary stipulations; no additional ambiguous moral precepts open to hair-splitting and murderous multi-interpretation; no apologies or even explanations for the holocaust, homophobia or Mark Lawrenson. No, God breaks hundreds of years of silence... to slag off some musicians.

Pussy Riot are a feminist political music collective who in February, dressed in colourful balaclavas, mini-dresses, and tights, stormed into the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow to perform their song Punk Prayer, which denounces human rights abuses in Russia and calls on the Virgin Mary to save the country from Vladimir Putin.

Punk-Prayer "Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away"


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away
Рut Putin away, put Putin away

(end chorus)

Black robe, golden epaulettes
All parishioners crawl to bow
The phantom of liberty is in heaven
Gay-pride sent to Siberia in chains

The head of the KGB, their chief saint,
Leads protesters to prison under escort
In order not to offend His Holiness
Women must give birth and love

Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!
Shit, shit, the Lord's shit!


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, become a feminist
Become a feminist, become a feminist

(end chorus)

The Church’s praise of rotten dictators
The cross-bearer procession of black limousines
A teacher-preacher will meet you at school
Go to class - bring him money!

Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin
Bitch, better believe in God instead
The belt of the Virgin can’t replace mass-meetings
Mary, Mother of God, is with us in protest!


Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away
Рut Putin away, put Putin away

(end chorus)

Vladimir Putin: a man who understands the fragile nature of post-dictatorship Russian democracy better than any other Russian ruler. Which is why he never lets anyone else have a go.

Three members of Pussy Riot - Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevich - were arrested shortly after the protest and have been in detention ever since. If they get convicted they face a seven year sentence. Mind you, given the illegality of their arrest and continued postponements of trial dates, it looks like they face a seven year sentence even before they are convicted. In fairness to the Russian authorities, though, there is a hearing going on as I write; proceedings were suddenly rushed forward to ensure both speedy carriage of justice, and that the defence lawyers have not nearly enough time to properly review the prosecution case.


To Be Transgender & A Refugee In the USA

Crossing over on Tumblr

Crossing over on Twitter

Source: Crossing Over Doc.com
"Each year, thousands of Mexican nationals immigrate illegally to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities and a better life. They work in the shadows, undocumented, hoping that their efforts will pay off and that someday they will live in the light. For the transgender individuals among them, the shadows are more pervasive and difficult to overcome. Though many are eligible for political asylum, few are aware of it, and as a result many turn to the sex industry—often falling prey to its many dangers—simply to survive."

"Crossing Over is the story of three strong, transgender women who immigrated to the United States to escape a lifetime of sexual and mental abuse, and found that if they wanted a better life, they’d have to fight for it."

"This is a film about a community of strength and support, about women who fight for themselves and each other, and about finding the strength to be true to oneself no matter what the obstacles. The juxtaposition between the proud, colorful moments from the lives that these women have managed to craft for themselves and the quiet moments of darkness that continue to pervade will remind us of what they have undergone to become the women they are today."


Yet Another Turkish Transgender Woman Slain Amid Rising Right Wing Violence

Seçil Anne's throat was slit and her face showed deep cuts according the the KA OS GL report:


Neşe Dilşeker, born in 1966 and known as “Seçil Anne”, was a resident in Antalya for 15 years and was found dead at her own house around 23:00 on July 10, 2012. Her death came in sight after her friends could not reach her and reported that to the police."

"Police officers who entered Dilşeker’s house found her dead body with her throat cut. It was also reported that Dilşeker had deep wounds on her face as well. After investigations in the crime scene, Dilşeker’s funeral was taken to Forensic Science institution."

"It is known that the Antalya Police Station has not yet reached the suspect. Cameras around Dilşeker’s house and neighborhod are taken into scrunity. The Police Station is running a broad investigation including the testimonies of her ex-boyfriend and close friends."


"In This Church There Will Be No Out Casts" Episcopalians OK Trans Ministry

I loved being a Acolyte growing up at St Paul's.

I loved the anticipation of worship in the rectory hall, I loved our ministers recusing themselves in preparation for the service. I loved that some of our ministers even years ago were woman. I loved when the doors opened to the sanctuary and the first few steps of the procession. I loved winding to the back of the church proudly holding the candle.

I loved the smells of Sunday in our old, old Episcopalian church.

I loved getting to the alter, doing the few jobs we were assigned and not tripping on my robe.

I loved settling in behind the ministers and choir opening the prayer books and examining them so I would be sure to know when my next duties were to be. I loved understanding the message and to to do that I learned to listen carefully as the minister painted a grand portrait in living color of the days sermon to the children before their dismissal to Sunday school.

I loved the choir. Their voices would raise to the very tip top of our church making my heart soar with them.

But my favorite part of the service was and still is communion. I absolutely loved the message of inclusively, nonjudgmental hope extended to all in the invitation. To me those few moments were exactly as Jesus had wanted them to be and I held as a sacred honor my duties.

I loved it when the priest would ask us to greet our neighbours because that always meant hugs, laughter and love.

I loved sitting beside my mother and listening to her sing. She had this connection with Jesus that makes my heart ache with love even as I write this now.

I would always move closer to the back of the church when babies were baptised as I was. It was a connect, a reaffirmation even as I knew I was moving away in adolescent disregard in spirit and deed.

Today I love that the St Pauls still believes in everyone.

I love the Episcopal Church even more today if that's possible. I am crying in joy. Today the Episcopal Church Approved Transgender People for Ordination.

Josie Romero 11 Year Old Trans Girl First Doctor Visit

Meet Josie Romero an eleven year old transgender girl from Tucson Arizona. All of us can attest to the trepidations we felt during our first OGBYN visit as adults. Can you imagine how stressful it would be to be a adolescent in that position knowing your answers will forever shape your life? The next set of videos chronicles Josie's first visit doctors visit...

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Stand Firm Call to Action in revulsion of Episcopal GC Transgender Canonical Changes

General Convention Updates [No Rest For the Wicked, Not Even On Sunday] Via Stand Firm

I received this article in a email call to action prefixed with the above title from Stand Firm the de facto media outlet for the followers of the virulently anti trans Fort Worth Bishop Ikers in response to the Episcopal Church's GC vote to become inclusive to transgender and all gender diverse.

Although Stand Firm states it is not a official mouthpiece for Bishop Iker's Dioceses of Fort Worth the publication is essential in disseminating information and call to action for Republican Episcopal Conservatives followers of the radically anti LGBT Iker.

Yes Iker, I was at your Church a few years ago and that was me who one of your goons deflected from the communion rail. Your article tries to give the impression gods love is the reason cradle Episcopalians like me are abandoning our beloved church. How can you live with knowing its you who is destroying gods good will and inviting the devil to manifest his presence physically?

Stand Firm Call to Action in revulsion of Episcopal GC Transgender Canonical Changes A couple paragraphs from the Stand Firm article that say it all....
[Commentary] What does this mean, practically? Parishes who are in search processes, and who are looking for a good priest, cannot “not consider” those who “differ from majority societal gender norms” simply because of that disorder. To name two examples: those men with perfectly good xy chromosomes but who imagine that they are really women, and then undergo surgery and take hormones in order to further foster their beliefs or who simply cross-dress or otherwise “differ from majority societal gender norms” cannot be “not considered” because of that disorder in gender identity. The words “gender identity and expression” are extraordinarily broad and vague—and they are meant to encompass a variety of “expressions.”
Stand Firm goes on to condemn us all for love and acceptance.....
It has been clear for some years now that the people leading us at the national level—90% of bishops, lay and clergy deputies to General Convention, and those serving on national commissions and committees—are not competent, healthy, or ordered in their theology or foundational worldview. It is one thing to love sinners [as we all are], and to love those with mental illness [as many of us have]. It is another thing to re-name pathologies as “good and healthy”, to enshrine those with such pathologies as leaders of a church, and to force others to pretend as if disordered affections or gender identities are functional and wholesome.


An Amazing Interview With Julie Bindel

META magazine's interview with Julie Bindel on July 7th, 2012.

Frankly I am surprised. Of course we differ greatly on some topics such as delaying puberty in adolescents. I also think she played the victim card then went and blew up a whole lot of good will with her description of trans people who called her on her transphobia in 2008 and again in 2011 when she was nominated for all things, the Stonewall Diversity Award...but as she said, those are years past.

Some will say she was simply on her best behaviour during the interview adapting to the changing social norms and I could see a cauldron of anger swirling just below the surface of this woman. But that being said, I would say I am in agreement with Bindle on a number of topics.

We need to take a pluralistic view, accept that others disagree and find common ground.

RadFems monolithic view of men bad, woman good is ridiculous but somehow, just somehow we need to make peace with Radfems. Lord knows I have tried and failed, maybe someone else would be successful.

The only ones who will benefit directly from the Trans Radfem conflict are those who hate us and make no differentiation between cisgender and transsexuals, and believe it or not, some from within our own community who find satisfaction in the fanning the flame of the current conflagration.

Like Julie said, we journalists have the potential to greatly influence social understandings, and the winners are the ones who rise to the top.


A Conversation With... Isis King and Janet Mock

Two of the most prolific transgender advocate roll models of our generation come together for a 10 minute conversation.

Published on Jun 30, 2012 by itlmedia

America's Next Top Model's first transgender contestant, Isis King, sits down with People.com staff editor and transgender advocate, Janet Mock, for a conversation about representations of transgender people in media.

I'd like to show some love too. Thank you Janet. Thank you Isis. We are blessed.

All Out.ORG: Ukraine Parliament Going on Vacation Before "Gay Propaganda" Vote Is Not A Victory

This is good, but it wasn't a victory, just serendipity.

I received a email from All Out.org thanking me for signing the petition and essentially claiming the lions share of the credit for the Anti LGBT Russian style "Gay Propaganda" bill not being made into law, for now anyways. Then they asked for money, over and over.
"Thank you. Law 8711, Ukraine's proposed gay-gag rule, has been shelved for now. Because of the efforts of All Out members around the world who signed, called, tweeted, shared and stood with local Ukrainian activists, a bill that would have silenced millions has been stalled and hopefully defeated."
All Out is right in that the petition did help immensely but the claim that it was the reason the bill was not enacted is disingenuous.

Even if Gay magazines publish the story with that spin on itover and over it doesn't make that any truer.

There is a struggle inside Ukraine over Russian people's immigration into the country and language which is threatening to tear it apart, again. The Parliament went on vacation instead of recognizing the speakers resignation in protest of a law recognizing Russian as an official language.

All Out.Org, do what's in the best interest of your members, don't be seduced by fund raising and self promotion.

All Out.org, don't deceive your members and become all HRC on us. Stay grass roots, Stay Real.


Police Release Sketch Of Texas Teen Murderer

Portland Police Department statement:

July 4, 2012 5:30 PM

Portland police continue to investigate the murder of Mollie Judith Olgin and the aggravated assault of Mary Kristene Chapa.

The following sketch was developed with the assistance of an eyewitness to the attack. The single suspect is an Anglo male in his 20s, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 140 lbs, skinny build with brown hair.

Persons who believe they may know the identity of this suspect are urged to call police
department at (361) 777-4444. Reports may be made anonymously.

Further statements will be made as conditions warrant.


PuSsY RiOt ON Hunger Strike ** FREE PUSSY RIOT **

Three alleged incarcerated members of the Feminist Punk Rock band "Pussy Riot" have gone on hunger strike according to the Moscow Times. They are protesting the 2 days their lawyers had to prepare a defense after being handed a 2,800-page indictment for a Punk Prayer held at a Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin and the Russian Orthodox wants this travesty of injustice ended as quickly as possible.

Нормальная реакция цивилизованных людей на творящийся в России беспредел. Faith No More показали, что они тоже неравнодушные ЛЮДИ.

The normal reaction of civilized people by in the face chaos in Russia. Faith No More have shown that they too are people who care.

In Moscow......

In Brooklyn New York.....

In London.....

On 25 November, an article attributed to Alexander Litvinenko was published by the Mail on Sunday Online entitled Why I believe Putin wanted me dead...

In his last statement while dieing from poison administered my Putin's assassins Alexander Litvinenko said about Putin:

"...this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition. You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price. You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed. You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value. You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilised men and women. You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life. May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people."

The howling continues.....

Watch Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Sign New Transgender ID Law

Source IB Times UK Youtube Channel To great cheer the Argentine President Cristina Fernandez signed the decree and then personally delivered the first new National Identity Cards to a handful of transsexual persons featuring their new pictures, names, and perhaps most importantly, the gender with which they identify. Speaking in Spanish, she said.

"I want to say something about all of you. Today you are going to have the same rights that I and millions of Argentines have had from the day we were born. This is the society that we want. A society of reparation for everything you've had to go through to reach this point."