The Mayor of Thessaloniki Greece meets with Transgender community reports σωματείο υποστήριξης διεμφυλικών

After suffering for years the Thessaloniki transgender activists are  reporting improving conditions. They are saying there will be a transgender day of remembrance, possibly the first public vigil for our fallen in that city. The Mayor has said he wants to present the opening remarks.

This is such a huge improvement.  It was just this June when I reported on Greek Transsexuals being rounded up, arrested and threatened. Just a few months ago it was common practice for the police to break into the homes of trans people, drag them out and jail them without charges with other newly designated 'undesirables'. And only one year since the Mayor, albeit begrudgingly, allowed the first Pride celebration the the city. It was a dark and foreboding time but possibly things might be improving. Finding employment in Greece is especially hard for trans people so the Mayor said he plans to employ a trans person in his office as an example for others to follow.

Cross posted from the Greek Transgendered Support Association press release:

Representatives of the Transgender Support Association meet with Thessaloniki Mayor

The Transgender Support Association (S.Y.D.) with this press release informs the meeting representatives of SYD with the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Boutari on issues facing the trans community of Thessaloniki.

The meeting was held Tuesday, September 24, 2013, with the following agenda items: the pogrom against trans women took place in Thessaloniki in previous months, the disadvantage and discrimination experienced by trans people - especially in the workplace, and concession hall of the municipality to make the World Day of Remembrance transgender to be held for the first time this year in the second largest city on 30 November.

Thessaloniki Mayor accepted the arguments of the representatives of SYD and condemned the practice of massive afferent followed by the police in Thessaloniki, while told us he would come in contact with the police chief Thessaloniki on this topic.

Recognize multiple discrimination and wall exclusions faced by trans people, particularly in the workplace and stated his intention to help as Mayor for the isolations, particularly on the issue of exclusions from the workplace said they would do every effort to recruit trans to service through programs municipality of Thessaloniki.

Accepted our request for assignment to make room for the World Day of Remembrance Transgender in Thessaloniki on 30 November, which will even support it in practice with his inaugural speech.

The meeting was in excellent climate, the Mayor of Thessaloniki showed his support to the problems of trans community, and said he wants the constant contact and cooperation with our community.

The Transgender Support Association (SYD) wishes and seek to strengthen cooperation to overcome discrimination and disadvantage faced by the trans community is placed at the disposal of the Mayor to carry out his promises, and thanked him warmly for his support he needs the trans community of Thessaloniki.


Transgender Support Association (SYD)

Jean Moreas 17 Koukaki Athens.




Natacha posted this email she received via TGEU from a trans person living in Thessaloniki on her blog UnCommon Sense.

"As a follow up of the situation of last months in Thessaloniki (systematic pogrom against trans women from police), we would like to give you some info.

Until 21st of July that we managed to have a meeting with the head of police of Thessaloniki, the pogrom have stopped. We had only sporadic persecutions (at the beging of September) of 2 trans women, but it was not in the systematic way of massive detentions, and the attitude of the police has totally changed.

Also yesterday, two representatives of Greek Transgender Support Association had a meeting with Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Boutaris.

We had a totally agreement with Mr. Boutaris about the persecutions of trans women. He said that it is not acceptable, and that he will talk with head of police of Thessaloniki.
The other subject was the discriminations and exclusions that transgender people face - mainly in work and employment.
He promised that he will do his best in this directions, and also, he promised that he will do everything he can for the employment of trans people in Municipality (to be more specific he told us word for word: "I will employ a trans person in my office as an example of good practice to be followed").
At the end he told us that he wants to have the open speech of our TDoR event that we will do for first time this year in Thessaloniki, and that he is determined as long that he's a Mayor to be advocate to transgender issues, and to start a constant contact with us.

We hope that Mayor will keep all his promises."

Thessaloniki Pride[Wikipedia]

Thessaloniki staged its annual pride event for the first time in 22–23 June 2012, following Mayor Boutaris's promise to back a public LGBT event in the city. The firstThessaloniki Pride festival enjoyed massive popular support[14] from the city, its periphery and the region, which was a heavy blow for the city's metropolitan Anthimos, who had called believers to react.[15] One year later, in one of his announcements just a few days before the pride event of 2013, he stated that once more, the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki would have to tolerate the sad and unacceptable "festival" of the homosexuals who want to "celebrate their sickness in a carnival sort of way". He also asked parents to keep their children and themselves away from "such pointless and unnatural celebrations". However, many families were present and the two-day festival ended in a great atmosphere with many parties, galleries and celebrations all around the city.[16]

Six year old becomes the youngest (known) transgender person to amend Birth Certificate

Source GNN: A six-year-old- Argentinean girl has taken advantage of Argentina’s gender recognition laws to officially change her gender.

The little girl, known as Lulu, is believed to be the youngest person to take advantage of the new laws.

Lulu, who was assigned male at birth has identified as a girl from an early age. Her birth certificate and Argentinean ID (known as the DNL) will now reflect her identity as a female.

Lulu’s family had first attempted to get her documentation changed when the laws came into effect in December but the government initially refused to comply as they believed Lulu too young to be able to decide on her gender identity.

This decision was overturned however following a letter from Lulu’s mother, Gabriella, pleading her daughter’s case in which Gabriella said Lulu had identified as a girl since she could talk.

Argentina's Children, Youth and Family Secretary had also ruled in favour of allowing the documentation to be changed, stating that they believed not doing so could be in breach of a UN resolution supporting children's rights.


#Eurogamer Xbox One Presenter on behalf of Microsoft called Transgender Journalist Laura Kate Dale "IT, Thing and He" on stage

The presenter for Microsoft XBox One at Eurogamer Fraser Millward went out of his way for a laugh asking a transgender woman to join him on the stage then called her a "IT, Thing and Him";

He was probably trying to get a rise from the machismo gamer people in attendance. But instead of getting a laugh comedian Fraser Millward will look forward to being investigated for his awful transphobic tirade..

Pure XBox Gamer Ken Barnes described the stage show as annoying, overbearing, immature, and offputting to most of the attendees but his post about the last day he began with a question Sexism, misogyny, and giveaways?  Barnes said he saw "clearly underage gamers taking part in a "twerking" contest in order to win a t-shirt, in front of a crowd of fans." I wonder if any of those kids parents knew of this? Embarrassing for Microsoft and maybe even costly too.

Fraser Millward would do himself a world of good by apologizing for his comments and actions.


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees at Microsoft

GLEAM is the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) employee resource group at Microsoft.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in workplace diversity. It was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners and to include sexual orientation in its corporate nondiscrimination policy. Since 1989, Microsoft has supported and sponsored gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues at Microsoft. In 1993, the employee resource group—Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Employees at Microsoft (GLEAM)—was organized. GLEAM now has more than 700 members.

read more at kotaku.com

Google and Microsoft have formed InterTech to promote the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in technology field.


Why Star Ledger do you continue to misgender a murdered transgender woman despite receiving emails confirming her trans status?

As reported earlier this week by planetransgender, The Brunswick Patch and The Advocate Eyricka Morgan a transgender woman was murdered in New Brunswick NJ.

*Update! Immediately after posting this Sue Epstein begun reaching out to our community. See the tweets at the end of the story for updates.

All of the before mentioned news sources used the most basic tools in confirming the trans status of the victim. In the trans community and the greater mainstream media as a whole, this procedure is paramount. It is considered and rightfully so a serious breach of protocol to incorrectly identify someone as transgender or cisgender.

Sue Epstein at the Star Ledger originally reported on this crime but has yet to follow these basic principals of journalism by failing to properly investigate and worst yet, by ignoring information on the victims transgender status that she herself  requested.

Like some mainstream media have done in the past the Star Ledger is adhering to a editorial policy of ignoring social media. But when it becomes s so apparent that they are ignoring the facts they asked for from the community one begins to question if this behaviour is transphobic in nature.

So for the Star Ledger it time to be edified.

GLAAD Blog Sept 27

Star Ledger Jornalist Sue Epstein posted this comment on the original article on the 28th of Oct

Sue Epstein's confusing comment first seems to acknowledge that there have been people who contacted her confirming Eyricka Morgan's trans status then she says that no one has contacted her at all in contradiction to GLAADS statement.

There seemed to be a missed connection as many of the trans community tweeted to the @StarLedger and not directly to Sue Epstein's.

I will now put Sue Epstein in contact with Janet Mock and Darnell L. Moore who personally knew of the victims transgender status and Glaad for information on how to write her updated article.

Action Required: Ask Susan Epstein to Respect Eyricka Morgan’s Identity + Life

Today, I sent the following email to Susan Epstein of the The Star-Ledger about her report of the murder of Eyricka Morgan, a young trans woman of color who was murdered in her boarding home.
I’m heartbroken about the death of someone I knew, and shocked by the fact that Ms. Epstein chooses to carelessly erase Eyricka’s identity as a woman and her life as well, telling our community that she needs confirmation or proof that Eyricka was a trans woman.
Please email (sepstein@starledger.com), tweet  or call the reporter at (732) 249-5670 about misgendering Eyricka Morgan in . The point of this action is not to vilify Ms. Epstein, it’s to set the record straight on our lives.
Feel free to use my email as a template:
Hi Susan,
I will go on record, as an activist who knew the victim, Eyricka Morgan. She was a transgender woman of color and an advocate in the community. She went by she and her, and her identity should be respected even after her passing, despite what records may or may not say.
As a journalist who worked for mainstream media (I previously worked for People.com), I know that reflecting the truth of people’s lives is vital. The misgendering and erasure of Ms. Morgan’s identity does not only hurt her life and legacy, it also hurts an entire community of marginalized and often stigmatized people who are grappling with discrimination on many levels in our country.
Please fix this careless error and stop requiring that our lives need proof. We are who we say we are.
Janet Mock

Moments after posting this article and mentioning Susan Epstein on twitter she responded. You can call the timing serendipitous if you want too but I'll call it advocacy and that's my story and I'm stickin too it :) In any case we are moving forward.


Hollywood Trans Woman Unique McKenzie victim of Hit and Run on Santa Monica Blvd

Fiday morning around 3:20 transwoman Unique McKenzie, 22, was standing with some friends at a bus stop after a night out. Her friends say reacting to a joke Unique accidentally slipped onto the street where she was then struck by a white or grey colored Ford Thunderbird.

The accident turned into a felony after Unique was carried on top of the car for 30 feet and the driver "didn't even slow down". Los Angeles is in the middle of a crisis with over 14,000 hit and run incidents this year alone. There are 51 hit and run incidents everyday in LA.

Click here to watch opens in new window

Cambridge News reporter Raymond Browns Trans monsigny on full display in "Tea and a bit of spanking"

Raymond Brown, 'journalist' for the Cambridge News, just earned the dubious distinction of becoming a poster boy for transphobic writers worldwide.

Raymond Brown authored 'Tea and a bit of spanking, so what?' says transgender Cambridge councillor after Trumpington Village Hall bondage saga" about Cambridge Counsolor Sarah Brown.   Cllr Brown had the fortitude to speak up against the canceling of a public informational B and D event.

Raymond Brown vigorously defended his article on twitter claiming he wrote it with no ill intent.

But for Brown it was all about linking fetishism with transsexualism making mention of Cllr Browns trans status three times.

His tweets (nudge, nudge pointing to the trans counselor) reveal his desire to demean a Cambridge counselor because of her gender expression and link that with children's welfare.

Another councilor tweeted:

When confronted with his article and tweets Sarah Brown tweeting her personal account as @auntysarah

Sarah Brown is a serious politician, driven to help others. She should be treated with the same respect cisgender people are.

For the record I have no issues with B&D. Usually the people who point fingers are the ones who secretly indulge themselves in the same fetish.

Media blames Thai trans womans murder on her taking alleged killers word verbatim

A Transgender woman from Thailand was stabbed to death in a motel and according to the reporting media the man arrested for her murder said she was to blame.

Thoraphol Thonompholkrang was arrested for the murder and theft of personal belongings of a trans woman identified only as "Korn Sirinya" after police linked him to the crime through his facebook postings.

Thonompholkrang said that in the past he had been paid for sex and was enraged after Ms Kornsirinya refused to pay him.

And of course people caught red handed with the murder of trans woman always tells the truth.

More than likely this was a transpanic murder. There is no evidence left on facebook to substantiate this but many in the Thai Forum are questioning the reporting for these same reasons.

All of the other articles about her murder are parroting the original account and likewise are profiting from sensationalist victim blaming.

Her murder will not be blamed on her in this article.

R.I.P. Ms Kornsirinya.


Eyricka Morgan New Brunswick NJ Transgender woman stabbed to death

Originally reported as the murder of a man the New Brunswick Patch's updated article Boarding House Victim was Transgender Woman and Advocate, Friends Say properly identifies her as a transgender woman.

Eyricka attended a Queer Newark' Conference in 2011 and was interviewed by the school's media illustrating how hard it can be for LGBTQI youth in urban areas:

Eyricka Morgan, 23, a transgender Newarker and Rutgers student, remembers when family members told her “all gay men have AIDS’’ and forbid her from dressing like a woman. “I had to make a decision. Either I be myself or let others control me. So at 14 or 15, I packed up all my stuff and I left.’’

HT Lexi Cannes

Police continue to investigate and ask anyone with information to call Det. Kenneth Abode of New Brunswick Police at (732) 745-5200 or Investigator Jose Rodriguez of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office at (732) 745-3300.


Photo shopped Picture slamming the Salvation Army does no good

Update 12/9/2013. TRV has since changed the original image to a obviously staged picture.
You can still see the original cached image from the site here.
This change in imagery only serves to highlight the ill intent of the article as the content remained the same. 
There is a story circulating the Internet and facebook with a very disturbing picture featured. It shows two happy young woman fund raising for the Salvation Army but the disturbing sign between them says "Gays Not Allowed". The story is presented as current news and combined with the visual has elicited strong angry reaction from the LGBT community.

The picture to the right published by June 13 by  The Gay Voice News (TGV) in a article titled "Salvation Army says Gays Need to Be Put to Death” was originally publicised by the Pegasus news Dec 22, 2009.

The accompanying story that TGV calls "recent" was from 2012. The Salvation Army has already apologized for the Australian official who made that anti LGBT statement in June of 2012. The TGV did publish the Salvation Army's apology without dating it, but left out this part of the apology:
“The Salvation Army sincerely apologises to all members of the GLBT community and to all our clients, employees, volunteers and those who are part of our faith communities for the offence caused by this miscommunication.”
The problem being is the photo has been photo shopped without any disclaimer and the story is old.

I use pictures freely (fair use) on the planetransgender so it would be fair to say I'm the pot calling the calling the kettle black. But In my humble opinion, as a blogger this "News" story does LGBT people no good. It should be edited if it is to be presented as news. OK so the Salvation army isn't the most inclusive of organizations but this story is at best just muckraking. At worst its blatant hate mongering by a news source.


Gullasmag and other TERF revel in transgender Homecoming Queen's tearful video

Last Friday night Cassidy Lynn Campbell won the OC Homecoming Queen broke and broke down in tears of joy.  It was a wonderful moment in this teenagers short life, in her experience the most important thing that could happen to her.

I and many others celebrated her victory but were horrified as shortly afterwards her tears of joy turned into tears of agony.

Who would do this to her?

Cassidy Lynn had read the comments about her winning. There were many who attacked her, belittled her experience, called her a boy and did everything else they could think of to make her feel bad, just like Gullasmag did on GenderTrender. 

Comments on "Gendertrender regarding Cassidy's pain...

As if we needed more proof that TERF are scum. Gendertrender has intentional tailored there SEO so when people google planetransgender they also see gullasmag. What if this young girl commits suicide gullusmag? Here's the proof for the attorneys if they need it. You and your crew belittled her, intimidated her and intentionally caused her pain. I hope her family sues you for every penny you have. I hope they investigate who made those terrible comments on her video. I would put money on it a TERF made at least some of those awful comments.


TERF Julie Bindel withdraws from a porn debate blaming trans people and allies for threats

The highly respected UK organization TransMedia Watch tweeted about TERF Julie Bindel's announcement that she was withdrawing from a university debate on whether or not porn is empowering for women.  In a revealing set of tweets Bindel revealed her true motivation for withdrawing.

Source The Independent: "Bindel was invited to speak at the Manchester Debating Union event against the motion that porn empowers women, but her role in the lineup alongside No More Page 3 founder Lucy Holmes and former porn actress Renee Richards was met with fierce criticism from students and transgender activists."

"The opposition is thought to stem from an article on transgender issues that Bindel wrote for The Guardian in 2004, in which she described gender reassignment clinics as places where lesbians can go to ‘have their breasts sliced off and a penis made out of their beer bellies".

Further controversial comments included the apparently dismissive conclusion, "I don’t have a problem with men disposing of their genitals, but it does not make them women, in the same way that shoving a big of vacuum hose down your 501s does not make you a man".

It's unknown what if any protests were made to Bindel's approaching appearance by trans peoples and our allies or whether there was in fact any protests planned in the event she appeared like the ones in 2008 here and here. However Independent, repeating a byline does not make it the fact.

I want to reiterate my strong condemnation of violence or the threats of violence. If it were in fact a trans person who made those purported threats against Bindle I would advocate for justice, but with that being said, its a all to common practice of TERF's to put themselves in a position where they can claim rape and other threats were made against them, usually by trans people.

Bindel's ltweet on this qualifies may last statement all too well

She later tweets trying to qualify 'tiny'.

Which to some extent is true. There is a contingent within our community who are, like myself, rather militant in response to TERF rhetoric but for good reason. TERF's like Bindel have honed there skills in provoking angry responses, obfuscating truths and derailing conversations to a fine art. And just like this instance, in hopes of placing themselves in the victim role.

And for the record it's not a tiny minority Bindel. The overwhelming majority of trans people respond to TERF transphobia in one way or another be it cerebral or militant in nature. That may seem like a ineffectual response to you since we are in truth a 'tiny' minority but even more ineffectual is your worn out dog eared victim card.

And isn't sad that we agree on so many feminist issues like the one you could have spoken up about?

Seamus Johnston sues Pittsburgh University after being expelled for being transgender

From being declared Persona Non Grata, citations for lewd behaviour for using the men's locker room, mandated on campus reparative therapy, forced surgical body modifications and being falsely indicated by UPITT in bomb threats resulting in a grand jury investigation, transman Seamus Johnston has every right to seek justice.

Former UPitt honor student Seamus Johnston has filled a lawsuit (embedded below) claiming the school arrested and subsequently expelled him on the basis of gender expression resulting in the deprivation of his rights guaranteed by the fourteenth amendment.

Seamus (pronounced Shame-us) was participating in a campus for credit weight training class and had used the men's locker room during October and November uneventfully. But after the student news paper published a article titled "Transgender student claims discrimination" that the school served him with the first of many citations for disorderly conduct.

That was just the beginning of the retaliation Seamus would endure.

Mr. Johnston was disciplined in the form of expulsion following two times where he was observed using men's restrooms. He was expelled ostensibly because he used men's facilities while having a female sex designation on his student records even though his drivers license indicated he was male. He would not have been subject to discipline if UPJ had not refused to correct the sex designation on his student records.

On December 2, 2011, the UPJ Campus Police filed a criminal complaint, charging Mr. Johnston with violations of 18Pa.C.S.A. § 3127(a) – Indecent Exposure (M2), 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 3503(b)(1)(i)– Criminal Trespass (M3), and 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 5503(a)(1) – Disorderly Conduct (M3).

On May 30, 2013, after multiple attempts over 16 months to get the charges dismissed or withdrawn for lack of probable cause, Mr. Johnston plead guilty to the reduced charges of Trespass and Disorderly Conduct .

On January 20, 2012, Mr. Johnston presented his story of discrimination at a meeting of the University Senate Anti-Discriminatory Policies Committee (“ADPC”) in Pittsburgh.

On February 21, 2012, the ADPC unanimously passed a resolution recommending that the University nondiscrimination policy should operate according to the sex with which the person identifies now, not their natal sex, noting that birth-certificate verification might be in violation of the University's Non-Discrimination Policy and city ordinances,and that this should apply to all regional campuses.

Shortly afterwards an anonymous representative from UPITT administration informed the ADPC and others for the first time that the school would only accept a birth certificate or court order as proof of gender.

You can follow Seamus's case on Facebook and Twitter @sspjohnston.

All of this litigation takes courage and money so Seamus has started a crowd source funding campaign.


For the kids: LGBT United we stand against NOM's AB 1266 referendum campaign

HRC Exposes this hate group: "NOM is trying to connect it back to Prop 8 because they want you to think that this is well within its stated cause of "protecting marriage."  But it isn't.  This new law has absolutely nothing to do with marriage—zero. zilch. nada.—and everything to do with making the school day safer for one of the nation's most vulnerable populations of young people.  NOM's choice to endorse this wholly unrelated measure is just further proof that NOM's agenda is an anti-LGBT one that never had any intention on stopping at our marriage rights.
Of course it's not a big surprise to see NOM making this choice, considering that NOM's own political director, Frank Schubert, is the campaign manager for this repeal effort.  In that regard, there is, in fact, a marriage connection: Schubert, who lost all four marriage fights in November 2012, is running out of marriage campaigns off which to collect his millions, thus the need for new endeavors.  Since he and they are running out of loving couples to force to pause their lives, Schubert and NOM are just moving their muscle over to the awesome little kids who simply want to live truthfully and learn safely."
HRC reports that NOM wouldn't even exist if not for the 10 top donors who contributed $8,326,000 or 90.5% of its declared revenue in 2010.

NOM's signature gatherers won't mention that there has never been a lawsuit brought against a transgender student alleging any improprieties in public accommodations but they will parrot this paragraph from NOM's website, They hope to instill a sense of dread in the uninformed and pander to bigots:

From NOM's webpage:
"Not even two short months after the US Supreme Court refused to uphold the right of over 7 million Californians to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, the California Legislature passed AB 1266, the school co-ed bathroom law," said Brown. "They are forcing our school children to be exposed in showers and bathrooms to members of the opposite sex who claim a 'gender identity' with that sex."
*Trigger warning. The CNN talking head incorrectly says a transgender person 'chooses' which restroom they want to use suggesting a transgender person could make daily reversals of there gender. Undeterred by her blatant bias Masen makes a great case for transgender student equality.

If anything NOM's latest hate campaign should unite our community as never before. For the kids.

Kasey Caron PA transgender student fighting for the right to run for Homecoming King

After being invited by a school councilor to run for homecoming king transgender student Kasey Caron was devastated after being told by the school Principal he had to run for prom queen or withdraw his name. Kasey was told the reason being was that his drivers license incorrectly indicated his gender as female.

Even more disempowering was the school board meeting he attended were he displayed his new driver license with the gender marker correctly indicating male, confidently expecting to be allowed to run for prom king. Kasey eloquently and succinctly stated his case, only to be misgendered and humiliated by the schools attorney. He told him Pennsylvania law requires him to present a birth certificate aligned his gender expression which requires body modification and sterilization before Kasey would be allowed to run for prom king.

In his words on XoJane: "The first person, and really the only person on the board to speak was the solicitor Timothy Leventry. He basically said that regardless of my license, regardless of my gender expression and identity, I was a girl and I was going to be treated as such. He said that because I have “female genitalia, things of this nature,” then I am legally female.

My question is: Since when did my genitalia come into conversation? In a public meeting, too!

Did they question the other court members about their genitals?"

Even after being corrected, Leventry also continued to constantly use the incorrect pronouns to refer to me. I had never felt so disrespected, so singled out and so humiliated in my life.

Kasey isn't giving up. If this isn't resolved before the next school board meeting he will be registering to speak. You have our support Kasey. Remember, you are a pioneer in the Keystone and as such the way may be very difficult.

Also on Salon

Cassidy Lynn Campbell wins OC Homecoming Queen breaks down In tears

It was amazing enough for Cassidy when she learned she was among the top ten contenders for homecoming queen so when she won it, was almost to much.

The enormity of her victory is in sharp contrast to the struggles Pennsylvania trans students still have just getting their authentic gender identity recognized by their schools.

“And then I realized it wasn’t for me anymore and I was doing this for so many people all around the county and the state and possibly the world and I am so proud to win this not just for me, but everyone out there,” Campbell said.

The 16-year-old did face some negativity over her nomination from fellow students, but she and Principal Paul Morrow are proud of the way the majority voted.

“Were proud of the message from home of the Vikings has been one of equity, acceptance, tolerance and respect,” Principal Morrow said.

Click Here to Watch Opens in New Window

We are proud of Cassidy and you Principal Morrow.

Read more: at KTLA.


From Worcester to Leicester a Topless Transgender Woman is Causing Quite a Stir

Stacey Schnee's bike ride from Worcester to Leicester Massachusetts on busy route 9 caused rubber necking, U Turns and calls to the police.

Ms. Schnee is making a statement for topless quality saying that woman should be allowed to go topless just like men. Ms. Schnee wasn't arrested because her nipples were covered said the only thing that will stop her is the weather.

I can imagine a lot of men and women, maybe even the ones who called the police, are secretly hoping for a mild winter.

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

Read more at WHDH channel 7


Turkish Government Shuts down gay dating app Grindr

Kaos GL is reporting that the gay dating app Grindr used by the gay community has been "censored" in Turkey. The app cannot be accessed since yesterday evening. İstanbul Anatolia 14th Criminal Court of Peace blocked Grindr as a “protection measure.” This is yet another measure by the government to regulate the Internet and limit freedom of speech.

Whats Grindr?

Grindr Xtra 1.5 Demo Video for Apple Devices from Grindr Videos on Vimeo.

Have you heard about Grindr Xtra but don’t know what it’s all about? Watch this demo video that highlights the unique features exclusive to Grindr Xtra on Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Xtra is the banner ad-free premium version of Grindr, with perks that optimize your Grindr experience and make it even easier to chat with other guys. Find links to download at www.grindr.com/xtra.

Wig master Terrence Davidson to feature Transgender models for "Just My Color"

TV Wig Master Terrence Davidson has announced he is using transgender woman for his new project Just My Color featuring woman with "Hair that looks just as real as the model".

“Just My Color is a unique hair-line that offers a complete transformation for all women.” Notes Founder Terrence Davidson. “Whether you want to wear it long, shoulder length and or a crop cut, Just My Color offers the texture and real human-hair quality that all women will embrace.”

H/T The Fab Femme

Terrence Davidson: The Wig Master from DIGITAL7 Media on Vimeo.


South Dakota Transgender Woman Cori McCreery awarded $50,000 after being fired for transitioning

Yesterday Lambda Legal  announced a landmark settlement for Cori McCreery, a transgender woman in South Dakota who was terminated from her job after she informed her employer that she would be taking steps to transition from male to female at work.

Cori McCreery had known and worked for the the owner of this small grocery store for years, building a sense of trust and loyalty. When the owner of Don's told her it was fine with him that she transition on the job she was not surprised even though South Dakota has no state LGBT protections.

But the day she came dressed authentically her world came crashing down.

Cori McCreery explains..."that at Don’s Valley Market, I was a very good employee – in fact, I had just been promoted and given a raise. I had known the owner for years; in fact, I had worked for him for four years at a different grocery store he owned back in 2000 to 2004. So, when he initially told me it was ok for me to come to work as my true self, I trusted that. I had already been living as a woman in every other aspect of life, and to go to work as someone else was not something I could deal with anymore. Working is so important to me, and being at there as myself was something I needed."

"The day is a little foggy from the shock, but I remember being told that I was “making other employees uncomfortable” and “what would moms think?” I didn’t know what to do. I trusted my boss, liked my job, I needed the pay check and I felt like my safety net had just been pulled out from underneath me. That was definitely a day when I knew I needed help."

Ms. McCreery having a great network of friend and family was able to quickly recover, finding employment elsewhere. But the its a lesson the owner of Don's Valley Market won't soon forget and employers nationwide should make note of.

If you discriminate against transgender people because of our gender expression you will be held accountable under Title VII. This was not the first trans victory against job discrimination since title VII was amended and it probably won't be the last. It's a tough learning curve for bigots.

"I'm so incredibly thrilled," Cori McCreery told Lambda Legal, who now works for a company which scores 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. "This gives me hope. The day I was fired, I had no idea what I would do. I now feel a sense of closure and can focus on my future. No one should be fired just because of who they are."

McCreery's settlement affirms the EEOC's position on workplace protections for transgender employees and the types of severe penalties employers could face if they attempt to discriminate against their transgender employees. McCreery's employer did not have a workplace non-discrimination policy, which is avoidable and in business owners' best interest to establish policies.

Statement on the EEOC.Gov website Rapid City Market to Pay $50,000 to Settle EEOC Finding of Discrimination Against Transgender Employee

Say Goodbye to Melony Smith, murdered transgender woman

The SoCal Tgirls facebook event invites our community and allies to Say Goodbye to Melony Smith aka Vanhxay Inthichack who was murdered last week.

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  • Melony Smith's viewing is on Wednesday on 9/18 at 4:30-8:30pm.

    The actually funeral is on Thursday 09/19 at Skyrose Chapel at 1:00pm.

    Misty Vane got two big bouquet of flowers for our community and 2 dozens of flowers for people who show up to put each rose on her coffin.

Melony's funeral was made possible by the TG community :

Respectful media articles can be found at the Advocate, Lexi Cannes and The Baldwin Park Patch,  planetransgender and the  sgvtribune.com.