How do Russians view the LGBT Witch Hunt? #Russia4Love

It's critical we learn about the cultural differences between Russia's people and the west. When Pussy Riot held their artistic disobedience the target was the Russian people. The message was not meant for consumption by the the west. Their plight kick started the wests interest but unfortunately we superimposed our cultural perceptions over their message. This only serves to alienate us from the Russian people regardless of our intent.

This video is a great place to begin understanding and could influence our advocacy in a positive way. #Russia4Love

For slower internet speeds (like mine) you can watch the abreviated You Tube version

On Tuesday, Russian LGBT activists were invited to meet with President Obama at this week's G20 summit in St. Petersburg. With Putin's anti-gay laws in place, will Obama's presence make a difference? How are Russians reacting to the witch hunt?
Originally aired on September 3, 2013
Hosted by:
  • Dena Takruri
  • Scott Wooledge  (New York, NY) Writer & Activist
  • Wes Hurley  (Seattle, WA) Filmmaker; Author of "Growing Up Gay In Russia"
  • Yelena Goltsman  (New York, NY) Founder & Co-President of RUSA LGBT

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