Mister Cee Hip Hop Icon gets outed by a lowlife tramp. You are still the man Mr. Cee

I have never been more tempted to call someone the "T" word as right now. Even though the tramp who outed Mr. Cee @Bimbowinehouse identifies with it I still feel its defamation so I'll just have to make due with calling him a stinking lowlife tramp.

The trans umbrella does not cover you @Bimbowinehouse
We have our pride.

Mister Cee is honestly confronting who he is. I respect that. And for the record there is nothing wrong with wanting to be with a trans person but seriously Mister Cee, consider raising your standards a bit.

Melissa Harris-Perry weighs in on MSNBC....

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The tramp's video that outed Mister Cee... Mister Cee talks to Breeze at Hot. Published on Sep 12, 2013 Mister Cee shocked everyone here at HOT 97 when he resigned from the station yesterday. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation commends Mister Cee on his revolutionary stance and voice for sexual freedom. (Stay tuned to http://freestdcheck.org/ for an exclusive personal video address from Mister Cee soon) This morning Ebro had him on the HOT 97 Morning Show to talk about why he made the decision to leave.

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