Eyricka Morgan New Brunswick NJ Transgender woman stabbed to death

Originally reported as the murder of a man the New Brunswick Patch's updated article Boarding House Victim was Transgender Woman and Advocate, Friends Say properly identifies her as a transgender woman.

Eyricka attended a Queer Newark' Conference in 2011 and was interviewed by the school's media illustrating how hard it can be for LGBTQI youth in urban areas:

Eyricka Morgan, 23, a transgender Newarker and Rutgers student, remembers when family members told her “all gay men have AIDS’’ and forbid her from dressing like a woman. “I had to make a decision. Either I be myself or let others control me. So at 14 or 15, I packed up all my stuff and I left.’’

HT Lexi Cannes

Police continue to investigate and ask anyone with information to call Det. Kenneth Abode of New Brunswick Police at (732) 745-5200 or Investigator Jose Rodriguez of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office at (732) 745-3300.

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