The Mayor of Thessaloniki Greece meets with Transgender community reports σωματείο υποστήριξης διεμφυλικών

After suffering for years the Thessaloniki transgender activists are  reporting improving conditions. They are saying there will be a transgender day of remembrance, possibly the first public vigil for our fallen in that city. The Mayor has said he wants to present the opening remarks.

This is such a huge improvement.  It was just this June when I reported on Greek Transsexuals being rounded up, arrested and threatened. Just a few months ago it was common practice for the police to break into the homes of trans people, drag them out and jail them without charges with other newly designated 'undesirables'. And only one year since the Mayor, albeit begrudgingly, allowed the first Pride celebration the the city. It was a dark and foreboding time but possibly things might be improving. Finding employment in Greece is especially hard for trans people so the Mayor said he plans to employ a trans person in his office as an example for others to follow.

Cross posted from the Greek Transgendered Support Association press release:

Representatives of the Transgender Support Association meet with Thessaloniki Mayor

The Transgender Support Association (S.Y.D.) with this press release informs the meeting representatives of SYD with the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Boutari on issues facing the trans community of Thessaloniki.

The meeting was held Tuesday, September 24, 2013, with the following agenda items: the pogrom against trans women took place in Thessaloniki in previous months, the disadvantage and discrimination experienced by trans people - especially in the workplace, and concession hall of the municipality to make the World Day of Remembrance transgender to be held for the first time this year in the second largest city on 30 November.

Thessaloniki Mayor accepted the arguments of the representatives of SYD and condemned the practice of massive afferent followed by the police in Thessaloniki, while told us he would come in contact with the police chief Thessaloniki on this topic.

Recognize multiple discrimination and wall exclusions faced by trans people, particularly in the workplace and stated his intention to help as Mayor for the isolations, particularly on the issue of exclusions from the workplace said they would do every effort to recruit trans to service through programs municipality of Thessaloniki.

Accepted our request for assignment to make room for the World Day of Remembrance Transgender in Thessaloniki on 30 November, which will even support it in practice with his inaugural speech.

The meeting was in excellent climate, the Mayor of Thessaloniki showed his support to the problems of trans community, and said he wants the constant contact and cooperation with our community.

The Transgender Support Association (SYD) wishes and seek to strengthen cooperation to overcome discrimination and disadvantage faced by the trans community is placed at the disposal of the Mayor to carry out his promises, and thanked him warmly for his support he needs the trans community of Thessaloniki.


Transgender Support Association (SYD)

Jean Moreas 17 Koukaki Athens.




Natacha posted this email she received via TGEU from a trans person living in Thessaloniki on her blog UnCommon Sense.

"As a follow up of the situation of last months in Thessaloniki (systematic pogrom against trans women from police), we would like to give you some info.

Until 21st of July that we managed to have a meeting with the head of police of Thessaloniki, the pogrom have stopped. We had only sporadic persecutions (at the beging of September) of 2 trans women, but it was not in the systematic way of massive detentions, and the attitude of the police has totally changed.

Also yesterday, two representatives of Greek Transgender Support Association had a meeting with Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Boutaris.

We had a totally agreement with Mr. Boutaris about the persecutions of trans women. He said that it is not acceptable, and that he will talk with head of police of Thessaloniki.
The other subject was the discriminations and exclusions that transgender people face - mainly in work and employment.
He promised that he will do his best in this directions, and also, he promised that he will do everything he can for the employment of trans people in Municipality (to be more specific he told us word for word: "I will employ a trans person in my office as an example of good practice to be followed").
At the end he told us that he wants to have the open speech of our TDoR event that we will do for first time this year in Thessaloniki, and that he is determined as long that he's a Mayor to be advocate to transgender issues, and to start a constant contact with us.

We hope that Mayor will keep all his promises."

Thessaloniki Pride[Wikipedia]

Thessaloniki staged its annual pride event for the first time in 22–23 June 2012, following Mayor Boutaris's promise to back a public LGBT event in the city. The firstThessaloniki Pride festival enjoyed massive popular support[14] from the city, its periphery and the region, which was a heavy blow for the city's metropolitan Anthimos, who had called believers to react.[15] One year later, in one of his announcements just a few days before the pride event of 2013, he stated that once more, the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki would have to tolerate the sad and unacceptable "festival" of the homosexuals who want to "celebrate their sickness in a carnival sort of way". He also asked parents to keep their children and themselves away from "such pointless and unnatural celebrations". However, many families were present and the two-day festival ended in a great atmosphere with many parties, galleries and celebrations all around the city.[16]

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