Nathan Verhelst, Belgian transgender man ends his life with euthanasia

Nathan Verhels, a Belgian transgender man seeking 'a new birth' from transition ended his life because of "unbearable psychological suffering" this week.

 Mr. Verhels  begun HRT in 2009 and later had a mastectomy and penal construction surgery told IBI Times  "My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be ... a monster."

"When I looked into the mirror after the first operation I was filled with self-loathing."

 With the governments permission doctors ended his life with lethal injection earlier this week. According to the doctors present he passed peacefully.

Mr. Verhels tells of a tortured childhood and a heartless, cruel mother

"I was the girl that nobody wanted," he said. "While my brothers were celebrated, I got a storage room above the garage as a bedroom. 'If only you had been a boy', my mother complained. I was tolerated, nothing more."

After learning of his death via a letter his mother told the local newspaper:

"When I saw 'Nancy' for the first time, my dream was shattered. She was so ugly. I had a phantom birth. Her death does not bother me," the unnamed mother told Het Laatste Nieuws.

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