SexMind's Mcalc Transgender Friendly Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator

Sex Mind a group that describes itself as a interface between humanity and medical professionals is on Indigo seeking crowd funding for the development of a menstrual cycle app for mobile devices.

Why? With the advent of dads having children why shouldn't we have apps that treat us respectfully?

From the Indego site:

"There is a large amount of people in the world who do not identify with the traditional conception of gender, or who don´t express their gender in the same way as others. A gender neutral app like Mcalc is the perfect alternative for people who menstruate and have a hard time using overly feminized apps, or simply, for people who don´t want their tracking app to assume their gender and their sexual orientation. Aside from that, Mcalc helps to promote the inclusion of the LGBTQA community in the app market , joining plenty of other apps that have been supportive from the start."

Sex Mind has already released a beta version for Android. What bothered me was that I couldn't find a link to that app on their Tmblr or any other sites run by Sexmind. I found it by googling Sexmind  and down loaded the app to my Android.

The App worked the first I used it but then it quit accepting input. Even if it is in Beta thats not too impressive but then nether are the reviews.

Being a trans woman I have never had period but one of my partners did make timing hers my business. And I think its a great idea from my experiences presenting as male. I don't think there are too many manly trans men who would appreciate the flowery designs or being misgendered on the other apps I downloaded.

Its defiantly a idea who's time is due. (pun intended). Maybe the funding will help them have the resources to work the bugs out.

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