Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) loses tax exempt status, but doesn't bother to tell there benefactors

Screen snip from the CRI website
October 3, 2012
The group that made millions gathering signatures to fight marriage equality is now taking donations for their next battle, against California school children.

They just haven't bothered informing their supporters their donations aren't tax exempt.

The Transgender Law Center reports that transgender high school student Ashton Lee and his mother, Catherine Lee, filed a complaint this week with the California Attorney General’s Office asking for an investigation into an anti-LGBT group that has been operating illegally and claiming to be a tax-exempt organization to receive donations, when in fact its tax-exempt status was revoked by the Internal Revenue Service months ago.

The Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) had its tax-exempt status revoked in February by the IRS after failing to provide required financial information for three consecutive years. It is also listed on the California Attorney General site as delinquent in required filings. Despite this, the group has continued to say they are tax-exempt in order to solicit contributions to continue its work, including challenging California’s new School Success and Opportunity Act (Assembly Bill 1266), which ensures that transgender students have the same opportunities to be successful as their peers.

What motivates a paid signature gatherer? Hint, not fairness or equality.

All we care about is getting the signatures! Listen when I worked this deal in California I made five hundred dollars a day, I traveled ten states, OK, I got filthy stinking rich..its about making them say yes.

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