Watch Larry King's former teacher Shirley Brown on "Valentine Road" say she 'relates' to transphobia

Oxnard California junior high school teacher Shirley Brown said she understands how the boy who murdered Larry king felt after being given a Valentine card by King. “I relate to Brandon because I could see my own self being in that very same position.

In fact, she thinks Larry's murder was comical, perhaps poetic justice explaining how she would have reacted:. “I don’t know if I would have taken a gun, but a good swift kick in the butt might work really well,’ she added, laughing.

Completely irate about the LGBT pride parade that followed in Oxnard she asks "Who would do such a thing? Who would do that?" She needs to ask that question to the man in the center of his apostles in the picture on her wall. His answer has been there for the taking all along.

Is this person still teaching? Is she still enabling transphobia and homophobia in public schools?

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