Dasha Shtern Russian Transgender Woman fired because of Putin's anti LGBT Laws commits suicide

A small crowd gathered in Red Square October 19th to hold a vigil for 22 year old Dasha Shtern the first known suicide of a LGBT person that can be directly attributed to Vladimir Putin's anti LGBT laws.
Cross posted from guseinova's blog found at the Association of Russian Lawyers for human rights:
"The action was held on Red Square in Moscow 19 October 2013: the activists gathered on the square in memory of transgender girl Dasha Shtern, who had committed suicide in Ekaterinburg."
on photo: Masha Bast near Kremlin, 19 Octoder 2013, Day of Remembrance: Dasha Shtern 
The organizers said, that originally the event was planned outside the building of the Plenipotentiary representative of the Sverdlovsk region in Moscow, but the character and scale of the tragedy led them to the walls of the Kremlin. The activists lit the candles and laid the  flowers to the portrait of Dasha Stern near Kremlin.

As top-lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast said , Dasha Stern is the first victim of Vladimir Putin’s “Anti-gay Law”: as Dasha Shtern’s friends reported, she lost work as a municipal employee after signing of the law, she lost the opportunity to repay the hypothecation, the relatives abandoned her.

As Masha Bast stressed, Vladimir Putin had created the system where there is no place for transgender, there is no place for dissidents. Masha Bast considers, that Dasha Shtern is the victim of the indifference of the Russian society.
Remind, October 19 - International Day for TG depathologization, this day there are public events, calling exclude the category "gender dysphoria" and "gender identity disorder" of new versions of diagnostic and statistical manual of the American Psychiatric Association , the International Classification of Diseases, WHO, from national statistical classification and medical guidelines.

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