Partying hard, Laid off, Depressed, Dating. Police still clueless about who murdered Texas Transgender woman Artegus Konyale Madden

The Dallas Morning News  used those adjectives to describe my sister Texan Artegus Konyale Madden last days. I will use those same words at great risk of being condemned for not personally knowing this woman.

I do know that I live only miles away and in the same country as she did.

If the Dallas News article acutely describes how she lived her last days what is the take away. We must hold ourselves in high esteem not allowing ourselves to become to dependent on how others view us. Be careful of how and where we date. And it is my conviction its our responsibility to others and ourselves to let a potential romantic interest know if we have had any anatomical alignment surgeries, or not.

They haven't even found the bullet which ended her life. The police even admitted there were a lot of  unanswered questions.

The sad truth is as time passes unless there is a break in the case most of our murdered become a static remembered on the TDOR then put into the back of our minds.

Her obituary in the Longview Journal made no mention of her trans status repeatably misgendered her in contrast to the woman in the obits picture.

If you have any information on the case, contact Denton County Sheriff’s Office investigator Donn Britt at 940-349-1667.

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Anonymous said...

If you were truly "her sister" then you would not make any assumptions at all based on her life. You didn't end sign your article and instead some annoymous blogger.

I actually KNEW her and we were friends for years and she was a very well-adjusted person and lived life to the fullest. She was very comfortable with the way God made her and each day she dealt with others who would laugh behind her back and talk about her very disrespectfully. (Alas, a couple of her tormenters I knew personally were also "Christians").

The Dallas Morning News article does not represent the Artegus Madden that I knew and loved. She was not perfect (who is?) however she did not deserve to die.

The way she is portrayed on the media does NOTHING to aid in the search for her killer. Instead, the comments make it seem like "she had it coming". Its offensive and sad.

Also, your comments do NOTHING to advance understanding the transgender community.

I will continue to advance my understanding of everyone who is different than I am. I feel I owe that to her legacy. KRL