Courage Campaign Battled Prop 8 now needs members to say YES to fight for Transgender Students

The right has redoubled there efforts to force a vote on human rights, the right of the smallest most unprotected and valuable part of the LGBT community, Transgender and gender variant students.

Even though trans positive bloggers like planetransgender and The TransAdvocate are doing everything we can its NOT ENOUGH!

The response from the LGBT community and liberal media  has been disparate in comparison, essentially leaving the fate of our next generation up to the groups like  Privacy For All Students Capitol Resource InstitutePacific Justice Institute, and the Traditional Values Coalition to be amplified by the untruths and hate mongering of the right wing media.

WE can start giving the support we must!  Courage Campaign a group I joined to fight Prop 8 is asking their members if they should join this fight. You can respond  here


VOTE: Should Courage Campaign take on this fight?

As a member-driven organization, Courage Campaign must consult with our members before taking an official position on ballot measures. We only take official positions on these initiatives if 60% of our members agree.

We need your input before we gear up to take on the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)’s latest and most regressive attack against our transgender youth in California. If we’re going to act, we need to act now.

Please help us in our decision making process by reading the pro and con arguments below and letting us know where you stand as a Courage member. Thank you very much.

“School Success and Opportunity Act ” (AB 1266), otherwise known as the "transgender student law."
Proponents arguments: School can be a difficult and unsafe place for transgender students. Transgender boys and girls often face discrimination and bullying just for being who they are and dressing they way they want to dress. These students are unfairly excluded from restrooms, and various educational and extracurricular activities -- such as physical education and athletic teams -- making it more difficult to succeed academically and graduate with their peers. This law would help transgender youth to feel safe at school and have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in our public education system.

Opponents arguments: Opponents call this law “dangerous” and an “assault on privacy and safety of vulnerable children.” Privacy for All Students, the coalition of citizens and organizations opposed to this law, claim that it “damages kids” and “forces our school children to be exposed in showers and bathrooms to members of the opposite sex who claim a ‘gender identity’ with that sex.”

Staff Recommendation: The Courage Campaign staff fully supports the “School Success and Opportunity Act” that will protect transgender youth from discrimination and bullying in schools. LGBT youth should be treated equally and provided the same educational opportunities as all other students in California’s public schools. If this law were to be delayed or repealed, it will be detrimental to the safety, well-being and success of transgender students in California.

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