Female Ford Models Elliot Sailors and Casey Leger are the man at work

Casey Legler one of only a few cisgender females working as a male model tells Time in the interview embedded below how she celebrates gender fluidity:
We have very specific ways in which we identify ourselves as male or female. Sometimes that can be very limiting. It would be a lovely place if we didn't necessarily judge or jump to conclusions if someone wants to wear pants or if someone wants to wear a dress.

Casey Legler might very well been alluding to the way Huffpost contributor Alex B wrote about her and Elliot Sailors, another female modeling male clothes for Ford in a some what less than celebratory article "Women Modelling Menswear: Cross-dressing for Models Who Wish to Work After the Age of Thirty"

Alex B wrote
What troubles me, however, is the fact that Sailors decided to turn herself into a 'male' model only because she could not get any more work as a female model at the age of thirty-one. It was a pragmatic decision motivated by the desire to continue to model and be distinctive as a model at an age when modelling, for women, is very difficult, due to age discrimination - which does not seem to exist for male models.

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