Trans sports ban SB2 put on hold as chairman Dutton rebels under pressure

Rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston, the chair of the House Public Education Committee, has refused to vote a bill prioritized by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Dutton says the Senate is holding up a bill to fund legislative staff. Photo:  Jordan Vonderhaar for The Texas TribuneCredit:

SB 2 didn't get a committee vote Tuesday evening in the House when Chairman Harold Dutton (D) abruptly ended the last-minute meeting. 

House Public Education Committee Chairman Harold Dutton allowed a vote that, by 7-5 and along party lines, propelled Senate Bill 3, making "improvements" to the state’s “ban” on teaching of critical race theory.

However, Dutton didn't allow a vote to be taken on SB 2 and took the heat for it not happening. He adjourned the meeting despite threats that the legislative staff would likely not be paid as Abbott had vetoed that measure as a bargaining tool.

In an interview late Tuesday, Dutton said he could see from the Public Education Committee’s discussion of SB 2 that members were frustrated by a lack of data and what they see as undue pressure from the Senate. A lengthy discussion of an amendment by Huberty (R), which would have delayed the bill’s implementation for a year, and would have requested the University Interscholastic League to conduct a study, only muddied things further, Dutton said.

“I started to see that my members were going to get all cut up on it,” he said of the bill.

“We have gotten to the point now where the Senate has adopted certain principles and practices that I don’t think bode well for this Legislature,” he said.

“What’s happened is we have allowed them to do certain things and they disrespect the House in certain fashions. It has gotten worse to the point where today, what I am told, is that if we don’t pass these two bills — the [critical race theory] bill and the transgender bill — the Senate is not going to consider trying to fix the funding in Article X,” which is the Legislature’s funding, which Abbott line-item vetoed in June.

“So, I want to see if he has his big boy pants on,” Dutton concluded. “This meeting is adjourned.”


LGB Alliance defends #TERF operative ejected from the Manchester Pride Parade

LGBT+ marchers ejected Alexander Bramham to chants of "Trans lives matter" 

 A man wearing a t-shirt with the hate group "LGB Alliance" logo on it was ejected from the Alternate Manchester Pride parade on Aug 29, 2021.

The LGBT+ marchers who ejected Alexander Bramham to chants of "Trans lives matter" were proceeding peacefully until then. Bramham chooses that day because it is a peaceful alternative to the commercialized parade held later and is attended overwhelmingly by the trans, queer, and non-binary community. He must have drawn their ire by doing something extraordinary hateful.

‘They would have torn me apart, it was terrifying’ - said Alexander Bramham, a gay man from the Manchester LGB Alliance in an interview afterward.

Placing a "victim" in a compromising position surrounded by a crowd of  LGBT+ people is the modus operandi of the  #TERF movement. By all accounts, this TERF puppet was in no danger.

"Media outlets note: the 'LGB Alliance' does not represent lesbian, gay or bisexual people in any shape or form." wrote Owen Jones on Twitter.


Related: The government’s Charity Commission is investigating the LGB Alliance after it compared LGBT+ inclusion to bestiality

The LGB Alliance were recently at the centre of a social media storm, finding themselves in breach of Twitter’s Hateful Conduct Policy after posting  “Adding the + to LGB gives the green light to paraphilias like bestiality – and more – to all be part of one big happy ‘rainbow family’. Wake up policy makers."

“LGB people refuse to be used in your artificial and dangerous argument that we must all be lumped together. #NoToHomophobia.”


The LGBT+ acronym is used to describe all people who fall under the queer umbrella, including the intersex, asexual and aromantic communities.

LGB Alliance openly attacking the LGBTQ+ community, saying we are "dominated by gender identity extremism" - this is inflammatory hateful rhetoric against all LGBTQ+ people, and should be reported to @ChtyCommission
Who is the The "LGB Alliance" why the Manchester Pride to make a fuss?
The Manchester 2021 Pride proudly bills it self as the "boldest, queerest, most diverse and inclusive community celebration of LGBTQ+ life yet!"
That and the LGB alliance is opposed to the LGBT+ conversion therapy ban because it included transgender people.
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Unauthorized Marsha P. Johnson monument installed near Stonewall

A bust honoring Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) founder Marsha P.(pay it no mind) Johnson was installed Tuesday in Christopher Park, across from the Stonewall Inn.

The bust shows a stoic Marsha is inscribed with a quote attributed to her: "History isn't something you look back at and say it was inevitable," the plaque reads, "It happens because people make decisions that are sometimes very impulsive and of the moment, but those moments are cumulative realities."

The temporary bust which was installed on what would have been her 76th birthday is a reminder to city officials that they have failed to create a monument to Johnson and fellow transgender activist Sylvia Rivera after promising to do so two years ago.

The statue is the first transgender person to be memorialized in an NYC park and was done without city permission or funding, something that Marsha undoubtedly would have approved of.

 Happy birthday, Marsha!," wrote organizer Eli Erlick. "Early this morning, a group of friends and I put up this bust of Marsha P Johnson in Christopher Park. It’s the city’s first statue of a trans person and - shockingly - only the 8th statue of a historical woman out of 800 monuments in NYC parks!"
"If you’re in town, you can put flowers in the crown openings, take pictures with her, & celebrate Marsha’s revolutionary activism. With @twwinkerbell's amazing sculpting skills, I hope this bust can bring a smile to every passerby," wrote Erlick. 


Gloucester School Board to pay 1.3 Million to Gavin Grimm's Attorneys

Gavin Grimm testified at the second Newport News school board vote reminding them that is it is very expensive to break the law. 

The ACLU announced Thursday that it will pay 1.3 million dollars attorney fees to end a landmark six-year-long transgender discrimination case.

It began in 2015 when Gavin Grimm, then a high school student was denied the use of the boy's bathroom despite having used it trouble-free at his school for seven weeks.

The Glouster School Board instituted anti-trans rules that required Grimm to use the nurse's single-stall bathroom.

The School board fought Grimm all the way to the Supreme Court which declined to take his case.

“We are glad that this long litigation is finally over and that Gavin has been fully vindicated by the courts, but it should not have taken over six years of expensive litigation to get to this point,” said Josh Block, senior staff attorney with the ACLU LGBTQ & HIV Project. “After a year in which state legislatures have introduced an unprecedented number of bills targeting trans youth, we hope that the fee award will give other school boards and lawmakers pause before they use discrimination to score political points.”

“Rather than allow a child equal access to a safe school environment, the Gloucester School Board decided to fight this child for five years in a costly legal battle that they lost,” said Gavin Grimm. “I hope that this outcome sends a strong message to other school systems, that discrimination is an expensive losing battle.”

“The resolution in Gavin’s case is yet another reason school boards across Virginia should adopt the model policies from the Virginia Department of Education,” said Eden Heilman, legal director at the ACLU of Virginia. “Discrimination has no place in Virginia schools, and Virginia taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for school boards who act in disregard for the law.”

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Transgender woman takes her life a year after her partner died

Jane mcqueen(L) /  Isabella Bellusci ("Bella") (R)

Nearly a year to the day of her partner passing a transgender woman from the UK took her own life, dealing a devastating blow to everyone who knew them.

I was notified about the passing of Jane Mcqueen yesterday. She and Isabelle Bellusci (Bella) were popular advocates who used the hashtag #TransTwitter

Isabella Bellusci (Bella) passed away on August 16, 2020. Her death was ruled a suicide by the police investigators before the corner or toxicity reports were published. Her partner, Jane was at home that night that Bella came home from a party and came to the conclusion that her death was due to a drug overdose. Jane suspected that her partner had been given ketamine, all of the signs were there.

Jane wrote about the night in detail and her disbelief at the brevity of the investigation that followed. She contested the police ruling but couldn't make public her conclusions until eleven months after Bella's death, a month before she took her own life.

Jane Mcqueen wrote on Medium:

At 4:54 am on that Sunday morning my phone rang and I was shocked to see it was Bella asking me to let her in as she always had some issues with the security gate. On the phone she sounded upset but once inside it was nothing I had ever seen her like before. I knew that I couldn’t leave her in that state as that would just be wrong. So I sat with her for two hours and did all I could to calm her down.

At the time I thought she had maybe had a bit too much to drink and as such she was saying things that were confusing and didn’t make any sees, the other thing that I noticed was the lack of eye contact she was making with me while we talked. Back then I didn’t know that these were significant indications that there was something wrong in a big way.

It is only now, after I experienced psychosis and from what I remember and from what I was told I was like by other people that what I was seeing that morning was some form of psychosis. If I had known that at the time my whole reaction to the situation would have been different.

Were as when I felt she had relaxed and calmed down enough to go back to bed at about 6:30. When I got up I knew Bella had slept in the spare room as not to disturb me when I was asleep. You have to pass the door to that room to go up the stairs and at 9 there was not a sound, so I assumed that she was fast asleep and didn’t want to disturb her.

Being that it was a Sunday and we had no plans I didn’t decide to go for a shower till near lunchtime. It was at that time that I heard that she had Netflix on so hearing that I thought she must be awake so opened the door and the first thing I saw is an image that is burnt into my brain.

The speed I went up and down the stairs to get my phone to dial 999 must have been the quickest I have ever done it. From that point, till the paramedics arrived I was instructed how to do CPR. From that point onwards the day is a total blur.

At that point I can only remember three things happening with some clarity the rest I have no memory of, I don’t even remember that my mum came over. I know I talked to the police that had arrived, but I have no idea what I said to them.

I was then given the worst options to do then, I could have two police officers that were local to her mum tell her what happened or I could make that phone call to her. The only option that I could deal with was making that call myself. It was the hardest phone call I have ever made, I was in floods of tears while doing it.

The next day my legal education kicked in, nothing made sense this was totally out of caricature. The day before we had been talking about our plans we had for the future. I needed to be able to explain this and what happened; I knew there had to be a logical explanation to it. There was no way it could have been an impulsive act, as Bella wasn’t the impulsive type.

The one bonus of such an education is that you generally have friends who are other professionals in different areas. Knowing two doctors and a nurse practitioner I asked for their opinion on what had happened told them everything I knew from when she got home.

All three said the same thing, independently to each other they all said it sounded like drug-induced psychosis. With a bit of investigating and thankfully, Bella had left her laptop accessible and not password protected. I was able to track down someone who was there and was ok talking to me.

They didn’t know much of what Bella was doing as they were in different rooms. Though I was told that the drug that was at the party to be used was Ketamine. A horrible drug one that no humans should ever take.

Taking this information back to the doctors I knew I was directed to a selection of scientific studies of the effects of ketamine on humans and the high risk of inducing psychosis in people with a healthy brain. Even small doses had been shown to induce psychosis.

This is when I went to the detective inspector who was investigating it and told him what I had found out and the scientific papers to show how it was possible. For the next two days, he listened to what I had to say on the theory, only to find out that he had come to his conclusion and had already closed the case.

I was furious at this point but I couldn’t direct it at him as that would just cause problems. He had based his decision on what he saw on the day, what I had said in a huge state of shock. He didn’t wait till the post-mortem had been done nor the toxicology results.

After this, there was a long wait, as because Bella had been dead for longer than a set point they couldn’t do a toxicology screen from her blood. They would need to do it via a tissue sample, but that takes ages. At the end of January or beginning of February, I got a phone call from our liaison officer who had just got the results of the toxicology screen back and knowing what I had done wanted to make sure I was ok to carry on.

She read the results out over the phone to me, and there were things I knew would show up as tissue samples can detect up to 90 days after use. But then there was the last one, ketamine the only thing I couldn’t account for why it was there. The only explanation was that it was taken at the party, I didn’t know if it was voluntary or not, and no one at the party at this point would say anything to me.

I still had the scientific papers on ketamine-induced psychosis on my computer so with the toxicology showing it to be present I submitted the papers to be considered as evidence that would explain what happened.

As someone who has experienced psychosis myself I can say that when someone is in a state like that, they are not really in control of their actions. Their worldview becomes distorted and irrational ideas are common to think about and then try to act on them.

As I sit and think about it, with the knowledge I know have and the evidence that the police got from the toxicology tests. What happened could have easily happened with just a small amount of it, be it taken voluntarily or not.

With the ability to look at what happened that day suicide just does not fit with what happened in my opinion. Drug-induced psychosis to me feels like a more logical explanation, a situation that was a tragic accident. All the evidence that is available substantiates this option too.

I have been holding this information private for 11 months, and now that I am allowed to put it out there it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me", wrote Mcqueen.

Bella and @planetrans followed each other on Twitter but I hardly knew her. 

We should remember both Jane and Bella by what she wrote about her partner's passing on Medium.

"We should remember things like how she would selflessly help others who asked her for help about all sorts of things.
She was a shining light in the trans community, encouraging others to follow the path that they wanted to provide the reassurance that embracing who you are is something positive to do and will lead you to have a happy and positive life."

Rest in Peace Bella and Jane. 


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton under investigation By The US House Select Committee

Paxton under investigation
Paxton spoke at the pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., before the insurrection began, touting his unsuccessful legal effort to overturn the 2020 election.

U.S. House panel probing Jan. 6 attack wants Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s communications with Trump administration

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has requested communications between Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Trump White House officials in the months leading up to the insurrection.

The request was issued this week as a part of a series of letters seeking materials from the National Archives and Records Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and other executive agencies.

Committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Mississippi, demanded that the National Archives hand over “all documents and communications referring or relating to the 2020 election results between White House officials and officials of State Governments.” The document then listed Paxton specifically, along with seven officials from other states.

In the letter, Thompson emphasized the urgency of the request and gave a deadline of no later than Sept. 9 to comply.

“This is our first request for materials, and we anticipate additional requests as our investigation continues,” Thompson wrote.

This demand comes after Paxton spoke at the pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., before the insurrection began, touting his unsuccessful legal effort to overturn the 2020 election.

“We will not quit fighting. We’re Texans, we’re Americans, and the fight will go on,” Paxton told the crowd.

Prompted by false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, several hundred attendees at the rally would later storm the U.S. Capitol.

Paxton’s office did not immediately respond to comment on the request.

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Transgender woman murdered in Shreveport Monday, family says it was a hate crime

Brennan "Pooh"  Johnson
Brennan "Pooh"  Johnson

Shreveport La.  25-year-old transgender woman Brennan "Pooh"  Johnson, was found fatally shot in a car Monday morning. Her family believes it was a hate crime.  

Shreveport police got a call around 5:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 23 to check out a car parked behind a house in the 300 block of W 74th Street. That’s off Linwood Road in Shreveport’s Cedar Grove neighborhood.

Johnson who lived on Fincher Road in Minden, a successful makeup artist and hairstylist was pronounced dead at the scene.

TW. Misgendering.

KSLA reports that Johnson’s family says she is a transgender woman and they believe that may have been a factor in her killing.

Authorities urge anyone with any information about Johnson’s death to call Shreveport police detectives at 318-673-7300 or 318-673-6955.

Or contact Caddo-Shreveport Crime Stoppers by calling 318-673-7373, using the organization’s website or using the P3 Tips app to provide information anonymously. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for this crime.


Texas bill to ban transgender students from sports heard again

We get the message Texas Republicans.

Governor Greg Abbott failed to get a bill to exclude transgender students from sports passed during the regular session and and failed to do so again during the first 'special session'. So having nothing better to do as the pandemic rages he tried again by making it a top priority during the second special session.

After a hearing that began at 10:30am and lasted until 6 am chair Dutton adjourned the hearing without a vote and left SB 2 pending.

Planet Trans would have like to attend the hearing but her community abandoned her when she was forced to retire due to covid and couldn't pay for the site anymore.

That and Equality Texas refused to acknowledge her existence, even committing acts of microaggression against her.

They fought well for the trans community that they felt worth fighting for which is better than nothing I suppose.

The future of SB 2 is unknown. A similar bill was heard in the same House committee chaired by Dutton during the regular session that ended by Dutton saying that a vote wouldn't be taken.

Later during the regular session, Dutton used transgender children as a tool of revenge against fellow democrats and passed it anyway. 


Three Colombian Transgender women killed over the weekend

Three Columbian transgender womnn were killed last weekend, between August 14, to August 15, 2021. According to the Bogata-based human rights organization Red Comunitaria they are Antonella, who was assassinated in Cali, Dayana, who was murdered in Rozo, Valle del Cauca, and Camila Ardila, from Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.  A popular pop star sung #NiUnaMás - #NotOneMore bringing tears of apperaction to those listening. Wholesale slaughter of transgender people in the western hemesphere According to Eltiempo.com, the cases have been registered in Valle del Cauca (7), Bogotá (5), Antioquia (3), Bolívar (2), Cesar (2), Tolima (1), Sincelejo (1), Quindío (1 ), Atlántico (1), Cundinamarca (1), Magdalena (1), Huila (1) and Caldas (1). However, it should be noted, organizations have warned that there is an underreporting and that the number of trans people killed for their gender identity is surely higher.

(In addition: Violence haunts trans women sex workers in Cali )

 In 2020, the organizations documented 32 murders during the year (31 women and 1 man), although the Ombudsman's Office only has information on 28 (27 women and 1 man ).

 The truth is it is expected that in 2021 that figure could be exceeded. As reported by this newspaper in its multimedia special ' The Trans Spring Storm' , with these records, Colombia is among the first places in the dishonorable list of countries where the lives of the trans population are most violated.

 The research project Transrespect versus Transphobia in the World (TvT) confirmed this in its last report, in which it documented 350 murders of trans and gender-diverse people between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. (Read on: Hidden violence against trans men in the country )

The data showed that Central and South America, with 82% of the cases (287), is the most violent region.
There is the highest number of murders in a single country: Brazil, with 43% of the total deaths of that period (152 people).
And they are followed by Mexico, with 57;
The United States, with 28;
Colombia, with 21 ,
and Argentina, with 12.

This places this population as one of the most vulnerable, especially trans women. The causes are attributed to a phenomenon known as 'double discrimination', since they face the violation of their rights for being women and for being trans people.