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LGB Alliance defends #TERF operative ejected from the Manchester Pride Parade

LGBT+ marchers ejected Alexander Bramham to chants of "Trans lives matter" 

 A man wearing a t-shirt with the hate group "LGB Alliance" logo on it was ejected from the Alternate Manchester Pride parade on Aug 29, 2021.

The LGBT+ marchers who ejected Alexander Bramham to chants of "Trans lives matter" were proceeding peacefully until then. Bramham chooses that day because it is a peaceful alternative to the commercialized parade held later and is attended overwhelmingly by the trans, queer, and non-binary community. He must have drawn their ire by doing something extraordinary hateful.

‘They would have torn me apart, it was terrifying’ - said Alexander Bramham, a gay man from the Manchester LGB Alliance in an interview afterward.

Placing a "victim" in a compromising position surrounded by a crowd of  LGBT+ people is the modus operandi of the  #TERF movement. By all accounts, this TERF puppet was in no danger.

"Media outlets note: the 'LGB Alliance' does not represent lesbian, gay or bisexual people in any shape or form." wrote Owen Jones on Twitter.


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The LGB Alliance were recently at the centre of a social media storm, finding themselves in breach of Twitter’s Hateful Conduct Policy after posting  “Adding the + to LGB gives the green light to paraphilias like bestiality – and more – to all be part of one big happy ‘rainbow family’. Wake up policy makers."

“LGB people refuse to be used in your artificial and dangerous argument that we must all be lumped together. #NoToHomophobia.”


The LGBT+ acronym is used to describe all people who fall under the queer umbrella, including the intersex, asexual and aromantic communities.

LGB Alliance openly attacking the LGBTQ+ community, saying we are "dominated by gender identity extremism" - this is inflammatory hateful rhetoric against all LGBTQ+ people, and should be reported to @ChtyCommission
Who is the The "LGB Alliance" why the Manchester Pride to make a fuss?
The Manchester 2021 Pride proudly bills it self as the "boldest, queerest, most diverse and inclusive community celebration of LGBTQ+ life yet!"
That and the LGB alliance is opposed to the LGBT+ conversion therapy ban because it included transgender people.
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