It's a Dick move

By Kelli Busey
June 29,2008

I hope wealthy white gay males and lesbian females fully comprehend what 4 more years of the bush legacy would mean to our personal freedoms and liberties. If bush, ahem, I mean McCain is elected you will have to make sure that closet door is pulled tightly behind you and no peeekeee for 4 MORE YEARS! It is only human to be wary of those that are a little different than us, but please don't let the prejudice you may feel towards a man of color be used as a wedge against common sense.

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks so eloquently stated "It's a dick move" in referring to the Republican method of courting effluent gays when votes are needed on the QT. Com'mon on out the stalls republicans, no toe tapping around here.



By Kelli Busey
June 26, 2008

The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee holds first ever hearings on work place discrimination against transgender people.

The opening statement by Congressman Robert Andrews(D-NJ) set a precedent not heard by transgender people before. Congressman Andrews stated that he feels bias and discrimination against transgender people to be unfair and should be made unlawful. He later stated that he believed this to be the moral obligation of this Congress and the American people to see this to completion .

Congress Woman Tammy Baldwin(D-W) Testified she believes that transgender people need to be protected under law.

Glen Lavy, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative religious group, spoke of the deeply felt religious objections the people he represented felt towards allowing transgender people equal rights.

Congressman Andrews later pressed Mr Lavy on exactly what basis he used to support his argument. Congress Andrews examination of Mr Lavy's position was exact, defining and thoroughly exposed the underlying bigotry that the religious right uses to manipulate, control and subjugate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people.

JC Miller argued that allowing transgender people legal protections would open many unknown legal precedents.
Congressman Andrews then pointed out that it was the duty of the legislature to make laws and the job of the judicial branch to either question them or enforce them.
Congress Andrews stated he felt that this was simply the job that needs to be done.

The following transgender people and allies gave accounts of transition, work place success and failures that they have encountered.

Shannon Price Minter, Legal Director for National Center for Lesbian Rights (founding member of NCTE)

Diane Schroer, Retired Colonel, US Army (member of NCTE)

Diego Sanchez, Director of Public Relations and External Affairs for AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (Founding Board of Directors for NCTE)

Sabrina Marcus Taraboletti, Former Space Shuttle Engineer (founding member of NCTE)

Bill Hendrix, Chair of Gays, Lesbians, and Allies at Dow (GLAD) for Dow Chemical Company testified on the success and economic wisdom of including transgender people in the competitive work place.

The minority party has called the following witnesses:

JC Miller, Partner at Thompson Hine

Glen Lavy, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund

In a word, a absolutely brilliant day for all gender diverse people. From conception and execution to completion by defunking the misconceptions spun by the right all parties involved should accept a most heartfelt thank you from the transgender community and the nation as a whole.

Involved at the very center of this event is master mind Mara Kiesling and the NCTE. Also involved is the Human Rights Campaign and The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.. A lot of us growl in agony at the thought of HRC becoming once again integrated in our struggle. But I offer that the people who did this were mainly HRC members and it would not have happened without them. And yes our old friend and sometimes adversarial Congressman Barney Frank. Thank you. This happened because you willed it to Mr. Frank.



Jerimarie's transpride speech June 07.2008 Northampton MA

Sylvia Rivera would be proud today and I have no doubt she is smiling upon us; as so many trannies, gender non-conforming, genderqueer and whatever other labels one decides to ascribe to themselves gather here to make a visible statement that OUR TIME has come and we control OUR DESTINY.This Trans Pride March and Rally, which is a statement of VISIBILITY and Empowerment, has special significance not solely because the Trans movement for Employment equality has been sold out by the established corporate indoctrinated gay organizations and politicians; BUT also because of the decades of Trans oppression that our sisters and brothers have experienced!

The rebellions of the sixties, like Stonewall and Compton, were lead by queens, kings and many gender expressive queers as a result of decades of brutal police brutality. However as the Gay Activist Alliance took foothold in the Gay community during the early seventies; the trannies, the dykes, the queens, people of color, street people were cast aside. At the 1973 Pride rally in NYC, Jean O’Leary denounced street Transvestites as men masquerading as women. At that PRIDE, Sylvia Rivera took the stage, almost by force, to express her outrage at the established Gay community for ignoring our trans brothers and sisters in the prisons, on the streets, and in the growing margins of society. Sadly that same evening Sylvia slit her wrists, and would have died, if her long time friend and co-founder of Street Transvestite Activist Revolutionaries (STAR) had not taken her to the Emergency Room. During the sixties and seventies, Sylvia and a small cadre of Trannies bravely fought for Gender Expression and multi-issue queer advocacy, though were marginalized by the assimilist gay community, as were the radical queers in the Gay Liberation Front. In the decades that followed, Trans folks persevered and continued our struggle for equality in spite of the Lesbian Backlash, selling out of Trans rights at the expense of Gay rights and our community being told to wait at the bus station of equality while our good gay and lesbian comrades moved forward without us!

I and many of us are here today TO REMEMBER our past and present Trans comrades who have been fighting a system of oppression that wants to keep an oppressive boot on our collective Tranny necks! We are here today to fight this system of oppression and to say We are Out, We are Proud and we will not take a seat in the back of the bus for Equality! In fact, we don’t need to ride on anyone else’s bus for we are our own power.

One case in point is that both Massachusetts and Connecticut Trans communities are leading the way to assure passage of legislation that will add Gender Identity and Expression within our States non-discrimination statutes. We CANNOT rely on any other community to advocate for us; that we hold the power to our Equality, NOT HRC, Not Gays, Not Lesbians, but us Trans and gender non-conforming folks. However if HRC or any other non-trans organization wants to be at OUR tables of Power, we welcome them as long as they understand what true collaborative work is. And that Gender Identity and Expression is not a dirty word that takes folks time to understand, but that most ALL OF SOCIETY is Transgress Gender to some extent and are by definition Transgender!

However, at the same time we must not get consumed into single issue politics, such as ENDA or Non-Discrimination for we cannot fall into the Marriage trap of single issue politics! We must remember and advocate for needs of ALL of our communities not simply the privileged few. We must be advocates and allies of our many homeless, immigrant, incarcerated, unemployed, differently abled comrades; and that though all our communities have unique differences our rebellion to an oppressive state and society is our bond.

Finally it is imperative that we remember that legislation alone does not affect fundamental Social Change! Laws, politicians and lawyers, though critically important to a movement, will not stop the oppressions that occur and that we must educate, lead by example, build strong and diverse coalitions, and become daily advocates, activists and revolutionaries in the Trans RIGHTS Movement!


Peace Love and Solidarity


TEA(Transgender Acceptable Alternatives) for TWO

TEA(Transgender Acceptable Alternatives) for TWO
HMS (His Majesty's service)

Written by Kelli Busey
June 21, 2008

Lets just say its time for TEA, again. The politicians in Washington are off and at it once more. The political proprietary ships are in the harbor and jockeying for best positions to train their guns. Although the harbor is filled with the movement of ammunition and supplies all of the combatants are riding high in the water except the TASK forces battle wagon. This venerable heavy cruiser hasn't been permitted to use the dry dock for repairs. Slow with transgender cargo and battle scares having until recently gone toe to toe with HMS HRC while attempting to enforce a blockade of Port ENDA.

The captain of the NCTE has hailed us and sent a message via pigeon(stool). Great news, Battle Ship HMS HRC has evidently turned colors and now flies the Transgender Tri-color! We will celebrate this as soon as we remove the dead from the last volley the HMS HRC inflicted. But wonderful news none the less, coming from a source as independent as Captain Keisling. She is so independent in fact you would not know at times where she is coming from if it weren't for the feel of the breeze.

There is considerable consternation over where each battle group's allegiance lies. It is a matter of history where HMS HRC alliance's lay. The partnership of King Frank and HRC has withstood the battering of untold millions of pheasants, throwing our bodies against the cold battleship iron in a desperate act of defiance during the epic 07 ENDA revolt. And yet they are ready to fight again for the right of HRC and Frank to live well and prosper. Amazing.

A relatively new combatant the USS TAMMY B has entered the fray. She appears to have sailed from port lesbian of the far northern Providences. In the previous conflagration she skillfully avoided the heaviest of the conflict and emerged in the last moments heroically wielding only a butter knife in a valiant attempt to slice a piece of the empathy pie.

Inexplicably the Task Force remains captain less. Captain Matt having been harpooned from behind by a vindictive conqueror, body racked with pain, barely coherent uttered brave defiant oaths before leaving us. He's in a better place now. I mean a real better place!

We good people of Transgender - ville can only watch from the shore, helpless and unprotected from the wolves of discrimination. Our ragged and unwashed bodies shivering in the cold. Our desire to help in the battle have gone unheeded.

Alas, it appears we have been excluded from the battle once again. We sit sadly watching the exclusionary revisionist elitists maneuver. Each seeking a strategy which allows them to shape the future and rewrite history.


Memphis police Caught on tape beating transgender woman

A newly released video shows two Memphis police beating a transgender woman with hand cuffs wrapped around their knuckles. One "officer" is seen holding the woman down while the other repeatedly struck her in the face causing a bleeding gash to open. This violent assault occurred while the woman was in police custody.

The fact that the victim is transgender sends a crystal clear message. Pass the hate crimes bills that would severely punish these two criminals.


“Getting fired was one of the worst things that ever happened to me,” said Kaylee Seals a former employee of Old Dominion Freight Lines.

Indeed losing a job is one of the most debilitating events. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found merit in Kaylee's sexual discrimination complaint and opened the door for Kaylee Seal to gain restitution from "Old Dominion". Kaylee has in fact been placed in severe risk by Old Dominion's callous behavior.

This holds true for truckers regardless of gender orientation or sexual affinity which has no bearing on our ability to "GET ER DONE". Our identity and dignity is deeply rooted in living the American truckers life style. Like your CB handle it does not come easily. A truck driver may not go home for months, working and living long hours in the dirt and mud with few creature comfort's, bad food, little sleep and few friendly faces. You gotta love it to stay with it, cause it ain't for the money honey. The people in Kaylee's lawsuit have unfortunately become the norm in our industry. Ms Kaylee is bravely standing up and saying NO, she will not take this. God bless you Kaylee.
But Kaylee is one of many gender diverse truckers.

Sister Kaylee long my you ride! Let her roll! Just for the record!

The America Civil liberties Union has filed in conjunction with Kaylee Seals a lawsuit naming Old Dominion freight Lines the defendant on the findings of the Equal Employment Commission.

Having received a Notice of Right to Sue from the EEOC, Plaintiff(Seals) now
brings this case to vindicate his right to be free from sex and sex stereotyping discrimination.

The EEOC concluded that,

Sex or conforming to sex stereotypes is not a bona fide occupational
qualification for the position of line haul truck driver.

Defendant’s actions violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Defendant’s actions were done with either malice or with reckless
indifference to Plaintiff’s rights under law.

As a result of Defendant’s actions, Plaintiff has suffered, and will continue
to suffer, both economic and non-economic losses, emotional distress and other compensable damages.

By Kelli Busey
June 20, 2008


Transgender Children out of the Shadows

We must love our children unconditionally and we will be loved, unconditionally.

Growing up Transgender is to learn to value and love who you are

I was there for the conference. I was loved there. I became a adult there.
My love for the lGBT people of the Methodist faith is unconditional.


Two spirits United !

Spirits United

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas was treated to a special Soulforce visit on Sunday June 15 2008. Two of our youngest and brightest stars proclaimed the wholeness of there lives. Guest speakers, Jakob Hero and Angel Collie, talked about Living authentically Proud, Young & Transgender.
Our young friends road to our church has at times not been a easy one.

Transgender gentleman Angel Celeste Collie is a gender activist, member of Imani MCC Durham NC. He is is also a college student and employed by MCC as a archive project and Program Assistant. Born in Bunn NC, Angel began transition in the 10th grade, which quickly was followed by expulsion from his high school. Angel was then told by his Baptist Minister he was ill and transported to a hospital. Desperate, with Angel in a spiritual downward spiral his mother enrolled him in a private high school for LGBT students.
After graduation Angels love for Christ was reignited at Imani MCC. Angel expresses his passion for Christ in tattoos of his spiritual journey, Soulforce activism and evangelical missions.

Jakob Heros transition from female to male began after two years of marriage. Jakob could not live in a gender that did not represent his true self. So he began the traditional regiment taught to us by the medical profession and found himself unable to complete his first attempt at the year long "real life test". But like so many of us a failure in transition only means we are going have to do it again. This time Jakob found success by inviting Jesus Christ into his heart and asking that he show him the way. The wonderfulness of this journey escapes description.

Jakob is now a seminary student pursuing a doctorate in theology and wishes to combine his theological education and passion for advocacy to best serve his community.

According to Rev. Colleen Darraugh, lead pastor of MCC Dallas, the two spirits one from California and one from North Carolina were brought here to share as young transgender Christians in their new and fresh visions. Pastor Darraugh wishes to challenge her congregation through acceptance and understanding of people. She believes this results in growth of spirit, faith and the goodness of the greater Christian Community.

Angel, Jackob and my soul met as we attempted to answer questions about the how the General conference changed our lives and our love of the Methodist faith. Sometimes words fail, but I felt that the others were moved by the spirit.

Was it just coincidental that the Methodist faith so touched Angel and my lives and that we joined again to witness? At the GMC we became one in the struggle for full inclusion and in doing so became a part of the United Methodist church. I know this was as responsible as anything could be for our meeting on this day. I feel the burden of the Methodist struggle maybe lightened a little, after all you do have a pair of Angels!


Joan Baez sings of the lost childern and dreams. But the message of continuing hipocritsy and continuing bigotry by anglo america is found in the voices of the choir as we sing of freedom. We all have sung of freedom.
How does that affect me? I am not that predujuiced. I have many friends who are not of my rachel or ethnic background. But I am still guilty, a little is not acceptable.
I had dreamt as a youth of a very frightened black girl. She was terified. I looked down into her eyes and held her hand. I comforted her and told her not to be afraid.
I did nothing in the physical world becuse I was afraid. I was alone. I am no longer afraid. I am no longer alone.

Birmingham Sunday 16th ST Baptist Church

Come round by my side and I'll sing you a song.
I'll sing it so softly, it'll do no one wrong.
On Birmingham Sunday the blood ran like wine,
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom.
That cold autumn morning no eyes saw the sun,
And Addie Mae Collins, her number was one.
At an old Baptist church there was no need to run.
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom,
The clouds they were grey and the autumn winds blew,
And Denise McNair brought the number to two.
The falcon of death was a creature they knew,
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom,
The church it was crowded, but no one could see
That Cynthia Wesley's dark number was three.
Her prayers and her feelings would shame you and me.
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom.
Young Carol Robertson entered the door
And the number her killers had given was four.
She asked for a blessing but asked for no more,
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom.
On Birmingham Sunday a noise shook the ground.
And people all over the earth turned around.
For no one recalled a more cowardly sound.
And the choirs kept singing of Freedom.
The men in the forest they once asked of me,
How many black berries grew in the Blue Sea.
And I asked them right with a tear in my eye.
How many dark ships in the forest?
The Sunday has come and the Sunday has gone.
And I can't do much more than to sing you a song.
I'll sing it so softly, it'll do no one wrong.
And the choirs keep singing of Freedom.

Joan baez

Committing a felony (feloni rocks)

If you are offended by profanity do not watch this video.
All the rest of you lesbians, you'll love this one!


Soulforce Leadership Weddings in California Celebrations ensue!

Wedding Bells for Soulforce in California Next Week
Next week several members of our Soulforce executive team will be among the very first to legally marry in the state of California. Jeff Lutes and his partner of 10 years, Gary Stein will be married on Tuesday, June 17 at the Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles. Jeff and Gary's three children, Niko, Trei, and Jole' will be present to witness this special occasion. The Lutes-Stein family resides in Austin, Texas. Paige Schilt, Soulforce Director of Media and Public Relations, will marry her spouse, Katy Koonce, on the same day with their son Waylon in attendance. The Schilt-Koonce family also lives in Austin. On Wednesday, June 18, Rev. Dr. Mel White and Gary Nixon (Soulforce co-founders who reside in Lynchburg, VA) will be married.

All three couples marry in California next week with the keen awareness that there is so much more to be done in the pursuit of marriage equality across the nation. Their civil marriages will dissolve when they return to their home states, yet their determination and passion for justice will become more solidified than ever before. The LGBT community must never give up and we cannot stop until every couple in America has the same rights and protections under the law.

Congratulations Jeff, Gary, Paige, Katy, Mel and Gary! The couples ask that in lieu of gifts, please make a donation on their behalf to Soulforce. And now thanks to a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous, every dollar donated towards Soulforce's $8,000 goal for the American Family Outing will be matched.

To have your donation matched, please go to www.soulforce.org/BringOurTruthToMegaChurches

If you would rather send a wedding card to the happy couples along with your gift, you can mail them to Soulforce, P.O. Box 3195, Lynchburg, VA 24503 and they will be forwarded.


Russian Gay Pride ONE-O-ONE 2008 or everything you want to know about getting your head bashed in but were afraid to ask

Russian Gay Pride one-o-one 2008
By kelli Busey
Thursday June 12 2008
The 12 commandments of Russian Gay Pride.

1st. Secure a permit from the city to hold a public gathering.
2nd. Make objections to attempts to decertify your permits.
3rd. formulate a plan of action.
4th. Inform TRUSTED media.
5th. Send misinformation to plants.
6th. Evade secret police attempting to do a preemptive arrest.
7th. Conduct a 10 minute Pride event at a alternate location.
8th Get your head smashed in by a Gay hater.
9th. Transport participants to permitted location and barricade behind a sturdy door.
10th Lower a banner asking for fair treatment.
11th Watch in horror as police smash your door down, without a permit.
12th Spend the night in a lovely Russian jail.

After step 12 the sequence restarts.

Click title for Project Gay Russia http://gayrussia.ru/en/

Please sign the petition for human rights for LBGT in Russia
"The Moscow Human Rights Appeal"

hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition
service, at:


Source Gay Russia


GayUganda: Ugandan LGBT AIDS Activist Re-arrested and Released, Charges Added

GayUganda: Ugandan LGBT AIDS Activist Re-arrested and Released, Charges Added

Western days stole the rainbow.!

Members of the Idaho Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allie community on board the stripped down renamed version of the original float. I wonder if the child riding on the backs somewhat distressed by the lack of rainbows?

The Western Pride event organizers mandated that all bright colors be removed and any reference to gay be removed to reflect a more "conservative community" in Idaho Falls Idaho. According to local reports Lisa Cuellar, Western Days board chair and Mary Ann Taylor, parade coordinator demanded that the name on the float be changed. In order to comply with this demand the Southern Idaho Gay Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center temporary renamed its self the Southern Community Center.

Before joining the festivities the SIGLBTCC had to pass one more hurdle. Or should we say a Military Shakedown.
The National Guard conducted a inspection and certification of compliance.

Responders to articles in local papers have applauded the bravery of the Twin Falls community as a beacon of liberty for all regardless of Sexual or Gender Identity, Race, Creed or National Origin.

The organizers of the Salt Lake Utah Pride have noticed this bigotry imposed on there northern friends noting that there is plenty of room for everyone in the Utah celebrations.

I find it despicable that bigots and haters are in positions of influence in America.
I applaud the courage and faith of our GLBT community.
We have plenty of room for everyone in our Texas Pride celebrations. So Ya All come on down!

And we would not steal your rainbows.


Finding T friendly faces in the United Methodist Church

By Kelli Busey


It never seems to fail. I spend hour to get my my 6ft frame all dressed, perfumed, accessorized and face all made up. I have my manicure filled and check the most minute detail. After all this, I end up going to some ultra conservative church function filled with mainly 60 year old pillars of the community. You can guess what happen s next.
Nothing. No one makes any notice. No one stares. Children smile. I am invited to teach in both Sunday school and public school. I am hugged and warmly greeted. I am invited to please come back soon.
I am happy. I am filled with joy and gratitude that so great a institution as the United Methodist may welcome me, a Transgender woman into its fold. We transgender are in ministry and layity.

We have a long way to go back though. We have to go back for people left behind. Our gay, Lesbian and Bisexual brethren are on the far shore, staring as the ship we are on,the ship of hope sets sail.
We are in a unique position. Now it us who must find it in our hearts to stand up as the LBB community did for ENDA and shout NO. We will not leave them behind. We will not allow the ourselves to be comforted until we are united. United in one church.

The United Methodist Church!



Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni


AI Index: AFR 59/004/2008 (Public)

4 June 2008

Uganda: Amnesty International condemns attacks against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

Amnesty International is concerned at continuing harassment and attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) human rights defenders in Uganda, and today called on the Government of Uganda to ensure the safety of LGBT human rights defenders in Uganda and to end the harassment of LGBT people by Ugandan police officers.

On 4 June 2008, three LGBT human rights defenders were arbitrarily arrested after a group of seven activists from Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) distributed a press release to people attending the HIV/AIDS Implementers’ Meeting at the Imperial Royal Hotel in Kampala. The press release and an accompanying report outlined their organisation’s call for HIV prevention programmes for the LGBT community in Uganda.

The three activists were arrested by police officers at the hotel, including one who was reportedly a participant in the meeting, and as of 4 pm on 4 June 2008 were still being held at Jinja Road Police Station in Kampala for questioning.

Amnesty International condemns the arbitrary arrest of these individuals, and is concerned that they may face harassment and degrading treatment in custody as such practices is common against LGBT people in Ugandan police stations. Amnesty International said that the three activists are prisoners of conscience, detained for their peaceful activism for the rights of LGBT people to treatment and prevention measures for HIV/AIDS, and should be released immediately and unconditionally.

These arbitrary arrests follow the recent arbitrary detention and mistreatment while in custody of two transgender individuals in Kampala. On 20 May 2008, the two were dancing at Capital Pub in Kampala, Uganda, when they were detained by club bouncers, harassed and beaten while being asked whether they were men or women, and “accused” of being homosexuals. The club management of Capital Pub called the police, who detained both individuals for four days at Kabalagala Police station. During their detention, both were repeatedly beaten by police officers, and one was kissed, fondled and forcefully propositioned for sex by other detainees, and stripped and had their genitals groped by a police officer. One of the two was denied medical treatment for diabetes, and allowed only one meal a day. After their release on bond, both individuals were charged with public nuisance, and are currently awaiting trial.

Since their release, both individuals have faced harassment and violent attacks from individuals in their neighbourhood who were informed by police of their gender identity. These started with threats and escalated to a serious violent attack on the night of 3 June in Old Kampala, where a group of youths attacked both individuals. One of the attackers has since been arrested by police. Amnesty International calls for this attack to be investigated and any perpetrators brought to justice through fair trials.

Public Document


International Secretariat, Amnesty International, 1 Easton St., London WC1X 0DW, UK



Tammy Baldwin new LGBT Leader?

By Kelli Busey
Friday 06,2008

Congress Woman Tammy Baldwin D(WI) the only out lesbian in Congress is a co-chair for the newly formed LGBT caucus, her co-chair being Barney Frank. In political context a number of important distinctions should be noted.
I may be grasping for hope, but I would like to note Tammy's name was listed before Frank's. I am sure this distinction did not elude Franks attention. Whether this was done as an indication of leadership or to lend creditability and maintain LGB ENDA status quo is to be seen.
The second development is a statement Baldwin made in the Bay Area Reporter on May 31

Asked if she was at odds with Frank regarding the ENDA brouhaha, Baldwin was diplomatic.

"All the Democratic leadership supports" an inclusive ENDA, she said, but there were "strong strategic and tactical differences" during the fight last fall.


Is Tammy distancing herself from Barney Frank's transgender bashing politics? I can only hope.



Trans Group Blog: The Incrementalists Dirty Little "Secret"

Trans Group Blog: The Incrementalists Dirty Little "Secret"


The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, today applauded the formation of the House of Representatives’ LGBT Equality Caucus. The bipartisan Caucus was announced this morning by its founding members, including Caucus co-chairs, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA).

Dear Dear Fellow Transgender and ALL Gender diverse People. Barney Frank is now going to advocate for YOU so a gender inclusive ENDA is passed in 2009? Lets look at recent remarks from Barney Frank. On 10.11.07 Barney Frank made it perfectly clear he was not going to support a gender inclusive ENDA.

In The House on 11.07.07 Frank smugly argues that to include a "particular group", meaning the gender variant, is to prevent progress.

Traditional Values Coalition published a article intittled;
"Rep. Barney Frank Attempts To Throw His Cross-dressing Allies Under The Train".

Barney Frank either authored the Values article or is a reader because he used the train analogy in his last Trans-bashing tirade of 05.02.08 in the Just Out issue:

Part of the problem, I have to say, is this: I've never seen a worse job of lobbying done by the transgender community. They seem to think that all they had to do was to get the gay and lesbian community to say "OK." I think they thought that this was a train, and that they were a car on the train. I said to them, "You've got to work this, you've got to lobby people." They did a terrible job of lobbying, and so we didn't have the votes.

With the exception of writing one Bill that he subsequently shot down Frank has never had a single good thing to say about transgender people. Do not be the donkey that this man rides. Worse yet if the man SLAPPED YOU don't give him your money! Take some pride in yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. You are the best that society has to offer.


Technorati Profile


Unfocused Hot Hetreo Mess

Focus on the Family found itself having a westboro baptist moment after being challanged to put up or shut up.
The unconsiounable methods employed by “Focus on the Family” exposed this groups real agenda, that of espousing hate and bigotry while maintaining a facade of decency. Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Alexander-Moegerle offered a public apology for the actions of James Dobson to among many others the gay community in 1997.
The Catholic Church followed in the shadows attempting to bully and intimidate citizens and legislatures.
The Catholic Church’s demise is not not celebrated by Christians, but it is undeniable. The demands of celibacy by Rome has resulted in the Catholic clergy being saturated with pedophiles. In evidence of the decline of respect by common people of the Catholic Church is thievery of Catholic material possessions.
Unthinkable only a short time ago.
The sad tale is undeniable.
Focus on the Family should concentrate on what it’s name implies.
The Catholic Church needs to discontinue it’s practice of denial and resorting to buying it’s way out of human responsibility.
Both organizations should not be concerned where we pee, for gods sake!


The real Focus on the Families silent Transgender

Enda has shamed and discredited American politics and the Human Rights Campaign.

The transgender advocates who speak in this video for equal rights for all Americans are the VOICES BEING HEARD. I applaud Kalil Cohen and his vision.

HRC's Marty Rouse states that in order for ENDA to be seriously heard in congress it has to be striped of gender inclusive language.

That was, is and will always be a lie.

ENDA in any form submitted to the Senate was doomed to fail. HRC knew that, Barney Frank knew that and contrary to HRC's claim, the 350+ groups who represent nearly every GLBT person in the United States who signed UNITEDENDA's letter of protest to the exclusion of gender language KNEW THAT.
When HRC failed to live up to a acceptable standard of conduct people suffered and died as a result. YES DIED.. HRC and Barney Frank both continue to lie and marginalize gender diverse people.

There is no remorse being displayed by either Frank or HRC, to the contrary Frank has continually uttered statements directed at the gender diverse that are intently inflammatory and hurtful. I suggest to my LGBT family that we take no excuse. I demand from HRC a accounting for this travesty. Call your local steering committee member and demand justice for you, your same sex partner and your children.
Inaction by you may result in your own family members pain