Two spirits United !

Spirits United

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas was treated to a special Soulforce visit on Sunday June 15 2008. Two of our youngest and brightest stars proclaimed the wholeness of there lives. Guest speakers, Jakob Hero and Angel Collie, talked about Living authentically Proud, Young & Transgender.
Our young friends road to our church has at times not been a easy one.

Transgender gentleman Angel Celeste Collie is a gender activist, member of Imani MCC Durham NC. He is is also a college student and employed by MCC as a archive project and Program Assistant. Born in Bunn NC, Angel began transition in the 10th grade, which quickly was followed by expulsion from his high school. Angel was then told by his Baptist Minister he was ill and transported to a hospital. Desperate, with Angel in a spiritual downward spiral his mother enrolled him in a private high school for LGBT students.
After graduation Angels love for Christ was reignited at Imani MCC. Angel expresses his passion for Christ in tattoos of his spiritual journey, Soulforce activism and evangelical missions.

Jakob Heros transition from female to male began after two years of marriage. Jakob could not live in a gender that did not represent his true self. So he began the traditional regiment taught to us by the medical profession and found himself unable to complete his first attempt at the year long "real life test". But like so many of us a failure in transition only means we are going have to do it again. This time Jakob found success by inviting Jesus Christ into his heart and asking that he show him the way. The wonderfulness of this journey escapes description.

Jakob is now a seminary student pursuing a doctorate in theology and wishes to combine his theological education and passion for advocacy to best serve his community.

According to Rev. Colleen Darraugh, lead pastor of MCC Dallas, the two spirits one from California and one from North Carolina were brought here to share as young transgender Christians in their new and fresh visions. Pastor Darraugh wishes to challenge her congregation through acceptance and understanding of people. She believes this results in growth of spirit, faith and the goodness of the greater Christian Community.

Angel, Jackob and my soul met as we attempted to answer questions about the how the General conference changed our lives and our love of the Methodist faith. Sometimes words fail, but I felt that the others were moved by the spirit.

Was it just coincidental that the Methodist faith so touched Angel and my lives and that we joined again to witness? At the GMC we became one in the struggle for full inclusion and in doing so became a part of the United Methodist church. I know this was as responsible as anything could be for our meeting on this day. I feel the burden of the Methodist struggle maybe lightened a little, after all you do have a pair of Angels!

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