Russian Gay Pride ONE-O-ONE 2008 or everything you want to know about getting your head bashed in but were afraid to ask

Russian Gay Pride one-o-one 2008
By kelli Busey
Thursday June 12 2008
The 12 commandments of Russian Gay Pride.

1st. Secure a permit from the city to hold a public gathering.
2nd. Make objections to attempts to decertify your permits.
3rd. formulate a plan of action.
4th. Inform TRUSTED media.
5th. Send misinformation to plants.
6th. Evade secret police attempting to do a preemptive arrest.
7th. Conduct a 10 minute Pride event at a alternate location.
8th Get your head smashed in by a Gay hater.
9th. Transport participants to permitted location and barricade behind a sturdy door.
10th Lower a banner asking for fair treatment.
11th Watch in horror as police smash your door down, without a permit.
12th Spend the night in a lovely Russian jail.

After step 12 the sequence restarts.

Click title for Project Gay Russia http://gayrussia.ru/en/

Please sign the petition for human rights for LBGT in Russia
"The Moscow Human Rights Appeal"

hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition
service, at:


Source Gay Russia


Queers United said...

the petition seems to be focused on 2006, is there a newer one?

planet trans said...

queers united, I have not yet found a more current petition yet.

I emailed Nikolai Alexeyev of gayrussia.ru and asked about that. He is very busy I am sure.

The International community to include Germany, France and Sweden have voiced outcry at the violation of Russian and International laws.


The United States government's response if any is not listed.