“Getting fired was one of the worst things that ever happened to me,” said Kaylee Seals a former employee of Old Dominion Freight Lines.

Indeed losing a job is one of the most debilitating events. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has found merit in Kaylee's sexual discrimination complaint and opened the door for Kaylee Seal to gain restitution from "Old Dominion". Kaylee has in fact been placed in severe risk by Old Dominion's callous behavior.

This holds true for truckers regardless of gender orientation or sexual affinity which has no bearing on our ability to "GET ER DONE". Our identity and dignity is deeply rooted in living the American truckers life style. Like your CB handle it does not come easily. A truck driver may not go home for months, working and living long hours in the dirt and mud with few creature comfort's, bad food, little sleep and few friendly faces. You gotta love it to stay with it, cause it ain't for the money honey. The people in Kaylee's lawsuit have unfortunately become the norm in our industry. Ms Kaylee is bravely standing up and saying NO, she will not take this. God bless you Kaylee.
But Kaylee is one of many gender diverse truckers.

Sister Kaylee long my you ride! Let her roll! Just for the record!

The America Civil liberties Union has filed in conjunction with Kaylee Seals a lawsuit naming Old Dominion freight Lines the defendant on the findings of the Equal Employment Commission.

Having received a Notice of Right to Sue from the EEOC, Plaintiff(Seals) now
brings this case to vindicate his right to be free from sex and sex stereotyping discrimination.

The EEOC concluded that,

Sex or conforming to sex stereotypes is not a bona fide occupational
qualification for the position of line haul truck driver.

Defendant’s actions violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Defendant’s actions were done with either malice or with reckless
indifference to Plaintiff’s rights under law.

As a result of Defendant’s actions, Plaintiff has suffered, and will continue
to suffer, both economic and non-economic losses, emotional distress and other compensable damages.

By Kelli Busey
June 20, 2008

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Leece said...

yes this happens in australia to.
i still drive trucks i dont care what others think and now days i am excepted more in the transport industry.
yes i have lost jobs because of who i am but there are also wondeful companys out there.
i was the 1st one that drives road trains to stay in the job all the way through transsion.
i still driving now.
there is a few others around australia now too.